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Author's Notes: This is a little complicated, all the pairings switch in the middle.

Obsession Kills

Chapter 16 - Explosive Ending

By Purple Penguin

The wire cutters swiftly broke the lock that held the heavy metal gates together. The old factory towered above their heads, the dirty stained walls didn’t look very inviting, some windows were smashed while others were boarded up. The sky was clear of clouds, the stars shone down and the moon was full; lighting their way.

The little group of five all dressed in black moved in silence. They creep up to the building, unknown to them another figure followed in the darkness. They blonde woman pulled open the doors with some difficulty. Each one was armed with a pistol and a torch, of course none of them were helpless if they lose their pistols or ran out of bullets. Quistis had her whip, Zell fought better without weapons, Seifer and Squall had their gunblades and Fujin....well she had a loud scream. The hallways were lit only with single bulbs which were dotted around the place, the torch beams showed a flight of stairs and a long corridor.

“Let’s split up.” Quistis headed upstairs pulled Fujin with her.

Squall glared at Seifer, he knew he was even more stuck with his “friend” and he definitely didn’t like it. Zell purposely walked between them not wanting an argument in this place.

As they passed a pair of double doors, the blonde assassin froze, quickly he grabbed the other two, pulling them back.

“What is it?”


Zell gestured to a guard that stood in the room with his back to the door.

“He won’t know we’re here if we’re quiet.” The brunette said.

The assassin shook his head. “He may become a problem in the future, beside it’s one less to kill.” He aimed his pistol to the glass and fired.

Squall flinched as the body hit the floor with a soft thump. “You do that so casually.” His voice half disgusted, half angry.

“It’s my job remember?”

“You just shot an unaware man in the back of the head!”

“So? I’m sure they won’t be so considerate for you later on.”

“You’re very quiet.” Squall said to the tall blonde. “Wouldn’t you like to join in?”

“I’m not taking sides.”

“Why not? Everyone knows you’ll never take mine!”

“What?! Squall you’re-” He stopped when Squall pushed open the door that the dead guy wasn’t leaning on and walked off down the corridor.

“Shouldn’t we go after him?”

“No, leave him if he wants to behave like an idiot let him.”

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For coming between you and Squall.”

“That wasn’t your fault.”

“Before that morning when I left your place in the morning he was fine, and now you’re at each others throats.”

“No, he was fine with us being together until he started sleeping with that loony. He’s following in his lover’s footsteps and becoming an insane freak!”

“W-What are you going to do? If this guy really becomes a problem, I c-could get rid of him for ya.”

Seifer flinched. “Don’t, just don’t.”

Squall stood in the corridor leaning against a cold, dirty wall. His torch beam was off and his head was down, he didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention to himself. He waited in the semi-darkness staring at the floor. He jumped when a hand tapped him on the shoulder.

“Did I scare you?”

Squall didn’t have to look up to know who it was. “You took your time, didn’t you?”

“Why so touchy? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. Sorry.”

The mercenary moved to walk side-by-side with his lover. “Seifer been giving you a hard time again?”

“Yeah.” Squall glanced at Nida. “I don’t hate him though, not like you do.”

“I never said that.”

“You didn’t have to.”

The couple continued in silence until they come to a flight of stairs. Nida put his finger to his lips signalling for Squall to keep quiet. The mercenary disappeared up alone. He found himself in a glass room, he could see lots of other room also made of glass. It was quiet, too quiet. Where was everyone? This all seemed a little too easy for his liking. He walked back to the top of the stairs.

“Coast’s clear.”

Nida walked to the only glass door, it was locked. He pulled out his silencer pistol.

“Look out for guards.” He told Squall as he destroyed the door.

Glass crunched under their feet as their exited the strange glassy sector. They approached a metal automatic door with a set of controls on the wall beside it. Squall started to hit any and every button. They heard the sound of power failing and the lights went out.

“Did I do that?” Squall asked.

“I don’t think so, I think they might know we’re here.”


“The others may be in trouble.”

“So we need to go find them right?”

Nida steered Squall in the right direction and led him down the corridor, with their torches lighting the way. If possible it seemed to get even darker as they walked, Squall couldn’t see Nida’s outline and they were walking side-by-side. The walls made a creaking sound and the floor opened up beneath them.

Squall plummeted down.

He hit the ground hard. He groaned, searching franticly for his torch or his gun, he found neither.




The brunette awkwardly got to his feet, realizing he was alone in pitch darkness.

Zell stared at the dull bulbs in slight panic when the lights went out.

“What happened?” His lover asked.

“We need to be careful, others may have been spotted.”

“What? This was done on purpose?”

“It’s likely. We need to find Squall he may be in trouble.”

They continued down the way they were going, a large heavy steel automatic door blocked their path. With the power down they wouldn’t budge.

“We need to get in there! Help me pry these doors open!” Zell being the stronger of the two managed to pry them open by a few inches so that Seifer could grab one of the doors and pull it open. The assassin managed to slip inside, but he had to let go to get in and Seifer could hold both on his own. The steel doors snapped shut behind him, Zell spun round to face the sealed doors.

“Seifer!” He wondered if they were sound proof.

On the other side Seifer desperately tried to get in. “Zell!”

The short, blonde pounded on the door, hearing his lover pound back in reply. He suddenly realized he’d lost his pistol, not that it mattered there wasn’t much in his little room. He was about to try and pry the doors open again when a torch light switched on in the darkest corner.

Zell stared in horror at the figure. “Oh shit!”

The mercenary smiled. “Alone at last.”

Quistis followed Fujin down a small air duct. They had found a small storage room, the slave girl knew both doors led to trouble so this was the safest way. She stopped over a metal grate when she heard voices from below. Three men in suits stood in a large room with lots of boxes and crates. She had no doubt that they were in charge so they were her main targets. She continued down the passage after the silver haired girl who was waiting for her ahead. There was another grate in the wall ahead, the room below looked the same as the last one except no one was there. Quistis leant on the grate to get a better look, two guards were posted at each door. The grate made a creaking sound and the assassin just managed to shuffle back out of sight before it fell and crashed noisily to the concrete ground.

The guards started to shout to each other and franticly run backwards and forwards. Both girls was startled at the sound of power failing. Fujin’s eyes grew to the size of saucers and she started to panic.

“Cowards, too afraid to fight us with the lights on.”

The blonde woman moved past the other, going back the way they had come. The room that had had these guys in was now empty. They had to get out of the duct quickly before they were gassed out. Silently Quistis opened the grate, maybe they hide behind one of the boxes or crates. It was a long shot, no doubt guards would discover them but they both had enough bullets and there were plenty of places to hide the bodies. Both women lowered themselves down out of the duct onto the highest crate. It was only once they were hidden that Quistis noticed what was written on the boxes.




They would have to be extremely careful.

A couple of guards ran in and climbed up to look in the duct that they had come out of. They yelled at each other in a language that Quistis didn’t recognize, when the men left the building seemed to fall into an eerie silence. Why weren’t they protecting their mercendise? The assassin got a horrible feeling that they had walked into a trap. She gingerly come out from hiding and walked to the door. The guards were gone. She gestured for Fujin to join her, they had to get out soon something was wrong. They exited gingerly but when Quistis heard the metallic clink that she knew by heart she broke into a sprint, pulling Fujin with her.

That’s why the building when so quiet everyone except the grenadier had fled. Both women heard the first explosion as the grenade blew up, more and more explosions followed as the gunpowder crates meet flame.

The short blonde assassin franticly pounded on the door. “SEIFER!!”

“He can’t help you, he doesn’t even really care for you.”

Zell stood as close to the door as he could possibly get to distance himself from Nida.

The mercenary took a step forward. “Let me ask you something, what made you switch from my Squall to that guy?”

Zell didn’t answer.

“Don’t you know?” He chuckled slightly. “You assassins think you’re so in control, but you’re merely puppets in my little game. Squall forgot you because he was told to.”

Zell frowned, puzzled.

“It’s easy when you know how the mind works, plus it helps to know a hypnotist. Did you really think it was a coincidence that both Squall and Seifer gave up on the people they were with at the same time?”


“Did you really think Seifer could love you without being forced to?”

The doors shook and creaked as someone tried to get in.

Zell shook his head, that couldn’t be true. Seifer wouldn’t do that.

Nida removed the axe from his back and lunged at the blonde. The assassin felt cowardly for running but against an insane guy with an axe he was pretty helpless. Seifer managed to hold the doors open a few inches so he could fire bullets blindly into the room. One of the bullets hit the mercenary in the shoulder, he hissed in pain.

Suddenly the whole building shook violently, half the roof fell down, bits of plaster from the walls came down and the deafening sound of an explosion echoed through the whole building. Zell turned to help Seifer pry open the doors so they could get out.

Nida fled back down the ladder he had used to get in. He couldn’t leave yet he had to find Squall.

The two blonde fled back the way they’d come. Seifer spotted Quistis going in the other direction.

“We have to get out of her now! Where are you going?!”

“I lost Fujin!”

Seifer stopped stared back. The roof caved in behind them, causing Zell to cough and choke. The tall blonde made up his mind and shoved Quistis ahead of them as they ran. The three of them made it out, they stared up at the crumbling building.

“Squall.” Seifer whispered.

The brunette stumbled around a large metal room, dust and debris fell everywhere making it hard to see. He jumped when he heard a scream. Squall squinted through the dust and smoke, a figure sat huddled in the corner.

“Fujin?” He ran up to her and pulled her to her feet. “Come with me.” She nodded and held on to him.

Squall ran for the closest door, pushing it open and running down the narrow corridor. A duct screeched loudly and gave way headed towards the brunette. Another figure dove from behind them, straight into Squall pushing him out of the way. The brunette hit the floor and the duct hit his saviour.


Fujin made a whimpering noise wanting to get out of there, but Squall wouldn’t leave.

The mercenary opened his eyes. “Go, Get out.”



Squall gave his lover a light kiss. “Bye.”

He grabbed Fujin and ran.



That was the last except for the Epilogue.

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