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Author's Notes: This is a little complicated, all the pairings switch in the middle.

Obsession Kills


By Purple Penguin

~Zellís pov.~


The room was subdued. Quistis sat on her sofa with the silver haired girl slumped next to her. I sat on the floor watching the two friends sit and hold each other. I was glad that both Squall and Seifer were getting along but weíd all heard about what had happened to the mercenary.

I knew Seifer wouldnít lose any sleep over it and we never were sure how Squall felt for Nida, sure they were fucking but did Squall love him?

On the way home I was all set to go home to my house for the first time this week but Squall stopped me. I didnít really want to go with Seifer tonight, I didnít know if the stuff Nida said was true, I didnít know if I believed it but there was a feeling of dread inside that scared me.

I felt like I wanted to ask someone else to see what they thought but Iíd never tell Seifer. Heíd freak and probably dump me. I wondered if they would ever regain their true memories and feelings. I hoped not, I loved Seifer and I didnít like the risk of him leaving me and reverting back into the Seifer that hated me.



Notes: I know that was really short but the rest of the story is really long and I had to finish soon or Iíll go mad. (Even more mad than usual.)

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