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Obsession Kills

Chapter 14 - Normal guy?

By Purple Penguin

“Are you sure we should be doing this Seifer?”

We stood in a dark, bland corridor in Nida’s building. Seifer knelt in front of the door trying to pick the lock. He was a bit hyped up, he suggested kicking the door down and torching the place. I had to point out that I didn’t want an insane loony trying to kill us.

“Don’t be such a chicken, it’ll be fine. We just get in and out before he gets in.”

“How do you know he’s out?”

Seifer frowned. “Squall’s not home.”


“Mister Nutcase likes to stalk Squall.”

He stood suddenly. “I think I’ve done it.” He turned the handle and the door opened. “Ta-Da.!”

I rolled my eyes and followed him inside. “Let’s just get this over with.”

The apartment was perfectly clean and tidy, everything had it’s own place and was neatly lay out. There wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere. How’d he do that? My home’s a mess, my bedroom’s got clothes all over the floor and I’ve never dusted in the three years I’ve lived there. To be THIS neat you must be a little crazy. Seifer headed on to the study while I looked around the living room. I found books, little items, the TV guide, it was all too normal. I had half expected to find a closet full of mutilated dead bodies but there was nothing out of the ordinary. I noticed a small fish tank with three gold fish in. Fish are normal.

“What are you staring at?” A voice behind me said.

I looked over at Seifer. “He has fish; he can’t be crazy if he feeds his fish.”

The blonde shook his head, like he thought I was an idiot. “You have fish and you’re not normal.”

I frowned. He still teased me even though we were lovers now. I headed for the bedroom, it was pale blue and white, and again it was immaculate. There was one painting on the wall that didn’t fit in with the rest of the room but I didn’t think much of it. The painting had dark colours and an odd Tudor man sat staring out at the room. I went through all the drawers in the room, only finding clothes and a few old magazines. I looked under the bed, pulling out a few videos and smirked.

“Hey Seifer, Mr. Nutcase watches porn!”


“Seifer?” I frowned, glancing up at the door. I gasped in shock at the skull looking at me round the doorframe. I sighed, realizing how stupid I was being when the skeleton danced in the doorway controlled by Seifer. He smirked at me.

“That’s not funny!”

“I don’t know why, you’re so uptight there’s nothing here. It’s a normal apartment.

“Where’s you get that?” I gestured to the skeleton.”

“Found him in a cupboard.”

As I walked towards him I got the feeling I was being watched. My eyes were drawn to the strange picture. I watched the Tudor man as I stepped back and forth in front of him. I shook it off; I’m so paranoid.

“Are we ready to leave yet?” I asked.

“I guess but I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t find anything.”

“Maybe he’s not as bad as you think, Squall may not have seen him.”

Seifer snorted. “No, he likes Squall in an I-want-to-suck-your-blood kind of way. We shouldn’t trust him.”

We left the bedroom together putting ‘Fred’ as Seifer called the skeleton back in the cupboard. I knew Seifer wouldn’t let this go he would find Nida eventually.

The night was a success. I lay staring up at the stars from a stair well on the roof of my company building. On the outside it was Ralf’s fishing store, all the stupid people in this town believed it, they didn’t question why the shop was never open. I shivered slightly; the cold night air was harsh on my naked skin. I smiled down at the equally naked brunette whom was resting against me. He was beautiful in the moonlight and he was mine. He looked up at me and I smiled, he smiled back. I’ve never seen him smile before. I’d never hurt him and anyone who so much as touched him was dead.

He shifted, sitting up. “I better go soon.”


“Seifer will think I’ve been kidnapped or something.”

I chuckled. “Fine.” I moved to get dressed. “I’ll walk ya home.”

I pulled out my keys to my apartment as I walked down my corridor. I had dropped Squall off then come straight here for once I was tired. I unlocked the door and walked straight though to the bedroom. A beeping sound caught my attention; the little red light blinked on the picture frame. I picked up a small gold key and placed it in the lock on the frame, the beeping stopped as I opened the door disgusted as a picture. The camera behind it had recorded new footage. Curiously I removed the tape and put it in the VCR, switching on the TV.

The image of the blonde murderer looking around my room appeared on the screen. I smiled. Oh, this is very interesting. Seifer entered the picture and I grinned, it gets better and better. I sat back and watched it like it was a movie. I was amazed at how stupid they were; they didn’t even look for cameras. That’s the first thing I do when I enter someone else’s home.

Fine, if they want to play it that way.

I picked up the phone and dialled Squall’s number. He told me he was home alone. Perfect. I invited him to spend the night with me and he accepted.

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