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Obsession Kills

Chapter 13 - Too close

By Purple Penguin

His beautiful face was clearly visible in the moonlight; he walked quickly at a fast determined pace. I followed silently from above. He stopped suddenly, listening.

“I know you’re there you know?”


“Was there something you wanted?”

He’s getting better at knowing when I’m around, he’s learning. Silently I jump down into the alley behind him; he still jumps slightly even though he’s the one who called me. Do I make him nervous? Can’t think why. I stalk up to him and smile.

“Not afraid of little me are you?”

“What do you want?” He glared at me.

“No need to be hostile I’m here to help.” Slowly I walked up to him with my hands held up to let him feel more in control. He had his arms folded, one leg slightly in front of the other, a standoffish pose.

“I hear you and your partner are working together with the m....” I nearly ruined it. Even if he had forgotten Zell he still wouldn’t have liked me calling him a murderer.

“....assassins.” I corrected quickly. “I’ve being instructed to assist you.”

Squall looked surprised. “That’s not a good idea. Seifer doesn’t trust you and if he doesn’t then Quistis never will.”

I smirked at him. “Do you trust me?”

His hard stance faltered a little. “Yes.” He still glared at me but that little word made all the difference.

“It doesn’t matter about them; I will prove my loyalty.” I took another step towards him with each word until we stood within inches of each other.

“Where are you going now?”

“The club.”

“Business or pleasure?” I purred.

“A little of both. You coming?”

I smiled a real smile for once. How could I refuse an offer like that? Of course I would have gone with him anyway but it was nice to be asked.

“Of course.”

He continued on his way not bothering to see if I followed him. I fell into step with him, a smile fixed to my lips. Occasionally I glanced at him, but he never even glanced at me once. His eyes stayed fixed on the road ahead. He walked straight into the club without hesitating. I followed him up to the bar.

“So, what’s the business part of this outing?”

He ordered a couple of drinks, sitting on a bar stool. Squall started to tell me what I already knew. A gang of drug smugglers were everyone’s target, his, mine and the murderer’s. I knew a lot more than he told me, I had been well supplied with information. How else could I get that female murderer to trust me?

“I’ll find out more info for you.” I offered, not telling him I already had it.


I smiled. “I have my ways. I’ll have it by tomorrow, meet me somewhere?”

He narrowed his eyes slightly. “Alright.”

I smiled brightly. “Good, then you don’t have to worry about the business part now do you? Just the pleasure.” I could help you with that too if you’d let me.

He gave me a strange look and turned back to stare at the bar. He seemed a little uncomfortable, which was to be expected. He seemed to be the type to get embarrassed easily when a near stranger flirted with him. I took a sip of my drink, staring out at the dance floor. I remembered Zell dancing with Squall. I wanted that, I would have that. The current song ended.

“Dance with me.” It wasn’t a question. I took the drink from his hands placing it on the bar. He followed me out to the dance floor without argument.

~Sometimes I feel I’ve got to~

~Run away I’ve got to~

~Get away~

~From the pain you drive into the heart of me.~

Once out on the dance floor, I didn’t waste any time. I pulled him to me wrapping my arms around his waist, so we were pressed together. He wrapped his arms around my neck. He didn’t seem as uncomfortable as he had been as we started to move to the music.

~The love we share~

~Seems to go nowhere~

~I’ve lost my light~

~I toss and turn I can’t sleep at night~

I knew some of the other couples were looking at us but I barely noticed my attention was focused on my beautiful dancing partner. This was a dream come true for me. I smirked at Squall. He looked like he was in a trance, lost in his little world. He blinked, snapping out of it.


“De ju vu. I feel like I’ve done this before but I can’t remember.”

~Once I ran to you (I ran)~

~Now I run from you~

~This tainted love you’ve given~

~I give you all a boy could give~

I stiffened slightly before forcing myself to relax and smile at him.

“Probably just your imagination. Otherwise you would remember right?”

“Yeah... You’re right.” He looked a little vulnerable then; his eyes were locked to the floor.

I intended to take his mind off it.

~Take my tears and that’s not nearly all~

~Tainted love~

~Tainted love~

My hands moved down to squeeze his ass gently. It got his attention, his eyes snapped up to mine. I grinned, pulling him closer to me. Ground my hips into his. He stiffened but I could tell he liked it. I moved my head forward so our lips were nearly touching, waiting for him to kiss me. I wasn’t going to rush him into anything, if he wanted me he would have to show me.

~Don’t touch me please~

~I cannot stand the way you tease~

~I love you though you hurt me so~

~Now I’m going to pack my things and go~

~Touch me baby, tainted love~

I didn’t have to wait long; he lost his patience real quickly, kissing me hard. He wanted to pull away all to soon. I didn’t let him. It was too late now, he was mine. My arms tightened around him and I forced my tongue into his mouth.

~Touch me baby, tainted love~

~Touch me baby, tainted love~

He didn’t resist long; soon he was kissing me back. At least half the people in the club were watching us, we were hot stuff. I felt Squall’s hands move into my hair and he allowed a small, quiet moan. It was enough for me. The crowd around us were cheering and whooping, it began to bother me.

Reluctantly I pulled away I looked at him, pressing a finger to his lips.

“You want to get out of here?”

He nodded without breaking eye contact.

She leant on the kitchen table watching the strange girl jump as a newspaper was pushed through the letterbox. The blonde rolled her eyes she understood that Fujin had been through a lot but this was ridiculous. The girl never moved all day except to go to the toilet and even then she looked like a scared deer waiting to be eaten. Fujin only trusted Quistis. The blonde couldn’t understand it, everyone hated or feared her so why did this girl trust her. The slave girl hated to be alone when Quistis when out during the day, she clung to her and begged not to be left alone.

Someone knocked at the door. Quistis walked to answer it, when Fujin ran up and attached herself to the blonde. The assassin rolled her eyes and opened the door to Seifer and Zell.

“Hey.” The male assassin’s eyes narrowed in puzzlement at the girl hanging off Quistis. “Nice pet you’ve got there Quistis.”

The blonde shook her head and shut the door behind her guests.

Seifer looked at Fujin. “I thought you were going to take her straight home.”

“I tried but she doesn’t have one and now she wouldn’t leave.”

Seifer made a tsking sound. “If you go around taking in strays people may mistake you for a nice person.”

The blonde woman glared at him, folding her arms. “Did you want something or are you just here to annoy me?”

“We have things to discuss.” Zell said seriously. Both blondes nodded.

Seifer suppressed a grin as Fujin refused to let go of Quistis. “You’re a strange little thing you now that?” He reached out a hand to touch her.

She shrieked and flew at him with her fists.

The blonde female dragged the hysterical girl back to the sofa.

“Have you been giving her lessons in violence?” Seifer asked the female assassin.

She frowned but remained silent. “What do you want?”

“Have you found the addresses of those guys yet?”

“I can’t, the girl breaks my appartment if I leave her alone.”

She glared at Seifer as he sighed. “I’d like to see you do any better.”

“Maybe Squall found out something.” Zell said quickly. He didn’t want them to get angry with each other.

Seifer looked up at him. “Yeah, maybe we should go check on him.”


“I’m worried about him. There’s a weirdo that has a thing for him.”

“Who is he? We might know.”

“An axe-carrying mercenary called Nida.”

Quitis shook her head. “No, I know this town. There are no mercenaries.”

“Maybe you don’t know it as well as you think.”

She shot Seifer a homicidal look. Zell stepped between them with his hands held up. “We’ll check him out okay Seif?

“I’ve found out his address I’ve going there tonight.” He looked back at Zell. “You coming? I want to find out who he is before Squall gets too close.”

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