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Author's Notes: This is a little complicated, all the pairings switch in the middle.

From Seifer’s pov

Obsession Kills

Chapter 5 - Seifer's POV

By Purple Penguin

I angrily kicked a chair around the study. I’ve done everything to find Quistis by she’s gone. I’m a detective for fuck’s sake... and Squall lied to me, I could believe it. He’s been seeing that little blonde whore and he hid it found me. That guy could have given me a lead but oh no Squall wouldn’t want me to hurt his little slut now would he.

I shoved all the work off the desk in anger. It’s been a week since I danced with Quistis and I can’t get her out of my fucking mind. Wait till I confront Squall about this, I didn’t want to fall out with him but he left me no choice. I thought he’d understand I only want what should be mine. I’ve been back to the club countless times but I think she’s avoiding that place.

If Squall’s seen her I’ll kill him. I should have noticed he had a new fuck toy, he’s turned me down a few times and he never resisted before.

I lean back on the wall with a sigh. What has that girl done to me? It’s not love, it’s not lust, it’s obsession. I need her; I need to take her even if it is only once. I can’t think straight I need to forget her but it’s impossible. She’s a stranger how could she have sure an impact on me?

This isn’t getting me anywhere. I’m going to the club at least there I can drown my sorrows.

I scanned the place as soon as I entered. Once again there was no sign of my beautiful stranger. A bit put off I marched to the bar, I’ll just get pissed instead. I ordered a double vodka but I just sat and stared at the glass. Being drunk wouldn’t help I’m confused enough as it is... I have to find her.

After what seemed like a lifetime of sitting at the bar I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Hey there gorgeous you wanna dance?”

I looked at the rather short girl in front of me. She certainly was forward and her clothes were suggestive. The girl had black hair with blonde high-lights in her long fringe, her smile was cute and friendly. She wore a little white dress that showed off her legs. Lots of guys were looking or leering at her. She shouldn’t have come here she was just a stupid girly girl who wanted some fun, if she wasn’t careful she’ll get more than she bargained for. Out of pity more than anything else and because I was getting bored I agreed to dance with her. She grinned and held out her hand to me.

“Hi I’m Rinoa.”

As I shook her hand she was practically bobbing up and down with excitement definitely not my type. Quistis is my type. I like both guys and girls to be able to look after themselves and not expect someone to coddle them. This girl would probably expect a guy to rush to her rescue every time she got in to trouble.

“I’m Seifer.”

She grinned and dragged me to the dance floor.

We began to dance to the music. She was a clingy dancer, her arms were wrapped around my waist and she pressed her body to mine and she clung to me like a limpet.

After a while I felt eyes watching me so I looked up at the far corner. I couldn’t believe my eyes I was so shocked that I stopped dancing and pushed the girl away.

There in the corner her eyes locked to mine; was Quistis. She was stunning. She wore a dark red, leather constricting dress that left nothing to the imagination. For ages I just stared, transfixed I couldn’t move and she didn’t make a move towards me but I knew that she’d come here to see me.

“Hey what’s the matter with you? And who are you staring at?”

I faintly heard that whiny voice but she didn’t matter anymore, the only thing I cared about was Quistis. My legs moved before I registered.

I stood close to her now her face was flat, blank, devoid of emotion but I could see the emotions building up in her eyes, the ones she tried so hard to hide. She was confused, relived, afraid and in lust with me. I knew exactly what she was going through and that look in her eyes made me very horny but it also made me want to hold her and tell her that she didn’t have to be afraid of me. Was I going soft? She’s changed me but if I get to be with her then I don’t mind. She’s worth it.

Gently so as not to scare her off again I take her hands in mine and curl our fingers together. She doesn’t pull away this time.

“Dance?” I asked. She looked hesitant.

“One dance that’s all. You did come here to see me right?”

She remained silent but I could see it in her eyes. I slowly led her to the dance floor so she could pull back if she wished. She walked with me to the dance floor willingly. As we get into position a new and quite apt song comes on.

~Haven’t we met. You’re some kind of beautiful stranger~

~You could be good for me I’ve had a taste for danger~
~If I’m smart then I’ll run away but I’m not so I’ll guess I’ll stay~

~Heaven forbid you’re some kind of beautiful stranger~

I was careful this time I wouldn’t push her this time. She could take as long as she wanted as long as I got to see her and she was mine. Her arms were around my shoulders and my arms were around her waist. She was a little scared and I think that fact scared her more. She was used to being in charge of herself and her feelings so these new feelings were frightening.

~I looked into your eyes and my world came tumbling down~

~You’re the devil in disguise~

~That’s why I’m singing this song~

~To know you, is to love you~

I couldn’t resist the urge to reassure her so I lightly brushed her cheek with my fingertips and her eyes snapped to mine, she looked like she was going to run away again. She acted so hard and menacing but she was really just a scared little girl with no idea about trust, friendship or love. She understood lust though so I doubted she was a virgin, probably one night stands. She seems to suit the love them and leave them type.

~To part you is to be part of you~

~I’ll pay for you with tears and swallow all my pride~

~Beautiful stranger~

~Beautiful stranger~

~If I’m smart then I’ll run away but I’m not so I’ll guess I’ll stay~

~Haven’t you heard I fell in love with a beautiful stranger~

As the song ended I knew better than to ruin the mood so I resisted the urge to kiss her.

She seemed relaxed with me now but still she began to pull away as another song started. I watched terrified that she would vanish again and leave me desperate to be with her. Once again she went to the exit, only this time she walked slowly as if she wanted me to stop her so I did.


She turned regarding me with cold features and warm eyes.

“Am I going to see you again?”

Her lips twitched as if she’d forgotten how to smile.

“Here, Tomorrow night.”

Satisfied I nodded and watched her leave. I hoped she would come here tomorrow but she didn’t look like the type to break her promises.

As I walked through my front door I heard this sound coming from further on in the apartment.


After not getting an answer I slowly ventured to the study. I found Squall sorting through the stuff I’d knocked to the ground earlier. I bent to help him but he turned away from me not letting me see his face.

“Squall I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

He sounded strange, his voice was strained and he kept his head down so that his chin rested on his chest.

“Are you okay?”


I frowned slightly. Why wouldn’t he tell me the truth?

“Why didn’t you tell me about you and Zell?”

He moved his head slightly but he still wouldn’t look at me. “Are you mad?”

“Not anymore but you didn’t have to lie to me.” I put a hand on his shoulder and he visibly winced.


I gently touch the front of his t-shirt, he hisses faintly in pain and as I draw my hand back I gasp at the blood staining my fingers.

“What happened?” I whispered. I’m in too much shock to react.

He turned to look at me at last. His face is bruised, beaten and his chest is covered in blood.

“Holy fuck.”

He looked at me with sad eyes. “Seifer-” Then he collapses and I rush to catch him before he hits the floor.




The lyrics were from Madonna’s Beautiful stranger. Which has nothing to do with me it’s owned by the singer and company.

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