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From Zell’s point of view

Obsession Kills

Chapter 4 - Zell's POV

By Purple Penguin

She sat at her desk in silence. Most people thought this for her was normal but I knew better. She was confused. She had often had the affect on men as she had on Seifer but no one but ever gotten to her before. I could never understand her and I definitely didn’t now so she liked a guy big deal I don’t know why she was beating herself up about it. She won’t speak to me not that that is any different from usual but I wish I knew what went on inside her head.

Thoughtfully I removed a small business card from my back pocket and for a while I just sat and stared at the phone. Every time I try to speak to Quistis she says it’s none of my business. She wrong it is my business. I don’t know what to do for the best, the last thing I want to do is to hurt anyone but I want to see Squall again. I don’t know how Quistis would react if she saw either of them again. There’s this voice in my head and it’s telling me to just ring the DAMN number. She never cared about me! What does it matter? On the other hand I do feel sorry for Quistis even if I’m not sure what’s going on.

“If you what to ring him then just do it.”

I jumped slightly looking up at Quistis. Why did she have to be so bloody quiet?

“You won’t mind?”

“Why should I?” She folded her arms her expression dead pan.

I looked at the card thoughtfully before I held it out to her.

“Quistis call Seifer.”

She flinched very slightly and tried to look indifferent.

“What’s up with you? You like the guy right?”

Her glare deepened.

“You don’t understand. I am NOT the same as you! I am not a weak willed sex-crazed male!” She sneered at me, disgust swimming in her eyes.

She dropped a large file onto my desk.

“We have a job to do tonight. We are to patrol the dock yard in case this man we failed to find shows up.”

“Is this a weapons job?”

She nodded. “Sniper rifle. We’ll set up our post on the roof.”

I nodded. I was quite glad she had changed the subject I really didn’t want to end up on the wrong side of her. I’ve known some of her enemies, been to their funerals.

I looked up as she loaded bullets into her silver handgun and sheathed it in the secret holder in her leather jacket. She opened the bottom drawer of her desk with a silver key and removed her whip she connected it to her hip before silently leaving the office.

She is way to into her job I turn back into me after work but she is always an assassin.

I sighed and finally reached for the phone and dialled the number in the card. My fingers nervously played with a biro on the desk. This is ridiculous I can easily take out a guy in the street like a heartless bastard but I get jittery around one guy, one young, sexy, irresistible guy.

“Hello?” Someone answered.

I recognized the voice instantly he even sounded sexy and I nearly melted after just one word.

“Squall? It’s Zell. Remember from the club?”

There was a pause and I heard he get up and move. There was a muffled voice in the background that asked who was calling and Squall gave a lame reply.

“Hey I didn’t think you would call me.”

“Did you want me to?”

“Of course but I thought with all the madness between the other two that you might not.”

“Quistis isn’t my friend. That may make me sound like a bit of a bastard but if she won’t talk to me why should I bother?”

“Forget about them now. You wan to meet me somewhere? I don’t know you but I want to.” He chuckled. “That’s the most I’ve said in my entire life.”

I smiled. I think I’m going soft one dance with a stranger and I go gooey.

“Where do you want to meet?”

“There’s a small coffee shop in town we could go there?”

“I didn’t think you were a coffee kind of guy.” I laughed.

“Hey I only know it cause it’s beside the off-license.”

“Yeah right.” I teased. “Time?”

“Ten minutes?”

I smiled and nodded before I realized he couldn’t see me.

“Sure ten minutes see ya.”


I hung up the phone.

TEN MINUTES?! AHHHH!! No time. What will I say?! I have to talk and kept my hands off him! Is that possible?! Okay Zell calm down, don’t panic. I ran out quickly before I could panic again turned back suddenly to place my hand gun on the desk. Don’t think I’ll need it I can take care of myself.

Squall was already there when I arrived. I hung back a moment to admire the view. He was leaning on the wall beside the shop staring at the ground.

He was dressed in really tight leather pants, they were going to make it harder to keep my eyes off him and the leather left nothing to the imagination. He wore three belts. Why the hell would you need three belts for? A white T-shirt and a black fur-rimmed leather jacket. I swallowed hard, trying to get the courage to go up and speak to him.

‘Don’t be so pathetic just go.’ I slowly turned the corner and went up the him. He lifted his head and his eyes lit up when I approached. I watched as his eyes moved over my body and I was already haven’t trouble tearing my eyes away from his leather pants. Inspection complete. He was the first to speak.

“You’re late.”

I glanced at my watch. “Oh yeah a whole four minutes.”

“Lateness is one of the most deadly sins in my book.”

God, he reminded me of Quistis. They both had to be serious all the time. I wondered what I could do to make Squall relax. Lots of naughty thoughts went through my head and I grinned just thinking about it.

“What are you grinning at?”

“Err... nothing.”

“Come on.” He walked into the coffee shop and I followed.

We sat at a corner table and ordered a coffee which was just to please the waitress more then anything else so we wouldn’t get asked to leave. The place was empty except for us which was probably a good thing.

“So tell me stuff.”

“You’re not good at the talking thing are you?”

Squall shook his head. “Except on the phone.”

“Ask me a question, anything go on.”

“Fine what job you got?”

I swear I paled at my own stupidity. Of course he’s going to ask that question it’s only natural. Quick think of a job I could do.




“I’m a... Vet.”


I nearly didn’t resist the urge to slap myself around the head for being so stupid. A Vet? Well I do put down animals I guess.

“And Quistis works with you?”

“Yeah.” I hope she doesn’t hear about this she won’t like being called a Vet. She dislikes animals more than people.

“And you and Seifer are detectives.”

He shot me a suspicious look wondering how I knew that. With a smirk I waved the business he’s given me last night.

He raised his eyebrows in understanding. We fell into a uncomfortable silence. I stared down at Squall’s thighs. He think he knew my eyes were on him as he would meet my gaze occasionally.

“You wanna go for a walk?” I asked.

He nodded.

I watched his ass as he rose from his seat, his pants clung to his body and showed every detail. I had quite a view. Before I could stop my mind from wandering I wondered what it was like to feel him under my fingers. I did mange to stop myself before my hands started wandering though. I finally looked up at him to notice he was looking at me with the same lust filled eyes. He met my eyes and my hands were itching to touch him when he turned and leave I followed him.

“Wait, Squall.” He didn’t stop until we were at the pier. Perfect no one was around. I wrapped an arm around his waist he leaned into my touch and he glanced at me with those lust filled eyes. Smiling I ran my hands down to grip his ass. I swear he growled. Before I knew what was happening he had dragged me backwards and I was slammed into the nearest wall. I was about to protest but a hot mouth crushed my own and I stop talking and thinking.

My hands ran up his back and into his hair, his arms went round my waist and he lifted a knee to rub my hardness. I moaned into his mouth. So much for just talking.

He started to unbutton my fly but I pulled away from him.

“What?” He asked.

I shook my head. “There were people here and they will be back soon.”


I let him kiss me again until I definitely heard voices this time and I pulled away again.

Squall was about to protest when some guys came down the steps beside us. He shrugged and walked off in the wrong direction.

“Where are you going?”

He walked off on to the old pier. I hesitated this thing was broken and old but I still followed.

Big mistake. I followed Squall until the pier refused to take the weight of us and we had an early bath. As I surfaced I heard this weird sound, I couldn’t figure out what it was. When I looked over at Squall I was stunned. Mr-cold-Quistis-guy was laughing, probably at me but at least I got him to relax.




I know the ending to this chapter was crappy but I wanted to post this quickly as I’ve already written chap 5.

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