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Author's Notes: This is a little complicated, all the pairings switch in the middle.

From Squall’s pov.

Obsession Kills

Chapter 6 - Don’t remember

By Purple Penguin

My eyes opened slightly but there was too much light so I shut them again. Where was I? What happened?

I shifted slightly but a jolt of pain shot up my torso stopping me.

Was there anyone I knew around?

I listened to my surrounding.

A door slammed nearby and two male voices argued.


“Aren’t I allowed to visit my boyfriend?!”


“I would NEVER hurt him!”

“So if you’re so loyal where have you been? I’ve been with him all night and I brought him in!”

“What do you want? A medal or something!”

“The last place he went was to see you and now he’s in hospital and nearly died! What happened?!”

“I don’t know. He never met me like he said he would.”


I turned my head in the other direction but even that hurt. I groaned in pain and suddenly both voices became silent.

“Squall?” They asked in unison.

Someone to my right gripped my hand and the other guy to my left minced the action.

“Squall are you okay?” The guy on my right asked, something clicked in my head and I recognized the voice of my only long term friend.

My throat felt dry so it was hard to speak. I coughed croakily.



“Where am I?”

“Hospital. Do you remember what happened?”

I tried to open my eyes again.

“Seifer could you turn the light off? It’s too bright.”

“Of course.”

The yellow blur dimmed as I carefully looked at my surroundings. I’ve always hated hospitals. Seifer sat by my side looking concerned I was glad he was here, then I remembered the other guy so I slowly turned to look to my left.

“Hi Squall are you alright?”

I frowned, the blonde was familiar but I couldn’t place his name. I felt I knew him well but I just couldn’t remember, it worried me.

“I’ll live.” I answered the blonde and tried to smile. I didn’t want him to know I’d forgotten him. I’ll ask Seifer about him later. Maybe I didn’t know him well and that’s why I forgot.

I closed my eyes again and tried not to think about it.

“I have to go. I’ll come back later okay?” The other guy said.

Seifer narrowed his eyes. Why didn’t he like this guy? Did I like this guy? He was cute.

“Why are you leaving so suddenly Zell? You just got here.” Seifer’s voice was laced with suspicion and dislike for the short blonde. I least I knew his name now.

“I have something to do. Something important.”

“Right and while you’re doing that I’ll be finding the guy who did this. I’m the professional here right? You’re just a vet.”

I could tell by Seifer’s voice that he didn’t believe that. I’m not sure if I do either. What would you need all those muscles for to be a vet?

Zell looked slightly annoyed. “I’m not as weak as you think I am.”

“Yeah I can believe that.” Seifer sneered.

The little blonde turned and left.

“Seifer what was that about?”

The tall blonde was still holding my hand, not that I minded.

“I’m sorry Squall I know you like the guy but I don’t trust him. I just don’t want you to get hurt again.”

I frowned. Why was Seifer being like this? He’s never told me that before, he didn’t have to I know he cares about me. I know I nearly died but was there a danger of it happening again?

“I know we haven’t been getting on well recently and I’m sorry. I’ve been acting a bit crazy.”

Did we have a fight? That would explain why he was acting so soft.

“Still friends?” He asked.

How could he ask me that? This must have been some fight. Of course I’ll still be his friend. I like being alone sure but if I don’t have Seifer with me then I don’t know what I’d do.

“Of course how can you ask me that?”

He shrugged. “I thought you might not forgive me.”

Okay I was getting more and more puzzled by the minute. There was so much I didn’t understand. What had Seifer done?

Who was Zell?

Why didn’t Seifer like him?

What happened to me?

I didn’t want Seifer to worry but I had to ask.

“Seifer what happened between us? Did we have a fight?”

His frown deepened. “Don’t you know?”

“No I don’t remember.”

His eyes filled with concern. “But you do remember me right?”

“Seifer I’ve know you since we were three. I wouldn’t forget you.”

He looked a bit more relieved. “What else don’t you remember?”

“Lots of things.”

“What about Zell?”

I shook my head sadly.


I frowned. I thought and hoped that Zell was the only person I had forgotten but I didn’t know this person either.

“Do you remember anything that happened to you?”

“No why don’t you like Zell? And what is he to me?”

Seifer told me everything about that night at the club when I met Zell and he met Quistis and about his crazy behaviour since then. He told me that I’ve been with Zell for a week but I don’t remember anything that happened between us or any of my feelings for him.

Seifer told the doctor about my memory loss. She said I will remember but it will take time. But what do I tell Zell in the mean time.

The office door slammed and Quistis looked up in shock to see a very pissed Zell.

“What’s up with you?”

“Squall. He’s in hospital Quistis and probably as payback for something I did.”

Zell slumped in his chair at his desk.

“I went to see him and that BASTARD dared to say that I didn’t care about Squall!”

“You mean Seifer?”

“Yeah... No offence.”

“He had a go at me when I left too but I can’t help there. Seifer says he’s going to find the guys how did this.”

Quistis walked up to Zell’s desk.

“He’s a detective Zell. Are you really going to stand back and watch that amateur put the bad guys in prison?!” Quistis snorted before continuing. “These guys are professionals, they will find a way to escape from prison and then go after the guy who put them there.”

Zell nodded and smiled faintly. “So you’re doing this to protect Seifer.”

“I just don’t like to see a job done badly.”

“So we find the guys then what?”

She removed her gun and whip from her drawer and smirked at Zell. He was surprised by her show of emotion.

“Do you really have to ask?”

She handed him a gun and he grinned.

“Revenge for Squall.” He whispered as he stroked the barrel of the gun he held.

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