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Author's Notes: This is a little complicated, all the pairings switch in the middle.

Obsession Kills

Chapter 3 - The meeting

By Purple Penguin

Squall cast a look over his shoulder to make sure Seifer was following him. They walked into the dark club; Seifer had persuaded Squall to came here tonight it wasn’t work it was their time-off.

The place was quiet but then again it never was packed. Most of the people were male, the only females there were ones who were paid to be there or women who looked like men at a distance.

The atmosphere was smoky and most of the conversions were in hushed whispers. Seifer ordered some drinks as they sat at the bar together.

“Did you find out who that guy was?”

Seifer groaned. “Squall we’re not at work now. You don’t have to be so serious all the time.”

“Seifer this is important.”

“Relax a little will ya? You might get lucky.”

Squall shot him a ‘are you crazy look’.

“In here? You’re kidding right?”

“Never know your luck.”

Squall snorted. “I don’t know why I let you talk me into coming here.”

Zell walked towards the club with Quistis by his side. She was so quiet that she might as well have not been there.

For their undercover work Zell wore black jeans, a tight navy blue muscle shirt and a dark red bomber jacket. His hair was spiked as usual. He glanced over at his partner. Quistis wore knee length leather boots, a burgundy leather skirt, a sleeveless black top and a black leather biker jacket. She liked her leather.

At the door Quistis stopped him.

“Remember we have a job to do.” Her voice was cold and hard.

Zell entered the club looking round at the usual crowd this place attracted; perhaps this wouldn’t be as much fun as he’d first thought. Quistis looked round in disgust. Lots of guys drooled at the sight of her, many wolf-whistled and yelled catcalls at her. She glared daggers at them; they didn’t hold her interest.

Squall was rabbiting on about a case when he looked up to see that Seifer wasn’t paying him any attention. His eyes were locked on something or someone behind Squall. The brunette stood following his friend’s line of vision. A leather clad woman stood by the entrance Squall had to admit she was sexy but he didn’t swing that way. He waved a hand in front of his friend’s eyes, he smirked when Seifer didn’t flinch.

“I guess she’s alright.” He teased.

Squall chuckled at Seifer’s behaviour. “If you like her that much go ask her to dance.”

The blonde nodded distractedly and headed over to her.

“Honestly you’re pathetic you won’t catch me acting like the-” The brunette stopped suddenly as Seifer approached the blonde woman he noticed a guy who was with her. He wore dark colours and a leather jacket, he looked sexy and dangerous. Squall shakily put down the glass he was holding he wondered if he should ask the stranger to dance. If Seifer had done it then he could.

Zell watched as a tall blonde guy approached Quistis. He knew the poor guy was wasting his time Quistis never danced with people. He watched the event unfold.

The blonde woman looked up at the handsome stranger; her eyes held suspicion and wonderment. The guy held a hand out to her.

“Seifer.” He stated simply with a nod.

Zell didn’t expect Quistis to answer he expected the usual cold glare and she’d turn away in silence. His mouth dropped open as she extended her hand to him.

“Quistis.” She replied.

Her face remained expressionless but Zell knew she must have felt something for him to even look at him.

“Dance with me?” Seifer asked.

Quistis nodded slightly and allowed herself to be lend out to the dance floor.

Zell watched in amazement he was just thinking the night couldn’t get any stranger when a drop dead gorgeous brunette walked up to him. So much for work, it looked like neither of them would be thinking about that for a while.

“I’m Squall.” The brunette held out his hand to Zell. He wore lots of leather and remained Zell a little of Quistis.

The blonde allowed a small smile as he shook the stranger’s hand,

“Zell.” He answered.

“You want to dance?”

“Sure.” Zell shot one last glance over at Quistis and her guy before he followed Squall out to the dance floor.

Just as Seifer and Quistis found a space among the small group of dancers, a new song came on.

~There was something different about this girl~

~The way she moved, her hair, her face divinity in motion~

The couple glanced around at the other couples briefly before they came together and began to move to the music. Seifer’s hands were around his waist. He wondered why he’d never seen her before and about that guy she’d been with. Were they friends, lovers? Or like he was to Squall?

~As she stalked the room. Look at the feel of the aura of her presence~

The people at the bar watched in a trance. Seifer knew they were only looking at Quistis, she had them mesmerized and he couldn’t blame them. Everyone envied him at that point.

~Every head turned to feel the passion and lust~

He wondered who she was, what she did, if she was new here. She had to be new in town, he was a detective and he thought he knew everybody in their little town.

~The girl was persuasive, the girl you could not trust, the girl was bad, the girl was dangerous~

Quistis just moved to the music trying not to think about the situation she was in. She had never danced with anyone; she had never wanted to so why now? Work she remembered, she still had a job to do. She glanced over at Zell; he was with another guy. Maybe she should wait and let Zell have some fun first.

~I felt taken~

~The lust is drenched in humanity~

As Zell moved to the music his eyes roamed the body of the guy in front of him. The night had been quite surreal. First there was a strange change in Quistis and now he was dancing with the most beautiful brunette and he had no idea who he was. Zell was determined to find out though and he’d kept this one. No matter what.

He noticed Squall was checking him out and occasionally he moved his hands from around Zell’s waist up his back and then stroked them down his spine. Zell shivered at the sensation. Lust swam in both their eyes and either of them bothered to hide their desire from the other.

Squall was amazed. Suddenly he was glad Seifer had dragged him to his place. He had no idea who this guy was but he wanted to know everything about him. He really wanted to kiss him; it was hard to resist. The blonde seemed equally keen and would rub himself against Squall.

As the song neared the end both couples met the eyes of their partner. Squall saw his chance and took it. He pulled Zell roughly against him crushing their mouths together passionately and hungrily. The blonde didn’t hesitate for a second and gladly opened his mouth for Squall to taste him. They forgot they were in a public place, they forgot that they hardly knew each other none of that mattered anymore.

Seifer looked over to see Squall kiss the blonde and he looked at the beautiful blonde in his arms. He slowly drew the girl into his arms, but as he was about to kiss her she pulled back and hesitantly backed away. Seifer made a move to go after her but she quickly turned and disappeared out the exit.

Seifer stood there for a while puzzled and slightly hurt. He didn’t know who she was and with only a first name to go on to seemed pointless. Then he remembered she had arrived with that blonde guy who was with Squall now.

Seifer turned annoyed, he stalked over to the couple and roughly grabbed the short, blonde ignoring the protests from both Squall and the blonde. Seifer dragged the guy to the nearest table and forced him to sit.

“What the-”

“You will tell me.” Tall, blonde hissed.

“Seifer what the hell are you doing?!” Squall stood behind Zell’s chair.

“Your friend who was she? What is she to you? And where can I find her?”

Zell looked around. He hadn’t noticed Quistis had left.

“What did you do to her?!”

“Nothing. I tried to kiss her and she left.”

Zell shook his head. “Typical Quistis.”

He looked up again to see the tall blonde was still glaring at him wanting the answers to his questions.


“Her name is Quistis Trepe. We just work together and she’s very private so that’s all I know.”

“You better not be lying to me.”

“You better not be threatening me.”

Seifer growled and walked towards the exit.

“Squall we’re leaving.”

The brunette shot a glare at his friend then looked back at Zell.

“Go I have to go find Quistis anyway.”

Squall dug a card out of his back pocket and handed it to Zell.

“Call me.” Then he followed Seifer out of the club.

Zell studied to card in his hand. There was an address, a telephone number and e-mail.

“Detective agency?”

He shrugged slipping the card into his back pocket and left to find his partner.



The lyrics were from Dangerous by Michael Jackson.

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