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Author's Notes: This is a little complicated, all the pairings switch in the middle.

Obsession Kills

Chapter 2 - Assassins

By Purple Penguin

He watched incensed as the figure in the street below casually lit his cigarette. Poor, unsuspecting fool. He should know better than to piss off one of the most powerful criminals in town. The sniper rifle hung slightly over the edge of the balcony. One last check to make sure everything was in place then it was all over. The body slumped to the ground. He felt no remorse for his victims, this was just business and hired assassins weren’t supposed to show mercy.

He carefully started to disable the rifle. He had been trained in many weapons, swords, daggers, rifles, pistols, but his favourite was hand-to-hand combat. At heart he was a marshal artist. He had the tough guy act down to a tee but for him that’s all it was an act. The others were naturally cold, distant. Three years ago he hadn’t been used to it he had to learn to be like them. He was still a good guy under the tough mask.

Unlike he’s partner. He’d known her for nine years and had only seen her smile twice. Rumours said that she had no soul. She was made for this job, made for killing.

He fitted the rifle into its case and walked out into the street casual as ever. No one was around the streets were deserted. The short, blonde put the case in the car and slowly pulled out of the car park. He picked up his mobile and dialled one-handed as he drove.

“Yeah it’s me.”

“It’s done.”

“Yeah I’m coming in now.”

He hung up. His partner was meant to meet him back at the cove. The cove was the name of their main headquarters.

He smiled thinly as he remembered how he’d first met his partner. She’d tried to kill him at first seeing him as a threat to her career. Of course he then thought she was the enemy, how do you trust a tall, silent, leather-clad figure that tries to kill you? She hadn’t needed training to get the image she looked and acted deadly. Those cold, hard, blue eyes could scare anyone off.

He couldn’t really blame her. He knew her past and what she’d been through. As a kid she had lived with her alcoholic mum and step-dad. When she misbehaved he would beat her, in the end he used any old excuse. When her mum died she was stuck with him and he abused her terribly until one day when she turned ten years old. He had come home drunk as usual; he had grabbed a kitchen knife and dove for her but she was ready for him. She waited until he was close to her then she lifted the pistol and fired. She continued firing until she had no ammo left and the body slumped to the ground. The police dropped all the charges against her as she was only ten and covered in bruises. She was sent to an orphanage but she never got adopted because of her bad temperament.

The blonde assassin arrived at a small, one story broken down building. This was their base. No one suspected it after all how could thousands of assassins and their equipment fit in such a tiny, little building. The blonde walked inside. The one room was falling apart and obviously deserted. He walked to the one cupboard that stood in the corner. He turned the handle until it came off in his hand. It looked like a normal cupboard with a normal, broken handle but the assassin knew better. He lowered his mouth to the hole and spoke his name.

“Zell Dincht.”

“Confirmed.” The tinny, computer voice answered. The elevator doors opened. The buttons went from levels 0-9. Floor 0 was management only. He had agreed to meet his partner on floor four in their joint office. The elevator rushed downwards halting suddenly on floor four.

As he entered he saw her sitting at her desk casually leafing through a newspaper. She lifted her eyes slightly when he entered. She wore small, rectangular reading glasses, which she used sometimes to make herself look more helpless and innocent.

“Did it go smoothly?”

“Yeah he didn’t notice a thing.”

“Good. We’ve been instructed to find out some information from that club at the edge of town.”

“Info on what or who?”

“A man named drake. He’s been caught acting suspiciously at the docking yard. If he’s a cop or he knows what’s really going on there then we go to work.”

“So we do the under cover thing?”

“Yes. I hate acting like a dumb female.”

“You don’t have to act all dumb blonde you do the dangerous thing too well Quisty.”

Her eyes snapped up to meet his.

“DON’T call me that.”

Zell backed away slightly. “Okay, okay Quistis.”

She lowered her eyes to the newspaper again.

“We’ll go at 21:00hrs. I’ll pick you up.”

Zell sat at his desk starring at nothing in particular. He liked under cover work as he got to relax most of the time. The only thing he didn’t like about the club was he got hit on by a lot of girls there and it was annoying. If a nice, sexy guy chatted him up he wouldn’t mind. Unlike Quistis if he liked someone there he’d dance with them even if they were there for business. To Quistis the job came first over everything else. She never danced or even talked to guys if she did it would be a sure sign that she liked him a lot. She would never have a relationship with someone in case it interfered with work. She was too cut off from the world, she didn’t even do friendship.

Zell sighed and shook the thoughts out of his head. There was no point sitting here he had to go home and feed the cat.

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