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Author's Notes: This is a little complicated, all the pairings switch in the middle.

This chap and chap 2 will be just an intro of the characters.

Obsession Kills

Chapter 1 - Detectives

By Purple Penguin

“Hey Squall.” Randal from the weapon shop greeted.

Squall was a regular customer to Randal’s shop. Everyone knew he and his friend for their reputation. Both were detectives for an under cover company. Both used a gunblade one of the hardest weapons to use, nobody messed with them.

The people of this small town knew they were harmless off work.

They were good at their job because they were so cut off from the world. Both had been orphans and their only friends were each other so they weren’t tied down to anyone. Once they had been lovers and it made them seem more deadly somehow.

They knew each other inside out literally.

“Randal.” Squall nodded in greeting.

“What can I do for you today?”

“It’s business I’m afraid. I need to know if you’ve ever heard of other guy with a gunblade.”

“No just you and your guy. Why?”

Squall shook his head. “Just tell either of us if you ever hear of someone like that.”

“Yeah sure no problem.”

The brunette nodded slowly in thanks.

A man of few words. He had a hard image, which seems to melt slightly when he and Seifer went out at night.

There was a bar on the edge of town, which had a reputation of attracting criminals and tough guys. Both Squall and Seifer were regulars. It was a good place to get leads on cases and they often went there to relax after work.

Squall pulled his keys out of the back pocket of his tight leather pants. He stepped through the door heading silently to the study. The room was small, a desk sat in the corner with notes, photos, papers scattered all over the place. A corkboard was nailed to the far wall, several photos from CCTV cameras were pinned up and a piece of paper in the centre read: Current case. In big, bold letters and the small type described the case.

There were two chairs in the room. One sat in the corner empty; the other was drawn up to the desk where a tall blonde guy sat there engrossed in something.

Squall silently leaned over his shoulder. The blonde was reading through some notes of evidence that they had managed to get out of some guys at the club.

“I’ve already been through that.”

The blonde jumped out of his skin. Instinct kicked in and he whirled round ready to defend himself.

“Whoa, calm down. It’s me.” Squall held his hands up as a sign of peace.

“Jesus Squall! Why’d ya have to be so fucking quiet! You scared the shit out of me!”

Unlike Squall Seifer had no problem expressing his feelings and telling people exactly what he thought of them. Sometimes his quick tongue got him into trouble but he could look after himself.


Seifer sighed and dropped his guard as Squall pulled up a chair beside him.

They were quite different but their differences complimented each other.

Squall was the cool, calm, laid back one and Seifer was the one who spoke his mind and went running into trouble head first. Seifer’s policy was to act first and think later whereas Squall was always deep in thought.

Squall and Seifer had lived in that apartment for three years now although they’d lived together for six years starting from when they were lovers.

“Did you find out anything at the weapons shop?”

Squall pulled a pack of cigarettes from the inside pocket of his bomber jacket.

“Nah, Randal said he didn’t know anything.”

Seifer frowned looking over at his friend.

“And you just took his word for it?”

Squall lit up and moved the ashtray on the desk closer to himself.

“What? I trust Randal he’s alright.”

Seifer gave a disgusted snort of laughter.

“You’re too trusting Squall. No one’s ever completely on the straight and narrow even if he is always friendly and acts like he’s on our side.”

Seifer wrinkled his nose as the smoke from Squall’s cigarette floated over to him.

“You know you really shouldn’t smoke those things they take years off your life.”

“Yes mother.”

Seifer glared at Squall. “I’m serious do you want to die early?”

“Aren’t you being a bit of a hypocrite? Oh wait that’s right you’ve never smoked have you.”

Seifer didn’t answer, he just rummaged through the notes on the desk.

“That’s different. I was young and stupid.”

“Yeah but now you’re old and stupid.”

Seifer growled fiercely but Squall knew he was just being playfully. The blonde stood pulling Squall up by the collar with him. He took the cigarette and snubbed it out then he pulled the brunette roughly to against him. Their bodies were so close that they were touching everywhere. Squall’s rested on the blonde’s kips before they slid down and gripped his ass.

Just because they’d broken up years ago and were just friends didn’t mean they had to act like it all the time. There was nothing wrong with a little harmless fun.

Seifer roughly pressed his mouth to Squall’s and wrapped his arms around the brunette’s waist.

They often had casual sex; it was better than any one-night stand. They had been lovers for about a year so they knew what each other liked best. Seifer moved his knee up to rub against the hard bulge in Squall’s pants. The brunette purred, impatiently trying to unbuckle Seifer’s belt. The blonde tripped Squall so they both landed hard on the floor. Squall removed his jacket and shirt.

The blonde smiled evilly.

“Right where I want ya.”

As Seifer sat back on his heels to strip himself the phone that was above Squall’s head started to ring.

“Leave it.” Seifer ordered.

Squall seemed to debate with himself before he reached up and grabbed the phone.

“Hello?” He asked ignoring the curses from his friends.

“Yeah that’s us.”

The now naked Seifer crawled back up Squall’s body he nibbled at his friend’s neck and his fingers went up to play with Squall’s nipples. It was funny to watch the brunette try to remain calm on the phone.

Squall tried to push the blonde away from him but instead Seifer grabbed the phone from him. Squall watched in alarm as Seifer spoke to the guy on the line.

“Squall’s busy right now, he’ll call you back.”

The blonde put the phone back in its holder.

“Seifer! That was important! We could have had a lead.”

Seifer gave him the puppy dog eyes look and continued to lap at Squall’s skin.

“Forgive me?” He moved his hand down to gently stroke Squall’s sex.

Seifer would often use sex to get what he wanted. Being Bi he could to get him out of trouble with both sexes.

As usual Squall relented.

“Fine but you have to find out who that guy was.”


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