Object of My Lust

Part Five

By Rain

The following morning, I met Squall at his dorm room and we headed into the town of Balamb. I was almost surprised to find Squall waiting in front of his dorm room. He was seated on the floor with his knees drawn up to his chin, huddled within his bomber jacket and looking like a lost little boy. When I approached, Squall stood from the floor with a slight smile on his face. It was the same smile he used towards Rinoa: just a slight curl to his lips, but something he never directed towards anyone else. I was almost afraid to be on the receiving end of that smile. If Squall smiled that way, it usually meant he harbored feelings towards that person.

I shook my head and placed a cigarette in my mouth.

Who cared about Squall's feelings, anyway?

". . . Where are we going?" Squall asked after a minute of walking.

"I thought we'd catch a movie at the new theater," I said. "It took years to convince the mayor to build the damn thing, so. . ." I lit my cigarette and took a drag, blowing the smoke out in a large, bluish-white cloud. "Anything in particular you'd like to watch?"

"I'm not familiar with any movies," Squall answered.

"Psh, that doesn't surprise me." I took another drag and ran a hand through my hair, "I take it you're not into romance movies. How about an action movie?"

". . . Whatever." Squall crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the ground while he continued walking.

"What's your problem?" I stopped walking and grabbed his arm, forcing him to look up at me.

Squall looked away with a sigh. "What do you want from me? Why are you taking me to the movies?"

"Aren't we just a bundle of joy," I said, "Just a few minutes ago, you were smiling at me. Now, you're all clammed up and acting like the ice prince." I placed a hand underneath his chin, turning his head to meet my gaze. "What's wrong?" I gave myself a pat on the back for sounding concerned - the first time where I was doing it intentionally. There were a couple of reasons why I chose to take Squall to the movie theater, and not one of those reasons was innocent.

A movie theater was dark, loud, and full of people. Perhaps Squall didn't know it, but I was an exhibitionist at heart. Fooling around in a movie theater - and I'm not talking about making out - was a particular kink of mine. If I was right in my assumption about Squall, there was a kinky streak inside of him.

". . . Why are you being so nice to me?" Squall searched my face, trying to figure out why I was acting 'nice'. "Everyone else ignores me, but you. . ."

I released his chin and took a step back, stealing another drag from my cigarette. "When have I ever ignored you?" I asked. "I've been annoying you ever since we were little kids."

"I know, but. . . it's different now."

"That's because I think you're sexy as hell," I said with a smirk.

"Seifer. . ." He frowned at me, still keeping his arms crossed over his chest.

"What does it matter? I care. Is that so hard to understand?" It wasn't a complete lie. I did care. . . about getting Squall into bed - he just didn't need to know that part.

Squall just stared at me for a long moment. Then he sighed and continued walking towards Balamb. After a minute, I followed him, still puffing on my cigarette.

"Do you have to smoke?" Squall complained as he brought a hand up to cover his nose.

I raised an eyebrow at him, even though he couldn't see me. "Are you telling me cigarette smoke bothers the Almighty SeeD Commander?"

Squall glared at me. "You never smoked before."

"Yeah, well, that was before I became a man," I muttered, forcing myself not to think about Ultimecia.

Squall seemed to understand and he dropped the subject. It was one of the reasons why I could tolerate Squall's presence: he wasn't nosey and minded his own business. If someone didn't want to talk about something, he wasn't going to force it out of them.

Once we reached Balamb, I sucked in a deep breath. While it had been announced that Ultimecia had manipulated me, people still needed someone to point the blame at. Going into towns and leaving Garden was always risk; there were always people around who recognized me, and it usually ended up becoming ugly. But since I was with the savior of the world, I doubted anyone would breathe a word towards me.

Then again, I could be wrong. Once we passed the Balamb car rental station, I received glares from people walking down the streets. However, Squall was receiving admiring looks, though some were silently asking him why he was walking with the enemy.

I narrowed my eyes and headed straight for the theaters, trying to keep my anger under control. I knew I had no right to be angry, but it still pissed me off to know people were passing judgment on me. Who the fuck were they to judge me?

"Seifer, slow down!" Squall called from behind me. I didn't realize how fast I was walking until I heard Squall running to catch up.

I turned around to see The Look on Squall's face, but luckily he just stared at me for a moment, and then said, "Lets go."

A few minutes later, we were seated inside of the movie theater. It took several minutes to decide what movie we wanted to watch. Eventually, we picked The Matrix and bought some popcorn and soda.

The theater wasn't crowded, seeing as how it was still a bit early in the morning. Squall and I took a seat in the back of the theater, surprised to find it empty except for another couple that was seated in the center.

Squall slid into the red-cushioned seat beside me, bringing his knees up and tucking them under his chin. I was beginning to suspect that that was Squall's favorite position. Personally, it turned me on to see him in such a position. It seemed so vulnerable and childlike; I wanted to keep that innocence for myself.

"Have you been to this theater yet?" I asked after a moment of silence.

". . . No. Rinoa asked me to go several times, but I've always been too busy."

"Too busy or you just didn't want to go?"

Squall turned his head to face me, resting his cheek against his kneecap. "I-I guess a little bit of both," he said truthfully.

"Ahh." I threw some popcorn into my mouth and munched on it, feeling self-conscious with Squall's eyes on me.

When I reached for the soda and brought it up to my lips, the lights in the theater shut off, plunging everything into darkness. The screen lit up and movie previews began to play. From the corner of my eye, I saw Squall snuggle deeper into his bomber jacket with his beautiful eyes fixed on the large screen.

During the first half of the movie, Squall and I watched it in silence. It was a pretty good movie and Keanu Reeves looked sexy in his black cloak, but I hadn't come to the movies to watch a movie.

I leaned towards Squall and placed my arm on the armrest, bringing my mouth up to his ear. "Are you enjoying the movie?" I breathed, making sure my warm breath sent shivers down his spine. I could see his body tremble when I kissed the outer shell of his ear. His head tilted to the side, leaning into my kisses and moaning softly. "Are you cold?" I lifted my other arm and placed it on his kneecap. Squall shook his head and I took the opportunity to steal a kiss.

Squall kissed me back, shyly at first. His tongue moved against mine with hesitance, allowing me to take control over the kiss. I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth, tasting every inch of him and wanting more. I could feel Squall bring his knees down, and he twisted his body to move in closer to me. The armrest separated our bodies, but Squall pulled in as close as possible. While I held the back of his neck with a hand, Squall buried his own hand within my hair. I nibbled on his lower lip for a moment, before pulling back and gazing into his eyes.

"I want you," I said, managing to make my words clear over the sound of the speakers.

"Then take me," Squall answered as he climbed over the armrest, settling himself on my lap. One leg was draped on either side of me, and his arms wrapped around my neck.

I knew there was an exhibitionistic streak within Squall Leonhart.

I claimed his lips in another deep kiss, tasting the sweetness of his mouth and devouring it. Squall wrapped his arms tighter around me, pressing our chests together and rubbing his bottom against my arousal. There was a neediness to his kisses as he twisted his tongue around mines, as if he were trying to melt into my body. I groaned when he started rubbing his cock against my stomach, causing my own erection to rub against his ass.

"H-How do you do this to me?" Squall gasped against my lips, moaning a little as pleasure arched up his spine. I ignored his question and wrapped an arm around his waist. I tucked my other arm between our bodies and tried to push my hand down his leather pants - but they were too tight, and I was forced to unbutton it and pull the zipper down.

"God," Squall moaned as he thrust his hips up. His arousal was freed from the constricting material and I wrapped a hand around his stiff length, giving him a firm stroke with the tunnel I formed with my hand.

"I want to fuck you," I whispered in a husky voice, "Let me fuck you, baby." I jerked him off, holding his cock tight in my hand. Pleasure was etched across his face as I continued to stroke his arousal hard and fast. I knew coherency was fleeing his mind, and I hoped against hope that Squall would say 'yes'.

"I-I," Squall arched his back into a 'u' shape, "I want you, Seifer. . . b-but I'm not ready." He whimpered when I stroked his arousal harder, pressing my thumb against the slit and smearing pre-cum across the flared tip.

"Why not? Let me help you forget about Rinoa." I attacked his throat and sucked on his skin hard, drawing blood to the surface. Squall moaned and pushed his hips up, seeking more friction from my hand. I stroked him harder and faster, enjoying the salty taste of the skin between my lips. Squall started to rub his bottom against my cock, aligning my arousal within the crack of his ass.

"Seifer. . ."

Desperate little cries poured out of his mouth. I felt myself harden further and I slipped a hand down the back of his pants. A shiver passed through him when I brushed my index finger across his entrance, massaging the wrinkled skin before slipping into its warm depths. I couldn't get enough room to finger him, so I released his arousal and pulled his pants down his bottom, allowing it to settle on his thighs. Squall gasped and pushed his hips down to meet my thrusting finger. He placed his hands on my shoulder and squeezed hard, using it for leverage as he impaled himself, again and again.

"Nnnn, nnn," he moaned over and over.

His jacket fell down his shoulders, and his head tilted forward, causing his long bangs to cover his gorgeous face. The glow from the movie screen illuminated him in a bluish-white outline, sending shadows across his pale features. He looked beautiful seated on my lap; back slightly arched and head thrown back. I wanted to take him, and I knew I probably could, but something was holding me back from doing so.

"I. . . I'm gonna. . ." Squall gasped and I added two more fingers, fucking him hard and aiming for his prostate. A scream exploded from his mouth, but loud music started to play and it drowned out the sound. I groaned when Squall dropped a hand and slipped it into my pants, wrapping it around my throbbing length. Squall continued to stroke me and ride my fingers, creating an erotic sight that made me hornier than I had ever been in my entire life.

"Harder, Seifer, please, harder," he begged as he slammed his hips down hard, trying to swallow more and more of my fingers.

"Cum for me, baby," I growled.

Squall whimpered and started his release with a sharp cry. I wrapped my fingers around his pulsing length again, milking his cock for all he was worth. Each shot of cum poured out of his cock, coating my hand, his shirt, and my pants. His mouth dropped open in an 'o' and he squeezed my arousal, hard, bringing me close to climax.

When he began to come down from his high, he bent his head forward and pressed a kiss to my lips. We kissed long and hard, twining tongues and kissing with a passion that hadn't been there before. It almost frightened me, the way Squall seemed to pour emotion into the kiss, but it felt so good it was easy to ignore.

"That felt nice," Squall whispered once we broke off the kiss.

I removed my fingers from his tight entrance and placed my hands on his hips, massaging the soft curve of his hipbone with my thumbs. Squall stared at me for a while, studying my features with an almost soft expression on his face. I felt a bit uncomfortable when he placed a hand on the side of my cheek, cupping my face and giving me a different look - one that made me feel like a teddy bear, because there was adoration in his eyes.

Squall leaned forward and brushed his lips against mine, softly. This time, our kiss was soft and open mouthed, but without the twining of tongues. There was an unexplainable urge to hold him in my arms and never let go, but I pushed the feeling aside and kept my hands on his hips. Squall pulled away and offered me that soft smile, before climbing off my lap and settling on the floor between my legs.

"Fuck. . ." I knew of Squall's intentions even before he started to unbutton my pants and pull the zipper down. Anticipation settled within my stomach when he wrapped a hand around the base of my cock, pulling it out and moving his mouth towards it.

I gripped the armrests when Squall's mouth took in the head of my erection. Hot, moist walls wrapped around my cock, along with a tongue that pressed into the slit where pre-cum dripped. I looked down to see Squall taking in my erection; half my length was inside of his mouth, while the other half was being caressed by velvet-lined wetness. His face angled into a 'V' shape, and his cheeks turned inward as he sucked my arousal.

He took in every inch with agonizing slowness. He moaned around the hard flesh, sending vibrations down the length of my cock. I groaned and restrained myself from thrusting up into that moist heat. Squall formed a fist around the base of my cock and he gave me a hard, upwards stroke, bringing drops of pre-cum into his mouth. I almost forgot how good he was with his mouth, but he was quickly reminding me from the way he raked his teeth against my arousal.

"Shit, baby. . . where did you learn to use your mouth like that?" I hissed.

Squall just moaned and took in more of my hard length. He didn't stop until the tip of my cock pressed against the back of his throat. I gripped the armrest hard between my fingers, needing something to hold onto while Squall made swallowing motions with his throat. His muscles squeezed the tip of my erection, sending shivers of pleasure throughout my body.

I released one of the armrests and threaded my fingers through his soft, silky hair. I was on the edge of release, unable to hold out from the talent of Squall's mouth. Seeing the position he was in didn't help, either. Squall was seated on the theater floor on his knees, even though the floor was probably dirty and sticky. He had one hand wrapped around my cock, and the other gripped my thigh hard. His leather pants were still pulled down around his thighs, exposing his creamy bottom to my lustful eyes. His bomber jacket had slipped down his shoulders, revealing his wrinkled white shirt and Griever pendant. But seeing his storm-colored eyes gazing up at me through his disheveled bangs made my cock become impossibly harder.

". . . Squall," I groaned, giving an experimental thrust of my hips.

Squall encouraged the movement and brought his mouth down to meet my thrusting hips. He swallowed each time the head of my erection touched the back of his throat, squeezing the most sensitive part of my anatomy. I gripped his hair hard and threw my head back, arching a little and driving into the moist heat of Squall's mouth. He moaned and bobbed his head up and down faster, meeting me thrust-for-thrust. The feel of his mouth drove all rationality out of my brain. Every time his mouth came up, I could feel the cool air brush across the wetness of my arousal. When the movie screen lit up in bright light, I could see his moist lips wrapped around my thick length. Those luscious lips were glistening with saliva and a dark red from sucking my cock; they were swollen and throbbing, turning me on even further.

It wasn't long before I was coming inside of his mouth, moaning his name and pouring my cum into his mouth. Squall tried to swallow every drop, keeping his gaze fixed on me as I came. Pleasure rushed out of my arousal in hot waves, over and over again.

I slumped against the seat when the pleasure ebbed away from my body. Squall smiled up at me, wiping some cum that dripped down his chin with the back of his hand. He climbed back onto my lap and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth and allowing me to taste myself. The bitter fluid of my orgasm coated his tongue, and while I didn't care for the taste, Squall seemed to relish it with a smile on his lips.

"You're so kinky," I whispered against his ear. "Where did you learn that particular skill of yours?" Squall gave me a confused expression, so I said, "Who taught you how to use your mouth?"

"Oh." Squall looked down and I could only assume he was blushing; it was too dark to be able to tell. "I. . . I've had a boyfriend. . ."

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow in great interest. "I thought Rinoa was the only one. . ."

Squall shook his head. "No one knew about my other relationship. . ."

"With who?"

There was a moment of hesitance before he said, "He's part of the White SeeD's. . . we had a brief fling during the war. . . A few of them were at Garden when Sis was there. . ."

"Ahh." I could feel anger and jealousy boil in my chest, but I pushed it aside and forced myself to ignore it. "Did you have sex with him?"

Squall shook his head immediately. "No, we just. . . fooled around."

"What about Rinoa?"

"No," he said quietly.

"So, you're a virgin?"

Squall nodded.

I couldn't explain the relief I felt from hearing that.

To be continued. . .

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