Object of My Lust

Part Six

By Rain

For the past three weeks, Squall and I had spent almost every waking moment with each other. If anyone was growing suspicious of our relationship, no one was saying anything.

We had gone to the movies three times after seeing the Matrix. Each trip into town had gotten worse and worse, but our encounters in the theater got better and better. Maybe Squall was making up for the cruel treatment I received outside. The people in Balamb were growing bolder in their attempts to get me out of their town. One guy threw his beer on me, when just moments before he was praising Squall on a job well done. And a woman with six children cussed me out in front of everyone, saying that I had some nerve to ask Squall Leonhart, the savior of our world, for protection against the angry citizens. It took large amounts of self-control to keep my mouth shut and ignore their comments, though it wasn't like their anger had come unprovoked.

"You're fading out," Rinoa said from beside me.

I blinked at her heart-shaped face and realized I had been wandering through the Garden halls aimlessly.

"I see Squall is beginning to rub off on you." A smile pinched the corners of her mouth. "I'm glad to see the two of you getting along."

"And why is that?" I asked in a bored tone.

"It's just nice," she said, simply. Then she added, "A little weird at first, but Squall doesn't seem so uptight anymore." She pushed a stray lock of raven hair over her shoulder, smiling at random guys who walked past us.

My feelings of jealousy towards Rinoa faded once she and Squall had broken up. If I was willing to admit it to myself, I would've said it was nice to be on normal grounds with her again.

"Well, I have to go," Rinoa said as we rounded a corner, "I've got a potential boyfriend waiting for me in the library." With a saucy wink, she made a left turn as I continued walking forward, deciding on making a stop at Squall's office.

A movie in my room sounded good for the evening. While the activities Squall and I engaged in hadn't gone further than what we had done, he seemed to be growing more and more comfortable around me. Maybe tonight would be my lucky night.

Besides, I didn't feel like getting bitched at by the stupid idiots living in town. There is only so much a person can take before snapping.

I entered the elevator and headed up to Squall's office. Once there, I entered his room without knocking - and what seemed like the nth time, I found Squall sleeping upon his desk.

That damned headmaster makes him work too hard.

An unexpected flash of anger washed through me. Visions of a slaughtered Cid danced before my eyes, taunting me to head towards the headmasters office and fire a couple rounds into his body - before I regained control over myself. It's Squall's fault that he works so hard. If it bothers him, he should say something.

I shook Squall gently, prompting him to wake. It took several minutes, but eventually his storm-colored eyes blinked open.

"Geez, Squall. Why don't you just move a bed in here? You're never in your room anyway." I circled his desk and sat in an empty chair across from him. "What has Cid got you doing this time?"

Squall rubbed two fists against his eyes like a small child. Then he yawned like a kitten and stretched his body out.

All I could do was stare as his white shirt rode up his belly, exposing creamy skin. There was an annoyed glint to his eyes, but he said nothing as he stood from his chair.

"What time is it?" he said as he straightened out his traditional clothing.

"I don't know." I shrugged. "A little past two, I think. Why?"

Squall sighed and ran his hands through his hair, trying to tame the silky mass with no such luck. "I have a meeting with Cid in a half-n-hour." He sighed again and focused his gray eyes on me. "What are you doing here?"

I feigned hurt. "Do I need a reason to be here?"

Squall scowled.

"I thought we could watch a movie in my room tonight," I said.

". . . I don't know," Squall said, slowly.

"There's no point in playing hard to get. We both know you'll be there."


"Don't you ever get tired of saying that? You need a little diversity, Squally." Upon receiving a dark glare from Squall, I dropped the subject and said, "Is nine o'clock ok?"

After a brief hesitation, Squall nodded, ducking his head. He was trying to hide the blush that tinted his cheeks, but I knew Squall better than that. He couldn't hide anything from me.

"See you later." I stole a chaste kiss from Squall and headed out the double doors, offering him a teasing smile before the door shut behind me.

At five past nine, Squall entered my dorm room with a bag of popcorn. He was dressed in an oversized white shirt and black sweat pants. It wasn't exactly a 'fuck-me-until-I-can't-walk outfit' but for some reason it made my cock hard just looking at him. It was so simple and easy to remove . . .

I shook my head and tried to get a grip on myself. Knowing Squall, he'd probably leave if I started molesting him as soon as he walked into the room . . . but then again, he might just submit to my needs . . .

"Did you mix the furikake and kakimochi in there?" I asked, pointing to the bag of popcorn in an attempt to distract my mind. The popcorn tasted so much better with those ingredients. [1]

Squall nodded while handing me the bag. "What movie did you get?" he asked as he laid back on my bed, on his side, facing the TV on my desk.

"Some movie that Selphie let me borrow," I shrugged.

I turned off all the lights and crawled into bed beside Squall, placing the bag of popcorn in front of his stomach, and turned on the video with my remote. Squall settled his head on my pillow and pressed his back against my chest, unconsciously cuddling closer. I smiled in the dark and wrapped an arm around his waist, inhaling the sweet scent of his shampoo.

When the ending credits popped up on the screen, Squall stretched his body out and yawned quietly. His shirt rode up his belly and I wasted no time placing a palm on his hard abs.

The movie had been fairly decent, so I hadn't spent much time molesting Squall in the dark. But now that the movie was over, my mission to fuck Squall had begun.

I kissed the outer shell of his ear, eliciting a soft moan from delectable lips. I was spooned against him with our legs entwined, making sure to rub my hard arousal against the crack of his ass. And much to my delight, Squall moaned deeper and pushed his hips back against me, encouraging me to thrust against his perfectly shaped bottom.

"God," I moaned as I trailed my lips from his ear down to his smooth neck. At the same time, the hand I had resting on his stomach slid up, beneath his shirt, and stroked his hardened nipples. "Do you know how fucking horny you make me?" I groaned, thrusting harder against the incline of his ass. "I want to fuck you, baby."

Squall arched back against me with no reply. One of his arms disappeared beneath the pillow, while the other reached around him and grabbed the swell of my ass. As I suckled on the sweetness of his neck, he twisted his head to face me, obviously seeking my moistened lips.

We kissed. Long and hard. Squall opened his mouth and our tongues crashed together. Our teeth clicked as our mouths pressed against each other, harder and harder. I kissed him like I wanted to devour him. And he kissed me like he wanted to be consumed. When we broke away, we were both breathless, our lips barely brushing against each other.

Squall rolled over so that he was on his back, and I climbed over him, grabbing both his wrists and pinning them above his head. With my free hand, I pulled at his shirt before it ripped down the center in a crooked line, revealing his smooth, heaving chest. Squall opened his kiss-swollen mouth to complain, but I immediately leaned forward and clamped my teeth around one hard nipple. Squall gasped and arched his back in a 'u' shape, completely unprepared from the harmless little nips I gave him.

"Se . . . Seifer," Squall managed to pant as I assaulted his nipple, "I-I need . . ." he trailed off as I rubbed my tongue around his swollen nipple, enjoying the round hardness that pressed against the top of my tongue. I pulled back to gaze at his heaving chest, noting with pride that even in the dim light, the area around his nipple was flushed a dark red.

"You need what, baby?" I teased. I pushed the hand that wasn't holding his wrists above his head, down the center of his sweatpants to the treasure between his legs. A gasp was his only answer as I wrapped a callused hand around his stiff length. After a couple of hard, yet gentle, strokes, pre-cum gathered at the tip of his swollen cock.

Squall lifted his hips off the bed, encouraging me to push his pants down his legs.

He didn't need to ask twice.

As I removed the restrictive clothing, I released his wrists and removed my own clothing.

Once we were both naked, I lowered my body to lay on top his, feeling nothing but bliss hum through my veins. It was the first time we were ever like this: having our bodies pressed closely together, without the barrier of clothing between us. Our hard arousals were lined together, and I gave an experimental thrust, which brought a strangled mewl from Squall's lips.

"You're so beautiful like this," I murmured, looking down at the gorgeous creature spread out beneath me.

Squall's dark, unruly hair was fanned out across the pillow. His bangs hovered over his half-lidded eyes. And his mouth, kiss-swollen and bruised, was twisted up in the faintest smile.

"Seifer . . ." he whispered, as if my name were something sacred. His smooth, creamy chest rose with his deep breathing, and I felt my cock twitch for attention.

I leaned down to kiss his heart-shaped mouth, and at the same time, I used my knees to push his legs apart.

To my delight, Squall spread them open easily. I groaned against his mouth as we exchanged soft kisses, rubbing my dripping length against the wrinkled pucker of his entrance.

Finally! I thought as I began to nudge at his moistened opening - moistened because of the pre-cum leaking from my hard, hard arousal. I was finally going to fuck Squall Leonhart. And he wanted it. I could tell he wanted it. He was writhing beneath me like a bitch in heat. The palm of his hands rubbed against his nipples, his head was tossing back and forth, and he was rubbing his entrance against my prodding cock in gentle circles.

Then, his lust-filled eyes snapped open, and I already knew he was going to back out, even before he dug his heels into the bed and pushed his body up, as to get away from my weeping length.

"I'm sorry," he gasped, apparently trying to reign in hold over his emotions. "I'm sorry . . . I just - I can't. Not yet."

Biting my lip in an attempt to hold back my anger, I shifted my body so that I collapsed on the bed beside the worlds biggest cock tease.

"It's fine," I managed to say between gritted teeth.

I reached over him for the remote and turned off the TV, washing the room into utter darkness.

"I'm sorry," he said again in a soft voice.

"Don't worry about it." In a bold move, I reached for him blindly and brought him into my arms. He was a bit stiff at first, but then he melted into my embrace, nuzzling his cheek against my chest.

"I can do something else for you," he said as he wrapped a hand around my still hard arousal.

"It's ok," I said, reaching for his hand and entwining our fingers.

"You're mad," he stated.

"I'm not. I just don't know if I will be able to hold back right now. I don't want to take advantage of you."

In truth, I was so pissed I'd end up choking him on my cock if he went down on me. That's what I told myself, anyway. I refused to believe that a part of me actually believed the words I had just spoken.

To be continued. . .



[1] Furikake is a mixture of nori, sesame seeds, and . . . I don't know what else. Furikake is usually put on rice, used for chazuke, or placed over popcorn - but I think the popcorn thing is only used in Hawaii. I don't know what the English word for 'kakimochi' is, and I don't really know how to explain it . . . it's crunchy. Anyway, if you know what I'm talking about and you have access to Furikake and Kakimochi, pour some into your popcorn, along with butter, and eat it! It's so delicious!

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