My Gunblade

Part 2

By fyre byrd

I gulp and glance down to where Squall's hand rests lightly on my arm. "Well, all I know is it's kinda crowded here. I have to say I don't know if you're seriously asking me what I think you're asking me, but wouldn't it be better if we thought it over in my room?"

"Good idea," Squall agrees, getting unsteadily to his feet.

"What about him?" I ask, pointing my chin at Irvine's unconscious form, where he lays sprawled out across the balcony. "Should we just leave him here?"

"Well, I'm certainly not carrying him anywhere in this condition," Squall says as he staggers over towards the french doors.

"I see what you mean," I agree, putting an arm around Squall's shoulders to steady him. "You really can't hold your liquor, can you?"

"How 'bout you? You were pretty wild tonight yourself. How'd you get so sober all of a sudden?"

"Sudden shocks will do that to you every time," I offer with a wink as I lead Squall down the hallway. The Garden is different at night. Our footsteps echo in the empty atrium and make the back of my neck itch so that all I want is to get Squall into my room where it feels more private. When I finally unlocked the door, Squall collapses on my bed immediately and starts unlacing his boots. I remember why we've come here in the first place.

"So, Squall, you really named it your gunblade? Man, I never thought you were the kind of guy who'd . . ."

"Who'd what? Name my cock, or jerk off?" Squall pauses with one boot still dangling from his foot, his expression serious.

I feel my face heat and run my fingers through my spikey hair, "Oh man, I can't believe we're having this conversation." I really can't believe it. Is this what Squall has been hiding behind his cold exterior all along, some kind of sex fiend? I think I like this side of him.

"Come on Zell, tell me the truth," Squall demands, removing his boot and dropping it beside it's mate on the floor by the bed.

"Well, to be honest, yeah I do have a hard time picturing you, well . . ."

"Masturbating? Yes, well, most people do it, you know. I have no trouble picturing you, really." Squall meets my eyes and his lips curve up just slightly. Perhaps he's noticed my blush deepening.

"You've done that? You've pictured me masturbating?" I ask incredulously, feeling a pleasant twisting feeling in my guts. Now I find That I can imagine Squall touching himself, his eyes closed and his head thrown back as his hand moves steadily. I lick lips suddenly gone dry and move towards my bed slowly. I decide that I like this side of Squall a lot.

"Yeah, I've imagined that. I've got a very good imagination. You might be surprised." Squall continues, taking his time about unbuckling his belts not through any desire to tease, but because he seems to be having trouble focussing on the task at hand. I approach him and gently take hold of his hands, halting them in their movement. I can scarcely believe that I have the gorgeous SeeD commander here in my bed, telling me that he's fantasized about me. Of course, Squall is drunk, I remind myself. I'm getting less fuzzy-headed all the time with these successive revelations of his which is a pity because now my conscience has kicked in and as usual is about to deny me a lot of fun.

"Listen, I don't want you to do anything you're going to regret Squall. I have to admit, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing you naked, amongst other things, but we're both drunk, especially you and I don't want to make you lose respect for yourself, the one time you ever open up to someone."

Squall looks into my eyes making me shiver as his intense focus shifts to me, only me. "I know what I'm doing Zell. Yeah, I'm drunk, more that a little, but I've been acting more drunk than I really am because maybe I've been thinking about you like this for a long time and I never had the courage to admit it, but now I do. Let's take a chance, huh? If things don't work out in the morning, then they don't, but at least we'll have something to take with us." My eyes go so wide that Squall laughs a little. I just can't believe this. Squall is never impulsive. He always thinks things out beforehand, sometimes for hours, before he acts. I feel a little better then. Squall must have considered this seriously before he got drunk. I'm glad that one of us has. I've looked at Squall many times before. Who hasn't stared at those full lips and blue eyes, that hard body encased in leather? I just never seriously considered being able to have him for even one night. See, I can think things through sometimes.

I kneel down in front of Squall, my heart pounding.

"Let me help you," I say and get his pants undone at last. I slide my hands into the opening and grasp what he's offered me, his gunblade. I still can't believe that Squall would do anything so frivolous as naming his penis. Squall bends his head and kisses me, his soft lips opening like a flower in the presence of the sun. I squeeze him harder, ths warm throbbing piece of him in my hands. I've never seen him this helpless before, it's making me dizzy with lust. Squall lets out a breathy little cry and looks up at me with his eyes full of mischief, "knew you'd have a talent for handling my gunblade," he says and takes another kiss from me, sucking my tongue into his mouth this time and pulling me up onto the bed on top of him.

We explore each other for awhile, just touching everywhere. It's a novelty for me. I know that everyone manages to get around the curfew and the promiscuity rules, but I just never bothered, maybe because my preferences an more to men. The way Squall arches into my touches like they're al he's ever wanted is certainly gratifying considering my inexperience. He seems equally uncertain in this arena and I'm scarcely, but everything he does to me feels good. Soon I get up and out of my clothing in a fevered rush. I need to feel his flesh against mine. I lay back down beside Squall whose eyes have followed my every move hungrily since I left him. I reach a hand between our bodies and grasp both of our cocks. Squall's thrusts quickly match with mine as I slide my hand up and down slowly at first trying to make the pleasure last, but faster as Squall kisses me frantically and starts to thrust more erratically into the circle of my hands. He's panting and gasping as he comes in my hands. The thick liquid of my release mingles with his and slides down my hands. I moan as he pulls my hands towards him and sucks the come from each finger swirling his tongue between them to retrieve every drop.

"That was amazing Squall," I breathe against his neck, not knowing what else to say.

He runs his hands through my hair and replies, "It was," never one to waste words. We're both far too tired to do more than curl up together beneath my gray regulation blankets and crisp white sheets and fall asleep.

I open my eyes to a view of the soft curve of Squall's neck. His arm lies across me and I've thrown my leg over his thigh some time during the might. I pull back a little and take in the black lacework of his lashes against his cheek. I carefully rub a strand of his silky hair between my fingers as I contemplate the sweet little pout that he wears in sleep. I'm worried about what he'll say when he opens those gorgeous blue eyes so when his lashes flutter open slowly my stomach quivers.

"Good morning," I say as he focusses on me. I hold my breath. Squall smiles, his blue-gray eyes crinkling. He rubs a thumb along my jaw. "Good morning," he replies, then seems to think for a minute. "I don't know if I've ever meant that so much before. Good morning," he repeats putting extra emphasis on the softly voiced syllables. I can breathe again. He doesn't hate me and although he speaks so sparely, he always speaks well and true. I kiss him and really mean it too. Thank the gods he doesn't regret it, regret me. I don't think I could stand it.

I climb onto Squall's chest and rock my hips against his as or tongues meet and twine in our mouths. Dimly, I hear a knock at the door and dismiss it for more important matters. Unfortunately, I've forgotten to lock the door and the impatient visitor opens it. The sound of that door opening makes me queasy Squall stops the delicious things he was doing to me and stares at a point beyond my head. I grasp the sheets, trying desperately to pull them up over out exposed thighs and turn my head. Irvine is standing in the doorway like he's waiting to keel over and die from shock. He just keeps staring, seems unable or unwilling to turn away from us. I can imagine what a sight we make lying her together naked with flushed lips and mussed hair. We must look like poster boys for the 'just been fucked' look. After several moments of stunned silence Irvine lowers his gaze and removes his cowboy hat, tipping his head at us apologetically.

"Sorry for bursting in and interrupting your fun,' he says. "I'll see you both later." He closes the door behind him as he saunters out.

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