My Gunblade

Part 3

By fyre byrd

Outside the door I listen intently to the moans and sounds of shifting furniture and consider turning Squall and Zell in to the headmaster. Call it a reflex, I'm used to punishing rule breakers like that. I quickly realize, however, that this is the opportunity I've been looking for. A once in a lifetime opportunity to get into Squall's pants. If I confront one of them with the fact that they're sleeping together maybe I can get in on this sweet little deal. A threesome that includes Zell and Squall is likely to be quite rewarding. Zell already has a reputation around Garden for being talented with his lips although I suspect it's mostly just gossip springing from his unusual ability to talk people to death. Squall doesn't need a reputation for me to see what he has packed into those tight little leather pants and those lips are so suckable.

I hung around the fringes of the celebration this evening. It had felt weird to rejoice at the death of the Sorceress and my own defeat, but I know that my situation is precarious and I figured I'd better put in an appearance. Well, something pleasant had come of the party after all. As I'd been returning to my room I suddenly heard the sounds of shuffling feet returning from the ballroom. Hiding behind a potted plant, I glimpsed Squall and Zell looking awfully cozy as they helped each other towards the dormitories. My suspicions were confirmed when Squall entered Zell's room and these noises are the clincher. I'm getting an incredible hard on just listening to them through the door. I actually remember Zell's key code from when I was the head of the Disciplinary Committee and had access to those sorts of files. I could just key it in and . . . but that would spoil all of the fun. I smile wickedly and walk with a rather stiff-legged gait back to my own room to finish off what hearing Zell and Squall inadvertently started, which shouldn't be hard when I picture them fucking each other. My time will come and soon, soon.

The next afternoon I'm in the training centre taking out some of my sexual frustration on the poor helpless grats when who should happen by, but the Chicken wuss himself. I know it's fate when he actually approaches me and teams up with me on another flock of the leafy stupid looking monsters the faculty provides us with for training. I enjoy watching his compact body in motion as he punches and kicks at the grats more than usual knowing that soon that body will be mine for the taking. His breathing evens out shortly after the battle, but I listen to his heavy breaths with pleasure and I feel my cock twitch as I recall the sounds that were coming from his room late last night. I quickly suppress these thoughts for the time being. First, I have to make my demands clear. I'm just opening my mouth to speak when Zell beats me to it.

"Seifer, could you do a favour for me?" He has this look on his face like he's sure he'll be denied immediately. Hey, I'm not that cruel, am I?

"Sure, Chicken wuss. Whaddaya want?" Zell frowns and starts bouncing on the balls of his feet, raising his fists at me like he's going to hit me. He's got this cute little frown on his face, "don't call me that or I'll . . ." I push down his poised fists and shake my head.

"All right, Chicken, uhh Zell. So . . . what is it?"

"Oh, Can you show me Hyperion?" I smirk at Zell for a moment, not sure I've heard him correctly. He's making this way too easy for me. It's almost like he knows too much, maybe even what I've got planned for his nice little ass. Of course there's no way he could realize what he just asked me in that sweetly innocent tone of voice. Zell always sounds to me like his voice is on the verge of changing. It's got that slightly nasal quality combined with a softness that makes him seem younger than he is. Well, his height doesn't help either.

"Heh heh, sure. Why don't we head into the locker room first though, eh? Then you can see it all you want." Zell is looking at me suspiciously, his head cocked to one side and his fists on his hips.

"Why can't I see it now?" he demands pettishly.

"Just trust me on this one," I reply and grabbing him by the arm I half-drag him towards the locker room. Of course, he never shuts up all the way there.

"Oh man, this is so cool. I asked Squall if I could see his gunblade, but you know him he's about as co-operative as a porcupine. Have you ever seen a porcupine for real? They're totally weird, but anyway I kept bugging him and he was actually laughing and then he told me uhhh . . ." Zell's voice trails off and he's blushing like a tomato. I raise as eyebrow questioningly and open the door. It's not surprising that the place is pretty empty since it's lunch and everyone's in the cafeteria by now.

"So?" Zell asks impatiently, but my patience has is all used up too and I lock the door behind me and advance towards the short blonde with purpose. Zell must sense something of my intent because he's backing away from me slowly as I come closer, backing himself right into a corner where two banks of lockers meet. When his back slams against the metal creating a hollow echo throughout the steamy chlorine scented room I lean over him pressing my open palms against the lockers to either side of his body to prevent escape.

"S-Seifer? What're you doing?" Zell asks, licking his lips nervously.

I watch his tongue swipe at his lip anxiously and distractedly reply, "Preparing to acquaint you intimately with Hyperion. You see . . ."

But Zell cuts me off, blinking wide blue eyes, "no, don't tell me, let me guess. Hyperion isn't just the name of that big shiny sword you use to cut down monsters." I frown and let one hand drop at my side in surprise.

"How did you know that?" I wonder out loud and Zell turns becomingly pink again. This is suspicious behaviour. I should know from my days of dealing with misbehaving students, but I'll wring confessions of naughtiness from him later. Right now I just want it pure and simple. I lean in closer this time and press my lips against his, smiling against his mouth when I feel it open in shock. Zell is so sweetly co-operative without even knowing it. I slide my tongue between his lips and taste the inside of the busiest mouth in Balamb G. Suddenly Zell just melts against me and his tongue returns the favour in such a way that I just know those rumours are probably true. I groan as his hands slide up my chest in a gesture of acceptance. The kiss is sweet especially with Zell making nice little breathy moans against my lips. Zell's hand wanders down and it meets with 'Hyperion'. I don't know why in the gods names I call it that, but the thoughts spiral out of my head as he rubs his palm against my cock. Just as things are getting good though, he pulls back as far as he can which isn't far, banging his head a little against the locker.

"Wait, wait," he gasps, " I can't . . . Squall . . ."

"Yeah, I've got plans for him too," I mutter darkly, "and your point is?"

"I can't do this, I mean I think . . ."

"You think too much," I say and unzip his shorts before he can react, reaching in to stroke his cock.

"Awww man Seifer, you're not making this easy," he gasps , squirming in the most delicious way.

"Let me help you then," I offer and pull him towards the showers. He seems too dazed to understand what's happening, his cornflower blue eyes unfocussed. When I push him into a shower stall and turn the water on I have his attention.

"What the fuck're you doing?" he splutter cutely, spitting water out as his hair streams into his eyes.

"Oh look, we'll have to get you out of these wet clothes," I reply innocently, peeling off his jacket and t-shirt. Zell is so hot when he's all helpless and damp. I lick some water off of his cheek while I pull down his shorts. He obligingly lifts up each foot for me as I take off his squishy sneakers. While I'm at it I get out of my own clothes too before I get them totally soaked as well. "Any further objections?" I ask as Zell stares at me wide-eyed, taking in every inch of my body.

"No sir," he mumbles and pushes me into the spray of the shower, then kneels on the tiles and before I can blink twice he's swallowed my erection whole as simply as he fits twice the amount of words into a regular sentence. My whole body arches and I scream.

"Oh fuck, Zell, you're amazing," I manage to whimper before he starts to use his legendary tongue. After that I can only babble incoherently while his platinum blonde head bobs up and down between my legs. It's over all too soon and the force of my orgasm sends me sliding down the shower wall before Zell catches me with an impish grin on his face. His hands under my arms and his wet body pressed full length against mine so that I can feel his hard length burn into my thigh. "Holy fuck, where did you learn to do that?" I ask hoarsely.

"I dunno, I've never done it before. I guess I'm just naturally talented," he says. I grin and offer to return the favour, eyeing the hard planes of his body as warm water courses down his chest.

"Please," he pleads so nicely that I press him against the wall and sink to my own knees before him. I opt not to tease either because I really want his nice hard dick in my mouth. I slide my lips down his length and suck him for all I'm worth. He still makes those same sweet little cries as the pleasure takes him. It sounds so wrong and yet so right for him to cry out in that little kid voice of his as I suck him. While he's distracted I slowly slide a finger into his ass, to ease my disappointment on that score. After what he just did to me there ain't no way I'll be using 'Hyperion' on him any time soon. He jerks back a little in surprise at first, but once I find what I'm searching for he cries out even louder and starts to thrust into my mouth wildly before he comes. I swallow most of it and the rest slides down my chin sloppily. Zell looks down at me and moans some more. "Shit, I can't believe that Seifer Almasy just went down on me," Zell says, his expression incredulous.

"Believe it," I say, standing up and grinning generously. "Next time we're gonna let Leonheart in on it too, unless he can raise any stronger objections than you did."

"I don't know," Zell replies apprehensively, plucking at the pile of his damp clothing. "What am I supposed to wear, huh Seifer?" he asks, slightly pissed off.

"You could always go naked," I suggest.

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