My Gunblade

Part 1

By fyre byrd

It's late the evening of the celebration of Ultimecia's defeat. I finally managed to shuffle Rinoa off to bed. The damned girl clung to me like a limpet after I kissed her. Immediately after kissing her I'd regretted it, but that was what came of drinking shots with Zell and Irvine and becoming to drunk to think about what you were doing. It's beyond me how they'd convinced me to drink with them in the first place. With Rinoa gone, the three of us reclaimed the balcony for ourselves in order to watch the stars spin and waver in the sky. Simple things hold so much more meaning when you're totally wasted. Irvine is laying flat on his back on the cool stone having drank as much as Zell and I together. I'm leaning against the wall not too far apart from Zell. The ivy keeps brushing against Zell's neck and sending him into hysterics since every time it happens he's convinced it's a bug crawling on him. He's already jumped up screaming and clawing at the back of his neck several times now. I pretend to ignore him. It's the best tactical move since Zell has very little patience. The truth is that I can no more ignore Zell than I can ignore the fact that the Garden moves these days. Those sparkling blue eyes, the tattoo that would be ridiculous on anyone else's face, the cute little shadowboxing thing he does whenever he's frustrated. Everything about Zell is interesting and that frankly annoys me to no end. I don't have time for emotional attachments and being attracted to someone as energetic and talkative as Zelljust seems like a mistake. Rinoa is like that and I can't stand her, so why Zell?

Suddenly, Zell turns to me Squall solemnly as if to answer my internal question, but instead he asks me, with only a slight slur, "Yo Squall, show me your gunblade, will ya?" I tighten my lips and lower my head at this question. I hope that I look my usual antisocial self because I'm trying my hardest not to show the grin that suddenly stretches across my face. If only Zell knew what he was asking! He would have to ask it in such an innocent voice too. Tears gather in my eyes as I try desperately to suppress my laughter. Zell is not quite put off unfortunately. He sidles closer to me and begs, "c'mon, just a peek!"

I put my hand over my forehead in my usual gesture of exasperation, suddenly grateful that it enables me to cover my face. I bite my lip till it bleeds and wonder what Zell would do if I really gave him a good look at my gunblade. Zell apparently takes my protracted silence as a refusal.

"Tch, fine," the adorable blonde says with a pout. I wonder what it would be like to have Zell for a lover. If he's half as talented with his lips as his constant nattering suggests then it would probably be heaven. I swallowed audibly, noticing again how attractive Zell is. I peer up through my eyelashes at Zell, taking in his strong capable hands and wondering what it would be like if Zell were to handle my gunblade. Would he know what to do with it? I decide that he would probably be quite skillful at it.

"Yeah, yeah," Zell continues, speaking more to himself than to me since he probably assumes I'm not listening. "Why you always gotta be so selfish?"

I grab Zell's hand from where it's waving about in the air for effect. Glancing furtively over at Irvine and deciding that he's passed out and therefore harmless, I decide to let Zell in on my little joke. I gather Zell's jacket collar in my fist and draw him close. Zell is very vocal about this development as he is about everything.

"Hey man, what're you . . . mpphh."

I pause to think about those busy lips again as I clamp a hand over Zell's mouth and whisper in his ear, "do you realize what you just asked me?" Zell's lips move deliciously against my hand, setting my whole body to tingling. Reluctantly, I pull my hand away from Zell's mouth.

"Yeah I just asked to see your gunblade. I mean, I know it's a personal thing, but honestly . . ."

"Zell," I hum directly in his ear, "have you ever heard that guys sometimes have names for their dicks?"

"Huh? What the fuck?" Zell's blue eyes grow wide and dart to meet mine uncertainly.

"Just answer the question," I soothe.

"Uh yeah, I've heard that."

"Have you ever named yours?"

"Well, yeah, sorta."

"You want to know what I call mine?"

"Uhh. . ." Zell blinks, his mouth hanging open in shock.

"I call it my gunblade," I whisper so that my lips brush Zell's ear.

"Oh man," Zell gasps.

"Exactly," I purr, tilting Zell's chin up to towards my face. "So, still want to see my gunblade?"

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