Mind the baby

Chapter 2

By Purple Penguin

“Uncle Seify!”

The blonde smiled and swooped up the little squall-a-like, as much as it annoyed Irvine his son was the splitting image of Squall, his hair was styled in little spikes but other than that the was a Squall at 5 years old. He was adorable. The little boy rode high on his uncle’s shoulders as they walked through the park. Mummy and daddy were busy today so Seifer was minding the baby. Ellone precious new daughter was only 1 but already she got to go shopping with her mother and Irvine had to work. Squall had shift in the restaurant that morning so he was meeting them in the park by the pond.

“Birdie, birdie!”

“Yeah, yeah you can feed the birds while we wait for uncle Squall to catch up.” He set the little boy down on the ground, watching him run along the bank to feed the ducks in the water.

“Not so close to the edge Grei!” He sat down on a nearby bench next to an old lady who smiled at the little boy.

“He’s a handsome boy.”


“He doesn’t look much like his daddy though.”

The blonde smiled. “Oh no he’s not mine, he’s my- sister-in-law’s son.”

“Ah.” she nodded.

A hand landed on his shoulder, he turned and smiled at his lover. “Hey baby you made it.” The brunette leant down and kissed the blonde on the lips in greeting.

The old woman’s eyes widened in shock when you saw that the newcomer was another man. She quickly moved away, Seifer patted the empty space for Squall to sit down. His lover sat beside him and glanced at the old lady. “I hope I didn’t interrupt you two.”

“Nah she’s not my type.” He grinned and squeezed his lover’s thigh.

“Uncle Squall!”

“Hey kiddo.” The boy was lifted onto his lap.

The lady walked past again and stopped in front of them. “You should be ashamed for such behaviour in from his children.”

“Yeah, yeah don’t you have any knitting to do?” Seifer rolled his eyes at her.

She frowned and moved on, Squall leaned close to his lover. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“Well she wasn’t very to us.” He turned to Grei. “What do you want to do now kid?”

He grinned. “Ice cream!”

“You heard the man, lets go!”

Squall smirked, knowing Seifer loved ice cream as much Grei did, they could act like kids together. There was an ice cream van on the other side of the park. Seifer picked up Grei again the placed him back on his shoulders Squall walked beside him.

“You spoil that kid.”

“Of course he’s the only nephew I’ve got, not likely that I’ll have any of my own…” He winked at Squall. “Unless there’s something you’re not telling me.”

The brunette rolled his eyes.

“Ellone spoils Terra because she’s the youngest and the girl that she wanted, it’s only fair if we spoil Grei a little.”


“Whatever.” Grei parroted.

The blonde laughed. “Now look what you did, he already looks like you we don’t need him ‘whatever-ing’ as well.”

“You know you’d love it if he said that to Irvine.”

Seifer grinned. “Yeah! Hey kiddo when you get home, say whatever to daddy for me.”

“’Kay.” Seifer felt little fingers grip his hair as they walked along.

Squall shook his head. “You know I’ll get the blame.”

“Blame me.”

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