Author's Notes: Sequel to Forever, 5 part story staring Seifer, Squall and baby Grei. This a quick over view of the baby’s life in relation to Seifer & Squall’s relationship. That sounded a bit formal but you know what I mean right?

This part is the baby age: 6 months,
Chapter 2: 5 years,
Chapter 3: 10 years,
Chapter 4: 15 years,
Chapter 5: 17 years.

Mind the baby

Chapter 1

By Purple Penguin

Ellone stood in the doorway, Irvine was behind her in the hallway trying to get her to hurry up and leave.

“Come on darlin’ they can cope.”

“I really appreciate this Squall, are you sure you and Seifer will be able to cope?”

Her brother cooed over the baby, missing the question all together. His lover leant on the door frame grinning. “We’ll be fine Ellone, you two go have fun, have lots of sex.”

“We will!”

“IRVINE!” She scolded her husband.

The couple were going away for the weekend to get away from the new arrival. Baby Grei was 6 months old now, Ellone had chosen the name as it mean ‘beautiful’. Her husband had argued the gay factor and lost, a name wouldn’t make the baby gay. Seifer was forever teasing him, hoping the baby was gay so he could tease him ‘things’.

“Are you sure you know how to-?”

“Ellone you’ve told us fifty times and written it down.”

She tried to smile. “You’ve got Irvine’s mobile number right?”

“Yes.” Seifer said in a bored tone.

“And the number of the place we’re staying at?”

“Just go already.”

She smiled and looked at her son. “Bye sweetie, be good for uncle Squall and uncle Seifer.”

“Bye!” Seifer shut the door as they disappeared down the corridor. “Finally.” He walked over to the cot that stood right outside their bedroom door, it was going in their bedroom but Irvine thought he might see something that would make him gay.

“Why don’t you pop him in his new cot while I figure out how to work the- thing?” He gestured to the mobile above the baby’s cot.

Squall didn’t seem to hear him.

Seifer sighed. “That’s why you don’t give kids a puppy…” He glanced at Squall again. “…they don’t want to give it up.” He walked over in front of his lover and waved a hand in front of his eyes.

“Huh? Yeah?”

“I said how about you let Grei get used to his new bad.”

Squall looked down at the fragile figure in his arms and then at the cot. “Maybe in a minute.”

His lover smiled. “Getting broody are we?”

“What? No, I just- don’t get to see my nephew very often.” He whined when Seifer took the little body from his arms placed it in the cot.

“Let him get used to his new surroundings yeah?”

The baby looked up at his two uncles. “H-He looks upset don’t you think?”

Seifer gave him a look not knowing how to answer that.

Squall reached for thee baby again. “Maybe I’ll just-”

The blonde pushed his arms away. “Squall!”

“Right, you’re right.” But he didn’t move away from the cot, Seifer smiled and gave him a little shove in the right direction, he guided Squall to the sofa. “Sit here I’ll go make up a bottle so you can feed him.”

The brunette sat sideways so he could still see the cot, tapping his fingers as he wanted to get back to Grei. Seifer finally came back and handed him a bottle of beer. He frowned. “Seifer I can’t give him this.”

The blonde rolled his eyes also passing him a baby bottle. “This is for him, that’s yours.” He smirked. “Or would you rather have the baby bottle?”

“Do you want me to wear a nappy too and suck on a dummy?”

The blonde grinned. “Don’t put ideas like that into my head.”

Squall rolled his eyes and pushed past him, his lover cocked his head to get a better look at his lover’s ass and watched as Squall picked up the baby to feed him. He sipped his beer and disappeared into the kitchen.

Seifer had his boxers on all ready for bed the only thing that was missing was…. He looked over at the empty side of the bed. He got up to stand in the doorway looking out at the cot where Squall still held the baby close to his chest. The blonde frowned the kid was getting more attention than he was, he hated it when that happened.



“Sweetie come to bed and let Grei get some sleep yeah?” He walked up and put his arms around Squall’s waist and his chin on his lover’s shoulder, nuzzling into the soft throat until the baby was placed back in the cot.

“Night Grei.” Squall whispered and followed his lover into the bedroom.

Seifer shut the door but Squall opened it again. “In case he cries.”

“But-” The blonde sighed, not even going to argue with Squall because he knew he’d lost before he even started.

The brunette turned over to sleep but the taller man spooned up behind him, nuzzling into him, one hand running over the leaner body heading south. Squall caught the hand in his own. “Don’t.”


Squall looked over at the cot. “We can’t do anything with him in the house.”

“Don’t tell me you believe with that rubbish Irvine went on about do you?”

“Of course not, but it feels… funny.” He turned over. “Sorry.”

Seifer sighed and glared at the cot. He pulled away from his lover to sulk, Squall always did like morning sex best anyway, he could wait.

Squall awoke first slowly, he moved across the bed to find Seifer. He hit solid warmth and instantly cuddled into him causing the larger man to stir. He leaned up kissing the chin under his mouth. The chest under his head rumbled in a chuckled and a pair of green eyes opened to stare at him. “Good morning to you too.” A sleepy, amused voice answered and he leaned down for a kiss. Their lips met this time Squall didn’t pull away, he didn’t stop the descending hand, pushing into it with a small whimper.

The blonde grinned.

And then the baby started to cry, Seifer almost groaned in frustration as Squall pulled away smiling apologetically. “I’ll be right back.”

The blonde let his head fall back down to the pillows. The next time he opened his eyes two hours had gone by. He groaned.

“You’re up.” Squall sat beside the bed with the baby in his arms.

“I thought we were going to-”

Squall shrugged. “You were asleep.”

“You could have woken me I wouldn’t have minded.”

“You looked peaceful.”

The blonde rolled his eyes. “Peaceful?” He got up and walk to the bathroom. “Will you share a shower with me then?”

Squall paused. “I shouldn’t, I won’t be able to hear Grei crying.”

“Hmm.” Seifer glared at the baby again.

On Monday morning Ellone and Irvine arrived to pick up Grei. Squall seemed unwilling to give up the kid so Seifer pulled the baby from his lover’s arms and handed over the annoying bundle of grief. Ellone seemed happy to have her baby back and wanted to be on their way, which was fine with Seifer. Squall visibly deflated when the baby was gone, his lover took his hand and led him to the bedroom. “I’m suffering from withdraw symptoms.”

“Seifer it’s been three days.”

“Exactly.” The door clicked shut.

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