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Meant To Be

Chapter 14

By Purple Penguin

Their hotel room was pale blue; they had a small living room area with a TV and sofa, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Seifer hung back in the doorway watching as his boyfriend glancing around with interest. The blonde had been so sure that Squall was drunk but in the foyer he acted completely normal maybe it was only an act, but he hadn’t thought Squall would relax that must in a gay club.

“Ooh a balcony.” The brunette wasted no time in opening the glass doors, shutting them behind him. He grinned at Seifer through the glass.

The blonde smiled at his boyfriend’s insane grin and followed the smaller man outside. He leaned on the railing, chuckling slightly when the brunette moved to lean on him, wrapping his arms around his waist and closing his eyes.

“Don’t you think you should call your parents?”

Squall pouted slightly, blaming Seifer for disturbing him. “I guess.” Reluctantly he removed himself from Seifer and headed inside. “What about you?” He asked over his shoulder.

“My mum won’t be home till tomorrow and my dad won’t care.”

Seifer closed the glass doors and leant on them, watching Squall sit on his bed with the phone, removing his leather jacket. The blonde folded his trench coat over the footboard and joined the brunette on the bed, stretching out beside him.

“Hi mum.”

Seifer cocked his head at the normalness of Squall’s voice, he wasn’t even slurred. He had worried that Squall’s mother might be able to tell that Squall was drunk and think that Seifer was a bad influence.

“It’s late and Seifer doesn’t want to drive back, so we’re going to stay in a hotel and drive back tomorrow, okay?”

That was another thing that bothered him. What did Squall’s parents think of him? After all that had happened, he hoped they didn’t think he was a slut like Ellone seemed to think. He didn’t want them thinking that he were making up excuses to stay in Deling to take advance of their son.

Squall hung up the phone. “She’s fine with it.” He looked up at Seifer’s blank expression. “What?” He rolled over, pressing his face into his boyfriend’s neck and lay beside him, entwining their legs.

“Just thinking.” He looked down at Squall, chuckling slightly. “What are you doing?”

The brunette undid a couple of buttons on Seifer’s shit so he could touch the bare skin of his boyfriend’s chest. He nuzzled into him.

“I love you.” He whispered as he moved to lie on top of the larger man, entwining their fingers together

The blonde grinned. “I love you too.”

Squall gently touched lips with the other man, very lightly kissing him.

Seifer half smiled in confusion. “Squall, what’s got into you? You’re acting strangely.”

The brunette frowned slightly. “Aren’t I allowed to kiss you?” He didn’t wait for an answer before he leant down to give the blonde a real kiss, gently tugging on the other’s bottom lip until Seifer responded, burrowing his hands into Squall’s hair. The brunette reached a hand under the other’s head to cup the back of his neck while his other hand went back to the task of undoing the rest of Seifer’s buttons. The blonde raised an eyebrow as the brunette started to trail down his neck, leaving a trail of saliva.

Seifer didn’t stop him, they had made out before and it wasn’t going to go any farther, he wasn’t about to take advance of a drunken man.

Squall moved down to the blonde’s collar bone, then slowly worked his way down to a nipple, taking it into his mouth, rolling his tongue over it. Seifer gasped, partly from shock.

“Squall, what are you doing?” He asked as the smaller man started to kiss a line down the centre of his chest and abdomen.

The brunette looked up at his out of the corner of his eye as he dipped his tongue into the blonde’s navel. He grinned wickedly.

Seifer’s eyes went wide and he reached out a hand to stop him. “Squall! No, you’re drunk!”

The brunette frowned defensively. “I am not.” He leisurely undid Seifer’s belt as he spoke.

“But you’re too happy to be sober.”

Squall smiled. “You make me happy.”

“B-But the club?”

Squall cocked his head slightly. “I thought that was what you wanted.”

“I was but-” He trailed off as the brunette got the belt undone and was tugging the blonde’s jeans off along with his boxers.

“Well then, why complain?” He lowered himself so that he was hovering above Seifer’s erection, breathing over the sensitive head.

The blonde shivered.

“I want to make you happy.”

“You don’t have to-”

Squall bent down and took the head of Seifer’s shaft into his mouth, sucking lightly.

The blonde arched up off the bed with a cry. He hadn’t expected Squall to go this far, he was normally shy, and he had blushed when Seifer explore his upper torso with his hands and mouth, one night in Seifer’s apartment.

The brunette wrapped his tongue around the sensitive organ and slowly worked more and more into his mouth. He wrapped a hand around the rest of it, stroking to the same rhythm of his mouth. The brunette pulled back all too soon as far as Seifer was concerned, so that he was only covering the head. The tried to resist thrusting up into his new lover’s mouth.

The blonde let out a disappointed whimper as Squall pulled away completely. He curiously opened his eyes at the rustle of clothing.

He gasped at the sight of the now naked brunette, Squall really was beautiful. The smaller man moved up his lover’s body and lowered his mouth to Seifer’s in a passionate kiss. Their tongues entwined together, their hands burrowed in each other’s hair, their eyes closed. The blonde rocked his hips against the other’s, rubbing their erections together.

Squall pulled back and smiled.

“Squall are you sure?”

The brunette nodded and moved back to straddle the blonde. Squall rose up and while keeping his eyes locked with Seifer’s, he teasingly rubbed his entrance against Seifer’s erection, which was still slick with his saliva. The brunette slowly, carefully as he had never done this before, lowered himself down, impaling himself in his lover’s sex.

Both men cried out, Squall arched back, getting used to the new feeling and waiting for the pain to ease, it had hurt more than he thought it would. After a while he pulled almost all the way out then shoved back in again, harder this time. Seifer moaned, trying to be patient and let his new lover get used to it. The brunette bowed over the other man to kiss him as they started a rhythm, he moved his hips down to meet Seifer’s thrusts. The pace sped up and Seifer reached out to work Squall’s leaking sex.

The brunette started to pant heavily, nearing the end. He sat up, riding the blonde faster, until they climaxed together, in unison, crying out each other’s name.

Squall fell atop the larger man, panting. They lay together, trying to get their breath back, Seifer’s sex still deep within Squall.

“I love you.” The brunette whispered, cuddling up to his new lover.

“Love you too.”



Notes: Was that okay? I’m not too good at lemons.

Usually I think Seifer should be dominant, but somehow I couldn’t see him pushing Squall into anything.

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