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Meant To Be

Chapter 13

By Purple Penguin

Squall had never been to a club before and he didn’t know what type of club he was going to. He stood in front of the full-length mirror in his room deciding what to wear. Several pairs of trousers lay on the bed; he was between his tight leather pants complete with belts or a pair of casual but good black jeans. He looked at both, was he supposed to look sexy or casual? He thought of ringing Seifer to ask but he already knew what the blonde would think. The brunette shrugged and opted for the leather pants and a navy blue dress shirt, he stood side-ways on to the mirror and undid the top two buttons. Perfect.

He turned sharply when someone whistled in approval.

“Big date huh?” Laguna leant on the doorframe.

“I guess.” The brunette shrugged. He turned to face his father. Good?” He asked.

“Yeah, the guys will be throwing themselves at you.”

Squall snorted in disbelieve, as grabbed his wallet from the bedside table, then headed downstairs to the bar.

His mother smiled at his appearance while Ellone sneered at him from the background. Everyone disappeared into the living being shooed away by Raine; Squall breathed a sigh of relief. He hated to be the centre of attention; he especially hated being the centre of Ellone’s hatred.

He looked back at the living room door as someone knocked on the front door. He really hoped Ellone would stay away and not cause a scene. He gingerly opened the door.

The blonde on his doorstep grinned. “Hey.”

“Hi.” Squall glanced backwards again.

“Ready to go yet?”

Squall nodded, he practically pushed Seifer out the door.

“Hello Seifer.”

Squall winced when he heard his sister’s voice.

Ellone stood behind them leaning on the bar, her arms folded, jaw set. She looked angry and cold.

“Ellone.” The blonde nodded at her.

The brunette girl ran her eyes down to where their hands were linked together. “Have fun, won’t you?” Her expression didn’t change and her voice was deadpan.

Squall tugged Seifer back towards the door and out of it.

“I’m sorry.” The blonde said once they were outside.

“It’s not your fault. She’s upset. It feels like she thinks I’ve killed someone or something, the way she looked at me sometimes...”

The blonde kissed the smaller man’s hair. “My fault or not, I’m still sorry.”

Seifer slipped into the driver’s seat waiting for the brunette to sit next to him. The blonde allowed a small smile, now that they were alone he ran his eyes over his boyfriend’s clothes. Dark clothes really suited Squall. God, he was beautiful. The blonde held back the grin as he studied the tight leather pants that nicely showed off the brunette lean figure. He knew he’d have a lot of competition for Squall’s affection but he was more than willing to fight for him.


“Huh?” Seifer looked up, realizing he was staring.

Squall shifted uncomfortably. “You were starring at me.”

Seifer turned back to start the car. “Sorry.” He said with a quick glance back at Squall. He didn’t look very sorry; he smirked at the brunette and licked his lips playfully.

Squall blushed and turned away to look out the window.

“Relax, I was just teasing, I’m not going to jump on you.”

The brunette fidgeted, feeling a little silly.

“Although for a minute there I wasn’t so sure.” The blonde muttered as he pulled away from Winhill.

Deling city seemed huge as they drove down the streets looking for somewhere to park the car. The nightlife looked really busy. Squall stared out of the window, he had never been to Deling in the dark before, the last time he had been there he was eight and on a school trip. Seifer smirked at the brunette, he looked like an excited puppy but he was trying to hide it. Seifer just thought it was cute, he was positive Squall would have fun tonight, he was going to make sure he did.

The brunette had had to put up with enough shit in his young life. He didn’t deserve it. The blonde parked the car in the car park of the hotel so they could walk to the club he had in mind.

As they started to walk along the streets Squall chewed his lip nervously.

“Um... S-Seifer?”

The blonde looked down at his companion who fidgeted with his fingers and glanced around like a scared rabbit.

“H-How am I supposed to get in? I’m only 17.”

Seifer felt Squall take his hand but he dropped it again when they walked past a group of girls, some of them just raised an eyebrow at their joined hands but most of them were checking out the two guys.

“I know the guy at the door; he’ll let you in. Don’t worry.” The blonde gripped the other’s hand again, not letting him pull away.

When the blonde stopped outside a brightly-lit club, Squall’s eyes widened in horror. He was starting to think this was a bad idea. The brunette tightened his grip on his boyfriend’s hand. He stared at the couples that littered the doorway. Guys, they were all guys. One red headed guy had another shorter man pinned to the wall and was eagerly exploring his upper torso with his hands and mouth. Squall finally managed to tear his eyes away, a blush staining his cheeks.

Seifer moved to enter the club but Squall had stopped moving altogether.

“What is it?”

“Are you kidding?! I can’t go in there!”

“Why not?”

“That’s a gay club.”

Seifer smiled. “I thought you were gay.”

“I am, but-”

“No buts.” Seifer’s smile widened as he half led half dragged the other man into the club.

The brunette whimpered in discomfort, luckily Seifer pulled him to the bar that was near to the front entrance. He didn’t want to walk around too much in that place. He was seriously regretting the leather pants, it felt like everyone was staring at his ass.

“Do you want a drink?”

Squall nodded at Seifer.

“What do you want?”

“I don’t know.”

The blonde rolled his eyes. Squall’s parents owned a bar but he still didn’t know the names of any drinks.

“Whatever you’re having.” Squall was looking around the room with interest; the dance floor was full of bodies grinding together. He liked sitting where he was because no one was looking at him, or at least he couldn’t see anyone looking at him.


Squall eyed his drink suspiciously, he tested it gently with his tongue, it tasted okay so he had a sip. Yeah, it wasn’t poison.

Seifer chuckled at the brunette’s actions. “You’re too cute.”

The brunette blushed, looking up as Seifer set down his drink and stood up in front of him holding out a hand.

“Dance with me?”

Squall hesitated. Would they have to dance like all the others? On the other hand the thought of having Seifer grinding against him didn’t turn him off at all.

“I won’t bite. Promise.”

“Yeah, okay.” Seifer smirked and led the smaller man out to the dance floor. The blonde wrapped his arms around the brunette’s waist pulling him nearer so he couldn’t escape.

Squall hesitantly linked his arms around the blonde’s neck. He had never danced with another guy before, the only time he had danced with anyone was at a stupid school ball, and he had been wandering around on his own so Irvine had offered him one of his rejects. She was pretty but she wasn’t his type, too chatty, too female.

The brunette followed Seifer’s led, his eyes tried to avoid some of the other couples that were getting carried away and he was also trying not to look at the blonde’s wicked grin as he moved his hands down to grip Squall’s ass. The brunette jumped the lower the hands travelled.

“You’re so tense.” Seifer moved one hand back up to massage the brunette’s shoulder blades.

The blonde chuckled as he watched his boyfriend’s eyes widened as a guy dancing close to them moved his hand into his partner’s pants.

“Ignore them.” Seifer pulled Squall closer to him and shifted his pelvis so that their groins rubbed together. Squall gasped at the contact but he didn’t pull away. The blonde gripped the other’s hair and pulled his head up and forwards to meet his own. Squall slowly started to move his hips in response to Seifer’s, causing the blonde to grin around the kiss.

Time wound on, the more they dancing, the more they drank, the more loose Squall became and they more touchy feely they were with each other.

By the third dance Seifer moved his hand down to the front of Squall’s pants expecting the brunette to at least jump but all he did was grind into the hand, whimpering a little.

A few hours later they left the club, but this time Squall linked arms with the blonde and rested his head on his shoulder.

Seifer smirked at how much the brunette had changed in a matter of hours, he suspected that the brunette was drunk.

“Do you want to stay in a hotel tonight? I don’t feel like driving home.” He asked as he linked hands with the brunette.

“Whatever.” Squall moved his head so that it was still on the blonde shoulder but so that he could also nibble Seifer’s ear lobe at the same time.

The blonde chuckled. “What are you doing?”

“Following orders.”

At the beginning of the night, Seifer had ordered Squall to relax and have fun. It seemed to have worked.

The blonde pointed down a street. “Hotel’s this way come on.”

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