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Notes: Not the best chapter in the world, it’s mainly a filler between 14 & 16. And there’s a really lame excuse at the end for Squall getting out the car but I had to have it happen somehow. And this is the last happy chapter before I give poor Squall so more Angst and unhappiness.

Meant To Be

Chapter 15

By Purple Penguin

Seifer lazily opened his eyes and rolled over on his side. It took a while for his sleep filled brain to realize that Squall was no longer beside him. He reached out an arm and stared at the empty sheets beside him.



The blonde rolled over to see a beautiful sight. His brunette leant on the glass doors to balcony, gazing up at the bright, sunny sky. The sun rays highlighted Squall’s nude body nicely. Seifer put a hand behind his head to give himself a better view. The brunette looked at him completely innocently, like he had no idea the affect he was having on his lover.

“What? You’re looking at me funny.”

Seifer snorted. “You started it. It’s not my fault; I’m a guy so I’m attracted to nakedness.”

Squall smiled.

“What are you doing out of bed this early?”

“Thought I might watch the sun rise.” He turned and slowly walked over to the bed again; he sat beside his lover.

Seifer grinned and reached out to pull Squall closer to him. The brunette melted against him when their lips met. The blonde didn’t fail to miss the faint purr Squall made while they kissed.

Seifer chuckled as they parted. “What the hell was that?”


“Did you purr then?”

The brunette blushed. “So what? I’m happy.”

“Good. Me too.”

Seifer reached for his lover again but this time Squall pulled away.

“Want a shower?”

“You read my mind.”

Squall pulled Seifer up with him. “We should be getting back soon.”

The brunette frowned. “But why? It’s Sunday can’t we stay here.”

“What would your parents think?”

“We can go back this evening, they won’t mind.” Squall reached down to turn on the shower, testing the water with his fingertips.

“Sure they won’t hate me for it?”

The brunette linked his arms around his lover’s neck. “Why would they?”

“I wouldn’t want them to think I was making you stay here so I could take advance of you.”

The brunette chuckled. “You can take advance of me if you want.”

Seifer smiled. “Just get in the shower.”

One shower and a bit of fooling around later.

Seifer got dressed in the bathroom away from Squall who was in the bedroom. Not because they were embarrassed as they had walked around naked all morning, but because Seifer did want to leave the hotel sometime that day and he had to stop himself from jumping on the pretty brunette. To make it worse Squall wasn’t doing anything to discourage him.

He grabbed his jacket and stepped into the bedroom. Squall sat on the bed half-naked; he grinned at Seifer before his head disappeared into the shirt he was holding. He popped out the head hole, his head all over his face and hanging in his eyes. The blonde chuckled at him and headed for the door.

“Hurry up, I’m hungry.”

“Wait for me.” Squall wailed as Seifer walked out without him, he hopped around with only one shoe on. Squall pulled on his jacket, grabbing his other shoe and ran out the door. He half ran half-limped down the corridor because he still only had one shoe on.

A woman gave him an odd look as he stopped to put on his other shoe.

“What?” He asked.

“She blushed. “You’re um unzipped.”

The brunette slowly looked down, horrified to find his flies were undone. He ran away, it had to happen on the day that he wasn’t wearing underwear.

Squall ran until he bumped into Seifer, he hid behind the tall blonde to zip himself up.

“What are you- ow!”

The brunette punched his lover in the arm. “That was all your fault!”

“What was?”

He glanced around first before he leaned in close to whisper to the blonde.

Seifer just laughed.

“It’s not funny!”

“Whatever. Do you want breakfast or should I say lunch, You made us miss breakfast.”

“I did not.”

Seifer pulled his pouting lover into the lift and pressed the ground floor button. Squall leant on the blonde; he frowned suddenly thinking of something.



“I wondered um... can I ask a personal question?”

“What is it?”

“Did you sleep with Ellone?”

Seifer smiled. “Of course not.”

Squall brightened slightly. “Oh, okay.”

When the lift stopped the couple left the hotel. “So, where do you want to go for food?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t been here since I was eight, remember?”

They wandered around for a while, holding hands. Seifer waited for Squall to pick somewhere.

“Ooh arcades.”

“That’s not food though is it?”

“No but-”

Seifer dragged him away but Squall dug his heels into the ground. “But it’s arcades! Come on Seifer we can eat anytime, there aren’t any arcade machines near Winhill! Please.” He gave the blonde his best puppy dog eyes look.

The blonde relented. “Fine, but not for long I’m hungry.”

They spent the whole day wandering around Deling City. Squall spent two hours in the arcades, Seifer nearly died of starvation but the brunette looked happy so he didn’t complain. They found a little fast food place and had proper breakfasts of bacon, sausages, eggs and hash browns. Squall had had a pudding of chocolate sponge and custard which he shared with Seifer, but only because the blonde liked being spoon fed by his lover, he didn’t usually like custard. It was a bit messy but Squall had sucked the dropped custard from Seifer’s fingers.

At 9:00 as it started to get dark they drove back home, Squall slept through most of it. Seifer dropped him off at the entrance to Winhill because it was late, after midnight and they didn’t want to wake anyone. Squall hoped his sister was asleep, he was in a good mood and didn’t want her to spoil it.

Seifer got out of the car to say goodnight.

“I’ll pick you up for school tomorrow yeah?”

The brunette nodded and kissed the taller man, before he reluctantly had to let go. He watched the car until he couldn’t see it anymore, then headed home.

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