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Meant To Be

Chapter 12

By Purple Penguin

He felt like he was nearing the gates of hell as he approached the front door. He renewed his deep breath and stepped into the bar. Raine looked up from whoever she was on the phone to when she saw him.

Squall hovered in the doorway unsure of her reaction. “Mum I-”

The brunette woman hurried across the bar and hugged him in a death grip, for a short woman she had a tight grip. Squall stood there with his arms pinned to his sides. She released him and punched him on the shoulder.

“Why didn’t you call me?”

“You called me remember?”

She narrowed her eyes and placed her hands on her hips. “And if I hadn’t, would you have called.”

He gave a half shrug. “Maybe not.”


The brunette looked beyond his mother. “Dad.”

“I’m glad you came back, I don’t mind about the gay thing.” His mother said. “Bit of a shock though.”

“I guessed.” Laguna grinned, proud that he’d known something before his wife for once.

Squall raised an eyebrow. “You mean Kiros guessed.”

Laguna faked outrage. “What makes you think I wouldn’t notice?”

“For one point he’s smarter than you are and for another he told me just now.”

“Oh.” His father faked defeat.

They all stopped talked as they heard footsteps coming downstairs and Ellone appeared at the foot of the stairs. She glared at Squall.

“You came back then?” Her voice was unfriendly and cold.

“Yeah. Are you okay?”

She shrugged and disappeared into the living room.

“She’ll come around.” Laguna whispered.

Squall nodded, not really believing that.

Raine was making lunch for the four of them. She thought it would be good for Ellone to get used to Squall again. The brunette girl had refused to look at her brother all morning. It annoyed Raine, she didn’t agree with Seifer cheating on Ellone but Squall was so much happier now and she was ruining it. It wasn’t Squall’s fault that he and Seifer fell for each other, if he had stayed loyal everyone would have got hurt. Seifer would have stayed with Ellone without loving her, and both guys would have been miserable.

She had heard the full story, she had forced Squall to sit and tell her everything. She thought it was sweet the way her son seemed to brighten at the mere mention of Seifer’s name. She had smiled when he described the love at first sight thing at school and she teased him by reminiscing about how she had met his father.

Squall had gone upstairs to get changed for lunch and to have a shower. She had noticed the over sized jeans and she had smiled, but she wondered if they were sharing each other’s clothes, how far their relationship had gone. She shook her head deciding it was non-of her business.

The brunette shuffled out of the bathroom wearing only a towel, he pushed his wet, dripping hair off his forehead as he fumbled through his drawers for some clothes. Ellone had taken one look at his clothes and glared at him, she recognized her ex’s clothing. After that she hadn’t looked him in the eye unless she had to and even then it was a glare or a sneer.

Squall understood she was upset and would be for a while but he also knew that Ellone and Seifer weren’t that close, they hadn’t even seen each other half-naked. In fact Squall had got farther with the blonde in a week than his sister had in almost a month. Everyone seemed sure that he and Seifer would be together for a long time and that Ellone had no choice but it get used to it. Well, as in everyone he meant Kiros and his mother, the only ones who knew mostly all the details.

He dropped the towel to pull on his bowers. He smiled slightly remembering his last shower. They hadn’t done anything more than kiss but he’d have to change that, he blushed and shook off the thoughts until he remembered that they were public so he was allowed to think of HIS boyfriend in a sex way, wasn’t he?

He had seen Seifer naked, now there was some good jerking off material. He smirked through his blush at the thought.

Ellone dutifully set the table for her mother who was busy in the kitchen. They didn’t usually eat together on a Saturday and she knew it was for Squall’s sake, it made her angry. He was the one in the wrong, he had stolen Seifer from her but as usual the parents had sided with the baby of the family. Just because he had run away he was seen as the victim.

She wasn’t going to let him off the hook so easily she knew she couldn’t stay mad at him forever but he deserved to suffer for a while. At the moment she felt she could definitely stay mad at Seifer forever.

“Ellone, do me a favour?”

She looked up at her mother.

“Go and tell Squall that lunch is ready please.”

The girl frowned. Her mum knew she wasn’t speaking to Squall, it wasn’t fair.


“But nothing. Go and tell him.”

She sighed and reluctantly stomped up the stairs. She banged on the door of her brother’s room.

“Squall! Lunch!” She didn’t hang around for a reply. That was bad enough she didn’t want to have to see him as well.

The four of them sat at the table in an uncomfortable silence, eating lunch. Squall sat opposite Ellone he kept his eyes on his plate, he could feel her eyes on him but he tried to ignore it. Ellone concentrated on the eating, shooting her brother the occasionally glance but she kept silence for her mum’s sake.

Raine had been the one to arrange this but now she didn’t know what to say, it was obvious that both kids were in a hurry to finish their food and leave.

Laguna shot glances between Squall and Ellone, they kept looking at each other and Squall looked more uncomfortable by the minute.

The phone rang interrupting their silence. Ellone left the table to answer it.

“Hello?” Her eyes narrowed when she heard the voice at the other end.

“Who is it?” Her father asked.

“What do you want?” She snapped.

The whole table instantly knew then.

She walked back to the table and dumped the phone in Squall’s lap. “It’s Seifer.” She left the table. “I’m not hungry anymore.”

Squall got up and stood outside the front door. “Hello?”

“Hey babe. I’m sorry about that, I didn’t think she’d answer the phone.”

“That’s okay. She didn’t like me much to start with anyway.”

“Anyway what are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing. Why?”

“I thought you could do with some fun. How about we go to Deling City tonight? There are a lot of clubs in that place.”

Squall raised an eyebrow. He’d never been to a club before.

“I’ll ask, hang on.”

He walked back to the table. “Mum, would it be okay if I went out tonight?”

“Where to?”

“Deling City.”

His mother looked shocked. “With Seifer?”

Squall nodded.

“I guess but you tell him to look after my baby and don’t be too late.”

Squall blushed. “Thanks.”

“She said it was okay, what time do you want to go?”

“I could pick you up at 8:00, would Ellone mind if I came to the door this time?”

Squall set his jaw. “She’ll have to get used to it. You’re not going anywhere, right?”

The blonde chuckled. “Right. I’ll see you later.”


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