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Meant To Be

Chapter 11

By Purple Penguin

The brunette lay dozing, he knew he’d have to go home today. He could feel the dread, he hoped it wouldn’t be that bad. He knew Ellone might not ever forgive him but if he had his parents on his side then she may come around.

The phone conversion with his mum gave him hope. She was worried about him, she didn’t mention Seifer being Ellone’s ex at all, she seemed glad that he had come out but a little annoyed that he didn’t trust her enough to tell her. Squall knew Ellone must have been the one to give the number to their mum so he hoped that meant she wasn’t too angry with him.

He wondered how everyone else would act, he was sure the whole town knew about him by now, that always happened in little towns. The last thing he wanted was the another men to act uncomfortable or jumpy around him, he would rather they said things to him.

Squall rolled over and accidentally rolled half on top of Seifer. He lay down beside the other and rested his head on his boyfriend’s naked chest. He could hear Seifer’s heartbeat, it comforted him, it let him know that he wasn’t alone and Seifer would always be there to turn to.

The brunette sat up with his back to Seifer and his legs over the edge of the bed. It was still only 9:00am, he was glad it was a Saturday so he didn’t have to get up for school. He decided on walking home before Seifer awoke or he might not want to leave at all. He stood and walked over to where his clothes were hanging to get dry. They was still too damp to wear, he looked over at Seifer’s wardrobe and wondered if the blonde would mind if he borrowed some clothes, he was already wearing a pair of Seifer’s boxers.

Squall quietly got dressed in some clothes he took from the wardrobe and wrote a short note.


Gone home early

I borrowed some clothes



He stuck it to the bedside lampshade on Seifer’s side before he headed out the door.

Squall stood on the bridge in Winhill staring at his house, he was going to go straight in to have a shower and get out of Seifer’s clothes before Ellone got up. She would know they were Seifer’s clothes and she wouldn’t like it. Anyone could see he wasn’t wearing his own clothing, he wore black jeans with the legs rolled up; Seifer had longer legs than he did, and a baggy grey t-shirt.

Much to his disappointment Seifer didn’t wear any leather, he could just image the blonde in a pair of his tight leather pants. He licked his lips at the thought.

Squall took a deep breath a lifted his leg to step forward, but when someone tapped him on the shoulder he spun round, half afraid it was someone mean and half embarrassed someone had seen him standing there like a lemon.

“Whoa, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Squall let out the breath he’d been holding, it was only Kiros his father best friend, he was an easy-going guy, he had to be to put up with Laguna.

Squall winced slightly as he asked. “Have you heard?”

The older man nodded.

Squall looked down slightly embarrassed.

“How long have you been here? Aren’t you going in?”

Squall looked over at his house. “I was going to but now I’m not so sure. Do you think they’ll forgive me?”

“It’s not the end of the world?”

“Are you sure?”

The dark man chuckled. “So you fell for the wrong guy, I happen to have experience there.”

The brunette stared at Kiros like he’d grown a new head. “What!? Y-You’re-”

“Gay? Yeah. Twenty years ago I fell for a guy who ended up getting married and having kids.”

Squall frowned. “Do I know him?”

“I think you call him dad.”

The brunette’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets. “What?! Holy hell! You must have bad taste in men!”

Kiros laughed. “Well, in my defence it was twenty years. You didn’t know I was gay?”


“What, did you think Ward and I just lived together cause no woman would want us?”

“Ward too? B-But he’s like seven feet tall.”


Squall turned to look at his house again when a thought occurred to him. “You’re the one who guessed aren’t you? You told my dad.”

“Maybe.” He half smiled.

“I thought he was too dense to notice. It makes sense now.”

A few days ago in Kiros’ Kitchen.

“You’re so lucky to be gay.”

“Pardon?” The dark man leant on the kitchen counter, looking puzzled at Laguna who sat on a dining room chair.

“You can’t have kids of your own so you don’t have to figure them out all the time.”

“Ah.” He nodded. “What have they done this time?”

“Ellone brought home her new boyfriend.”

“Yes I saw him, the blonde right? He’s cute for a kid.”

“She was happy but Squall-”

“He wasn’t happy for her.”

“He freaked out and wouldn’t come down stairs for dinner.”

“Maybe he’s jealous, he likes Ellone and now he knows he won’t get all the attention.”

The brunette shook his head. “I don’t think Squall would do that. He’s been acting strangely since he had to leave his old school. I wish he’d tell me why he had to leave?”

“I thought he said his friends turned against him that’s reason enough to want to get out.”

Laguna got up and started to pace the length of the kitchen.

“Ellone knows what happened but she won’t tell us. It feels like a conspiracy between me, Raine and the kids.”

The dark man chuckled. “They’re teenagers Laguna, to them it is a conspiracy and you’re the enemy.”

“He’s 17 isn’t he supposed to be chasing girls, hanging out with his mates and... and doing something illegal?”

Kiros chuckled. “Just because you did all those things doesn’t mean he will.”

The brunette stopped pacing and faced his friend. “I didn’t know what was in that tea I swear!”

He friend laughed. “It was hilarious to have to bail you out of jail for taking Marijuana.”

“Shut up!”

“Never take tea from strangers.”

“It was a little old lady! How was I supposed to know?”

The dark man just laughed.

“Anyways this isn’t about me; it’s about Squall and his lack of teenageriness.” He frowned. “Is that a word?”

“He doesn’t have any mates to hang out with remember? And he wouldn’t break to law cos he’s not stupid and he’s not chasing girls because maybe there’s no one he likes or... maybe he doesn’t like girls at all or-”

“What? He’s not gay.”

“How do you know that? It’s only a suggestion I’m running through a metal list here. That would explain why his friends turned on him, why he had to leave, why he doesn’t chase girls, maybe he fancied Ellone’s guy and it freaked him out. I don’t know it’s a possibility.”

“And that’s what happened.”

Squall frowned. “He drank tea with drugs in?”

The dark man grinned. “There’s a nice bit of blackmailing information for you.”

The brunette took a deep breath and stepped towards his house. “Right, I’m going in.”

“Good luck.”

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