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Meant To Be

Chapter 10

By Purple Penguin

I try to say goodbye and I choke
I try to walk away and I stumble
Though I try to hide it it’s clear
My world crumbles when you are not near

-- Macy Grey, "I try"


Thunder rumbled ominously overhead, the rain poured down soaking the brunette to the bone. He shivered, regretting that he’s left his jacket in the bar, his white tee clung to his body and his face was slick with both rain and tears He knew where he had to go.


He didn’t know what to do or how they were going to stay together, maybe they weren’t meant to be after all. What if Ellone tried to split them up? What if his family took Ellone’s side? What if he had to choose between his family and Seifer? Of course he didn’t want to lose anyone, maybe Ellone would back down if he made it clear that if she forced him to choose, she’d lose.

Squall was surprised that his dad wasn’t more surprised maybe he guessed, but Laguna was usually more than a little slow on the uptake.

He couldn’t and wouldn’t give up Seifer, he felt safe, happy and loved in Seifer’s arms and he wouldn’t give that up for the world. Ellone could go to hell; he loved Seifer more than her.

Seifer sat on his sofa, the TV was on but he wasn’t really watching it, he kept thinking about Squall, he couldn’t keep his hands off the brunette after they stopped on the way home. Even though his boyfriend was only kidding he was seriously thinking about having that cold shower. He chuckled to himself, wondering how long it would be before they could be a proper couple. He was determined not to stuff this one up, he and Squall were meant to be it was fate. He was so glad he wasn’t looking where he was going on that first day.

He shook off the thoughts when someone knocked on the door, he got up and opened the door to see Squall standing there. The blonde looked puzzled and was about to ask when he saw the sad look in his eyes they slight pink from tears.

Seifer stepped back, silently telling Squall to enter. “Squall what is it? What happened?”

His boyfriend sighed a quivering breath a followed him inside.

“You’re trembling.” The blonde wasn’t sure if it was from the rain and cold or from crying.

“She knows.” Squall whispered, almost inaudible.

“What? How?” Seifer led the other back towards the couch.

“I’ll get your sofa wet.”

“Doesn’t matter.” The blonde pulled his boyfriend down to the cushions gently.

“She was waiting for me to get home.” He shook his head sadly. “You should have heard some of the things she said. We yelled at each other for ages.”

Seifer stroked Squall’s cheek seeing the red mark from where his sister slapped him.

“I almost slapped her back.”

The blonde frowned, a little shocked. “You did? Why?”

“You should have heard some of the things she said about you. She made out that you would leave me when someone better came along.”

The blonde put a hand on the back of the other’s neck. “Never. There is no one better.”

Squall hugged the blonde, Seifer hugged back until he started to feel the wetness of Squall’s clothes seeping through to his own clothes. The brunette pulled back looking sheepish. “Sorry.”

The blonde pulled the other to his feet and led him to the bathroom. “Come on, let’s get you dry.”

Seifer turned on the shower, testing the temperature with his fingers, he looked back to see that Squall still hadn’t removed any of his clothes, he just stood there with his arms wrapped around himself looking vulnerable and cold. The blonde pulled the tight white tee from his boyfriend’s body, he held back a smile as his eye greedily roamed Squall’s upper torso.

“I can undress myself.”

“Go on then.”

The brunette hesitated and glanced back at Seifer. “Do you have to stand there and watch?”

A smirk forced it’s way to Seifer’s lips as he turned his back and headed for the door. He heard a rustle of clothing.

“Aren’t you going to join me?”

The blonde froze, he wasn’t expecting that. He gingerly glanced back over his shoulder. Squall stood there with his arms folded, completely naked. Hadn’t he been shy a minute ago?

“B-But.... but....” There was a reason as to why he shouldn’t, but looking at Squall naked had made him forget.

Squall’s pose softened. “I don’t want to be alone.”

Seifer relented, how could he refuse? He undid the only two button he had done up and shrugged off his shirt.

Squall moved under the stream of hot water, he gasped at the sensation of hot on cold. Seifer followed after removing all his clothes, he rubbed at the Goosebumps on Squall’s arms from behind. The brunette turned round and leaning on Seifer, his boyfriend rubbed his back, soothing him.

“I’ll go home tomorrow, do you mind if I stay here tonight?”

“I like having you here.” Seifer ran his hair through Squall’s hair and drew him in for a kiss. The brunette kissed back softly, he felt too tired to be passionate, the kiss was gentle.

“Ellone’s not a bad person; she’ll come around.”

“You think?”

“I know.”

The storm raged outside, Raine paced up and down the large patio door staring hopefully outside at the road, hoping Squall would come home.

Ellone sat on the sofa eating chocolate ice cream, (The ‘I been dumped’ food) watching an old movie, she glanced up at her mother a few times but tried to ignore her, she didn’t want to think about Squall or Seifer yet.

“Do you think he’s alright?”

She frowned and looked up at Raine. She did feel a bit guilty; she knew where Squall was. The brunette girl reached for her mobile phone and looked through her phone book for Seifer’s number. She thought about it and glanced back up at her mother again.

“Mum,” she pasted the older woman the phone. “Ring Seifer.”

“You think he would go there?”

The brunette girl nodded.

Squall wore a white wool robe and he sat on Seifer’s bed. He felt so tired all he wanted to do was sleep. He leant back on the pillows. When the blonde came out of the bathroom Squall was lightly dozing, the blonde lay beside the other, shifting them to get comfy. The brunette and groaned when the phone beside his head rang loudly, Seifer leaned across him to answer it.


“Seifer? Is my son there?”

The blonde covered the receiver. “Squall, it’s your mother. Do you want to speak to her?”

Squall groaned and rolled over, facing away from Seifer.

“She’s worried about you.”

Reluctantly the brunette took the phone and Seifer left them alone to talk.

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