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Meant To Be

Chapter 7 - (The phone call)

By Purple Penguin

When Squall came home that evening for once he was happy. Ha had gone to Seifer’s place after school for a few hours. It had taken a pizza and loads of making-out for him to really like Seifer’s place.

“Where have you been?”

Squall glanced up to see his sister watching a movie on the sofa. “With a friend.”

She smirked. “You look happy, are you sure he was just a friend.”

“Yes, I’m sure.” He leaned over the back of the sofa to speak to her.

“That a love bite on your neck?” She teased.

The brunette stood up quickly, a hand going up to his neck. “What? Where?”

She giggled. “I was kidding. So who was he?” She smiled.

Squall looked slightly guilty as he backed away from the sofa and headed into the kitchen for food. “A friend.”

His sister got up and followed him, leaning on the counter while he looked in the fridge. “Interesting friend, can I have a friend like that?”

The brunette shrugged.

“I’d love for us to have boyfriends together, what’s he like?”

Squall closed the fridge. “He’s not my boyfriend.” He’s yours.

She shrugged. “Whatever.”

She went back to her movie and he joined her.

“So... is he cute?”

He looked at her. “You don’t give up, do you?”

“Nope. You knew what my boyfriend looks like so I think you should return the favour.”

Squall looked down, feeling uncomfortable. As of today he’d seen her boyfriend half-naked, he’s run his hands over her boyfriend’s body, so yeah he knew him pretty well.

“He’s beautiful.”

“Aww, that’s sweet.” She smiled. “Are you guys official yet?”

Squall’s mood decreased. “No, it’s complicated.”

“Well uncomplicate it then, I like to see you this happy, you deserve happiness.”

Those words had the opposite affect.

Did he deserve it? Really? Cause I nice deserving person wouldn’t put his sister and the guy he loved through hurt and pain would they? Both his and his sister’s happiness was temporary, Seifer would dump both of them soon, hopefully not too soon Squall was just getting used to having a boyfriend.

He got up off the sofa and headed for the stairs.

“Squall? You leaving already?”

“Yeah, I’m tired, long day. Tell mum I’ll be skipping dinner.”

He left the puzzled Ellone on the sofa. “But it’s only six o’clock.”

She hoped Squall would be okay, his whole finding out about the gay thing was tough on him. His so-called friends turned on him. She always felt guilty about what happened to her brother, the guy who outed him was an ex of hers. The guy’s name was Kane, she thought he was a good guy, that’s why she risked introducing him to Squall. She shouldn’t have trusted him, if she hadn’t brought him home then he would have outed her brother and ruined his life.

She couldn’t believe Irvine had turned on him as well, they had photos of those two playing together in the garden.

She jumped slightly when the phone rang. She moved along the edge of the sofa to answer it.


“Hey baby.”

“Hi Seifer.” She smiled. “What have you been up to?”

“Nothing much.”

“I haven’t seen you for a while; I started to think you’d got bored of me.”

She heard Seifer laughed nervously. “Of course not, I’ve been busy with homework and stuff.”

“Yeah, I remember homework, what lesson is it for?”

“Er..... Human biology.....”

“So, is this just a social call or did you want something?”

“Actually yeah, there’s something I wanted to talk you about, could I meet you somewhere tomorrow after school?”

“Tomorrow? Well what about today? Now? I’m not busy.”

“Er.....I g-guess so.”

“Will the park be okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you there at 7:00.”


“See ya.”

The same phone call but this time from Seifer’s pov.

I paced back and forth staring at the phone for half an hour. After Squall had left, I knew what I had to do. I’m not the type to two time; I don’t like hurting people behind their backs. I had to break up with the sister. I’d had a fantastic couple of hours here with Squall, we ordered a pizza, I told him to relax and make himself at home. He’s so neat and tidy, if he dropped a few crumbs on the couch; he’d apologize and try to pick up every last one.

My mum will like him; she has to meet him. She’s met all my other boyfriends.

Finally after several deep breaths I picked up the phone and dialled Ellone’s number, I’d only done three digits when I froze. What if Squall answers the phone? I can’t ask him to give the phone to his sister and I definitely can’t tell him that I’m going to dump her. I continued to dial and prayed to every god I knew that Squall didn’t answer the phone.


Thank god, it was Ellone.

“Hey baby.” That’s it, keep it causal.

“Hi Seifer, what have you been up to?”

“Nothing much.” I forced a smile before I realized that she couldn’t see me was it didn’t matter what I looked like.

“Haven’t seen you for a while, I started to think you had got bored of me.”

I laughed nervously. Calm down that’s not true. I do care about her. “Of course not. It’s just I’ve been busy, you know with homework and stuff.”

“Yeah, I remember homework, what lesson is it for?”

“Er....” Think of something quick! English? No, she has a friend in that class, so she might check up on me. Physical education? I smiled despite the situation. If tonsil hockey were a real school class, Squall would get top marks.

“Human Biology.” I winced, had I said that out loud? That’s a terrible excuse.

“So is this a social call or did you want something?”

Yes, deep breaths. “Actually yeah, I wanted to talk to you about something; can I meet you somewhere tomorrow after school?”

“Tomorrow? What about today? Now?”

That’s a bit short notice, it took me half an hour to pick up the phone, I need time, but what do I say to her?

“Er....I g-guess so.” I winced, no you’re supposed to put her off, not agree.

“Okay, will the park be okay?”

Mutual territory. “Yeah, great. I’ll see you there at 7:00.”


“See ya.”

Seven?! What was I thinking that’s not enough time, that only gives me an hour to panic. Okay, calm down. It can’t be that hard, can it?

The same phone call yet again.

I sat on my bed; I had to escape Ellone and her questions. It was bad enough that she knew I had a boyfriend but I knew that she’d want to know everything about us.

I jumped when the phone rang. I reached over for the phone beside my bed.


Ellone had already picked it up so I was about to put it down when I heard his voice.

“Hey baby.”

Seifer? I didn’t think he still rang Ellone anymore, before I meet him, my sister was always on the phone to her boyfriend.

“Hi Seifer. what you been up to?”

“Nothing much.”

I held back the whimper, he didn’t mean that. It was just cover up; I had to remind myself sometimes. I just didn’t want to lose him.

“Haven’t seen you for a while, I started to think you’d got bored of me.”

I heard Seifer laugh nervously. I knew it must be tough on him to lie to her so much after all he was a good guy really.

“Of course not, I’m just been busy, you knew with homework and stuff.”

“Hmm, I remember homework, what class is it for?”

“Human biology.”

I had to bite my lip to stop the laughter. I knew that must make me sound heartless towards my own sister but I couldn’t help it, Seifer’s strange excuses were funny. I put the phone back to my ear hoping I didn’t miss much.

“-I want to talk about something, could we meet tomorrow after school?”

My heart skipped a beat. Oh no. Not now, it was too soon. Would he leave me too? Make a clean break of it?

“Tomorrow? What about today? Now?”

Now!? I can’t lose him now! I’ve only just got him. I stared at the phone after they hung up, listening to the dialling tone. What if Kurt was right? What if I lose him? What if I get into his car tomorrow before school and he breaks up with me then? What will I do without?

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