Author's Notes: Right at the end there’s a non-graphic sex scene. I skipped bits, like you know in movies when one minute you’re just kissing and it’s fades and then when it goes back they’ve doing other things. I tried to do that but I don’t think it worked too well.

Love Bug

Chapter 17

By Purple Penguin

The dance had just started and not many people were there yet. Xu and Quistis wore their Seed uniform even though Selphie said the girls didn’t have to. Quistis spotted Squall and Lark and went over to greet them.

“Well, well you look nice in your tux.” She told Lark.

He smiled. “Thanks.”

“Doesn’t he Squall?” She smiled. Nothing like a round of tease Squall.

The brunette frowned at Quistis for putting him on the spot. He nodded at his lover.

“No need to be shy we won’t bite.” She told him.

“Well I don’t know about you Quistis but I might bite.” He paused to grin at Squall before adding. “Not that you mind though right?”

The glare deepened but the dark blush that spread over his cheeks wasn’t very threatening. He turned to walk away. “I’m sure Quistis has better things to do than stand around here.”

“Actually no I don’t.”

“I hate you.”

The other two laughed.

Quistis looked up to see Irvine in a tux. Wow there’s first. “Excuse me.” She smiled at Lark before jogging over to the cowboy.

“Irvine!” She called to get his attention.

“Quisty.” He cooed.

“I like the tux though I’m not sure the cowboy hat goes with it very well.”

“I said that but he never listens to me.” Nida said as he walked up to join the two. He wore his uniform.

Irvine took the hat off his head and put it on Nida’s head. “Better?”

“Much.” She smiled at the pilot. “Suits you.”

“Thanks... I think.”

Quistis looked back at Irvine but the cowboy was no longer looking at them, he stared up at the stage. She turned following his gaze. Selphie stood there admiring her work with a guy they had never seen before. He had short black spiked hair; he wore jeans and a t-shirt, which was strange for a dance. He had chains hanging from his belt and his jeans hung low over a pair of worn trainers.

“Who’s that guy?”

“I don’t know he’s not a cadet is he?”

“No I think I know all the new cadets and I’ve never seen him before.”

Selphie smiled at her work, the room was starting to fill with people. The ceiling was full of ribbons and helium balloons. Tables with food and drink were laid out at the side of the room, tables were around the room for people to sit at and of course there was a lot of space for dancing.

“It looks good; we did a good job.”

“Yeah.” She agreed. “Thanks for your help by the way.”

“S’okay, sorry about the jeans I don’t have a tux..... or anything but jeans really.”

She smiled. “Don’t worry about it.” She didn’t have time to get changed either she still wore her usual yellow dress. She spotted Irvine, Nida and Quistis together and waved at them.

“Come there’s some people I want you to meet.” She jumped off the stage and he followed her.

“Hey guys having fun?”

“Hey Seffie yeah it’s good.”

“Cool. Guys this is Chris he helped me set up the festival after Squall forgot to give me any cadets to help.”

Her friends shook hands with him. “So are you starting here?”

“No I just moved to Balamb and thought I’d look around a bit.”

Xu looked on at the meeting she stood with Squall and Lark. The brunette smirked.

“Do you know him?” She asked.

“Can you keep a secret?”

She smiled. Ooh gossip. “Yes, what is it? Tell me.”

“I made a bet with Irvine that I could find Selphie a guy, someone she’d like.”


He pointed to Chris. “That’s him.”

“No way!”

Lark grinned. “Yes way.”

“Squall I never knew you were a matchmaker.”

“I wish I’d bet some money on this now.”

Irvine walked over to them and frowned. What was Squall smirking at?

“Have you seen the new guy that Selphie’s with?”

The other three smirked.

“Okay what am I missing?”

Xu shrugged and went to find Quistis.

“I think I won the bet.”

“Bet? What-” He paused looking back at Chris. “You mean he’s-”

The other two nodded.

“Does Selphie know?”


“That’s cheating!”


“I-I don’t know it just is.”

“Why? Because I won.”

The cowboy frowned. Squall wasn’t going to get away with this, this was war. Irvine walked back over to Selphie. Squall’s smirk fell off his face as the cowboy whispered to the petite girl while keeping one eye on the brunette. Selphie walked over to him with her hands on her hips. The cowboy grinned at Squall over her head.

“Squall I excepted Irvine but not you.” Her tone turned softer and she smiled. “Though luckily you have better taste in men than he does.”

“So you don’t mind? Really?”

Irvine’s face was a classic. “B-But that’s not fair! When I did it you hated it!”

“Irvy no offence but you set me up with a wet fish. You have terrible taste in men!”


“Oh sorry Nida, I didn’t mean you.”

Squall smirked at the cowboy who frowned. Squall wasn’t going to get away with this; he’ll get his revenge. Somehow.


Seifer knocked on Zell’s door.

“Zell? You there? We’ll be late soon.”

There was a muffled sound from inside.


“Seifer? Help!”

The tall blonde tried the door but it was locked. He hesitated for a moment but they could replace one door and Zell needed help. He kicked the door in and gingerly went inside. “Zell? Where are you?”

“In the kitchen. Don’t laugh.”

Laugh? Why would he laugh? Oh hyne what had he done now?

The blonde stopped in the kitchen doorway. “Oh Hyne Zell.”

“I forgot the hole was there. I’m stuck!”

The little blonde was stuck between the two floors. His thighs were stuck with his knees downwards were out of sight hanging though the ceiling. He saw Seifer smirk and pointed at him in warning. “Don’t. The ceiling’s digging into my legs. Help!”

The taller blonde gingerly stepped onto the creaking floor. “How do you get into those things?”

“Blame cid and his crappy garden, the floor should been able to hold a little water.” He tried to push himself up. Seifer stepped forward and took an arm, pulling the little blonde up. Zell wriggled his legs, breaking more floor so he wasn’t stuck anymore. Seifer stepped a foot forward to get a better hold. He foot went straight through the ceiling below. Zell fell through desperately clutching onto the other man’s arm.

“Don’t let go, please don’t let go.”

The ceiling creaked and Seifer felt himself slipping. “I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.” He tried one last tug and the ceiling under his feet calloused. Both blondes plummeted down to the bed below.

Zell landed first onto Cindy’s bed, Seifer landed half on top of him. “Soft landing at least that’s something, right?”

The tall blonde rolled completely on top of him as the washing machine fell through the ceiling. Seifer looked back at it, glad it hadn’t hit them. “See you are lucky.”

Zell shook his head a little to get rid of some of the dust but his face was inches from Seifer’s. “Lucky? I’ve trashed my kitchen; Squall and Cindy are both going to kill me and-” He paused. Seifer was looking at him in the strangest way. “What are you looking at me like that for?”

The taller blonde kissed him hard, Zell returned it opening his mouth to Seifer. He jumped slightly feeling fingers disappear under his shirt to touch skin.

“You have cold hands.”

The blonde chuckled slightly. “You going to help me warm them up then?”

Zell smiled. He pushed Seifer’s trench coat off his shoulders and pulled him down at the front of his shirt for other kiss.

Three junior class men were in the hallways they were given the key to Cindy’s dorm to pick up some things for her. The three of them took the lift up to the right floor and got out.

Seifer paused letting his new lover get used to the new sensation. He leant over him. “You okay?” He wiped the few tears back with his hand. “Want me to stop?”

Zell shook his head. Wincing at the first few gentle thrusts. Seifer shifted angle slightly and his lover moaned in pleasure, causing the taller blonde to grin. Zell started to lean back into the thrusts.

The cadets put the key in the door and looked around the living room for what they needed.

Zell threw his head back and whispered his lover’s name as he came. Seifer came with a grunt after a few more hard thrusts. They both calloused on the dusty bed, panting. They body hot and covered in sweat.

Zell frowned hearing a gasp. He looked up into the faces of three very shocked junior class men. Seifer chuckled slightly while Zell simply stared in horror. Squall was so going to kill him.

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