Love Bug

Chapter 16

By Purple Penguin

I saw on the floor in front of the TV watching cartoons, it was still early so I had plenty of time before I had to be in the quad to sort things out for tonight’s dance.

Someone knocked on the door; I hopped up to answer expecting it to be one of the guys. It was a guy but I’d never seen him before, he looked about my age. He had long-ish curly brown hair, he wore black cut-off black pants and a pale blue shirt that was un-tucked and some of the buttons were done up wrong. His eyes looked strange sort of glassy, for a minute I thought he was high.

“Are you Selphie?”

“Um...Who are you?”

The strange guy clapped his hands that were holding flowers to his chest in joy. That gesture reminded me of Rinoa.

“You’re even more beautiful than I was told.” He marched in past me without waiting to be asked in and threw the flowers down on the coffee table.

“Nice room.” He saw the TV was on and walked up to it. “You watch cartoons?” He looked at me in shock before he grabbed the remote and turned over to some porno thing. He sat down on the floor watching two lesbians whip each other.

I was still frozen in shock. “A-And you are?”

“Huh? What?”

“Your name?”

“Oh my name’s Gib but you can call me...” He gave me a grin. “What all my lovers call me, Mr Snuggles.”

I gave him a worried and disgusted look. “Why are you here?”

“I’m your new boyfriend of course.”

“Oh... What?!” I walked over in front of the TV to get his attention.

He gently pushed me aside. “I’m busy now but don’t worry I’ll make time for your needs too.” He soothed then turned back to the TV.

I was speech less for once. “W-Who are you? I don’t know you. You are not my boyfriend!”

“Yeah I am your friend set us up because you were getting desperate.”

I stopped dead. “Friend?” Who was it? I’ll kill them. “Did they really say desperate?”

“No but I could tell that’s what he meant. I saw him in a club yesterday.”

“What did he look like?”

“Tall with a hat.”

I clenched my fists. “Cowboy hat?”

He nodded.

That cowboy was so dead. I stood there not knowing what to do for a minute. Was murder really that dead? I’m Squall would let me off if he meet the guy. I stormed out of my dorm; it was breakfast time everyone was probably in the cafeteria.

All six of my guys were crowded around the same table on any other day but this one I’d be happy that they were getting along so well. They with fell silent when I marched up to the table. Were they all in on it?

“Hey Seffie.” Irvine greeted. “What’s wrong?”

“You should know. There’s loser in my dorm and it’s your fault.”

Squall frowned. “Loser?”

“He didn’t tell you?”

Everyone looked blank except Nida who frowned at his lover and Irvine who was trying to sink into the table.

“Irvine picked up a druggy from a club to be my boyfriend.”

“What?!” They all said at once.

Squall glared at the cowboy.

“W-Well Zell said you were lonely.”

“Hey don’t try to pin this on me cowboy I wasn’t even there!”

“Well I’m not lonely now because the arsehole won’t leave!”

He looked guilty; good he should be very guilty. I looked over the whole table. “He’s in my dorm watching some porno thing, I’m going back there in an hour so he better not still be there by then.” I turned and marched off to the quad.

Every single person at the table glared at me. “What? How was I supposed to know he was a loony?”

“You shouldn’t have done it at all!” Squall snapped.

Squall was starting to scare me; he was going into mean mode.

“Oh come on Squall she was lonely okay? She must have been with all her friends paired up; maybe I could try again.”

“No!” Everyone said in unison.

I frowned at Nida. “You’re supposed to be on my side.”

“I knew it was bad when you wouldn’t introduce me to him.”

“Fine I’ll get rid of him.” I stood up but didn’t make a move to leave, everyone watched me. “Will someone come with me?”

Seifer smirked. “Scared?”


“I’ll go.” Squall and Zell said at the same time. “I want to meet him.” Zell continued and Squall nodded.

“Okay then.” The three of us marched off to Selphie’s room. It reminded me of those old gangster movies where muscle men would go take out the bad guys except this time take out the well-dressed muscle and put in two gay guys and me. All of us completely unarmed not that Zell needed to be armed.

Squall opened the door with his master key that opened all the rooms in the garden. I often asked if I could borrow it but he always gave me the damned glare as the only response. The guy sat in front of the TV watching a porn movie. Hmm don’t think I’ve seen this one maybe Squall will let me quickly run to my dorm and tape it, bit I doubt he will though. All about business is our commander at least at the moment.

The guy looked up at us and grinned at me. “Hey that girl was prettier than you said she was, can I keep her?”

I tried to smile back but I could feel the Squall glare digging into my back. “There’s been a mix up and you have to leave now, sorry.”

“What you talking about man? Where’d my baby go?”

“She never was yours.” Squall hissed.

I swore Squall was a sort of cat in a previous life, one minute he’s roll over and let you stroke him and the next minute he was hissing and spitting at everyone.

The guy in front of the TV glanced at Squall then back at me. “Who’s this guy?”

I opened my mouth but Squall spoke for me. “This is my garden you’re trespassing here and I want you gone.”

The guy pointed at me. “But he said-”

“He’s an idiot.”

I frowned at the brunette. Thanks Squall don’t hold anything back will you. He glared at me and I looked at the floor pathetically. “I’m sorry.” I whispered to him.

“C-Can I just finish watching my movie? You can watch it too.”

Squall merely glared.


“No, get out. Now.”

The guy got up. “I’m going.” The door shut behind him.

“Well done Squall that was really- Ow! What was that for?” I rubbed the back of my head where Squall had hit me.

“How could you think that guy washer type?”

“W-Well she’s not very fussy.”

He rolled his eyes. “I doubt that guy is anyone’s type.”

“Oh and you think you can do better?”

“Yes I do actually.”

“Fine.” I held out a hand.


“I bet you can’t find a guy that she’ll actually like.”

Zell opened his mouth to protest but Squall took the cowboy’s hand. “Deal.”

“You guys are going to get into so much trouble I want to say that I am so against this and if Selphie gets mad I was nothing to do with it.”

I told in the incomplete ballroom all by myself. Squall had promises me the help of some cadets but he must have forgotten because there was no one here. I still had lots of things to do before the dance started tonight. Do you know how hard it is to put up a banner on your own? I hooked up one side but by when I went around the other way the side had already fallen down again.

“You need a hand?”

I looked down at a guy I had never seen before. He climbed up the other ladder and together we hooked up the banner.

“Thanks and you are?”

“Name’s Chris I’m -um new here I’m just moved to Balamb.”

“I’m Selphie.”

“You on your own?”

“Yeah the commander was supposed to give me some help but I guess he forgot.”

“I can help I have nothing to do now.”

I smiled. “Thanks.”

I looked in at Selphie and the guy I had got for her, I was a genius. Someone who was interested in the only thing that she cared about. Festivals.

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