Love Bug

Chapter 18

By Purple Penguin

I stared at the floor feeling the heat rise to my cheeks. I understood the situation but was Squall trying to embarrass us to death or something. Well embarrass me to death, Seifer seemed to think the whole thing was funny. We said we were sorry what else did he want? I wasn’t all our fault I didn’t know the floor couldn’t stand up to a little water did I? Okay so we sort of wreaked my kitchen and Cindy’s ceiling and traumatized a few cadets but they were 11 in a couple of years they would have sex ed class anyway so where was the harm. We just helped they get a head start in their class.

“I wondered why you never showed up at the dance, I see now that you have better things to do.”

I blushed. Now he was doing it on purpose. I bet he would have rather stayed in with Lark than gone to Selphie’s dance.

“I’ll pay for the damage Squall.”

“No I have a better idea.”

“What?” I frowned in confused.

“Well destroy your kitchen completely and put a ladder leading to the dorm below.”


“It costs less.” He turned to Seifer. “You’ll be switching dorms with Cindy and moving into the dorm beside Zell.” He gave me a look. “Which at least next time it will give you less far to go.”

I blushed deeper and stared at the floor.


I turned and tried hard not to run from the room with Seifer hot on my heels. One thing I’ve learnt about Seifer was before he was sort of hesitant around me even after he kissed me, maybe it was the sex but he definitely wasn’t shy anymore.

I stepped into the lift and was instantly pulled across the lift and into his arms. I smirked at me; god how I’d missed that smirk.

“You want to help me move dorms? You can help me test out the new bed.”

“I thought the old one worked fine.”

I leaned down to kiss me and I eagerly opened my mouth to my new-lover. New lover? I liked the way that sounded.

The lift stopped, the doors opened and someone stepped in. We didn’t even look up to see who it was. The doors closed again. There was a bright flash and we pulled apart slightly, Seifer still had his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. Selphie stood behind us grinning she held what looked like a digital camera.

“Where did you get that?”

“Squall’s office.” She looked guilty. “I might have stolen it.”

I smirked. “Well he deserves it sometimes for being a bastard.”

She waved us on. “Carry on you two make great footage.”

“Thanks.... I think.”

She continued excitedly. “I’ve taken some great photos and Squall’s got two on there already do you want to see them?”

I was about to refuse but Seifer grinned. “Yeah I want to see what photos Prince Ice Prick took with that camera.”

In the library 10 minutes later.

Selphie brought up 15 photos that were on the film. She clicked on the first one. It was the dance; Irvine and Nida sat at a table unaware of the camera. The pilot looked flushed and uncomfortable, the cowboy grinned at him with one hand on the table and the other......

“Where’s his other hand?”

I grimaced. “I don’t think you want to know. Selphie are all your photos of people doing... things.”

She smiled innocently and clicked on another one.

“Oh lesbians.” Seifer said.

Quistis sat on Xu’s lap they were smiling at each other.

“What? I thought it was sweet. I like that picture.”

“Let’s just see Squall’s photos then we have to go and-”


“What? NO!” I yelled in disgust.

But Seifer shrugged. “Well... yeah.”

“And move dorms.” I added.

Selphie clicked on one of Squall’s photos.


Seifer fell off his chair.

Selphie laughed. “Our commander’s kinky.”

“Oh scared for life! And he said we were traumatizing.”

 Selphie clicked print on the photo that had Squall dressed in full sexy women’s lacy red underwear right down to the suspenders and corset. He pouted sexily at the camera.

“Well you think you know people.”

“What? Are you printing that thing? Why?”

“I like it, it’s sexy. You can’t deny it’s sexy.”

“I can.” Seifer said. “But I like the idea. Hey Chickie I want a photo of you naked.”

“Never going to happen.”

“Hey do you guys think we should tell Lark about this?”

“He might already know, he could have taken the picture for all we know.”

“Tell me what?”

The three of us leapt up at the sound of the cadet’s voice. Selphie stood in front of the computer screen.

Seifer grinned. “You know after Squall embarrassed us in his office I think this is just deserves.”

I returned the grin and pulled Selphie out of the way but an arm.

The cadet gaped at the screen. “W-Where did you get this?”

“I stole a camera from Squall’s office.” Selphie said guiltily.

“So you didn’t take the photo?”

“No. Are there more?”

“One more yeah.”

There was a pause before the cadet took the middle chair and grabbed the mouse with a grin. He took a disk from the pot beside the computer and saved the photo of Squall in underwear onto it then he clicked on the other one. Seifer and I hid our eyes as a very naked Squall appeared on the screen and he wasn’t alone. Lark lay with his chest pressed to Squall’s back, both of them naked. The cadet’s long hair spilling all over Squall’s neck and shoulders. Lark hit the back button quickly and saved that photo onto the disk too. He deleted them from the film on the camera.

“Hey what are you doing? You can’t do that!” Selphie protested.

“You can’t keep them.”

“But I want a copy of the one with you in it.”



The cadet hurried out of the library.

Selphie grinned and collected her picture of Squall in underwear from the printer. She folded it and hid it under her dress then she ran after Lark begging for a copy of the other photo.

Seifer pushed himself up. “Come on you can come help me try out the new bed. Oh and bring the camera with you.”

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