Love Bug

Chapter 15

By Purple Penguin

Selphie’s pov.

I giggled at the kiddie sized seed uniform that seed held up.

“It’s not funny.”

I cleared my throat and tried to look serious but Seifer was putting me off and I had to laugh. “What the hell did you do to it?”

“I washed it.”

“Hmmm.” I shook my head. “You’re impossible, what are you going to wear to the dance?”

“That’s what I wanted to ask you, can’t I wear a tux?”

“Well I pulled the dance forward to the day before the exam.”


I looked at him like he had three heads. “So we can have another party of course. The non-seeds will be wearing tuxes so you’ll fit right in well.”

He looked relieved. “Thanks.”

“S’okay I’m glad everyone’s happy. I saw Irvy today. I can see that things are going well.” I winked at him.

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Of course I’m too great to be petty enough not to be okay.”

“All we need now is for you to find a guy and we’re all set.”

I scoffed. “All the good guys are gay; in fact to me most guys in general seem gay.”

“Don’t you have a date for this dance of yours?”

“I’m too busy I have to play hostess.”

He frowned.

“I’m fine really, besides....” I grinned. “Who would be able to keep up with me?” I patted him on the shoulder and marched off.

Zell’s pov.

I watched her go.

“Are we going to go then?” Seifer asked.

I slowly walked after him. Seifer had blamed me for not letting him have time for breakfast yet.”

“Do you think Selphie’s lonely?”

“She said she was fine.”

“I know that’s what she said but she didn’t mean it.”

I spotted Irvine and Nida in the cafeteria. “We can ask Irvine.”

“Ask me what? What are we talking about?” He asked as I dropped into a chair at their table and Seifer went up to the counter for breakfast.

“Selphie.” I frowned at them, realizing something. “Have you two been here all day?”

Nida nodded. “Yeah it’s Saturday we’ve got no where to go.”

“O-kay, but to Selphie. Do you think she’s lonely?”

“Selphie? She doesn’t have time to be lonely.”

“That’s what she said that she doesn’t have time, but don’t you think that it’s kind of bad that we’re all paired up and she’s alone?”

Seifer pulled up a chair with a plate of toast.

“Well what can we do? She won’t like it if we interfere.”

Irvine grinned suddenly. “Maybe we can help, she doesn’t have the time but we do.”

“For what?”


I groaned. Oh hyne, trust Irvine to get all the stupid ideas.

“I don’t think-”

“Tonight me and Nida will go out man hunting it’ll be great, think how happy she’ll be when a fit guy turns up on her doorstep.”

We all cringed but he wouldn’t be put off.

Nida’s pov.

“Are you sure this is the right place to find Selphie a guy? A bi-sexual bar?”

“Yeah it’s casual, friendly we can just go up to people and ask.”

“Friendly? But half the guys will be gay.”

“And the other half will be straight and bi and that’s what we want. Remember someone hyper and on the go is needed.”

I followed my lover into the club. A hyper guy, yeah cos they grow on trees. We went over to the bar and Irvine turned to me.

“Okay we’ll split up and meet back here in half an hour.”

He was gone before I could protest. Splitting up? I hoped I wouldn’t have to say anything. I was never good at this, even when I was trying pull people for me I was never good at this. I couldn’t see Irvine anymore, I hoped this was just for Selphie. I pushed off the bar and walked through the centre of the room, okay don’t panic there’s a lot of guys here pick one. A guy with messy red hair crossed my path and I called him over.

“Are you straight?”

He looked a little shocked at the question. “Bi.”

“Close enough, Single?”

He smiled. “You’re not my type.”

“No, not me.” He was already moving away. “Come back!”

“I’ll have you.” An arm draped around my shoulders. I flinched hoping it was Irvine but the hair was shorter, darker and his eyes were blue. I looked round at him.

He smiled at me. “You’re cute.”

“No, not me I’m not single.” That didn’t seem to put him off though. I didn’t want to do this and that’s why. When I was single that never happened to me and now that I wasn’t people wanted me, what’s up with that?

I shrugged him off and headed for the bar. “I need a drink.”

“Great I’ll buy you one.”

“No thank you.”

Either he didn’t hear or he didn’t care. I sat at the bar with the guy. “Listen. I. Have. A. Boyfriend. I was looking for a guy for my friend.”

“Male friend? Does he look like you?”

“Female friend.”

“Oh.” He looked a little disappointed.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. “I found a guy for Selphie.”

I looked round at Irvine. “Already?”

“Yeah I told you I was good at this, he’s perfect for her.” His eyes fell on the guy that I sat with. “Who’s this?”

“Just a guy, he brought me a drink.”

The cowboy narrowed his eyes at the guy, who got up and left. “I can take a hint.”

Irvine sat in his seat. “You were supposed to be looking for guys for Selphie.”

“I know that I didn’t do anything, he said I was cute.”

“Well you are.”

“Um... Thanks.” I got up. “So now that’s it’s over can we go now?”

“What’s the rush? Stay dance with me, drink with me then we can go home and I’ll fuck your brains out.”

“Gee you’re sure a romantic.”

Zell’s pov.

I entered the area of destruction known as the kitchen armed with a mop. I frowned, setting foot on the now dry kitchen floor. Where had all the water gone?

Seifer came in. “That was quick.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Then who did? The mop fairies?”

I frowned at him. “I’m serious. All the water just disappeared.”

“Um Zell this is the E wing of the dorms right?”

“Yeah why?”

He grinned suddenly. “The junior class men’s dorms are down there.”

I paled. “Oh hyne Squall’s going to kill me.”

“I’d deny all knowledge if I were you.”

“B-But he’ll know, I told Selphie and Quistis and where else would all the water have come from?”

“Er- Big waves?”

“We’re on land.”

I walked over and leant on the washing machine. “Seifer?”


“I-I think the washing machine’s sinking.”


I felt the floor with my feet and the beams creaked ominously.

“Garden should be stronger than that, I’m sure it won’t break.” I moved towards me and pulled me back towards the living room to be safe. Two steps later and my foot went through the ceiling.

A female screamed below. Seifer and I looked down through the hole. “Sorry Cindy.”

Cindy the medic lived down there to look after the junior class men. She had been going dressed so she was half-naked. She covered herself up quickly glaring at Seifer.

“S’okay I don’t swing that way.” To prove his point he pulled me forward by the collar and kissed me.

“What have you done to my ceiling? Where did all the water come from?!”

“Yeah we’re sorry about that, we’ll fix it don’t worry.” We pulled back from the hole before she could protest.

“I wish you’d stop doing that.” I told Seifer. First he kisses me in the training centre just to get his way and now he does it again to prove a point.


“Kissing me for convenience.”

He frowned. “As usual I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Never mind.”

“You don’t like it when I kiss you?” He looked a little hurt.

“Yes- no- I mean not that way!”

“Not what way?”

He leaned forward and kissed me passionately and I returned it, my fingers had a tight grip on his trench coat. He broke the kiss. “That way?”


He smirked at me.


“You want to stay here and make out for a while?”

I grinned in return. I could get used to this.

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