Love Bug

Chapter 14

By Purple Penguin

I glared at the happy couple who had sat down opposite me. I’m glad everyone had a better night than I did. I had to spend the night in the infirmary for observation, which was just stupid I’m fine. Seifer didn’t have to stay though he did until the doctor threw him out. He sat beside my bed and we played I spy to cure my boredom.

I dug my spoon into my cereal, how was anyone supposed to eat with that going on in front of them? Okay so maybe I was a little biased I mean the guy I’ve been trying to get into the pants of years was sitting in someone else’s lap. Yeah you heard me right, Squall the ice prick Leonhart had his arms round a guy that he had known for five seconds. They started to make out again right in front of me. Were they purposely trying to make me feel bad?

“I’m trying to eat here.”

Squall gave me a look and got up to get some cereal.

Lark leaned across the table. “Yeah man but you how it is.”

I watched him watch Squall. “You slept with him? Already?”


I starred in shock. “Squall doesn’t like anyone brushing up against him much less-”

“I heard that but-” He trailed off as the brunette came back to the table and sat down in his own chair this time, causing his lover to pout.

Oh this was just too sickening. I had to go anyway soon. I grimaced as they started playing tonsil hockey again. I looked away from them and spotted Nida and Irvine come in their arms wrapped around each other. Why was everyone getting laid but me? I got up and left in disgust not even finishing my cereal.

I headed to my dorm. Selphie had told me that all the guys had to wear their SeeD uniform to the dance. I think the exam is just before the dance so hopefully Seifer, Irvine and Lark will be in full uniform. I found myself imagining Seifer in uniform and blushed at the warm feeling that passed through me.

I went into my dorm and opened the closet, looking for my uniform. It had fallen off the hanger and lay on the floor in a scrunched heap. I pulled it out and looked over the wrinkled material. It needed a good wash. I took it into the kitchen and shoved it in the washing machine. Yes I have my own washing machine, not that I use it much but it can’t that hard to use can it? I didn’t have washing power so I used washing-up liquid, what’s the difference? I put it in for a long wash and left it alone. That wasn’t that hard.

I looked over at Irvine and Nida as they sat down at their table with some cereal. Nida kept glared at Lark and lover was staring tat the table.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He gestured to our empty bowls. “Do you want to leave?”

I shrugged and followed him out. “What was all that about then?”

“All what about?”

“You and Nida.”

“Oh that.” He took my hand as we walked and surprisingly I didn’t pull away. “We used to date a long time ago.”

“You and Nida? Really?”

“Yeah well we were friends first and well it kind of ruined our friendship and now he won’t speak to me.”

“What happened? You didn’t cheat on him or anything like that did you?”

“No but I-um used to be a little like Irvine.”

“A slut?”

“Yeah sort of but I didn’t cheat on him. As my friend he knew how many people I’d been with and- um- paranoia break us apart.”

I nodded and we both lapsed into silence.

“Do you think he and Irvine will go the same way?”

“No Irvine’s good guy.” I said in the defence of my friend.

“Are you saying I’m not a good guy?”

“What? No!” For a minute there I thought he was serious but he grinned at me and looked at his watch. “I have half an hour before my first class I can think of a few things we could do to fill that time.” I grinned.

I smiled. “Slut.”

An hour later I walked back into the kitchen to check on my laundry.


The washing machine spewed foaming bubbles and a puddle of bubbles sat on the floor in front of it. I rushed over and tried to get it to stop but it wouldn’t respond in the middle of spinning. I faintly heard a knock on the door but I was too busy panicking. The soap and water were soaking my feet.

“Zell? Are you in there?”

Seifer! He’ll know what to do; he’s smarter than me.

I marched back to the front door and let him in. He was about to speak and then he saw my soaked pants and gave me a look.

“Seifer I have a crisis.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the kitchen again.

He gaped at the washing machine. “Holy fuck! What the hell did you do to it?!”

“This is not my fault! I had to wash my uniform but I had no washing power so I used washing up liquid.”

“Why didn’t you ask someone else for some washing power?”

I placed my hands on my hips. “How was I supposed to know there was a difference?”

I went back over to the washing machine. “Help me instead of just standing there.”

“You’ll have to wait till it stops.”

“I’ll be flooded by then.” I looked at the buttons. If I open the doors it’ll stop right? Most of the water was on the floor already.

“I have to open the doors.”

“Zell I don’t think you should-”

The door burst open and a tidal wave splashed all over me and the floor. My kitchen had turned into a river.

Seifer laughed but hid it behind a cough.

I glared at him and marched over but the floor was slippery with all the bubbles. I fell Seifer caught me and tripped over my legs so we both went down together. We landed with him lying on his back and me on top of him. The blonde burst out laughing, not worrying that he was now soaking wet.

“This is not funny.” I pushed up for his arms and pulled my uniform out of the washing machine, Seifer propped himself up on his elbows to see. I frowned and held up the shrunken uniform. Seifer fell back into the water again laughing his ass off.

“I shrunk it.”

“S-Selphie said anyone who’s lost their uniform has to wear-” He paused laughing. “The same as the women, a dress.”

My eyes widened in terror. “You’re lying she wouldn’t do that.” But I knew she would do that.

The blonde climbed to his feet. “I don’t know, I think you’d look real pretty in a dress.”

I gave him a shove, sending him crashing to the ground again with a splash.

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