Notes: Mild sexual content in this chapter, nothing too bad I’m not losing my account again.

Love Bug

Chapter 13

By Purple Penguin

As soon as the cowboy had stepped into the shower he pulled Nida into his arms and reached a hand round to pull his long hair loose from the orange band.

The shorter man ran a hand through the long strands, helping the water dampen it.

“I don’t know why you always tie your hair back; it’s too nice to tie up.”

The cowboy reached for the soap and started to wash his boyfriend’s torso, quickly heading south. The other man jumping feeling fingers inches from his groin. “What are you doing?”

The hand moved down farther and wrapped around the shorter man’s cock.

“No funny business you promised.”

Irvine grinned. “Okay I lied I never was a scout.” He turned on the puppy dog eyes to try and ease the frown that had suddenly appeared on Nida’s lips. Irvine nibbled on his boyfriend’s lower lips, feeling the frown melt and arms slid up his body to wrap round his neck. The couple kissed passionately, Irvine’s tongue slid into Nida’s mouth and the cowboy gave a few long strokes on his soon-to be lover’s cock.

The shorter man moaned into his mouth and his eyes flustered closed. His anger with Irvine disappeared as pleasure ran up his spine. The cowboy quickened the pace, pumping his lover faster. The shorter man broke the kiss leaning his head back, feeling Irvine lick up the trails of water that ran down his neck.

Nida grunted quietly as he came into Irvine’s hand.

The cowboy smiled, washing his fingers under the shower. “Okay?”

The other man nodded. “What about you?” He eyed the cowboy harden erection.

“Y-You don’t have to-”

Nida slowly grinned. “Wow. Who are you and what have you done with Irvine? You don’t want anything in return?”

“I wouldn’t say no to a hand job.”

“Maybe I can do better.” He smirked as he sank to his knees.

Squall jumped awake on the sofa panting and sweating. I picked up the remote and turned off the TV. He had been watching a very interesting and in no way sexual documentary about lions but yet somehow it still led to a sexy, exotic dream about Lark and himself handcuffed to bed. This just strengthened his lust, his frustration. Why was this happened to him? He never had sexual dreams before; he wasn’t a sexual person. How could this one guy, one hot sexy fuckable guy do this to him?

Squall ran his fingers through his hair and stretched. He sighed looking down at the bulge in his pants. Bits and pieces of his dream filtered back into his mind. Ghostly lips on his skin, feathery touches, frantic kisses. Would it be too strange if he ran up to Lark and yelled fuck me?

Would the other man laugh at him if he did?

Lunch today was just bad, so bad.

~Flashback to lunch~

Squall sat opposite Lark at a table in the cafeteria. The cadet was fresh from a training session with his class, leaving him shirtless and sweaty. Girls eyed him and giggled as they past. Squall glared at them as if to say ‘He’s mine and you’re not getting him’.

The excited cadet rambled on about his class training, how good it was what he thought he’d done well at but Squall wasn’t really listening. The brunette was trying to pay attention but all he could do was stare at the half-naked sexy cadet and daydream.

“Squall? Hello? Are you listening?”


The longhaired cadet frowned. “If I’m boring you then-”

“No! I-I’m sorry I’m just a little tired that’s all.”

Lark cocked his head at him in concern. “Are you alright? You look a little flushed.” I reached over and touched the side of the brunette’s face.

Squall pulled back quickly like he’d been struck. The cadet frowned in confusion and looked a little hurt. He continued talking hoping the brunette would relax. He glanced back at Squall a few times in concern.

“You’re hurt.”

Lark stopped talking. “What?”

Squall gestured to the blood strained skin on Lark’s left side.

“It’s just a scratch really.” He rubbed at it to show Squall that it was nothing but he accidentally winced.

The brunette gave him a look.

“Really I’m fine.” He reached over and took Squall’s lying it over his cut so he could feel that it was nothing.

The brunette’s eyes went wide, he pulled back so sharply that he toppled and fell off his chair. The memory of warm skin pressed against his still fresh in his mind from his dreams.

Cadets and seeds sniggered and clapped as their red faced commander climbed to his feet and fled, feeling very embarrassed.

~End flashback~

Squall exited his dorm walking to his doom or so it felt. He had to talk to Lark makeup an excuse for his behaviour the last thing he wanted was for Lark to think that he didn’t like him anymore. He knocked on the door and instantly it opened.

“Squall, I was just coming to see you.” He stood to one side letting his boyfriend into the room. “Are you okay?” He stepped closer and touched Squall’s shoulder. “You’re shaking.”

“I-I know I’ve been acting strange lately and I-I j-just wanted you t-to know that I-I’m fine now- really.”

The cadet looked concerned. “Are you sure? You don’t look fine; you’re still sort of acting weird.”

Squall opened his mouth to lie some more but the other man stopped him.

“D-Do you want to stop- you know- hanging out?”

“No!” Squall cleared his throat. Okay time for the truth. Here goes. “I-I’ve never said this sort of thing to anyone before s-so I’ll say it quickly. I’ve been uncomfortable around you because....”


“I-I-I-I-I t-think you’re- amazing....”

The cadet smiled.

“A-A-And I can’t stop thinking about us fuckinglikerabiddogs.” He rushed the last part, half hoping that he would understand.

It took a while for that to sink in. “Oh.”

The brunette fidgeting waiting for rejection. He didn’t look up so he jumped in shock when Lark pulled him in by the collar. The cadet laughed causing Squall to redden.

“Fucking like rabid dogs huh?”

The blush staining Squall’s cheeks deepened.

“So these dreams of yours... maybe you’d like to tell me about them one day.”

The brunette quickly shook his head; he’d gone all shy now that he finally got into his hopefully-soon-to-be lover’s arms.

“Wonder if I can live up to dream me?”

Squall looked at the big grin on the cadet’s face. “One way to find out.”

“And I thought you wanted rid of me.”

Why was he still talking? “Stop talking.” Kiss me dammit!

“Oh is there something else you’d rather I did with my mouth?”

“Kiss me.”

Lark did as he was told, surprised that Squall didn’t try to take control of the kiss. “The commander’s submissive?”

Squall wasted no time in small talk and started work on removing the other man’s pants. “Why are you still talking?” He wrapped his legs around Lark’s waist. “Fuck me!”

“Yes sir!”

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