Love Bug

Chapter 12

By Purple Penguin

I met Seifer at the entrance of the training centre. I leant on the wall as he approached me.

“Why did you want to meet me here?”

“I need a little help from an expert.”

I clapped a hand to my mouth in mock horror. “Seifer Almasy wants my help?”

He gave me a look. “We’re having lessons in hand-to-hand combat I thought you’d be up for soon practice.”


He pushed open the heavy doors and I followed. I cocked my head, noticing that Hyperion was absent at his side.

“You checking out my ass Chicken Wuss?”

I opened my mouth then shut it again. He hadn’t called me that in ages, I thought I’d seen the last of the nickname. I stared at him, not sure if I should be angry or not.

He noticed the silence and turned round, that same damned smirk on his face but his eyes sparkled in mischief instead of being narrowed in hatred.

I smiled back strangle glad that he was back to teasing me, I knew it wasn’t serious and that was what Seifer did. I snapped out of it and realized he was quite a way a head.

“Hurry up short-ass.”

I jogged up to him.

Seifer shook off his trench coat and shirt, hanging them over a branch. I followed his lead, throwing my shirt over a rock.

“Let’s see what you got Chickie.”

I smirked back at him and started to fight him. He was better than I thought though I still held back a little. He must have noticed because he stopped.

“That’s not all you’ve got. You holding out on me Chicken Wuss?”

“Maybe a little.”

He frowned. “You think I can’t handle you?”

“No.” You can handle me as much as you want. Where had that come from? “I just don’t want to hurt you.”

He frowned noticing my flushed face. He moved back a little, gesturing me on with his hand. “Let’s see what you’ve really got Chickie.”

I hesitated but he didn’t and I quickly found myself sitting on my ass in the dirt with that damned smirking blonde standing over me. I flipped up onto my feet and met his blow for blow pushing the arrogant blonde back. I kicked his legs out from under him, pinning him to the ground with my weight and his arms above his head.

“I think I won.” I grinned down at him.

“Get off me Chicken Wuss, that was a one-off. You were lucky.”

“Lucky?” I leaned forward slightly, straddling his waist. “Get up then.”

He raised an eyebrow.

“If you’ve so great you’ll be able to shake off little old me.”

He smirked. “Well maybe I don’t want to.”

My eyes widened as he leaned up and captured my lips in his. I closed my eyes and slowly returned the gentle kiss. The kiss ended, my grip on Seifer now slack he pushed me off and got to his feet.

“Come one Chickie, you won’t be so lucky this time.”

I pushed up from the ground feeling a little disappointed. Had he done that just to get back at me? To make me loosen my grip? I hoped not because that felt... really nice.

I shook it off and forced a smile. “I’ll just beat you again then.” I flew at the taller blonde, my slightly hurt feeling helping me get a limit break. I ended in Dolphin blow and grinned at the figure that lay on the ground until he didn’t move to get up.


He didn’t stir as I moved closer. “Seifer!”

“Seifer this isn’t funny get up!”

I rustling noise caused me to look up, a circle of Grats surrounded us and Seifer still wasn’t waking up.

Oh crap.

I hid behind a plant pot like a coward.

“Where is that cowboy? I’m gonna kill him!”

I watched the fuming Carrie walk past my plant pot and away. I sneaked out and walked in the opposite direction. Nida had been let off work early today so I was heading in direction of his dorm.

I paused at the lifts, seeing two blonde figures stumble out of the training centre. Seifer seemed to be supporting Zell but he didn’t look in very good shape either.

The lift opened but I left it and headed over to help my friends.

“What the hell happened to you guys?” I told Zell off Seifer, the little blonde slumped on me, leaning heavily on me and barely supporting his own weight.

“We were sparring and-”

“I looked at Seifer accusingly. “Did you do this to him?”

Zell shook his head weakly. “I knocked him out and then an army of Grats attacked me.”

I chucked. “Maybe they thought Seifer was King Grat, I mean he does smell bad enough.”

“Hilarious cowboy.”

“My goodness what on earth have you boys been doing?” The doctor led Seifer to sit on the edge of a bed and I put Zell on down on the one next door.

The doctor gave the taller blonde some painkillers and was soon fussing around Zell.

“I’ll leave you guys to it.”


“Thanks man.”

This time I did get in the elevator and up to Nida’s dorm. Me and Nida weren’t really a couple we were more like friends that kissed a lot, I hoped maybe we could upgrade to friends that had sex a lot.

I knocked on the door.

“It’s open.”

I stepped in hearing the shower running. Nida walked out of the bathroom, half-dressed and still dry. “Hey.” He greeted. “I was about to have a shower.”

“Want some company?”

He gave me a look. “No.”

“Why not?”

“You really have to ask?”

“But you are my boyfriend right? We can’t be friends, how many friends stick their tongue down your throat?”

“You’d be surprised.”

I raised an eyebrow and he caved. “Okay you can shower with me but no funny business.”

I grinned. “Scout’s honour.”

He nodded.

I started to remove my clothes and followed him into the bathroom.

One thing Nida didn’t know. I was never a scout.

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