Love Bug

Chapter 10

By Purple Penguin

The blonde woman smiled at a pleading Zell.

“Maybe I should become a relationships council, first Irvine and now you, who’s next?”

Zell stared. “Irvine asked you for help? The master?”

She laughed. “The ladies man went on a date with a guy but he really didn’t have a clue.”

Zell grinned. “I’m glad you told me that, it’ll make great blackmailing material.”

Quistis shook her head and stood from behind her desk, her last class until after lunch had just ended. She fell into step with Zell. “What’s the problem? Is this about Seifer?”

Zell opened his mouth to answer but he shut it again and gave her a look. “How do you know that? Am I that transparent?”

She shrugged. “It was either him or Squall but I think our commander’s already taken.”

“Yeah.” He said bitterly.


“Everyone’s love life is so much easier than mine!” He paused. “Except for that Lark and Nida thing, glad I’m not involved in that.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Lark and Nida were together? When?”

“Ages ago, but Squall doesn’t know so pretend you don’t either.”

“Don’t you think he has the right to know?”

Zell shrugged. “Lark’ll tell him, probably. Anyway back to me. There’s Seifer and he tried to kill me and all my friends, he was the bad guy, that’s a big problem isn’t it?”

“Only if you let it be?”

“What does that mean? This isn’t like a guy with big ears; this is attempted murder and treason.”

“Then why do you like him?”

Zell thought for a minute. “Well, he isn’t like that now; he can actually be shy and quiet. Can you imagine Seifer being shy? He even asked me to that dance and he was so un-Seifer-ish. I think he even flirted with me.”

“You think?”

“Well, I never was good at this.”

“Did you say yes when he asked you to the dance?”

“I was confused and Squall was single so I said no...”

Quistis made a tsking noise. “Well there you go there’s your first step. Go ask him to that dance or at least talk about it so he’ll ask you again.”

“You’re sure he’ll still want me?”

Quistis gave him an exasperated look. “Are you really that blind? You only have to look at him when he’s around you to see how much he cares.”

Zell brightened. “Really?”

She nodded causing him to grin, satisfied with that answer.

“Seifer! Seifer!”

I walked faster towards the cafeteria as the shouting got louder and more frantic. I had a lot of enemies these days and I definitely didn’t stop when someone called my name. Last time I got a beating out of it.

“Wait!” The elevator door opened and an exhausted Zell fell out and calloused.

I smiled and walked towards him, he sat up on the floor to look at me. “Why did you stop?”

He tried to look mean, glaring at me, but his hair fell in his eyes and he was too cute to look fierce.

“Sorry, I didn’t know it was you.” I held out a hand and pulled him to his feet but didn’t release his hand, waiting for him to say something or pull away.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to go to lunch with me.”

“Sure, okay.” I tugged him along gently by the hand I was still holding, he didn’t seem to mind that people were looking at us and whispering. He chatted away like Zell always does. He bounded up to the counter in the cafeteria and turned to me. “They have hotdogs! You like hotdogs, right?”

I hesitated. Not liking hotdogs were a deadly sin to Zell. I slowly shook my head.

He gaped at me. “How can you not like hotdogs?” He smiled. “By the time I’m been today you will love them.”

I gave him a suspicious look. “You’re not going to force feed them to me are you?”

“Maybe.” He grinned.

He ordered three of his precious hotdogs while I just got a salad. He scrunched up his nose. “Yuck! You eat rabbit food.”

“At least I knew what’s gone into my food; can you say the same?”

He went silence and I grinned in victory.


I glanced up to see him holding out a piece of hotdog for me to taste. I held back the smirk and leaned into take it out of his hand. My lips brushed his fingers and he blushed. I smiled around chewing the piece of hotdog.


“Better than usual.”

I blinked in that innocent way that Zell was the master of. He was really adorable right now and I had to struggle not to reach out and touch him. I wanted to see if he’d blush or push me away.

“I-I wanted to ask you something....” He started to say.

“What is it?”

“You know when you asked me to the dance and I say I have someone else to go with? Well I don’t now...”

“Are you asking me out?”

“No! Yes! Maybe.... If I was, would you say yes?”

I smiled and nodded.

I returned the smile. “Will you go to the dance with me?”

I shrugged and stood up from the table turning to leave. “Maybe.” I walked away.


I heard his footsteps follow me. “Hey! Wait!”

I sat on the edge of my bed, rubbing my sore throbbing muscles, that’s what I get from standing on the bridge for too long. Why I have to stand up there for hours when we’re not moving I don’t now. I doing know that was in the job prescription. I wasn’t free yet; I still had to tutor Irvine, but at least he coming here so I could lie down on my bed.

I jumped when a pair of hands landed on my shoulders. I didn’t have to look up to know who it was. “How did you get in here?”

He chuckled. “Through the door.” He gently started to rub my sore muscles. “You’re tense.”


I half-heartedly shrugged him off, we had to get on with the lesson but he didn’t move and he kept rubbing my back.

“S’good.” I closed my eyes and leaned back into his hands. I felt him lay kisses on my shoulders. “Why don’t you lay down?”

“But what about your lesson?”

He shrugged. “I know everything; I’m the best.”

I snorted but I let him remove my shirt and moved to lie down on the bed on my stomach. He knelt over me and continued the back rub.

I watched Nida fight to stay awake as I trailed kisses back his spine. The next time I looked up he was asleep. I leaned in and kissed him on the forehead.

“Sweet dreams.”

I pulled the blankets up around him and left him to sleep.

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