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Love Bug

Chapter 9

By Purple Penguin

The work on his desk was spawning, it seemed the more he got done the more there was there. Squall had been at it for hours and his mind had started to wander. His concentration really went out the window when a certain black-haired cadet wandered into his mind. The brunette dropped his pen and slumped back in his chair he wasn’t going to get anything more done today. He closed his eyes and started to daydream, a smile crossed his lips as his thoughts turned a bit naughty and before he knew what he was doing, the image of the younger man pinning him to his desk filtered into his brain. Lark was his friend and you don’t go around thinking of your friends like that.

He closed his eyes letting his daydream continue.

He gasped slightly as his back hit his desk and the younger man pinned him down, they kissed passionately. Squall wanted to reach up and touch the other man but his hands were held to the desk.

Lark used his free hand to travel down between their bodies going south. The brunette gasped when the younger man worked a hand into his leather pants and cupped him through his boxers. Lark smirked at him before he released Squall hands and travelled down the brunette’s lean body.

The sound of someone knocking on the door interrupted Squall from his dream; he looked up and blushed as Lark peered in round the door.

“Are you busy?”

“No, what is it?”

The brunette sat up straight, willing his blush to go away.

The cadet stepped up to the desk nervously. “I was wondering.... you know Selphie’s dance is coming up soon..... I wondered if you’d want to go... with me.

The brunette’s lips turned up ever so slightly. “As a date?”

“Yeah.” He fidgeted and avoided meeting Squall’s eyes.

“Yeah, okay.”

The cadet looked up in shock. “Really?”

“Why are you so surprised?”

“Because I’m just me and you’re beautiful.”

Squall felt his blush returning.

“I’ll let you get back to work now.”


The cadet turned back, surprised to see Squall standing up in front of him, he hadn’t heard the brunette get up.

“What-?” He started to say but Squall cut him off with a light kiss.

Lark looked like he was about to die of shock and when Squall offered him a little smile it only increased his surprise.

Someone behind them cleared their throat causing them to jump. Quistis stood in the doorway smirking at them she gave Lark a look. “I told you he liked you.” She turned to Squall. “I’m sorry but I need to borrow him for a minute.”

The commander frowned as the cadet waved at him and leave with the blonde woman. Trust Quistis to ruin things, luckily Selphie’s dance was drawing near only two weeks to go, at last he had something to look forward to. It took him a while to realize that Zell stood in the doorway. Squall wondered how long he had been there.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Um... Irvine w-wanted to know if he had to give you that report.”


“Yeah, you played substitute Instructor last week, remember?”

Squall winced and nodded. He didn’t want to be reminded of that. “Tell him to give it to his real Instructor when she gets back from her mission.”


Squall turned and walked back to his desk, settling down to do some work. He looked up to see that Zell was still there. “Was there something else?”

“D-Do you really like that guy?”

The brunette frowned. “What’s it to you?”

“You hardly know him.”

Squall glared at him. “At least I don’t follow him around like an annoying puppy.”

The little blonde flinched. “Excuse me for caring.” He muttered as he turned and left.

Zell marched into the cafeteria past Irvine and Nida’s table.

“Hey Zell, you here for lunch?”

“No.” He said sternly.

“Sure? They have hotdogs in today and-”

“I said no, okay?!” He snapped.

“What the hell’s the matter with you?”

Zell turned to face their table from the side. The pair sat very close together and the cowboy’s hand lay on Nida knee. “Well, don’t you two look cozy?” He said bitterly.

“What’s up with you, man?”

“I just walked in on Squall with- with him!”

Irvine raised an eyebrow and Nida looked up in shock. “They weren’t fucking were they?”

Zell scrunched his nose up in disgust. “Eeew no, god Irvine is that all you think about? They were kissing.”

“Lark and Squall?!”

The cowboy looked over at Nida in slight worry. “You are over him, right?”

“Squall? Yeah, of course that was only a crush.”

“No I didn’t mean Squall.”


“I’ve seen the photo, remember? That’s him isn’t it? The bad break up.”

Zell pulled up a chair, listening. “You and Lark were-”

“Yes.” Nida stared at the table.

“What happened? Why did you break up? Did he cheat on you? Is he bad news?”

The seed shook his head. “I made some mistakes that’s all. We should have never been more than friends.”

“Mistakes? Did you cheat on him?”

Nida stood from the table. “I’m late. I should be on the bridge.”

Zell gaped as Nida ran past him. “Hey, wait a minute!” He moved to follow but Irvine grabbed his arm.

“Don’t. Leave him.”

“But if that guy did something to Nida, what about Squall?”

The cowboy smirked. “You’re just jealous because it took Lark a week to get past Squall’s defences and you’ve been trying for months.”

The blonde sulked in his seat. “Since when did you and Nida get so cuddly? I thought he thought you were a creep.”

The cowboy smiled. “You doubted the powers of the master; I always get what I want.”

Zell frowned. “Am I the only single one left?”

“Seifer’s single and he’s hot.”

Zell frowned. “Don’t remind me. That’s another problem, Seifer.”

“Problem? I thought you liked him.”

“I do, I think, maybe.... I don’t know.”

Irvine rolled his eyes, standing from the table. He walked past Zell, patting him on the shoulder. “You need help man.”

Zell put his head in his hands and sighed. Who could help him? It had to be someone intelligent and in a relationship..... He thought about it until he found his answer.

“Of course, Quistis!”

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