Legacy of Hyne

Chapter Two

By Sasha Petalinkar

A small concrete building in the outskirts of the Deiling City would probably pass unnoticed if not for two things. One was a pair of solders posted in front of it and second was a simple metal tablet on which it was written: "Deiling Research Laboratory - Access Restricted."

As the car approached the laboratory, some of the generals within it began to have second thoughts. When they talked about the proposition seemed fine, the Sorceress was dead and her Knight has spent all of his time, since the return from the Lunatic Pandora, locked in the Presidential Mansion. But now as they have put the plan into action, they were less certain of the wisdom of their actions.

They had not forgotten the deadliness of Knight Almasy, and he also was popular among the lower ranks of army. For the difference then rest Garabladian military leaders, he would stand back and order to attack, but instead charge first and simply call the solders to follow. That kind of personal bravery has won him the admiration and some kind of love from many ordinary solders.

Also there was a question of the man they planned to put in Saifer's place. Dr. Alexander Deiling, the only living son of the late president, was prime example that border line between genius and lunatic was dim at best. He alone designed most of the advanced weapons that Garibaldia used, but the price paid for it was great. Many of the generals, men who never thought to be skittish, have flinched at the horrors created in Deiling Research Laboratory.

It was also evident that young man have never shown much interest in politics. He calmly waved off his father's death, and continued to work for the Sorceress, as if nothing has happened.

The car stopped in front of the building and the generals exited. Two guardsmen saluted them. The generals walked pass them into the building.

The front hall was simple yet elegant. It had dark green carpet, few leather coaches, some small tables, reception desk and elevator doors. There no visible guards or cameras here. But although security was hidden here it was no less deadly.

In the front hall they were welcomed by the short man in lab coat. He had grey hair and red eyes, but otherwise his face seemed young. The generals knew him, although they did not know his name. He was the Assistant, the second in command of the research lab.

"Gentlemen, the Director has been expecting you," he simply said, forgoing any meaninngless politeness.

"He is?" one of the generals asked in wonder.

"He has been expecting you for several days," Assistant replied, "He was afraid that you would do something rash without consulting him."

"Rash?" one of the generals asked confused.

"Yes, my loyal generals," a new voice joined the discussion. It was soft and melodic, but there was a deadly edge to it. It belonged to the young man who has just exited the elevator. He was sixteen or perhaps seventeen years of age, wearing a similar lab coat as the Assistant. His hair was raven black and shoulder long, completely covering his ears. He had opal coloured eyes. His face was beautiful, but there was something strange and alien in that beauty. It was hard to describe what exactly feature was inhuman, it was just that his face was to soft and to sharp at the same moment. There were lines of cruelty in his face, but they did not seem to mar his beauty, but rather to enhance its dark appeal. He moved liquid grace of trained dancer or assassin. There was an aura of power over him, dark sensuous power which beaconed to the inner darkness of ones soul. In some way it reminded them of Sorceress, or rather the Sorceress had reminded them of him, for they have known him for much longer. As always they trembled in both fear and desire in his presence. "Treason is always rash."

"But..." one of the generals started.

Alexander raised his hand interrupting him. "Look at the present situation. Dollet is all but ours, Garabaldia and Trabia Gardens are no more, Eshtar is overrun by monsters. Only SeeDs stand in our path of our conquest. We still have much use for the Sorceress knight."

"But..." another general started.

Alexander continued, "Yes I know that he is now in no condition to lead, or you would no dare to come here. I will talk with young man. If he is salvageable, he will be out leader, for little longer at least. If not, our offer of peace to the Balamb Garden would be enchanted by the surrender of one prisoner. Now return to you posts, and commence no action until you hear a word from me."

"But..." the third general tried to say something.

"Go." Alexander's commanded. The generals almost ran trough the door.

Assistant watched them with a smirk of amusement on his lips. "That went rather fine. For momment I thought you will kill at least one of them."

"Their fear serves me now. But the fear is like fire, let it run wild, and it will destroy you." Alexander said, "Now I talk to Saifer. He should prove to be more interesting. Bring me Bloodfire."

Bloodfire was misproduct of one of the projects conducted there. Idea was to create a airborne aphrodisiac to be used by spies as distraction. The Bloodfire was one of the rejected formulas. It was not that it was not working, the problem was that it was too strong, and there was no antidote to it. The distration was poor if even those who used were distracted. But the Dr. Deiling found other interesting uses for that formula. One of them was to spincke on of his mechanical spy toys and them send in some bar. The recording usually proved to interesting.

"I see. You plan 'talk' with him." the Assistant said.

"Just talking is never very useful, or fun." Alexander winked at him.

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