Legacy of Hyne

Chapter One

By Sasha Petalinkar

After the events that have transpired in the Lunatic Pandora Saifer returned to the Garabaldia. Like wounded beast he crawled back to his lair, locking himself in the presidential office, and refusing to see anyone.

He walked trough opulent rooms of office, ignorant of their beauty. In moments of self hatred, he would think that he was becoming like his enemy Squall. He was hurt beyond healing. Not in flesh, for that pain was passing. Few cure spells, and it was gone leaving leaving no trace. But he was scarred emotionally.

The desertion of Rajinn and Fujinn was shallow gash. If they let morality to interfere with their goals they were not worthy to stand by his side. Death of the Sorceress hurt a bit more. The dream which she gave to him was like a strong addictive drug, and widrawal was painful. Now, when he was not blinded by her power, he could see what had done in her name. Suffering of others did not concern him much, he was trained as mercenary, and in war someone must suffer. What hurt him most was how easy he was manipulated.

You were right, my enemy, Saifer thought, It is better not to dream, not to feel.

But what he could not stand was that terrorist brat, Rinnoa, got her filthy hands over Squall. The very thought of them together made him sick. He wanted Lionhearth from the moment he first saw him in the orphanage, even when they were little children he wanted to be close to him. Yet only way for Squall to recognise that Saifer even existed was to challenge him to fight. And they fought often.

Now he was monster to them. Worse, witch's bloodhound, traitor, one of their own who has sided with the enemy they were created to fight.

Damn hypocrites. You now host a Sorceress in the very Garden.

When Ultimecia gave him this quarters, he had nothing personal with him, all of this stuff were there already. Only when Rajinn and Fujinn joined him they have brought the only thing he cared about beside his gunblade. A thing of which existence knew only him and Fujinn.

Thinking about it made him remember his scar. Ultimecia offered to remove it, but he said to her that wanted to remember the sign of his weakness. She was satisfied with that answer, and asked no further. The true reason was that was one of the few things that reminded him of Squall. Other was that small picture, one which has ordered Fujinn to make during that duel.

He gently touched Squall face on it. My beloved enemy...

And while brooded alone in his quarters Garabaldian general were in the meeting with son of president Deiling, planning to overthrow him.

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