Legacy of Hyne

Chapter Three

By Sasha Petalinkar

Alexander watched at the bottle full of blood red liquid, as the black Iimo took him trough well lit streets of Deling City, from his lab to the presidential palace. The bottle contained Bloodfire, a strong airborne aphrodisiac.

I wonder, should I use it? he though as the car approached his destination, Perhaps it would be more fun to do it old fashioned way.

He was determined that he would have sex with young Knight. Not only that he founded Seifer attractive, if not was not for Edea and later Ultimecia, he would have him in his bed at least once by now. But both Sorceress have placed their Knight off limits. But now they were both gone, Ultimecia dead and Edea playing a role of repentant hermit somewhere in the Centra.

Dead, but not forgotten, a female voice spoke in his head. She has completed her destiny.

There was also another thing. He knew that he had to. That was one of his gifts, to see the possible futures. It was mixed blessing. That has cost him his father, for he knew what was to happen, but he also knew that he could not act. To do so, would disrupt destiny.

Blessed be the ignorant, for they are without pain of knowledge, he silently quoted Book of Hyne. That passage gave him some comfort. But little less, each time he quoted it.

Weak, he heard a snickering comment in his head, Pain gives you strength, child.The power you need to complete your destiny.

The car passed trough the gates of the mansion without trouble. No soldier was willing to dispute Dr. Delings right of passage. He exited the limo and looked at the building before entering it.

It is time, voice spoke again, claim the Knight.

He walked into the building, guards saluting to him as he passed by them. He walked trough the opulent corridors to the place he knew that Seifer would be. His father private quarters, ones the Sorceress Edea has given to her Knight, after killing her ally.

When he arrived in the massive oak door that marked the entrance to the presidents private quarters, he noticed two unusual guards in front of them. Male and female, they both wore the uniform of high ranking Garabaldian officers. He recognised them in the instant, the white hair , red eyes and an eye patch, were dead give away. Commander Fujinn and Captain Rajinn, Seifer's two most fanatical followers.

He tried to simply go pass them, but Fujinn stood in his way.

"ACCESS DENIED," she spoke in her usual monotone voice.

"I need to see Seifer. He has been brooding long enough." Alexander replied, "The ruling of Garabaldia requires strong grip."

"NEGATIVE," she said.

"Seifer told us not to let anyone in," Rajinn began to explain, "We ain't gonna disobey him now."

"I have neither time no patience for this. Let me pass."

"You are right, child. Let me help."

"No. You will make a mess of things as usual."

"NEGATIVE," Fujinn replied, drawing her weapon.

"If you like to do things that way...." Alexander said, drawing simple amulet with yellow crystal in its centre from his pocket. He placed it on his forehead, and black straps flowed from the sides of it, attaching it to his head.

The battle was short. Although Fujinn and Rajinn were experienced fighters, Alexander fought not to kill but to temporary disable them. So after they have landed a few blows, and couple of Tornado spells from Fujinn he managed to cast Stop on both of them.

He looked at them frozen like statues. "I could kill you now," he said, "But there is no need. We are not enemies."

He walked to the door only to find them locked. "Now I do need your assistance. But please do not overdo it."

He heard a soft femine laughter, "Do not worry, child. I do not plan nothing overly dramatic." He could feel the rush of the strange power all over him, the soft, gentle waves of warmness. "Now simply walk trough the door, child."

He followed the instruction, and the door did not feel solid to him, it parted before him like liquid letting him pass.

The gentle waves rippled massive oak door, like it was made from liquid, instead of solid wood. Then the wood of the parted and lone figure in long white coat passed trough it.

Seifer stepped back, his right hand gripping the hilt of Hyperion. Only Sorceress tended to enter room in that way, and after his experience with Ultimecia has grown wary of them. But then he noticed that figure was male. A young man, about his age, with raven black hair, and skin so pale that it made his seemed tanned. Then a figure stepped forward, closer to Seifer, and light exposed his eyes. Cold opals, cast in the white marble of Alexander's skin, those eyes were so similar to the burning amber of his former Mistress, and yet so different.

"Ice not fire," Alexander spoke, breacking the silence, replaying to unspoken thoughts of Seifer, "Logic instead of passion. Two sides of same medal, different yet same. You are familiar with that."

You give out to much, child. He is not ready to know our final goal, the voice in Alexander's head spoke to him.

"Familiar?" Seifer said. Alexander voice was soft and musical, and drew Saifer's attention from what was actually said.

Alexander moved. He walked in slow, languid moves, almost seeming to be underwater. He walked to the Squall's and Seifer's duel photo.


Squall's name was like bucket of cold water, or slap. It was kind of shock which removed his confusion.

"Who are you?" he growled, placing his hand on the hilt of his gunblade, "And more important what are you doing here?"

Alexander chuckled. Like his voice, it was slow melodious sound, but there were traces of mockery underneath.

"You haven't still regained your senses. We weren't that close, but you should at recognise me at sight."

"Alexander Deling," Seifer said, remembering to whom he is speaking, then he continued in his usual mocking arrogant tone "You have changed a bit. And learned few new tricks. Are you a Sorceress now?"

"Seifer," Alexander said, "I am disappointed. For someone who has obsession for the Sorceress you should know that only female can be one. But Odine is not only one who studies them and their magic. It is only that I like to keep my research more... private."

He paused for few moments, then he walked to the drinks cabinet and poured himself some vine.

"You know paramagic is not the limit of what ordinary humans can do." He took a sit of vine from his glass. "But I am not here to discuss magic. We have much more important work to do."

"We?" Seifer asked.

Alexander ignored that. "Now to your second question, why I am here? The answer is very simple. I am here to determine if you are still fit to rule Garabaldia. Do still have that spark which made Sorceress Knight, or is the flame gone?"

"What makes you think that I want to rule anything?"

Alexander sipped a little more of his vine, "Even if you had a choice, and believe me you don't, you are here. Which speaks volumes about your desire to rule. If you wanted to retire, you could join Edea in Centra. And as I have said, it is not as have a choice now. Politics is Deling City is game that one cannot stop playing. The rules are simple, if you are at top at the end of a day you win, if you are dead you loose. And each day is completely new game."

"What do you mean that do not have a choice?" Seifer asked, anger evident in his voice.

"The generals are ready to give your head to the Balamb Garden as a peace offering," Alexander smugly replied, "You do have choice, but only one does not end in death."

"And what is your part in this?" Seifer warily asked.

"You have great deal charisma, as well the love of the common soldier. But you also lack more... diplomatic skills and connection to more prominent members of Garabaldian society. Alone you would not last a day, with my help you could rule Garabaldia for the beginning, then later, who knows even the whole world, with an iron hand."

"And you would be a shadow whispering orders in my ear." Seifer laughed. "I think that my soul not for sale. I have learned my lesson with Ultimecia."

"Are you sure? I can offer something she could not."

This time spent few moment laughing. The idea of Alexander giving something that Ultimecia could not, was simply ridiculous.

"Squall," Alexander simply said.

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