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Idol Worship Arc

Part 5 - Consequence of Choice

By Iron Dog

I woke up feeling stiff and wondering why I was sleeping on the couch. As soon as I sat up, it all came flooding back as I yelped at the painful condition of my ass and thighs. I made my way stiffly to the bathroom, shedding clothes. I turned and looked over my shoulder at my ass and was shocked at what I saw.

Bruises covered my ass and thighs in the ugly rainbow colours only the truly bad ones got. Several of the bruises at the edges of the damage zone were in the shape of a hand. Sephiroth had really worked me over. I didn't think he meant to hurt me this badly but I was put into a foul mood over it. I hunted up a potion and downed it. I felt the giddy, fizzing rush through me and leaned against the counter as the hot, dull ache from the spanking began to recede to a tolerable level. I glanced over my shoulder to find that the worst of the bruises had disappeared. There were still plenty of repulsive yellow-green bruises but the purple-black ones had now faded to blend with the jaundiced lesser bruises.

I turned the shower on and stepped under the hot spray, hissing only a little when the water hit my recovering flesh. I soaped carefully and then just stood under the spray and let my mind play over the events of the previous day.

I didn't think there was any other way I could have dealt with Sephiroth and his misplaced idea of punishment. He had yet to realize what kind of position he was in. I had probably coddled him by letting him do what he wanted when he wanted. But I really didn't think of him like a GF most of the time. He was my lover first and my GF second.

But that little violence was unexpected. I knew he had a towering ego. He still believed he was a god half the time and I'm not entirely sure he was wrong about that. But I had thought he held some kind of...affection for me. In my books, you didn't hurt the people you cared about. At least not on purpose. My own response puzzled me as well. I should have been humiliated by the spanking and left as soon as he had released me. Why I had still been aroused and had fucked him afterward, I had no idea. That almost disturbed me more than his spanking me. What sort of person did that make me?

I leaned my head against the cool tile of the shower wall and wondered what was going to happen now. I hadn't thought about what would happen after putting Sephiroth in a containment cell last night. I was thinking about it now and I felt a chill slide down my spine. Squall would have been informed first thing this morning that I had paid a late night visit to the lab and left without Sephiroth. I was hoping that he wouldn't jump to the wrong conclusion.

I quickly turned off the water and dried and dressed in a rush. Squall wouldn't make a snap decision about Sephiroth without talking to me first; I hoped. I had to get to the lab before Squall did. I was almost out the door when my phone rang. I hesitated, some sixth sense warning me that it would be Squall. I nibbled on my bottom lip with indecision until the machine picked up and confirmed what I had guessed.

"Kinneas, I know you're still there. Get your ass to my office now," came Squall's annoyed voice.

The phone clicked off and I swore. It was still too early for me to have claimed to have missed the call or to have been teaching. Classes didn't start for over an hour. I resisted the urge to ignore the message and go to the lab first. Squall would know the second I poked my head in the door of the lab. I didn't bother trying to fool myself that he was calling me on the carpet for anything other than to explain why I had forced Sephiroth into a containment cell when I had begged to have him returned to me.

I made my way to Squall's office. His secretary gave me a pitying look and told me that Squall was waiting for me. I stepped into the office and was treated to one of Squall's nastier scowls. Uh oh. He was in a real mood this morning. I just hoped it wasn't mostly to do with me.

There were dark circle under his eyes and he radiated bitchy princess. I didn't think the pregnancy was treating him well today. I was going to be treading very carefully. I'd been around a few pregnant women in my time and when they were having some difficulties with morning sickness or sleepless nights, they could cheerfully wrap your balls around your throat without breaking a sweat. Squall could do a hell of a lot more than that.

"Hey Squall. What's up?" I said cautiously as I tried to decide if I was going to risk sitting down on my still severely bruised ass.

"What the fuck is going on Irvine?" Squall demanded. He was testy. I didn't think I'd be able to charm my way out of this. Shit.

"You begged me not that long ago to give Sephiroth back to you. I get a memo on my desk this morning that your GF was returned to the lab in the middle of the night."

"We had an argument. I felt we needed some time to cool off," I said, honest to a point. I was praying that he would let me leave it at that.

"So you dumped him into a containment cell over an argument? I'm not buying that crap. I was the one who pulled him from your head the first time. I clearly remember the fight you put up even when you were out cold. You rubbed your wrists bloody when you were in the infirmary and wanted to go to him. The truth Kinneas; now."

My luck was really shit that morning.

What the hell could I say to Squall? Getting spanked was fine if it was some kinky little thing before the main attraction. Getting spanked as Sephiroth had done to me; well that was an entirely different matter. I was embarrassed about it and angry at myself for letting it happen, if I was being honest. Here I was, a full grown man with SeeD training and I got my ass tanned but good. It didn't matter that the one doing the tanning was magically strong. It was just the fact that it had happened at all.

"I'm waiting Kinneas. And sit down. You're giving me a kink in my neck to have to look up at you," Squall warned with frost beginning to creep into his voice.

Hyne, Squall was in a pissy mood. He wasn't even calling me by my first name. I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to sit down. Sure, I had taken the potion but there were still some nasty bruises. If I wanted to get rid of those, I'd have to take another potion and I didn't have any others lying around. I wasn't about to go get some either. How in the hell would I explain why I needed it? Same problem with asking somebody for a curaga.

I moved to the chair in front of Squall's desk and gingerly sat down. My breath hissed out between my teeth when I made full contact with the seat. Squall watched me and snorted in disgust.

"Couldn't have been that much of an argument if you let him fuck you raw," Squall said.

"He didn't. I had his ass last night," I said before I thought to keep my mouth shut.

"Then you're sore because..."

"I'd rather not talk about it. And it isn't any of your business," I snapped back.

Squall's eyebrows rose and he opened his mouth only to close it again with a click. He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. He suddenly looked more tired than I had ever seen him. He sighed and dragged a hand through his hair before opening his eyes again.

"What you do in your off time is none of my business. I called you here to see why you had un-junctioned Sephiroth. You said you had an argument. Fine. Will you be taking Sephiroth back? He has said he won't junction with anyone else. He's also said you keep his madness at bay somehow. I don't need a crazed GF on top of all the other crap going on right now."

Keeping his madness at bay? That was a new one on me. I wasn't sure what he meant by that. I knew he had gone insane when he was human and he'd had a few moments where he didn't seem quite as in touch with reality as he should have been. I couldn't see how I would keep him from going insane though. I'd have to ask him when I got him back.

"I was on my way to the lab when you called. Are you okay Squall? You look...worn out."

"I'm fine," Squall said in a voice that told me the subject was closed.

He wasn't fine but there was nothing I could do about it. He didn't want to talk about what was wrong with him and I didn't want to talk about why I could barely sit down. I waited but he seemed to be finished with me. I had gotten off much lighter than I dreamed possible. I had been prepared for a serious grilling. Maybe my luck wasn't that bad after all.

"I'll come with you to the lab," Squall said as he stood and immediately reversed my opinion of my current luck.

There wasn't anything I could do to keep him from coming with me. I had wanted to talk to Sephiroth alone before taking him back into my head. I needed to make sure that we had an understanding between us. I had to make sure that he understood his position as a GF. There was no way I was going to subject myself to another spanking like I had already gotten. I also knew that if decided to do it again, there was very little I could do to stop him. I was no match for his strength.

I walked with Squall to the labs in silence. There was something wrong with him beyond the increased bitchiness. His steps lagged and he didn't have the ram-rod straight posture that he usually did. I wondered if Seifer knew his lover was in such sad shape. As soon as I thought it, I scoffed at the thought. Of course Seifer knew. They were in each other's heads. As we pushed through the doors of the lab, my concerns for Squall fell to the back of my brain. The lab was humming with activity. All of it centered on the cell I had put Sephiroth into.

I approached the cell, Squall forgotten as I stared at the being inside. Those glorious silvery wings of his had started to turn blacker than the darkest night. Streaks of black shot through his hair; green mako energy shone from his eyes and crawled around the containment cell. When he lifted his face, I saw relief and a hint of madness in his eyes.

His mouth moved but I couldn't hear what he was saying. The speaker had been turned off at some point. I flicked the switch and felt a shiver move over my skin at the sound of his voice. I wanted him back in my head just from hearing his voice alone, regardless of what had happened the night before.

I was in deep shit emotionally with him if just his voice affected me like that and I didn't know what to do about it.

"Release me from this prison Beautiful One. I have waited here all night for you to come for me."

"Do you understand why I did it? Why I put you in here?" I needed to make sure that Sephiroth understood his position as a GF. Once I took him back into my head, I didn't think I'd be able to give him up again. If I was being brutally honest, I didn't think I'd be able to get him out of my head next time. I almost hadn't been able to the last time.

"You were angry with me for your punishment. I understand your anger so I will not add to what has already been done with another round of punishment. But you cannot do this again Beautiful One. To be separated from you is to allow the madness to creep over me. Release me; my patience is at an end."

I saw Squall raise an eyebrow at the mention of my punishment and I felt my mouth sag open. Squall gave me a look that said I was going to have some explaining to do. The last thing I wanted to do was explain to a good friend that my lover had beaten my ass black and blue because he thought I hadn't given him his due as a god. Sephiroth hadn't learned a damn thing. Hyne his godlike ego was turning into a colossal pain. If Seifer was even half as bad as this, it was a wonder that Squall hadn't killed him yet. I held onto my temper, barely, and folded my arms.

"I don't understand how I keep the madness from you but we can talk about that later. Remember what I said about having to do certain things because you are a GF?"

"I am more than a GF. I am a god," Sephiroth said in a voice that sent chills down my spine for the hint of madness it contained.

"It doesn't matter what you believe you are. I've already explained to you that when I summon you, you need to follow the rules of a GF. When we're alone, it's different. What is so fucking hard about understanding that?" I asked as my voice rose and I started to loose patience with him.

"We were alone when I punished you for your insolence. I waited until we were back in our rooms before I did anything. Yet you put me in here. You will not be allowed to do that again."

"Allowed? Allowed! What makes you think you're even getting out of that cell? Maybe I just came here with Squall to have you sealed and wanted to make sure he did it."

"Do not threaten me Beautiful One. We both know you would not do that. You want me. You need me. I can still change my mind about tanning your ass once more. You are on dangerous ground already for forcing me into this cell. I will not tolerate being separated from you like this again. You are mine. I will not willingly leave you and you will not be able to force me from you should you try it again. You are mine," he repeated fiercely as the force of his anger made the mako energy swirl faster around him.

"Tanning your ass again? Care to explain?" Squall asked as his eyes drilled into me.

I just knew he was replaying our meeting in his office in his head. When his eyes narrowed fractionally and frost moved through them, I swore under my breath. Hyne but Sephiroth had the worst sense of timing in the world and didn't seem to know when to keep his fucking mouth shut. Squall was in the middle of a bitch fit for whatever reason and Sephiroth had to go and stir the pot.

"Is that why you could barely sit down in my office? How bad are you hurt?" Squall asked as he shot Sephiroth a look of pure, dangerous ice.

"Leave it Squall. It's between me and Sephiroth," I said through clenched teeth as I tried not to blush with embarrassment. Our little squabble was attracting the curious attention of the lab techs.

"I did not hurt him. I cannot hurt him," Sephiroth snapped, offended.

"Didn't hurt me? Like fuck!" I yelled, my temper finally exploding in the face of his arrogance.

Heads were now turning and Squall stared at me in surprise. In all the time that he had known me, he had never seen me loose my temper like this.

Did Sephiroth really think that hitting me like he had wouldn't hurt me? He was stronger than any human and he had not curbed his strength when he spanked me. I had stopped mentally counting the times his hand had struck me after fifteen. I had been in too much pain by then to concentrate on counting.

"I had to beg you to stop. Do you have any idea how strong you are? Do you have any idea how hard you were hitting me? I took a potion this morning just so I'd be able to function and it only got rid of the worst of the bruises. Didn't hurt me? You made me fucking cry it hurt so bad. I could barely walk this morning before I took that potion."

"No, it wasn't that hard. I would never hurt you like that," Sephiroth protested, his hands fisting at his sides. "You will not win any sympathy with these lies. Release me before I loose all patience with you."

"Lies?! I'll show you fucking lies! This is after taking a potion. You tell me who's lying. You about not hurting me or me about how badly you did hurt me," I said as I yanked open my fly and shoved my jeans down to my knees, presenting him with a view of my badly bruised ass and thighs.

I had seen in the mirror how bad it looked both before and after the potion. Even now it looked pretty bad. It looked like somebody with a grudge had worked over my ass and thighs with a two by four. Squall sucked in his breath and swore and I heard a lab tech gasp in shock. From Sephiroth, I heard nothing. I waited for a few more heartbeats before pulling my jeans back up and turning to face Sephiroth.

He had dropped to his knees in the cell and was pressed against the glass. He looked like somebody had just sucker punched him hard. His eyes were wide in shock. I met his stare with an angry look.

" did not..." Sephiroth stammered, obviously shocked at the damage he had done.

"I'm sealing him," Squall said in a cold voice.

I felt the blood in my veins freeze. I may have been mad at Sephiroth but I still wanted him as my GF and maybe more importantly, as my lover. I needed him as my lover.

"No. Sephiroth didn't do this on purpose. Things just got out of hand," I said as I rounded on Squall.

"Irvine, he beat you black and blue. If it looks that bad after you took a potion, I hate to even think about what it looked like before."

"Release me. Let me heal you. Let me take away the pain. I am sorry my Beautiful One. I never meant to hurt you like that. That wasn't my intent. Release me," Sephiroth demanded as he stood once again, agitated over the bruises he had inflicted on me.

"You aren't going anywhere. I should have listened to Seifer in the first place. He'll never let me live that down," Squall muttered.

"No! You cannot keep me from my Beautiful One. I will not allow it!" Sephiroth screamed as he slammed a fist into the wall of his cell.

The heavy containment cell rocked from the force of the blow. Mako energy swirled around Sephiroth, moving faster as he became more and more anxious to get out of the cell. He pounded the glass with his fist repeatedly, rocking the cell on its base. He suddenly stopped hitting the glass and began the Mako Meltdown attack.

The orb of mako energy hit the glass with a blinding flash. It spread out until Sephiroth couldn't be seen any more. Lab techs scurried around in a panic as alarms sounded. There was a popping noise as a long crack appeared in the heavy, spelled glass. A shriek of steel on glass followed as the tip of the Masamune slid easily through the crack and began forcing its way down. He was actually doing it! Sephiroth was breaking out of a containment cell to come to me. Holy fucking Hyne! We really had no idea how powerful he was if he could bust out of a containment cell.

I heard the crystalline snap of breaking glass and watched as if in slow motion as the front of the cell exploded out in a deadly spray of glass shards. Instinct made me throw myself at Squall and take him down to the floor with me. White hot blossoms of pain flared over me as some of the glass embedded itself into my back and legs. I bit my lip and moaned at the new pain assaulting my body.

Lab techs screamed and ran as Sephiroth stepped from the shattered remains of the containment cell. At least half of them fled the lab in pure terror as Sephiroth's angry, crazed gaze swept the room. He saw me lying, bloodied, on the floor on top of Squall and a strangled cry of distress escaped him as he moved with lightening speed towards me. Squall pushed at my shoulders to get me off him while he wriggled under me. I had to resist the insane urge to laugh that I finally had Squall writhing under me and couldn't care less.

The door of the lab crashed open and Seifer stood, framed, in full fury, glaring around the room. He took one look at me lying on top of a squirming Squall and bellowed in rage. This was just fucking perfect. The gods must hate me. Blue-green flames licked around Seifer's body as he ran towards us. I tried to scramble off Squall but my bruised and bloody body wasn't co-operating. I saw a line of that magical fire surrounding Seifer spear towards me and closed my eyes. If it didn't kill me, it was going to hurt like hell.

I felt a rush of wind an instant before the heat of Seifer's fire washed around me. When no additional pain swamped me, I cracked an eye open to see why I was still unburned. Sephiroth stood in front of us with his wings outstretched. The fire had died out but his wings were singed and smoking. I couldn't see his face but I could feel the rage in him from Seifer attacking me. Squall finally managed to wriggle out from under me and pushed himself up to stand. He moved away from Sephiroth and me and went to Seifer.

They had a heated mental conversation. I could tell from the way that they each stood rigid and stared at each other. Seifer raised a hand to touch Squall and had it batted away with a hiss. Seifer scowled at me and all but spat at Sephiroth. Squall glared at Seifer then turned back to face me. Sephiroth waited a few more seconds to be sure that no further attack was coming before turning to me and pulling me into his arms. I couldn't help the little moan of pain that escaped me.

"I am doing nothing but causing you pain. I am sorry my Beautiful One. I do not want to hurt you but I have done so again. Will you let me heal you?" he asked softly as he began to carefully pick out the larger pieces of glass that showed through my shirt.

I nodded as I gritted my teeth against the feel of him removing the glass. He laid me back down on the floor and slit my shirt open. He removed the rest of the pieces in my back with slightly shaking fingers. I felt him hesitate over the waist band of my jeans. I knew I had a few shards in the backs of my legs as well and they needed to be removed before he healed me. I pushed myself shakily to my feet and once again dropped my pants. It was a damn good thing that I wasn't bothered by my nakedness in front of other people.

Sephiroth had different feelings on the matter. He glared at the lab techs still in the room and at Squall and Seifer who were watching him carefully. He stretched out a wing in front of me to shield me from their view and in spite of the pain I was in, I smiled. Squall and Seifer had already seen me nude. Hell, they'd seen me and held me as I blew my load over their hands. A few of the lab techs left in the room had been on the receiving end of my loving charms. I was flattered that Sephiroth didn't want to share me with anyone.

I hissed as I felt him remove the last of the glass from the back of my legs and ass. I jumped when I felt his lips press lightly against my lower back. In the space of a heartbeat, I felt the soothing tingles of healing magic flow over my abused body. I sighed with relief as all the stinging, aching hurts faded to nothing. Sephiroth remained on his knees and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pressed his cheek against my back and I felt his lips move over my skin and shivered from the soft contact.

"I swear I will never hurt you again as I did. No matter how you provoke me, I will never raise my hand to you again in anger," Sephiroth said fiercely as he held me tight.

"No, you won't," Squall said as he moved towards us.

I moved Sephiroth's wing aside and watched Squall. He had a look that I didn't like. It was the same look he had the first time he had removed Sephiroth from my head. My stomach churned. I knew what he was going to do. He was going to have Sephiroth destroyed. He wasn't going to try and seal him. Sephiroth had broken from a containment cell; something that no GF had ever done. Squall wasn't going to take the chance that he'd be able to do it again if he simply sealed Sephiroth away.

"Don't even think of Junctioning him Irvine. You'll only end up getting hurt and I don't want to do that if I can avoid it."

"I can't let you destroy him. I can't," I said as I pleaded with Squall with my eyes.

"He's unstable Irvine. He told me that he couldn't hurt you yet he did. I will not put you at risk because you're thinking with your dick. If you don't have the brains to think about your own safety and those around you, I'll do it for you."

I sucked in my breath at Squall's words. I wasn't thinking with my dick. Well, not much. I couldn't explain it. I needed Sephiroth. I don't know why. We hadn't been together long enough for me to figure out why. I needed to know why he made me feel like he did. I was content when I was with him. I didn't feel alone or lonely when he was with me.

I could be in the middle of the whole orphanage gang, smiling and joking and I'd still feel lonely and alone. I had felt alone and lonely even when I had shared the fantastic circle jerk with Squall and Seifer. The shared pleasure had been incredible but it was a brief feeling of belonging that had passed almost as fast as the orgasm that I had enjoyed the most. I was tired of feeling on the outside looking in. Sephiroth made me feel like I belonged; to him, with him; it didn't matter. He drove away the feeling and the fear that I would always be alone no matter how many people I took to my bed.

"I can't let you do it Squall. Not even if you order me to as Commander. If you destroy him, I'll slowly fade away. I know that like I know my own name. I can't take it anymore Squall. I can't take being alone again. You understand that. I know you do. Seifer fills you with belonging. I'm sure you do the same thing for him. I shared what you two feel for each other; even if it was for only the span of a few heartbeats. I want to have that for myself. Don't take the chance from me."

Squall looked uncomfortable at my words but he pressed on. It was what made him such a good Commander and a lousy friend at the same time. He would always do what was best for Garden and the world first and his friends second. It was my bad luck that doing what seemed right for the world was what was totally wrong for me.

"You'll find someone Irvine," Squall started. I didn't let him finish.

"I don't want someone else. There isn't anyone else. Nobody has ever made me feel this way. From the moment I saw him, I wanted him; I had to have him. I've wanted people before but it never mattered if I didn't get them. I just moved on. There were always more people willing to share my bed. Sephiroth matters. It's different with him. I can't explain it."

Squall sighed heavily. Seifer, for once hadn't said a damn thing. He still glared at me and Sephiroth but he was showing remarkable restraint. Sephiroth let go of me and pulled my pants back up. He didn't bother with the remnants of my shirt. He pulled his wing back and stood next to me. I glanced at him and noticed that the black in his hair and wings was slowly fading away. He took my hand and laced our fingers together, seeming to need to touch me as badly as I wanted to touch him. It wasn't sexual. It was for comfort and support.

"I can't take the chance of him hurting you again Irvine. I need you as a SeeD and I don't want to see you hurt as a friend," Squall said with frustration starting to leak into his voice.

"Give him a babysitter," Seifer said with a smirk.

"A what?" Squall asked as he half turned to stare at Seifer.

"The cowboy seems pretty set on keeping the prick. I can understand what he says he feels," Seifer said with a brief look of deep understanding to me, "Give him a babysitter. Make him take another GF into his head to watch over him and make sure that winged asshole doesn't do a number on him again."

Sephiroth tensed beside me. He didn't want to share me with anyone. I wasn't to keen on the idea of having another GF in my head either. It didn't help matters that it was Seifer who had come up with the idea. Squall, on the other hand, appeared to be thinking the idea over.

"You have one in mind?" Squall asked Seifer.

"Not really. You know I just throw ideas out there. You're the brains that makes them work. It would have to be a GF that won't take no shit."

"I will not share my Beautiful One with another," Sephiroth said as he clenched his free hand into a fist and pulled me tighter to him.

"No? Here's your choice. Irvine takes another GF to watch you or I have you destroyed. Irvine seems to think that it will eventually kill him to loose you. I don't see how but he believes it. Do you want him to follow you into death? Do you want to have his death on your conscience, if you have one?" Squall asked with brutal honesty.

Sephiroth glared at Squall and Seifer, "No," he spat. "I would do anything to stay with my Beautiful One. This other is not to touch him as I do. I will share space with a GF in his head because I must to remain but I will not share his body."

Seifer snickered. "I don't think you have to worry about that."

Even Squall let a smile slip past before he got down to the business of choosing the GF to act as babysitter for Sephiroth. Sephiroth failed to see the humour of the situation. He still didn't understand that, as far as we knew, he was the only GF to ever have sex with their Host.

"As I see it, the choices are rather limited. You need a strong GF but not one that is so strong that you'll have trouble with it. It needs to be prepared to step in between you and Sephiroth if things get out of hand yet still let you...interact as you both want to."

Squall frowned as he thought about the GF's available. "Doomtrain and Alexander aren't acceptable. They won't care what happens as they're only interested in answering the summons. Eden is out of the question as she's the most powerful we have aside from Sephiroth. I can't see Cactaur or Tonberry caring one way or the other what Sephiroth does. Cerberus might be okay but he's too easily swayed. He's loyal to whoever treats him well and scratches his belly. I don't think it would have taken Sephiroth long to figure that out. Pandemona is a little on the flighty side and might slack off when she shouldn't. The Brothers would spend half the time squabbling over whose turn it was to watch Sephiroth. We won't even go into how unsuitable Diablos or Odin would be. Siren and Carbuncle aren't dominant enough to go up against Sephiroth. I won't part with Shiva and Griever won't leave me. Seifer has grown attached to Ifrit and taking Quenzacotl from Zell would be more trouble than it was worth."

Squall frowned as he thought, "Leviathan would be good. He's always a calming influence and simply can't be moved when he doesn't want to be. Bahamut would also suit as nothing gets past that dragon."

Squall folded his arms and waited for me to make my choice. I'd never had either Leviathan or Bahamut in my head before. I wasn't thrilled about it but if it meant the difference between having Sephiroth or Squall having him destroyed, there was no choice involved.

"Leviathan," I said as I squeezed Sephiroth's hand.

Squall nodded and moved along the rows of cells. I trailed after him, pulling Sephiroth with me. Seifer followed, bringing up the rear like he expected me and Sephiroth to make a run for it. Squall stopped at one that held a blue-green sea dragon. He flicked the switch on the speaker to allow the GF to hear him and explained that Sephiroth needed a babysitter to ensure my safety from him. The GF turned ageless eyes to us and gave us a thorough once over.

"You are new to being a GF? Then you have much to learn. I will teach you. Junction me and we can begin," said Leviathan.

I reached for the GF. The Junction felt like the coolness of the ocean on a hot day. Refreshing and soothing at the same time. There was a gentle feeling to him but also a swirling dangerous undertow that could snag the unwary. He felt very old and very patient in my head.

**I am ancient...Sniper. Or shall I call you Beautiful One as he does? Bahamut and I are the oldest among the Guardians. Where is this other GF? You do not have him Junctioned, yet I saw him standing next to you. ** the voice of Leviathan was like the shushing of waves against the shore and it made me loose some of the tension I wasn't even aware I had until it left.

**I had to wait to Junction him until I picked a babysitter. He's not happy about it either. I'd stick to Sniper unless you want a fight, ** I warned as I reached for the Junction with Sephiroth.

Sephiroth was in my head in a flash. I felt him moving around and trying to expanding his territory in my head until Leviathan was squeezed into a space barely able to contain him. A sound like waves crashing on rocks in a storm echoed through my head seconds before I felt Leviathan shove Sephiroth back into the space he had originally claimed as his own.

Nope, Leviathan wasn't going to take any shit from Sephiroth.

**I will not take over your space Sephiroth. We must share. To fight here is to harm the Host. You do not want to do that do you? You want to protect this Host at all costs. **

Sephiroth settled into his space in my pleasure centers with a grumble and the barest hints of relief at being back in my head. He ignored Leviathan. I felt Leviathan moving around in my head as he settled into a place he liked. Leviathan poked at Sephiroth and some of my recent memories.

**You are physically pleasuring Sniper? ** Leviathan asked in a surprised tone of voice.

**I am the only one allowed to do that. You are never to touch him. He is mine, ** Sephiroth warned in a deadly voice.

**I have no interest in doing so. I am simply surprised and somewhat curious. You are...I feel like I have encountered you before yet you say you are new to being a GF. I will remember. I never forget an encounter. It may take a while for the memory to come to me, but I will remember where I have come across you before. **

I looked at Squall and Seifer; waiting for how Sephiroth was taking to having to share my head with another GF.

"He's not the happiest camper but I think they'll get on okay. Leviathan is old and he doesn't seem to be willing to put up with any crap from Sephiroth."

"He won't. Bahamut says that Leviathan can eventually wear anyone down given time. Nobody expects it from him. He'll teach Sephiroth what he needs to know. I still think the best thing to do is destroy the fucker. Lemme know if you change your mind and can't deal with the arrogant prick anymore. It'll be my pleasure to kick his ass," said Seifer with a nasty smile.

I watched Seifer pull Squall from the lab. They were having another mental conversation and it seemed like Squall was treating everybody to his pissy mood. Squall stomped ahead of Seifer and didn't see the finger Seifer gave him as he followed. I heard Seifer mutter something about moody pregnant bitches before he turned down a corridor to go to their room.

I headed back to my rooms, stopping to cancel my morning classes along the way. I didn't think I'd be in any condition to teach a rowdy bunch of cadets just yet. As soon as I got back to my rooms, Sephiroth appeared and folded me into his arms.

"I dislike Malice intensely. I don't know how the Lion tolerates him let alone loves him as he does."

"They had a real love/hate relationship going for a good number of years before they got to the point they're at now. The best I can do is say that it's complicated but it works for them."

"I am truly sorry my Beautiful One," Sephiroth said as he stroked my hair. "I am not apologising for spanking you; I still feel that was justified. I apologise for hurting you like I did. It appears I do not know my strength yet. It will not happen again; I promise you."

I sighed in resignation. It was no use getting angry with him over the spanking or the fact that he still felt it was justified. He was stubborn and saw himself as a god. As long as it didn't happen again, I was willing to put it behind me. I knew he was genuinely sorry for hurting me. That didn't mean I couldn't make him grovel a little. It would do his arrogant ass some good to learn a little humility.

**That it would Sniper. Confidence is fine for a GF. Arrogance will eventually annoy even the most tolerant Host and get you removed from them, ** said Leviathan.

**Well, he was almost a god; or is a god depending on when you ask him. He almost ruled the planet when he was human and tried for godhood. I think that allows for a little more tolerance. **

**He almost ruled the planet? He was a god? How did he come to be a GF? **

**We're not sure. Something to do with Time Compression I think and the fact that he had mako treatments when he was human. Why? **

**I once knew...ah it is gone again. I must think on this. I will leave you two alone to...make up your differences, ** Leviathan said as he sunk down into the depth of my brain.

I was drawn from the mental conversation by the feel of Sephiroth's strong fingers on my jaw. Annoyance was plain on his face. He really wasn't use to having to share my attention when we were alone.

"Is all forgiven my Beautiful One?" Sephiroth asked with a soft voice as he kissed me gently.

"I don't know yet. The morning has been a real bitch and it's barely nine. I'll get back to you on it," I said as I laid my head against his shoulder and just enjoyed the feeling of him holding me. Even though it had only been one night that I had been without him, it felt like longer.

I had some things to think about. I hadn't lied to Squall when I said that I was tired of always feeling alone and lonely. I needed to figure out why Sephiroth made those feeling disappear. What was it about him that chased those feelings away? What did I really feel for him? I enjoyed him in my bed and my head. Was it more than a good screw or was it just the giddy feelings of a new and unique lover that would fade after a time? Why had I been so attracted to him from the moment I laid eyes on him? He was beautiful but I had seen and been with beautiful people before and never felt like this.

Was it love? Had I finally fallen in love? Could you fall in love with someone from the moment you laid eyes on them? Could you fall in love that fast? It didn't feel like what I had tasted when I shared the orgasm with Seifer and Squall but I suspected that theirs was an exceptional love and different from anything else. I wanted what all people wanted. I wanted someone to love and for that person to love me back. I know Sephiroth enjoyed being with me and enjoyed my body. I didn't know if he was capable of more. He may have been human once but he was now a godlike GF and the standard rules just didn't apply.

Sephiroth seemed to sense that I just needed to touch him. He picked me up, strode to the bed and lay down on the sheets with me on top of him. He folded his wings around us and said nothing. I sighed and kissed his jaw, feeling safe and cared for in the circle of his embrace. I let my thoughts drift away and just relaxed into the feel of him; into the feeling of belonging.

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