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** indicates internal/mental conversation

Idol Worship Arc

Part 4 - Hard Lessons

By Iron Dog

I groaned to myself as I watched the hands of the clock creep at an impossibly slow pace. I slouched lower in my seat and only listened with half an ear as Quistis droned on about summoning techniques for high level GF's. I started to fantasize about what I wanted to do with Sephiroth once I had a free moment and felt him stirring in the nest he had made in the pleasure center of my brain. I shifted a little uncomfortably as my cock swelled at the happy thoughts and strained against the tight denim of my pants. I slowly became aware of giggling and muffled laughter and looked around.

"So nice of you to join us Mr. Kinneas. Care to explain the theories of summoning high level GF's as I've summarized?" Quistis asked with an arched brow.

"Not really Quisty. I'm only here 'cause Squall said I had to be if I wanted to keep Sephiroth," I answered with a sensual smile, hoping to charm her as I had no clue what she had said during the past ten minutes I had been busy fantasizing about Sephiroth.

"That's Instructor Trepe and I don't care why you are here only that you not waste my time and that of the class."

"Aw come on Quistis. You saw what he can do. You saw I did just fine summoning him in the Training Center. You know this is bullshit."

Quistis frowned at me as the rest of the class watched in wide-eyed wonder. I knew I was being an asshole but after nearly a week of this stuff, I was ready to turn Sephiroth loose just to kill the mind-numbing boredom of the class.

**Do you wish me to appear Beautiful One? ** came Sephiroth's seductive voice in my head.

**Not yet. That would really piss her off and I just wanted to poke her a little. This stuff is boring as all hell. **

**My appearing would liven up the class... **

I snickered at that. It would definitely liven up the class. None of these cadets had seen any high level GF's outside of books and videos. They had never seen any as stunning as Sephiroth. I still had trouble, at times, believing that he was mine. Not only was he the most powerful GF we'd ever found, he was glorious between the sheets.

**As are you my Beautiful One, ** Sephiroth said with a laugh that brushed against my pleasure center and made me shiver. The arousal that had started to fade came back full force.

"Just what is so funny Mr. Kinneas?" Quistis snapped out.

"Sephiroth thinks it would liven up the class for him to appear."

"And we should let a GF decide on when to appear?" Quistis snorted inelegantly.

Several heads turned in my direction. The cadets had been whispering about why I, an Instructor, would be in a class like this since I had first set foot in the room as a student. The name of my GF wasn't known to any of them and the murmur of voices rose until Quistis shouted for them to all calm down.

"All right then. Come to the front of the class and summon your GF," Quistis said with a knowing little smile.

She thought Squall had sent me to her class because I was having trouble controlling Sephiroth. That wasn't it at all. Squall was just following procedure. He knew I had no trouble with Sephiroth either in the summoning or Junctioning department I just didn't have a lot of experience with high level GF's. Only Seifer and Squall knew I was sleeping with Sephiroth. I wasn't trying to hide our relationship but at the same time, I wasn't exactly broadcasting it either. Quistis was in for one hell of a surprise if she expected to trip me up on something to do with summoning or junctions with Sephiroth. I had that down pat. It was easier for me to summon and junction him than any other GF I'd ever had in my head. I'm not sure why but I never check a gift for the price tag.

I rose from my seat and made my way to the front of the class. Excited whispers followed me. The cadets were going to get their first view of an honest to god high power GF. Quistis motioned me over and stood back with her arms folded, waiting to see what the problem was that had prompted Squall to send me to class.

**At least let me finish the summon gesture this time. Quistis will tell Squall if you come before I've finished it and I'd rather not try and explain that. No touching either. GF's never touch their Hosts. Let's try to be a little professional about this okay? ** I warned Sephiroth. We had discovered that he was able to come to me whenever he wanted. I didn't need to summon him. So many things were different about his status as a GF from all the ones we had encountered before. I had to learn all kinds of things that were unique to him alone.

I gestured and before my arm had even lowered, Sephiroth was doing his fancy entrance from the void. It was showy as all get out and the cadets loved it. Hell, it even impressed me and I'd seen it quite a few times already.

Sephiroth stepped from the void and faced the roomful of cadets before turning to me. His appearance always made me catch my breath at his sheer masculine beauty. I wanted to touch him and I could see his hand on his sword hilt in a white knuckled grip as he struggled not to touch me. We had gotten use to touching each other as soon as he appeared. It was one thing we were going to have to work on. He couldn't be trying to feel me up in the middle of a battle.

"What is your desire Beautiful One?" Sephiroth purred in a voice like velvet.

Several of the girls in the class sighed in delight at hearing his voice and more than a few were casting an appreciative eye over him; dressed as he was in that kinky bondage outfit of leather, buckles and bare skin. I glanced over at Quistis and caught her looking at my GF with more than casual interest. I turned my head away from her to hide the smirk I knew she wouldn't appreciate.

"Heal me of my wounds," I demanded trying to recall what exactly Quistis had been talking about when I started to tune out her lecture.

"You are uninjured."

I drew out a knife and sliced it across my forearm. Several of the cadets gasped at my action. I had intended to make a shallow cut. The shriek from one of the cadets at the sight of blood startled me into making the second half of the cut deeper than I intended and I hissed at the pain. Sephiroth was beside me faster than an eye blink. He cradled my arm in his hands and let healing magic flow over the wound and closed it.

"Do not do something so foolish again," he whispered near my ear with the barest of irritation in his voice.

"I didn't mean for it to be that deep," I whispered back.

"I will not have you harm yourself to prove that I will do what you ask," he said a little louder than before.

"It wasn't intentional."

Sephiroth frowned at me and stepped back. He folded his arms across his chest. I could tell just from his stance alone that he was turning all high and mighty on me. It happened sometimes when he felt I was being reckless and endangering myself without a damn good reason.

Fuck but I didn't need this from him in front of Quistis not to mention a class room of curious cadets.

"You will not harm yourself to demonstrate my powers of healing," Sephiroth ordered, loud enough to be heard by everybody in the room.

"We'll discuss this later," I hissed under my breath.

"I want your word on this Beautiful One. I will not see you harmed to prove my loyalty to you. What we share guarantees it."

I groaned and wanted to strangle Sephiroth at that moment. He still hadn't quite clued into the fact that it wasn't supposed to be common knowledge that I was sleeping with him. I needed to head him off before he spilled all in front of the cadets. Once they knew, it would spread through the Garden like wildfire.

"We're done. Return to me," I demanded, hoping that he would simply do what I asked. I hoped in vain.

"Do not dismiss me like a common servant. I am a god. I do as I please. It pleases me to continue to have this conversation. Your word, Beautiful One that you will not harm yourself again to show my powers."

We now had an enraptured audience. Quistis was not even bothering to hide her smile at my difficulty with Sephiroth. The cadets stared in fascination at the argument we were having.

"Dismiss your GF, Kinneas. Obviously, Commander Leonhart did send you to this class for a reason," Quistis said with a satisfied smile.

"Sephiroth, return to me," I commanded as I drew hard on the junction.

Sephiroth's eyes widened in surprise. I had never done that to him before. Anger flashed over his face. Green mako energy bled the whites out of his eyes and he drew himself up to his full height of six plus feet. His wings extended to their full span and he radiated barely controlled energy and anger. He was magnificent and I felt my mouth go dry as my cock sprang to full blooded life in my pants. Hyne but I wanted him to fuck me hard right now.

"I am not your servant or your slave. The things I do for you and too you are because it pleases me. You may be a sexual god and rule the bedroom but I am a true god and almost ruled the planet. I will not be ordered about like a common GF," he said with a haughty sniff and a raised chin.

"Sephiroth," I began in a warning tone of voice.

"Do not take that tone with me Beautiful One. I have no problems with turning you over my knee and paddling your bottom for true discipline instead of our mutual pleasure. In fact, I believe that it is a fine idea."

Quistis gasped as she caught what Sephiroth said and I felt her eyes drilling into the back of my head. I knew several of the cadets caught it too and I groaned internally. This was going to be spread all over the Garden by supper time for sure. I was loosing control of the situation fast and Sephiroth was only making it worse every time he opened his mouth. Maybe Squall was right and I did need to learn some control over higher level GF's.

"I am your Host. Return to me now," I demanded as I threw everything I had into pulling Sephiroth back into my head.

Sephiroth growled and threw back his head as he resisted the pull. I drew harder on him until I began to see black spots dancing in front of my eyes. He continued to resist me, determined to show me who was the one in control. I started to sway on my feet, feeling light headed from the effort I was making. Sephiroth gasped and suddenly sank to one knee. He looked up at me with the angry fire of betrayal burning in his eyes before exploding into his trademark shower of stars and drifting feathers. I staggered under the sudden surrender and would have fallen if Quistis hadn't caught me.

There was awed murmuring from the cadets. They had never expected to see something like the display Sephiroth and I had put on. I had never seen anything like what we had just done. I hadn't been sure that I was going to win. I gave a little shudder at the thought of what would have happened if I hadn't been able to draw Sephiroth back into my head.

**If you don't do what I ask, Quistis will tell Squall and he'll take you from me again, ** I warned Sephiroth.

I felt his anger at my forcibly returning him to my head. He was pissed and wasn't afraid of letting me know it. He was also hurt that I had treated him like an ordinary GF when I knew he wasn't. The only thing keeping him from just appearing again was the fact that he had used all the energy he had available to fight the draw. The fact that he couldn't just return to continue our argument was stinging his pride as well as the fact that I had won our little battle.

**This is not finished between us Beautiful One. Once I have regained my energy, I will tan that pert little ass of yours for your actions. **

Hyne help me, but him telling me that made the erection I had gotten earlier even stronger. He gave a wicked laugh in my head and purposefully brushed his wings across the parts of my mind that he knew would arouse me and make me shiver from the want. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down. Sephiroth, the bastard, wasn't helping.

**Stop it. I'd rather not embarrass myself in front of Quistis and these students. Some of them are students of mine too. **

**That is not my concern. You are not to treat me like some common GF. I am much more than that. **

**Yes, you are. But you have to remember that we are on probation until Squall says we're not. He will take you from me if he thinks I can't handle having you in my head or if he feels you're taking control. Or have you forgotten how he did that that the first time? **

I got a sulky "No" from Sephiroth before he settled down in my head. He was still pissed at me and I knew he was plotting some kind of revenge for my treating him as I had. He was nearly a god and he had the ego to match. At that point I felt a real kinship with Squall for having to deal intimately with somebody with a towering ego. Sephiroth and Seifer were two of a kind in the ego department.

**I am nothing like Malice, ** Sephiroth spat, roused from his sulk at the comparison.

Those two really couldn't stand each other. It was a good thing that Squall hadn't tried to keep Sephiroth in his head. He and Seifer would have driven Squall nuts with their snipping at each other. I shuddered at the very idea of having both Seifer and Sephiroth in my head at the same time.

"Please take your seat Mr. Kinneas. I want to talk to you after class, so don't leave," Quistis said with steel in her voice.

I sighed and went back to my seat. I felt several of the cadets watching me. They were the ones that were in my class. I could just imagine the questions that were going to fly at me when I started my own classes. That would teach me for having a relaxed atmosphere in my own classes. I slid down in my seat and pulled my hat down low while I waited for the class to finish. When the bell did ring, the cadets took their time leaving the class. I think they were hoping to hear some of what Quistis was going to say to me. A pointed look from her had them scurrying out.

"Irvine, are you doing what I think you're doing with your GF?" Quistis asked as she dropped into a seat next to me.

"And what do you think I'm doing with my GF?" I hedged.

"Come off it Irvine. I'm not stupid. I caught the remark Sephiroth made about mutual pleasure. Are you actually sleeping with your GF?" she asked shocked.

"So what if I am?" I said a little defensively.

Quistis sighed and rubbed a hand over her face. She was quiet for several minutes before she spoke again.

"I'm assuming Squall knows about this?"

"Yeah. Seifer too. I guess the rest of Garden will know by supper as well. I'm not ashamed of being with Sephiroth. We need each other Quisty. I don't know why. It was like this from the moment we saw each other. That's how we fought for Junctioning rights actually."

"Oh Irvine," she sighed as she looked up at the ceiling. "I don't think this class thing is going to work for you."

I felt a little thread of panic at her words. If she told Squall I wasn't able to hack it in this class, he'd take Sephiroth from me again. I couldn't let that happen. I'd leave Garden first. Sephiroth agreed with me. He didn't want to repeat our little 'away time' again. It had been hard on both of us.

"I swear I'll be good as gold Quisty. You won't get a peep of trouble from me or Sephiroth. Don't boot our asses out of this class," I pleaded. I really cranked up the wounded sensitive man bit when I stared at her with sorrowful violet eyes that held just the faintest sheen of tears.

"Cut the bullshit act Irvine. I'm not kicking you out of the class. I'm suggesting more like a private tutoring instead. You do have a basic grasp of summoning and from what I read in the report from the tech department, Sephiroth is no ordinary GF. I'll recommend to Squall that I teach you myself one-on-one."

I almost kissed Quistis. Only the hand she held up stopped me, so I kissed that instead. I wasn't even bothered much that she had been able to see right through my act earlier. She wasn't ratting me out to Squall about having trouble pulling Sephiroth back into my head. I thanked her and headed for the door. I had my own class to get to and I had the nasty suspicion that the cadets that had been in Quistis' class were going to pounce on me the minute I walked through the door.

Those suspicions proved to be true as soon as I walked into my own class room and the bell rang, signalling the beginning of the class. The excited murmur of the cadets didn't quiet and I caught snippets of conversations.

"...and then this gorgeous guy stepped from this tear in the middle of the air..."

"...argued with Instructor Kinneas and refused to go back when he was told..."

"...the GF called him Beautiful One. Don't you think that's true...?"

"...he said he'd turn Instructor Kinneas over his knee and paddle his ass..."

"...sounds like he's doing more than just summoning his GF..."

I closed my eyes and tried for calm. I had to get control of my class. Squall was going to have my head if I didn't stop this right now. He had enough shit to deal with being pregnant and having knocked up Seifer as well. I couldn't help the little snicker that escaped me at that. I never would have dreamed that Seifer would let Squall top him. Poor Squall. Seifer was never going to let him at his ass again after this. My class continued to chatter loudly and I finally hollered for their attention as I eyed the rowdy cadets.

"I know some of you saw what happened in Instructor Trepe's class. You probably have curiosity burning a hole in your head. I will answer some of your questions and then I don't want to hear another word about it."

Hands immediately shot into the air like I knew they would. I just hoped that none of the questions were going to be overly embarrassing. I pointed to a cadet at random and leaned against my desk, waiting for the question.

"Who is your GF? I've never heard his name before."

An easy question? The gods must like me after all. "Sephiroth. He's new. I found him recently."

"Can we see him again?"


**Call me for the little ones. I will come, ** Sephiroth said slyly.

**I'm not stupid Sephiroth. I'm not calling you and you still don't have the energy to just appear. You're fine where you are."

**Oh yes. I'm fine right where I am, ** he said in a silky voice as his wings brushed over my pleasure centers and made the blood rush through my body and straight to my groin.

I gritted my teeth against the sudden surge of lust and pointed to another cadet. How in the hell was I supposed to get through my class if he kept doing that to me? Evil, seductive bastard. He caught that thought and laughed wickedly just the way he knew would make my nipples tighten in sexual response. I pressed my lips together and tried my best to ignore the arousal coursing through my system.

"What did your GF mean when he said he'd paddle your ass for more than your mutual pleasure? Are stuff with your GF? Is that allowed?"

Fuck. I knew somebody was going to ask. I just hadn't expected it to be so soon. I could probably ignore the question and move on to another one but that would only add fuel to the fire. Damn Sephiroth and his big mouth.

**Are you ashamed of what we share? ** came Sephiroth's voice. There was a hurt quality to it with more than a tinge of anger.

**No, I love what we share. wasn't supposed to be common knowledge, ** I said.

Sephiroth snorted and grumbled but seemed content for now with that answer. He settled back to see how I was going to answer this question.

"Sephiroth and I have a...unique relationship. He's very different from the GF's we have encountered. He was once human. We're not sure how he became a GF. He's more than a GF. He's close to being a god actually."

"But are know...doing stuff with him?" the cadet persisted.

"That's a rather personal question cadet," I replied as I tried to get her to drop the line of questioning.

"But I thought you liked girls. I heard that you've had half the Garden."

**Really? I was not aware of this. Half the Garden. Were you that desperate in your search for me my Beautiful One? ** Sephiroth asked with smug humour.

**Yeah, I've probably done half this Garden and several of the others too. What can I say? I'm a talented boy and much in demand. **

**It matters not. You are mine now, ** Sephiroth said with a warning note to his voice.

"Instructor Kinneas? Is that true? Have you done half the Garden?" the young female cadet asked.

"Well now, what do you think? Do I look like the type to seduce that many people?"

She looked me up and down briefly before giving me an impish grin, "Yeah, yeah you do. My friend Robin said she heard you were a real playboy and that nobody ever left you unsatisfied."

I was torn between wanting to sink into a hole in the floor and striking a seductive pose. I didn't know how I had let the conversation degenerate this far. I needed to put an end to it and make sure they didn't bring it up again.

"But Robin never mentioned that you liked guys too," the cadet said with a puzzled voice.

"Is there something wrong with that?" I asked in a voice that had suddenly lost all warmth. The prejudice against same sex relationships always annoyed me. Why would you want to limit your pleasure to half the population?

" I just never knew anyone who was...who liked...who did..." the cadet trailed off, finally at a loss for words.

"I'm going to say this once and it is never to be asked about again. Yes, I like both men and women. Yes, I have probably had half the Garden of both sexes. I'd watch what you say and to who on the matter of same sex relationships. Some of you are new transfer students here. There was an incident last year with a cadet who tried to kill Instructor Almasy because he saw Almasy kiss Commander Leonhart in the cafeteria. That cadet had the snot beaten out of him by Squall Leonhart before the hand that threw the knife was chopped off by Seifer Almasy. For those of you that don't know, Commander Leonhart and Instructor Almasy are a couple. If you have a problem with that, request a transfer and it will be granted immediately."

There was silence from the class. I'm sure they hadn't been expecting me to say what I had. It wasn't a common thing to see same sex couples. Seifer and Squall weren't very public about their relationship, but they weren't trying to hide it either. I didn't care who knew I did men. Helped to spread the good word about me really.

When there were no further questions, I started in on the lecture I had prepared for the class. I breathed a little sigh of relief that I had managed to not really answer the question of whether or not I was sleeping with my GF. Let the cadets speculate. Rumours about me and my sexual adventures were always floating around the Garden. Something like this would be no different especially once pictures of Sephiroth were added in the GF database. Who wouldn't want to do a creature as fine looking as him?

Sephiroth remained quiet in my head but I knew he was just waiting for the right moment to make his appearance. I only hoped that it would be in the privacy of my room. When the bell finally rang, I don't know who was more anxious to leave, me or my students. They quickly moved out the door in record time. My teaching duties done for the day, I gathered up my papers and headed for my room.

I had barely closed the door behind me when I felt the rush of energy that signalled Sephiroth had just decided to put in an appearance. I had no time to turn when I felt a hand close around my loose ponytail and hold me in place with complete control of my head.

"I believe I owe you a spanking for both your tone of voice to me earlier and for forcing me back into your head when I was not finished talking to you," Sephiroth said softly next to my ear.

Heat surged through my body at his words. He liked the same kind of kinky sex games that I did. I could very easily fall in love with such a person. It didn't hurt any that he was drop-dead gorgeous and lusted after me.

"You think you can spank me like some misbehaving brat?" I asked as my cock started to swell with arousal.

"I think you need to learn not to treat me like a slave or common GF. Physical punishment seems like a fine way to imprint that lesson on you. Drop your pants my Beautiful One," he whispered into my ear with the tone of command in his voice.

I bit back the whimper of arousal this produced in me. We'd only played this game once before but I had liked it a lot. I enjoyed his dominating attitude at times. I pushed my kink buttons to have him take complete control and demand that I service him. My cock was approaching painful hardness as I dropped my hands to the fly of my jeans. I hesitated for a fraction of a second too long and Sephiroth tugged hard on the hair he still held in his fist.

"Don't make me pull them down for you. Your punishment will be worse if you don't do as I say."

I almost didn't undo them. His deep velvety voice commanding me was a complete turn on. But something in his voice told me that it would be in my best interest to do as he said. I popped the button and dragged the zipper down slowly. I gave a little shimmy of my hips to slide the jeans down. Sephiroth released my hair and picked me up around the waist before striding to the bed and sitting down. He laid me over his lap and caressed my exposed ass.

"I would not have to do this if you hadn't treated me like you did. I am not a simple GF subject to the will of their master. I protect you and help you because I want to. I hope this lesson does not have to be repeated," Sephiroth said with what sounded like regret in his voice.

I turned my head to look at him and yelped at the feel of his big hand delivering a stinging blow on my exposed ass. It was harder than what we had played at before and I started to tell him to lighten up a little. His hand descended again, this time hitting the other cheek with just as much force.

"Ow, fuck Sephiroth. That hurts. Ease up a little. You're playing a little too rough," I said as I tried to squirm off his lap.

"I'm not playing at anything Beautiful One. Punishment is supposed to hurt. Struggling will only draw out the pain and earn you more spanking."

A little knot of worry developed in my chest at his words. He was serious about spanking me for what he saw as overstepping my bounds with him. Hyne his ego was turning into a pain in my ass. I braced my hands against the bed and attempted to push myself off his lap. This wasn't a little fun kink, this hurt. Sephiroth sighed and effortlessly pulled my arms behind my back and wound the long tail of my hair around my wrists, effectively restraining me. He pressed a hand on my lower back to hold me still.

"I did warn you Beautiful One," he said softly as his hand came down even harder on my ass.

I hissed at the pain that bloomed from the hard blow. I couldn't concentrate on the junction to draw him back into my head with the agony that was starting to develop from the harsh blows. Sephiroth kept up a steady rhythm of blows over my ass and thighs. I knew he was strong and had amazing stamina, but I had never thought I'd be on the receiving end of it quite like this. He had me good and I couldn't move much. Not that I was inclined to move as the last time I had done that, the swats had gotten harder. But I couldn't stop the little sounds of pain that escaped me every time Sephiroth's hand descended on my now burning ass and thighs.

Sephiroth's hand landed on my abused ass again and dragged a pained whimper from me. When his hand landed again on the same spot I couldn't stop the sob that left me. Another solid blow forced tears into my eyes from the pain. I bit my lip but another sob managed to work its way free at the next smack of Sephiroth's hand across my thighs.

"Sephiroth. Please. Stop," I begged as I felt the tears slide down my face.

"You feel you've learned your lesson?" he asked as he rested his hand on the tender skin of my ass.

"Yes. Just stop the spanking. You're hurting me," I choked out, disgusted with myself for begging him to stop.

"It was supposed to hurt Beautiful One. I am sorry that I had to do this but you needed to be reminded that I was a god and not some common GF. I don't think you'll be making that mistake again, will you?"

I shook my head no. This was light years away from the playful spanking that he had given me before. Much to my mortification, I found that the erection I had gotten at the beginning of this little encounter hadn't gone away. I didn't understand that. Sephiroth was just as aroused as me. I could feel the hard, hot length of him pressing into me where I lay across his lap.

"I'm afraid I'm not finished with you my Beautiful One," Sephiroth said as he stroked a hand feather-light over my burning, welt covered ass.

I felt a rush of fear prickle down my spine. I couldn't take more of the brutal spanking. I was already crying from the pain and it took a lot to push me to that point. He still held me firmly over his lap and with my hands tied behind my back with my own hair; I was unable to move away. His fingers slipped down between my abused cheeks and teased at my entrance.

Oh no fucking way in hell was I going to put out after he had just beaten my ass like he did! It didn't matter that I was still aroused, I wasn't about to reward his punishment session by letting him fuck me. He really had to be insane to think I would go for that. I squirmed in his lap in an effort to get away, consequences be damned. I stilled when I felt his cock twitch under me and sobbed when his hand tightened briefly on one of my abused cheeks. I remained perfectly still when he parted my cheeks and licked at my hole. His tongue forced its way inside me and swirled around. Regardless of how good it felt I didn't think I'd be able to take the feeling of his skin rubbing against my tender flesh. Surprisingly, Sephiroth stopped his oral torture and unbound my hands before he lifted me up to stand in front of him.

Now that I was free from his hold, anger at the way he had treated me started to take over. I wanted to pull my jeans up and walk out of the room but I didn't think the now tender skin of my ass and thighs would be able to stand the feel of the rough denim. I shoved them the rest of the way off and stepped from them. I shrugged out of the shirt I was wearing as well feeling more in control fully naked than half clothed. I'd always been supremely confident in my own skin whether or not I had clothes on. Sephiroth watched me with desire burning brightly in his eyes.

"So we have a problem Beautiful One. I want you and you want me. You're too tender for me to consider taking you like I want to and I think you would rather bite my cock off than suck it at this moment. Do you have any suggestions?" he asked as he leaned back on his elbows, all but posing for me.

"Heal me," I demanded as I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

"The pain is part of your lesson. That would defeat the purpose of the spanking in the first place."

He was starting to really piss me off. There was no reason for the pain to continue. I got his message loud and clear. He felt like I hadn't given him his proper due as a godlike GF. He still didn't understand how precarious our position was. He wanted to be the one in charge and from what he had told me about himself before he became a GF, I could understand why he felt that way. But his life as a human was in the distant past. He was now a GF. He was my GF. I needed to establish who was really the boss in this relationship or Squall would take him from me and either permanently seal him away or destroy him. I didn't think I'd be able to bear either and I was pretty sure Sephiroth wouldn't be able to bear it either.

"Then let me fuck you," I said as I raked my gaze over him. I fully expected him to refuse. He had rebuffed every single advance I had made before.

"As you wish Beautiful One," he said as he stood and stripped efficiently out of his leather outfit.

I stared in shock at Sephiroth, floored that he had agreed so easily to what I thought would never happen. I narrowed my eyes and wondered what he was up to. When he was naked he stood before me and gestured towards the bed.

"How do you wish me? On my hands and knees so you may mount me or on my back so you may drive into me? I would enjoy watching your expressions as you find pleasure in my body but the choice is yours."

My heart rate doubled at his words. I was still angry over what he had done but the mental pictures that flashed through my brain were more erotic than I would have thought at hearing him offer himself to me. Because I was still angry at him I wanted to deny him what he wanted while still giving in to the lust that was now pulsing through me.

"Hands and knees."

Disappointment flashed over his face but he moved to the bed and crawled to the center where he remained on all fours. I stuck a hand under the pillows and retrieved the tube of lube that I had started keeping there. He wasn't going to get any gentle lovemaking from me but lube was a necessity written in stone as far as I was concerned.

I had to resist my own desires to stoke and kiss him. I was mad at him but I still hungered to touch and kiss him. I found it disturbing that even though he had caused me considerable physical pain, I still wanted him. I uncapped the lube and squirted a generous amount down the crack of his ass. He jumped slightly, obviously expecting something very different than what he was going to get. He turned his head to say something when I pushed a slippery finger into him with no warning. His eyes widened before falling closed and I heard a breathy moan from him.

He was a tight silky heat around the finger I had buried in him. My cock surged at the realization that I would shortly be feeling this same heat wrapped around me. I wasted no time and only thrust my finger in him a few times before adding another. I watched in fascination as his wings slowly rose and spread out, almost touching opposite walls of the room with their span. I added a third finger and felt a smirk stretch across my face when he shivered under me and gave voice to a quiet groan.

I stroked him with my fingers for a few minutes, making sure I brushed his prostate with every deep touch. He growled low in his throat when I withdrew my fingers. I slicked my cock and rested it against his stretched hole, teasing us both. I pushed slowly until just the very tip was starting to sink into him and stopped and waited.

"Beautiful One?" Sephiroth asked as he turned his head to stare at me from desire filled eyes.

"Just making sure I had your attention," I said as I gripped his hips and plunged my full length into him.

A startled sound of protest left Sephiroth's throat at the sudden invasion and his back bowed down in reflex. Goose bumps rose on him and he shuddered under me. Being buried to the hilt in Sephiroth felt worlds better than I ever thought it would. He was hot and tight and I thought that if I wasn't careful, I could come from just that feeling alone. I pulled back until I was almost completely out before stabbing back in. I started a brutal rhythm of deep thrusts that soon had both of us groaning with pleasure.

I reached under Sephiroth, gripping his cock firmly and stroked him in time with the harsh thrusts in his ass. The additional pleasure of my hand on his engorged cock made him growl low in his throat and push back to meet every thrust I made. He was panting from excitement and a fine tremor had started in his wings making them shimmer in the light of the room. I was caught unaware by his sudden stiffening under me and the hoarse cry he voiced as release flooded through him. I gave my own ragged moan as I rode the pulsing wave of his orgasm. The strong, rhythmic clenching of his ass on my cock triggered my own peak. I slammed my hips against his ass and threw back my head as I howled with a pleasure that almost bordered on pain as I emptied my seed into him.

I pressed against his back, my face brushing against the soft feathers of his wings as I waited for my heart to slow its frantic pace. Sephiroth remained on his hands and knees, supporting my weight. He too was breathing in ragged gasps and I could hear his heart racing to match mine. I gave a little tired moan when my softening cock slipped from his ass. I let go of his spent cock and made to move away from the bed and him. I was stopped by his hand circling my wrist and bringing my seed covered fingers to his mouth. Sephiroth's nimble tongue licked his seed from my fingers while he watched me over his shoulder. When he had gotten the last drop, he let me go and flopped to his side on the bed with a satisfied sigh.

He was the picture of a debauched pleasure angel and I felt it was a damn shame that I was going to have to ruin his feelings of sexual satisfaction and contentment. But it was past time that he realized just who held the power in our relationship with regards to his status as a GF.

"You are truly a pleasure my Beautiful One. I have rarely allowed another to top me but you almost make me regret not letting you do it earlier. You are my treasure. It feels just as glorious to be buried in you as it does to have you filling my ass," Sephiroth said with a sensual smile.

Hearing him say that gave me a twinge of guilt just before I drew hard on the junction and pulled Sephiroth back into my head. I had caught him off guard and had him back in my head almost before he knew what happened. I quickly threw on a pair of old track pants and winced when the soft material touched the abused skin of my ass and thighs. I pulled a sweatshirt on and slipped my feet into a pair of battered runners and headed out the door at a fast jog.

I had a time limit working against me. It wouldn't take Sephiroth long to gather the energy required to appear before me. I figured I had twenty minutes tops before he could appear again. I made it to the GF labs in just over ten. The techs looked at me in surprise both from my mussed, raggedy appearance and the after hours visit. I scanned the holding cells quickly until I spied an empty one.

Sephiroth screamed his outrage and denial in my head and almost made me drop to my knees when he realized what I intended to do. I leaned against the cell and used every bit of energy I had to force him from me and into the cell. He fought me with every scrap of power he had to stay with me. He gave a high keening cry of desperation when I finally managed to force him into the cell. I slid down the side of the cell and bit my lip against the moan that tried to escape as I landed on my abused butt.

The cell rocked from the force of Sephiroth's anger. I pushed myself up to stand and wobbled ever so slightly. I palmed the switch to allow Sephiroth to hear me and be heard. Threats and profanity poured from the little speaker. I let him heap abuse on me for a few heartbeats before I had enough. I was physically hurting from the brutal spanking he had given me earlier and I felt a soul deep ache at what I knew he saw as a complete betrayal on my part by forcing him from my head and into the containment cell.

"Sephiroth," I began in a deadly, tight voice he had never heard from me before. He stopped his tirade abruptly in surprise and I continued, "I am the Host. You are my GF. You are, by far, the most powerful GF we've ever found. You may have once been human and possibly even a god but you are now a GF."

I sighed and rested my forehead against the spelled glass of the cell. I continued in a soft voice that wouldn't carry past the two of us, "I want you to be my GF in permanent junction. I've never wanted that with a GF before. I like the feel of you in my head and in my bed."

I struggled to say what I felt, "It isn't that I see you as a common GF or as a slave to my whims. I see you as my partner. You fill a need in me. But you have to realise that you need to do as I say in front of people, for both our sakes. If you want to stay with me, you have to do what I tell you to or Squall will be the one putting you in here and probably destroying you. As long as you are a GF and I'm a Host, I'm the one who calls the shots when you are summoned."

"I protect you in battle. I come when you call me. I give you pleasures that you cannot get from any of your previous bed partners. What more do you want from me?" he asked angrily.

"All I want is for you to do what I tell you in front of others. When it is just the two of us; the rules are different and we can act however we damn well please. I'm sorry Sephiroth, but I had to do this to show you that although you have godlike powers, you are still a GF and subject to the will of your Host."

"Fine," he said in an angry tone. "I get your point. Release me from this prison and we can continue this discussion in our rooms."

"No, I don't think you do get my point. I'll be back in the morning to see if you have understood what I'm trying to teach you. Good night Sephiroth."

I turned and walked away from the cell. I had forgotten to turn the speaker off and I could clearly hear Sephiroth's rage and betrayal at my leaving him there. I felt drained from the fight and more upset at removing Sephiroth from my head than I thought I would be. Against my better judgement, I turned for one last look at Sephiroth. He had stopped yelling when he realized that I really was leaving him in the cell and had slid down to kneel on the floor of the cell. His eyes glowed with the green of mako energy and it spilled down his face like brilliant tears. I turned away with a tightness in my chest and left the lab.

I slowly made my way to my rooms and collapsed across the bed. That was a mistake as the scent of sex and Sephiroth clung heavily to the sheets. I forced myself up, pulled a blanket from my closet and stretched out on the couch on my side. My ass and thighs throbbed but I was too tired and drained to bother getting up again to search for a potion. I'd chug one back in the morning if I was still hurting. I closed my eyes, feeling lonely and alone without Sephiroth in my head.

For the second time that night, tears slid down my cheeks.

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