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** indicates internal/mental conversation

Idol Worship Arc

Part 6 - Taking Action

By Iron Dog

I walked into my class and the chatter of voices immediately stopped. This was the fifth day in a row that had happened. Some of the lab tech who had fled the room when Sephiroth broke free of the containment cell had opened their big mouths before Squall had been able to stop them from talking. All of Garden wanted to see the GF that was strong enough to break free of a containment cell. The most curious were, of course, the cadets. So far, none of them had been brave enough to ask to see him, but I had the feeling that was about to change.

"Um...Instructor Kinneas? Is it true that your new GF busted out of a containment cell? 'Cause, you like heard stuff" the cadet finished in a rush.

I stared at the cadet and noted that it was the same girl who had asked if I was 'doing stuff' with my GF. That one was going to be trouble maker. I wondered if I could transfer her to somebody else's class. Like maybe Seifer's.

**Let me appear for the little ones. You will not have to go through this again if they see me and satisfy their curiosity, ** said Sephiroth.

**No. They don't need to have it satisfied. **

**It would take but a few minutes. **

**I said no Sephiroth. I'm sure that there are enough rumours floating around Garden about you and what you look like. It's not just that they want to see you. They want to see how we react to each other. There is still the talk going around that we're intimate. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. They shouldn't be talking about it to start with. **

Sephiroth sulked but settled down. Leviathan was a cool presence in the back of my mind. He was a watchful babysitter, much to Sephiroth's disgust. When we were alone in my rooms, he was only the faintest presence in my head. When we were out in public, he made sure Sephiroth knew he was there.

"All right class, I'll say this once and I expect you to listen. I am not going to summon my GF just to satisfy your curiosity. A picture of Sephiroth has been added to the GF database which you can access on your own time. His stats are there as well. I expect no more questions about him from any of you. Now, last class we were discussing the advantages of sniping a target versus a frontal assault..."

I was never more glad to have classes over for the day. There had been no more questions but the looks and whispered comments had continued. I made my way to the cafeteria to grab some supper. Zell waved at me from behind a mountain of hot dogs. I waved back and went to stand in line. Sephiroth was urging me to just take the food and go back to my rooms. I was arguing that I hadn't had much of a chance to see any of my friends lately.

**My time with you is limited to when we are in the privacy of our rooms. I wish to have more time with you. If you feel you must talk with your friends, let me appear so I may be with you. **

**You're in my head all the time. **

**It is not the same as being physically with you. Why are you denying what we both want my Beautiful One? Are you still angry over what happened between us? I have apologised. **

**People would find it weird that I summoned you for nothing. Hosts don't just walk around with their GF's to enjoy their company. And no, I'm not angry with you. **

**It is not nothing for me to be near you. I do not care what others think about my being with you. I only care what you think. If you are truly not angry with me, why have you refused to let me pleasure you? ** Sephiroth asked with a tone that was an even mix of hurt, confusion and anger.

I sighed as I took my tray and went to join Zell at the table. Sephiroth just didn't get the concept that he was the only GF to have any kind of physical relationship with a Host. Granted, he hadn't been a GF long and Leviathan was slowly teaching him stuff, but it shouldn't have been that hard of a concept to understand. As to why I wasn't letting him do anything sexual with me, I just needed to work some things out that he wouldn't understand. Hell, I'm not even sure I understood what I needed to work out.

"Hey Irvine. How ya feeling? I haven't seen you in days. I heard some weird shit about you and your GF. Have you heard the rumours?" Zell asked between bites of his hot dog.

"Yeah, I've heard the rumours. Which ones are you talking about?"

"He busted out of a containment cell. He hurt you some how. You got a babysitter for your GF to keep him in line. Any of them true?"

"All of them are true," I answered, breathing a sigh of relief that Zell hadn't added the one about me screwing my GF to the list. Maybe Zell hadn't heard that one yet.

"No shit?" Zell said in surprise. "So how'd he hurt you? I thought GF's couldn't do that."

**It was an accident and I did not mean too. I apologised for it and swore it would not happen again. Tell him, ** demanded Sephiroth.

"It's a personal thing between me and Sephiroth and was accidental. I'd rather not talk about it if you don't mind Zell."

Zell gave me a curious look before shrugging his shoulders and launching into a long commentary on who had been up to what. I was enjoying myself with Zell's bright and funny descriptions when a group of cadets approached me. I didn't recognise any of them, but Garden was a big place and it wasn't like I had every cadet in my classes.

"Instructor Kinneas, we were wondering if we could see your GF in action? We checked and the training Center isn't being used right now. We're doing a paper on GF's for Instructor Trepe and we heard about what your GF did and..." the cadet trailed off when he saw my expression.

**Please my Beautiful One. I have not fought anything since you first showed me to the Lion and your other friends. **

**No, ** I answered Sephiroth as I stared coldly at the group of cadets before me.

"Any information you need for a paper will be in the data base available to all cadets enrolled in Garden. You don't need a personal show and it would give you an unfair advantage over the other cadets in your class," I said to the group.

The cadets wanted to argue the point. Fortunately, one of the more sensitive of the group realized I was irritated by the request and hustled the group away with apologies for disturbing my supper.

**You are not letting me have any fun my Beautiful One. You will not allow me to fight; which is what I am supposed to do as a GF. You will not allow me to appear beside you; which is what I want. You refuse to let me worship your body; which is what we both want. Why are you doing this to me to us- my Beautiful One? ** the angry tone was unmistakable in Sephiroth's voice as well as an underlying thread of hurt.

I ignored Sephiroth and the guilt starting to grow and listened to Zell describe the promising student he had in his hand-to-hand combat class. I was yanked from the amusing story by the cool, patient voice of Leviathan.

**Sniper, I am concerned about Sephiroth. **

**Why? **

**He is...upset. Your distance is confusing and angering him. I do not like the way he is beginning to feel. **

I felt another little stab of guilt. It wasn't Sephiroth's fault that I was keeping him at arms length. I just didn't understand why I felt the way I did about him. I wanted him with an almost painful intensity. I had felt frighteningly alone when he was gone from my head. Even after the sever spanking that had left me bruised and barely able to function, I had wanted him. What was wrong with me to want someone who would do that kind of thing to me?

**Isn't he going to get pissed that we're talking about him like this? ** I asked.

**He cannot hear this conversation. It is strictly between us. **

**Oh. Okay. Well, how is he starting to feel? **

**Unstable. There is a darkness creeping over him. He is fighting it but he needs your help for this, ** there was a gentle chiding in Leviathan's voice and the feelings of guilt increased.

**I don't understand how I can help. I know he has these bouts of madness and he says I help keep it away, but I don't do anything. **

**I have remembered where I have encountered him before. It was a very, very long time ago. He never was human; at least not fully. He was created in a lab as an experiment. Human was mixed with a being that came from the heavens. Jenova was her name. He was given treatments that made him the ultimate soldier but also made him mentally unstable. It was this instability that made him take Jenova's head and eventually try for godhood and nearly destroy the world in the process. He remembers only pieces of this, ** Leviathan explained.

**How do you know all this? **

**Some I saw with my own eyes. I was there at his final defeat at the hands of another being similar to him. Most, I have learned from his own mind. He is protecting himself from remembering. To remember it all is to fall prey to the madness again. He does not want to loose himself once again to the madness. You do not seem much surprised by what I have told you. **

** the Lion researched this already. We knew about most of it. We didn't know he was never human. We didn't know he was just a lab experiment, ** I said with a sigh.

A nasty thought suddenly occurred to me and made my breath catch in my throat. **Hyne! I forced him into a container in a lab and left him there. I didn't know about him being a lab experiment! I never would have done that to him if I had known. **

**Be at ease Sniper. He does not hold that against you. He remembers nothing about his time in the lab when he was young. He knows he received mako treatments but that is the limit of his current knowledge. Does it not bother you that you have taken a creature that is not human, and never was, to your bed? **

**No. Why would it? Sephiroth is...Sephiroth. I wanted him from the moment I first saw him. I knew he wasn't human the first time we had sex. Why would it matter now? ** I asked; confused with where Leviathan was going with this line of questions.

**That is what helps to keep him stable. Acceptance. You have made the choice to accept him as he is. Something that is not human yet still worthy of your companionship. This is why he is upset and becoming unstable. He fears you are withdrawing your acceptance from him. You are refusing him the chance to prove his worth as a GF by not using him as a GF is meant to be used. You are refusing him the friendship he wants by not allowing him to be with you outside of your rooms. Perhaps most importantly, you are refusing him the closeness and acceptance of being his lover. He is not a complicated creature to figure out, Sniper. **

I felt like I had just been scolded by Matron for getting into trouble I should have known better to avoid. Great. Now I had a shit load of guilt on top of the confused feelings already swirling around in my head about Sephiroth.

**I'm just confused about how he makes me feel, ** I said. Even to me, that sounded like whiny angst and I mentally cringed.

**I cannot help you decide how you feel about Sephiroth. I do have one question for you. If you have always let your heart guide your actions in the past, why are you not doing so now? **

Leviathan faded into the back of my mind. I had a million and one things rolling through my head. Why was I thinking so hard about how I felt about Sephiroth? He made me feel good. He made me feel like I belonged. I felt wanted for more than a casual roll between the sheets when I was with him. Wasn't that what I wanted from a lover? Wasn't that what I had been looking for? What did it matter what others thought about my relationship with him if I was happy and he was happy?

I stood abruptly, stopping Zell mid-sentence. I offered some half-assed apology and quickly left the cafeteria. I needed the privacy of my rooms. I had an apology to make to Sephiroth and I'd prefer not to have the whole Garden see me do it. I made it back to my rooms in record time. No sooner had the door closed behind me than Sephiroth appeared before me. There was a subtle tension in him that I hadn't noticed before and I wondered how long he had been like that.

"I owe you an apology Sephiroth. I've been a shitty Host and lover these past few days. I thought I had some stuff to sort out in my head. I had it pointed out to me that I really didn't need to do that. I've always been a roll-with-the-punches kinda guy and there was no need for me to think something to death. That's more Squalls' style."

Sephiroth watched me with curiosity in his green eyes. He folded his arms and waited for me to continue. I could almost feel the tension coming off him. I stepped close to him and touched his arm.

"I don't know where this relationship between us is going but I'm willing to stick around for the ride. I enjoy being with you both in and out of bed. I like the way you make me feel and I think it's time that all my friends knew about us."

"This is unexpected but most welcome. You are no longer angry with me?" he asked cautiously.

"I never was. I doesn't matter. I had a rather enlightening conversation with Leviathan. He basically slapped me upside the head and said I should be grateful for any happiness I got and not to think too hard on it."

"He hit you? That will not be tolerated," Sephiroth growled in a dangerous voice.

"Figuratively. He made me realize that as long as I was happy and you were happy, all the other shit didn't matter. It will work itself out eventually."

Sephiroth pulled me to him and kissed my temple. I felt the tension leave his body. I pressed close to him, hugging him as I hadn't done in almost a week. I inhaled the scent of him; leather and magic and male and knew that I had done the right thing in following what my heart dictated I do. I belonged with him; I didn't know why. It didn't matter why. I was happy when I was with him. I still didn't know if I loved him or not. I didn't how he felt about me either and I was to chicken-shit to ask.

I pushed a little away from him and took his hand. I had to do this now before I started to think about why I shouldn't be seen in public with Sephiroth. I was probably setting myself up for a royal chew out by Squall, but I didn't care. I led Sephiroth out the door and began heading for the cafeteria. Chances were Zell would still be there. As I walked down the halls with Sephiroth, whispers started in our wake. It was a little unusual to see two men holding hands as they walked. It was down right uncommon to see one of the men with wings.

"Irvy? I thought it was you. Where have you been hiding yourself?" came a feminine voice from behind me.

I turned to find a pretty brunette walking up to me, her eyes shifting to Sephiroth curiously before settling back on me. She reached up and pulled my head down for a kiss that was all tongue and heat and need. The name Jess flashed through my brain before I was yanked away from her and squished against Sephiroth's chest.

"Do not touch my Beautiful One," Sephiroth warned in a deadly voice.

Jess's eyes widened before she cocked her hip and gave Sephiroth a cool appraising look. "Care to explain fly-boy to me Irvy? I knew you liked some kink, but the wing thing is a new one on me."

"I am Sephiroth. You are not to touch my Beautiful One. No one may touch him but me. He is mine. God's do not share and most certainly we do not share with the likes of you."

I squirmed against Sephiroth's iron hold. I was fine with people knowing I was sleeping with him but he was going to have to relax just a little on the whole possession thing. Not that I didn't like the idea that he felt so strongly about having me all to himself. It just sounded a tad on the insanely jealous side.

"The likes of me? What is that supposed to mean? And what's with this Beautiful One crap?"

"That would be me Jess. It's like...a pet name. Like darlin' or sweetheart."

"I prefer to call him that over Sniper or Irvine Kinneas. It is more fitting."

"You pick up the strangest dates Irvy. Good looking but strange. So, you free Friday night? I hear they got a great house band playing at that new night club we went to last month. You up for a little bump and grind?"

"Thanks for asking but I'm afraid not," I said gently as Sephiroth's arm tightened around me.

"You're turning me down? I thought you said you had fun the last time we went out."

"What parts of 'gods do not share' did you not understand?" Sephiroth growled.

"Look tall, pale and handsome; I'm trying to make some time with the hot piece of ass that is Irvine Kinneas. I'm guessing you have him for the rest of the night so don't get greedy. We have to spread the love that is Irvy around for everybody to enjoy."

I wanted to sink into a hole in the floor. Or have one take Jess to the deepest pits of nowhere. I had never before been so acutely embarrassed over my bed-hopping. I had forgotten just how aggressive Jess could be. Truth be told, I had completely forgotten about Jess. I had promised to call her after I got back from the mission that had netted me Sephiroth. Things had gotten a little complicated and since we had never been anything more than casual partners to party with and relieve some sexual tension, I hadn't given her any second thoughts.

"Irvy," Sephiroth said with distaste, "will not be spreading for anyone but me. He is mine little girl. You would do well not to provoke me. A god angered is a terrible thing to behold."

"Look, I think it's great you get so into the kinky little games you play, but seriously, it's starting to get annoying."

"He's not playing a game Jess and I really wouldn't piss him off if I were you," I said as the thought occurred to me that she didn't seem to have heard about Sephiroth and me from the rumours that had been circulating around Garden.

"Have you been away on a mission lately?" I asked just to confirm my suspicions.

"Just got back from a monster clean up detail in some podunk town in the back of beyond. Why?"

"Stuff has happened since you've seen me last. Jess, I'd like to introduce you to my GF Sephiroth. He's also my lover."

Jess stared at me in open mouthed shock before she started to laugh. She actually had to lean against the wall for support. When she finally stopped laughing, she straightened and threw me a stunning smile.

"Oh god I needed a laugh like that. That was precious Irvy. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. You with a GF; and screwing it to boot. Come on, you didn't think I'd actually believe that did you? You play some weird ass kink games. It's one of the things that I like about you."

It had never occurred to me that people wouldn't believe me that Sephiroth was my GF and that I was sleeping with him. I shrugged my shoulders at Sephiroth and said, "Show her."

Sephiroth let go of my hand and returned to my head. Jess blinked and looked a little puzzled but not overly concerned. Sephiroth waited until I gestured, having finally agreed with both me and Leviathan that it would be a good surprise tactic to use if people didn't know he could come and go at will. It also would make Squall furious to know he could do that and I hadn't said a damn word about it. I wanted to hold off on that information until Squall was more himself or better yet; never tell him.

The tip of Sephiroth's Masamune appeared in the middle of the corridor. It was forced through the air with a sound like wet silk ripping. The tear opened to the swirling black void and Sephiroth stepped from it. He spread his wings and stars fell to the floor. Green mako energy glowed from his eyes and crawled over his hands. The tear closed behind him and he inclined his head to me.

"What it is you desire of me my Beautiful One?"

"Holy fucking Hyne!" Jess squeaked.

Sephiroth turned to face Jess and smiled at her with all the warmth of an omnipotent being finally noticing a lower, less intelligent life form. One that was annoying him.

"I have been a god. I choose to be a GF to aid my Beautiful One. He is mine and only mine. A god does not share. Do not push my patience further girl."

"You're really screwing your GF? That is completely fucked up Irvy. It's not like you didn't have a number of willing partners here or at other Gardens. What possessed you to take it to bed?"

I put out a restraining hand on Sephiroth. This might be a lesson for him in how our relationship was going to be viewed by others. I wasn't pleased that Jess had referred to Sephiroth as 'it' but I had known our relationship was going to be a difficult thing for most people to accept. Two men screwing was one thing. A human male and a male GF was a whole new world of trouble.

"Instinct. I need him and he needs me."

Jess looked at me and Sephiroth and shook her head. She was okay with the knowledge that I enjoyed a good man fuck but not with the idea that I would sleep with a male who wasn't exactly human. She backed away from us with a little look of disgust.

"That's just sick Irvy. I knew you liked kink but I never thought you were this twisted. Loose my number. When the novelty of screwing that thing wears off, I'm not going to be available. Hyne knows what you can catch from it."

Jess turned and walked as quickly away as she could without breaking into a run. I turned to face Sephiroth and was surprised to find him watching her retreating back with a distasteful look.

"You do realize that isn't going to be an isolated case. Most people will probably react the same way," I warned him.

"The opinions of others matters not to me. Only you matter. I am offended that she called me a thing."

"Don't worry about it. I know you're not."

Sephiroth turned me to face him and stared at me intently, "And what then am I? I am no longer human. I am not exactly a god nor am I entirely a GF. What have you taken to your bed my Beautiful One?"

"I've taken Sephiroth to my bed. You are what you are. Right now, you're my godlike GF and my lover. Beyond that, I really don't give a flying fuck. Now, hustle that nice ass of yours. I wanna catch Zell before he leaves the caf."

Sephiroth smiled as he took my hand, his long legs easily matching my strides. We were at the doors of the cafeteria and stepping through before I thought about what it would look like to waltz in with a GF that had been rumoured to have broken free of a containment cell. Several of the lab techs that had been there the night Sephiroth broke free were eating their supper. Forks clattered to the trays as they stood quickly and their eyes darted to the exits. A good number of the students that had been in Quistis's class the day I had summoned him were also present and looked on in surprise. Zell was still seated at the table I had left him at, with his back to us. The huge pile of hot dogs was gone and he was chatting with a cute little blonde.

I approached the table and waited for Zell to notice us. Whispers followed us on our way to the table but it was the wide eyed look from the blonde girl that alerted Zell something was going on behind him. Zell turned in his seat and spotted me. The grin on his face faded a bit when he also saw Sephiroth standing slightly behind me.

"Something wrong Irvine?" Zell asked.

"No. Why do you ask?"

"Um...'cause your GF is standing right behind you? Why would you summon him if there wasn't something wrong?"

I took a seat across from Zell and smiled at the girl. She stammered a quick good-bye to Zell and fled the table. Sephiroth would have remained standing if I hadn't tugged him down to sit beside me. He fluffed out his wings as he sat down and held them slightly spread out so they wouldn't brush the floor. His hand covered mine on top of the table and drew Zell's eyes.

"Irvine, what the fuck is going on? I just heard the wildest rumour. People have been saying that you...that you're...Hyne, Irvine people have been saying you're banging your GF."

"Yeah, I know. I am."

Zell's eyes almost popped out of his head. He darted a quick glance around before hissing at me, "Squall is going to kill you when he finds out. Hyne Irvine! You can't just walk in here holding hands with your GF when there's rumours' flying around that you're fucking him."

"Actually, he is not fucking me," Sephiroth said as he looked at Zell.

"He's not? Geeze, Irvine, don't screw with me like that. I almost had heart failure thinking about how I was going to tell Squall that you told me you were doing your GF," Zell said with relief.

"I pleasure him," Sephiroth said with a slow, sensual smile.

Zell stared at us for a few seconds before dropping his head into his hands and moaning. I decided to take pity on him and tell him that Squall already knew that Sephiroth and I were intimate. He looked up at me as if waiting for the next punch line.

"Squall, Seifer and Quistis already know. Only you and Selphie needed to be told. As soon as Selphie stops by from Trabia Garden, I'll tell her too. I just wanted my friends to know from me not some rumour saying god knows what. You'll probably be seeing Sephiroth quite a bit with me and I didn't want you feeling left out of the loop," I said as I stood; my little mission to tell Zell now over with.

"You really are sleeping with him?"

"Yes, I really am sleeping with my GF. I'm enjoying it a hell of a lot too. Later Zell," I said as I started to walk away.

Sephiroth followed me and put his arm around my waist as we approached the doors of the cafeteria. The volume of whispers rose the closer we got to the exit. I stopped at the doors and looked at Sephiroth. I could feel all eyes on us as we stood in the doorway. I have no idea what possessed me as I slid my hand over Sephiroth's jaw and into his hair and I urged him towards me. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

"Beautiful One?" he breathed against my lips.

"Give 'em a show and confirm the rumours," I replied softly as I pressed my lips to his.

Sephiroth smiled as he wrapped his arms around me. Heat exploded through me and I couldn't stop the groan that wound its way from my throat. Sephiroth's hand slid low on my back and pressed our groins together. His tongue tangled with mine and he stretched his wings out to their full span before bringing them around to wrap me close to him.

It was heaven to feel him against me again. His skin was warm and silky and the feathers of his wings soft and ticklish against the bare skin of my arms. I could feel the erection in his leathers and knew it matched my own. I groaned softly as I ground my groin into his.

"Does this mean you will allow me to pleasure you my Beautiful One?"

"Oh yeah. If I didn't think it would shock the entire Garden, I'd let you do me right here in front of everybody. Five days is an awful long time to go without."

"Shall I use a short cut to get us back to our rooms?" Sephiroth asked in a low voice.

"Sooner we're back there; the sooner we can be naked."

Sephiroth's wings snapped open and I wondered if he intended to fly us back to my rooms. He pushed me a little ways away from him and drew his sword. The lab techs that had resumed their seats after we first entered the room, scrambled from them again. Several shrieks were heard and there was a clattering as chairs were shoved back and people scrambled from them. Sephiroth whirled the Masamune in an impressive display and slashed the air directly in front of him. The wet silk ripping sounded again and a tear into the void opened. Sephiroth sheathed his sword and pulled me close to him. He folded his wings around me and whispered for me to hold tight to him before stepping into the void. I heard screams start as we entered the void before all sound was abruptly cut off when the tear closed behind us.

A cold and emptiness like nothing I had ever experienced before assaulted me. I felt panic rise in me. I squeezed my eyes shut tight and clung to Sephiroth. I felt his lips move against my ear but couldn't hear him. The bone deep cold of the void was slowly seeping into me and stealing the little warmth I had. I started to shiver against Sephiroth and wondered how fast a short cut this was. It already felt like we had been in the void forever. When I felt warm air hit my face, I almost cried out with relief.

I cracked my eyes open to find we were standing in my rooms. The tear was closing behind Sephiroth and he opened his wings to let me go. I staggered to a chair and dropped heavily into it.

"How long were we in that place?" I asked as my teeth began to chatter.

"Two maybe three heart beats. I did not realize that you would find it so difficult. We will not be doing that again," he said with a frown.

"Is that where you spent all that time alone after you died?" I asked as I shuddered at the thought.

"It allowed me to think about what I had done to bring myself to that point. It is a very good place to think quietly."

I was impressed that being in that place hadn't pushed Sephiroth into permanent madness. Much longer in there myself and I think I would have gone nuts. Sephiroth noticed my shivers and pulled me out of the chair and into the warmth of his embrace. He rubbed my arms and back gently and held me pressed to his bare skin to share his body heat. When I stopped shivering, he guided me to the furry rug I had on the floor, removing both our clothes along the way. His body was very warm, almost hot. I plastered myself to him and drank the heat of his body into mine.

As I finally warmed up, I noticed that he hadn't lost his erection from the bone chilling cold of the void like I had. I twitched my hips up into his and was rewarded with his growl of pleasure. He slid his hand down my body to cup me and I moaned from the touch that I had been denying myself for almost a week. I really wasn't built to go that long without sex.

Sephiroth kissed and nibbled his way down my chest; stopping to lick and suck at my nipples and dip his tongue into my belly button before he reached my groin and the erection that was starting to come back to life. I moaned as he took me into his mouth and began sucking. His fingers teased my ass and I wriggled as I tried to get him to push them into me. I protested when he stopped and moved away from me.

"We need something to ease my way inside you. I will not hurt you no matter how badly I want to be joined with you," Sephiroth said over his shoulder as he went to retrieve the lube from the bedroom.

I watched his ass as he walked away from me and started stroking the erection he had brought back to life. Hyne but he was beautiful. I smiled at him as he walked back to me with the lube in hand.

"Now where was I?" Sephiroth asked with a teasing light in his eyes as he knelt between my spread thighs.

"You were sucking my cock," I offered helpfully as I continued to stroke said cock.

"You would like me to continue that I suppose?" Sephiroth asked as he licked a line from my balls to the tip that made me groan from the pleasure.

"I'd like you inside me right now, but I don't think you'll do that, will you?"

"I would hurt you if I just pushed into you right now. Do not tempt me my Beautiful One. Five days is a very long time to go without feeling you. My control is not the best right now."

I closed my eyes as Sephiroth took me back into his mouth. I tangled my hands in his long silvery hair to hold him to me; not that I thought he was going to go anywhere. I felt his fingers, slicked with lube slide over me and sucked in a sharp breath. I whimpered when he finally pushed one into me. He curled it inside me and made my back arch off the floor from the bliss of having my prostate stimulated so strongly. I spread my legs even further apart for him and was rewarded by him pushing another elegantly long finger into me. I moaned his name and circled my hips, needing more than what I was getting.

Sephiroth sucked on me hard as he devoured my cock. His fingers rubbed against my sweet spot, moving in concert with his mouth. I started to pant as I let the pleasure wash through me from the feel of my cock in his mouth and his fingers in my ass. I whined when he let my cock fall from his mouth suddenly. I had been moving so close to orgasm. Just a little more and I would have tipped over the edge. When Sephiroth withdrew his fingers from me, I sobbed at the loss. I let go of his hair and reached for my cock only to have Sephiroth hold my hand away. He pulled me up to straddle his lap and our cocks rubbed together.

"You are my undoing Beautiful One. I find it much too difficult to wait and make you properly ready for me. I want you far too much."

"I don't want to wait. I want you now. I was so close," I growled as I pressed against Sephiroth.

"I know. Why do you think I stopped? I need to feel you come undone around me."

Sephiroth groaned softly as he positioned himself at my entrance. Even though I wanted him inside me, I still hissed sharply at the feel of him entering me. Sephiroth held himself still and waited for me to adjust before pulling me down further on him. I wound my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his for a deep kiss. My ass felt pleasantly full and stretched and my cock rubbed with wonderful friction between our bellies. Sephiroth broke the kiss and stared into my eyes.

"I am sorry my Beautiful One. I will make it up to you later, I swear it; but I need to possess you now. You feel far too good," was all the warning I got before Sephiroth wrapped an arm around my waist and started to raise and lower me rapidly over his cock. He fisted my dick with his lube covered hand.

I sucked in my breath sharply. I loved it when I could make him loose control to the point that he simply moved my body how he needed; how we both needed. The power he displayed to hold me and move me one handed was thrilling. The feel of his hand sliding over me was hot and tight yet not quite enough to push me that last little bit over the edge. I moaned and wrapped my legs around his waist. His wings were outstretched and quivered.

"Come for me my Beautiful One," he whispered into my ear as his grip on my cock tightened.

He moved me faster over his cock, grunting with pleasure from the hard pounding. My balls drew up tight and I shrieked as my dick spurted over his fist. He gave a low moan as my ass clenched him and moved me almost violently on him. He pulled me down hard and green mako energy flashed through his eyes as he came. I groaned as I felt his hot seed fill me. He brought his wings around us loosely and let go of my cock. He held up his hand coated with my seed and began to lick it clean. His eyes were fixed on something behind me with what I could only call satisfied possession. I risked a look over my shoulder to find Squall, Seifer and Zell standing in my open door.

I wondered how long they had been standing there. I hoped they appreciated the show. I was changing my security codes as soon as I could. Sephiroth finished licking his hand clean and hugged me tight to him. He gave me a brief kiss and touched his lips to my ear.

"They watched us find bliss with each other. Malice enjoyed the show and I think the Lion did too although he appears a little embarrassed to have watched us pleasure each other. Fist is disturbed by what he saw."

I had guessed that Seifer would probably enjoy watching and maybe to a lesser degree Squall. I had no doubts Zell was disturbed by watching two guys fuck each other. He was straight and sights like he had just seen were probably going to scar him for life. Or make him curious.

"If you guys would mind stepping out for a minute and closing the door behind you, Sephiroth and I will be with you shortly. I would ask that you knock next time too. Pretty fucking rude to just walk into somebody's room," I said as my gaze swept over them. I was too sated to really put any heat into the words. Besides, I'm sure we looked spectacular screwing each other.

"That would be chicken-wuss's fault. He thought you were hurt or some stupid shit when we heard you scream and opened the door before we could stop him," Seifer snickered. "Hyne you're loud when you come Irvine."

"He screams from the bliss of having me inside him," Sephiroth said with a smug look.

"Okay, I so don't need to hear this shit. I'm waiting outside," Zell said with a fierce blush on his face as he whirled around and left.

"Five minutes Kinneas. After that we talk about your little stunt in the cafeteria and I don't give a shit if you're dressed, undressed or still have his cock up your ass," Squall said with a scowl as he turned and pulled Seifer after him.

My door swished closed behind them and I rested my forehead against Sephiroth's shoulder. A smile kicked up the corner of my mouth at the mental image of Squall reading me the riot act while I sat in front of him still impaled on Sephiroth's cock. I couldn't help the insane giggle that slipped out. How distracting would that conversation be?

"We had better dress. I think the Lion is angry with us again."

"Probably. It probably wasn't one of my better decisions to kiss you in such a public place without clearing it with Squall first. The trip through the void likely roasted his muffins too. I think we're in for a chew out. He's been super bitchy the last few weeks. The pregnancy is not treating him well. Not a good idea to tweak the lion's tail."

"Two minutes Kinneas," Squall warned through the door.

Sephiroth opened his wings and lifted me from him. I made a disappointed noise at the feel of his cock slipping from me. He pressed a kiss to my hip and handed me my pants. I was just pulling the zipper up when the door opened again. I hadn't had time to put on a shirt yet. Sephiroth was still naked as it took him longer to get back into his kinky outfit of leather straps and buckles. Only Squall came into the room and the door closed behind him. He spared a glance at Sephiroth and folded his arms across his chest before launching into his chew out.

"Just what the fuck were you thinking? Were you even thinking with anything other than your dick? And where the fuck was Leviathan when you got the bright ass idea to swap spit with your fucking GF right in the middle of the most crowded place in all of Garden? Do you have any idea the chaos you caused by letting him take you...wherever to get here? Hyne Irvine, half the people in the cafeteria thought Sephiroth went nuts and kidnapped you." Squall ended with words so cold and clipped that I flinched back against Sephiroth.

Sephiroth pulled me to his chest and his wings came across us. I was starting to recognise that he did that when he wanted to protect me. It made me feel like I was more than just a hot piece of ass that was fantastic in the sack. It made me feel good when he did that. It made me feel cared for.

"Leviathan is just in my head to police Sephiroth and teach him GF stuff. He's not there to dog my every move," I said to Squall.

"Well he should be," snapped Squall.

"There were already rumours flying around Garden about me and Sephiroth. The kiss just confirmed what everybody was already saying."

"That's not the point. Rumours will die if you don't feed them. Just for once, I'd like you to try and think with your big head instead of your little one. Use the one fucking brain cell you have for a change and think before you act."

That stung, was really unfair and more than a little mean. I was trying to do what was right for Sephiroth and me. Just because it clashed with what Squall thought was the right way to go about things didn't mean my way was the wrong way to do things.

"I don't know what bug you got up your butt over this Squall, but that was just plain mean. That's not like you. You can be a cold uncaring prick when you have to but you've never been just plain mean like this. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Squall scowled at me for the span of a few seconds before his eyes glittered and crystal tears slipped down his cheeks. He swore and swiped at his face as turned his back to me and Sephiroth. His shoulders shook as he tried to control himself. I looked up at Sephiroth and sighed. I pushed his wings away and reached for Squall. I dragged him into my arms, turned him around and backed into Sephiroth. Sephiroth closed his wings around us all and his arms snaked around my waist.

Squall stood stiffly in my arms as tears coursed down his cheeks. I stroked his hair and pressed his face against my bare chest and made shushing noises. I'd dealt with enough crying, emotional women in my time to know how to handle tears. I didn't think dealing with an emotional Squall would be all that different. As long as he didn't pull Lionheart on me, I figured I was doing the right thing. Sephiroth started to sway gently, pulling me and Squall along with him. Squall's tears felt cold against my chest and I wondered where Seifer had gotten himself to. Dealing with shit like this was supposed to be his job.

"You smell like sex," Squall sniffed petulantly as he finally relaxed against me.

"You didn't exactly give us time to shower," I said softly. "How come Seifer hasn't come barrelling in here throwing fire and brimstone around for my having my hands on you?"

"I told him to fuck off and let me do my job. He called me a bitchy ice princess and stomped away," Squall sighed as he continued to let himself be held. The tears had stopped and Squall sniffed again.

"You going to be okay Squall? I didn't mean to make you cry. Hyne, Seifer will have my head for doing that."

"Malice will not lay one finger on you again," Sephiroth said darkly.

"It's the hormones. Not your fault Irvine. Hyne I hate this. I'm okay now," Squall said as he pushed against my hold on him.

I let him go and watched as he took a deep breath and collected himself. He swiped at the tear tracks on his face and looked a little embarrassed over the outburst. He spied a box of tissues on a shelf and took one to blow his nose. When he turned back to face me, he was once again in command of himself. If I hadn't felt his chill tears on my chest only moments earlier, I would have sworn that he had never cried in front of me or let me hold him until it passed.

"I was hoping that the rumours would die down on their own about you and Sephiroth. I was going to send you out on a mission before you decided to go public. Sort of an out of sight, out of mind thing. I don't see any reason to change my mind about that and I need someone I trust to go. Seeing as how you have kept your mouth shut about the babies, I figure you can keep your mouth shut about something else pretty important."

I watched Squall pace back and forth in my small sitting area. He finally sat on the couch and sighed heavily. He suddenly looked very tired and it was more than just the pregnancy that seemed to be weighing on him.

"Rinoa's been kidnapped and Viljo was almost killed when they took her. I believe they meant for him to die in the attack. He says she's still alive but he can't feel her. We've got a very dangerous situation on our hands. There is a Sorceress out there in world that has no connection with her Knight. A Knight is the anchor for a Sorceress and keeps the darker powers at bay. We could be standing on the edge of another Sorceress war."

I stared at Squall in shock. The news that Rinoa had been stolen from her Knight and that we may be gearing up for another Sorceress war was staggering. Sephiroth felt me tense up and stroked my arm as he held me in the loose circle of his arms.

"You're going to go with Viljo and Selphie and check out some of the hot spots that have been popping up. You're doing this quietly so you can't be seen in public with Sephiroth and you're to tell no one where you're going. You leave in two days. I've arranged for someone to cover your classes. Expect to be gone up to two weeks. Stock up on spells and potions. I figure you have the GF thing covered now," Squall said with a small smile.

He turned to leave and was at the door before I moved from Sephiroth and stopped him with a hand on his arm.

"I only did what I thought I had to Squall. I only went to the caf to tell Zell. I wanted my friends to know about Sephiroth from me and not some wild rumour floating around. The kiss was an impulse thing and I really didn't think about how the trip through the void would look."

Squall looked at me with those eyes of his that could freeze a person in their tracks. I began to feel a little nervous under his intense gaze. Squall had never looked at me like that before. His eyes seemed more silvery grey than blue and when he finally blinked, it was like he had released me from some kind of spell.

"We all act on instinct when it's about something that matters. Nobody died or got hurt. Just try to be a little more cautious okay? I'm asking you to do this as my friend. I really do have a lot of shit on my plate to deal with right now."

Squall palmed the door open and walked out. Sephiroth moved to stand behind me and I could feel excitement humming through him. I knew he was thinking about the battles he'd have with the monsters we were sure to encounter on this new mission. I was thinking about what Squall had said to me. For a guy that usually sucked at dealing with people, he had said the exact right thing to me. He would kill me if I ever said it out loud, but he was going to make a fantastic mom.

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