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** indicates internal/mental conversation ~ indicates POV

Idol Worship Arc

Part 3 - Alignment

By Iron Dog

Deliver me, loving and caring.
Deliver me, giving and sharing.
Deliver me, the cross that I'm bearing.

"Deliver Me"- Sarah Brightman


I woke up in the infirmary strapped down to the bed. My head ached and a faint queasiness made my stomach lurch. I probably had a concussion. I was going to punch out Seifer's lights when I saw him next. My little groan when I moved my head must have alerted whoever was watching me that I had returned to the land of the living.

"You're awake, finally. Sorry about the head Irvine," said Squall as he walked to the foot of the bed.

I closed my eyes, not feeling very charitable to Squall at the moment. "Not that I don't like to be tied to a bed but why am I tied to a bed?"

"You fought us when we started to draw Sephiroth from you. You weren't even conscious and you fought us," Squall said with something like surprise in his voice. "You broke Seifer's nose by the way."

I barely heard past the words that they had drawn Sephiroth from me. I ran a mental check and couldn't find him anywhere. I was a laid-back kinda guy but once you lit my fuse, nothing short of an act of god was going to put it out. Squall and Seifer had just set a lit match to my fuse.

They had no fucking right! Sephiroth was my GF. We fit each other perfectly. Squall kept Shiva in permanent Junction. What was the difference between that and me and Sephiroth?

"Give him back Squall. He's mine," I said through clenched teeth as I pulled against the restraints.

"He's dangerous Irvine. He damn near killed a trained SeeD that Junctioned him. It's dumb luck that he didn't kill you. What the fuck were you thinking to Junction a GF like that when you don't have the experience?"

"He's not dangerous. Not to me," I insisted as I continued to try and work my hands loose. I could feel the skin around my wrists burn from the motion against the leather. I ignored it as I kept twisting and pulling.

"Do you have any idea how much you sound like you're being controlled by him? You almost sound like Seifer did when he was under Ultimecia's control. Sephiroth went insane Irvine. He tried to destroy the fucking planet! I read the account. It says he believed he was a descendant of a higher species and that he killed the one he thought was his mother. He cut her fucking head off! Are you that addicted to the power you got from the Junction with him that you'll let him use you?"

"History is written by the victors Squall; you know that. He's not using me. We have a mutual agreement. He won't really Junction for anyone else. He told me so and I believe him. He's even more arrogant than Seifer and he knows he has power to spare. He refused to be used in a master/slave way. He remembers what it was like to almost reach god status. He doesn't come because I summon him. He comes because he wants to. For the thrill of the battle. To keep me safe."

"Why is it so important that you remain safe?" Squall asked, pouncing on that slip of the tongue. When I refused to say anything further, he continued with a little of his frustration leaking through.

"It was the one thing he asked once he was Junctioned and summoned. He wanted to make sure that you were safe and unharmed. He was enraged to find out that you were out cold because of our attempt to draw him from you. That's when he almost killed the SeeD. He turned on his summoner, Irvine. That's never happened before. Not even with Diablos who is the nastiest piece of work we've ever seen. Why is it important to him that you remain unharmed?"

When I still refused to answer, Squall sighed. "Don't make me force it from you Irvine. Friend or not, you know I will. If he's a threat to Garden or the world, we will either seal him or destroy him. I don't need this shit from you right now. I've got more pressing things on my plate than you getting all pissy over a GF being drawn from you. You're acting like a possessive lover over him," Squall snapped, frost coming into his eyes as he finally lost all patience with me.

I must have reacted to that comment. Squall's eyes widened and he opened his mouth but no words came out. I held his gaze with a look of my own. I wasn't ashamed of the relationship I had with Sephiroth. I refused to back down on this issue. I wanted Sephiroth back. I was going to get him back. I just hadn't figured out how yet. Squall dragged a hand through his hair and over his face before looking at me again.

"Hyne, Irvine why?"

"Because he's what I need. He's what I was looking for when I changed beds every other night and you fucking took him away from me!" I yelled in frustrated rage. "I thought you of all people would understand. You told me once that Seifer was what you needed and was what you never thought you'd get."

"Seifer's a man; it's different. Irvine, he can't even be with you all the time. He's a GF and a not to stable one at that. It's not the same thing as Seifer and me at all. It isn't right for you to be fucking a GF."

"Who says it's not right? It's more the same than you want to admit. He's in my head all the time, like Seifer is with you. When I call him, he can stay with me physically as long as we touch every now and again," I explained earnestly as I continued to work on freeing my hands.

"And that would be enough? You're on missions that could kill you. What happens when you die? I'll tell you what happens; we'd have a rogue GF roaming the world who doesn't want to Junction with anyone else but you is what we'd have. Don't put me in this position Irvine."

"I'm not putting you in any position. Give him back to me. Easy as pie decision. We could all die tomorrow. You don't know that he'd freak if I were to die. He's probably more upset at how you took him from me than the actual taking," I lied as pulled sharply on the cuff.

I knew for a fact that it wouldn't have mattered how they took Sephiroth from me. They could have asked pretty as punch and he would have still been pissed. Some of the things of being a GF were hard for Sephiroth to accept. The notion of being passed around between people didn't appeal to him at all. It offended him in fact. Why we had clicked like we did was something that I should probably examine at another time. A time when I wasn't ready to take off the head of one of my best friends for what felt like a soul-deep betrayal.

"The only reason he is still around is that I think he could be very useful to us on missions. The techies who went over his stats just about wet their pants with excitement. He's stronger than Eden. He's got weird readings all over the place. He's no normal GF that's for sure," Squall said as he headed for the door.

"Give me a chance with him Squall, please," I begged, all pride gone. "I've never asked anything of you and I swear that I never will again if you do this one thing for me."

Squall paused at the door to the room with his back to me. "I can't do that Irvine. If it's not in the best interest of the Garden or the world in general, no matter how much I might want to help my friend, I have to what is right as the Commander of Balamb Garden."

I watched Squall walk out of the room and jerked one last time on the leather cuffs holding me to the bed. My wrists were sore and bloody but still held firmly. I screamed my frustration and rage and jerked and thrashed until a doctor rushed into the room and the sharp sting of a needle was felt in my arm. I rolled my suddenly light head and snarled as I felt the drug speed through my system. When I got out of this bed, I was going to hunt down Squall and Seifer and beat them to a bloody pulp.


I could feel the madness nipping at me. If I let down my guard, it was going to consume me again as it had once before. If that happened, I'd never see my Beautiful One again. The Lion would try and destroy me. I hadn't survived all that I did to let some human try and kill me. So I waited and planned.

It had been an error in judgement to turn on the man who I had allowed to Junction with me. The Junction had been wrong but necessary. I had needed information and it had been the quickest route to gain it. I hadn't known what they had done with my Beautiful One once they removed me from him. I needed to know he was safe and unharmed. I had not done myself any good by letting the madness overtake me when I found out he was knocked out from the blows to his head. The one who had done that, Malice, was going to pay for it. I'd see to it.

I had known the Junction was wrong the instant I had allowed it. There was no gentle acceptance; no warmth; no humour; no hot desire. I was looked at as a tool; a weapon. It was like being a test subject all over again. It simply re-affirmed what I had known when I had Junctioned with my Beautiful One the first time. He was the one that I had been brought from the void for. He needed me and I needed him. He completed me.

I was well and truly trapped. They kept me contained like a rat in a cage. A decision was going to be made soon whether to keep me or kill me. I knew it would. It is something I'd have been thinking about if I had been on the other side of this prison. I watched the Lion walk into the room and head straight for my cell. He studied me for several minutes before sighing and running a hand through his hair.

His lover entered the room shortly and came to stand behind him, hands on his hips. Neither one spoke but I could see anger building on the face of the one other GF's had named Malice. Mental communication my Beautiful One had said. Knights to each other. Highly unusual and never before heard of. I could possibly use that information. The Lion approached my cell and scowled over his shoulder at Malice. Dissention in the ranks? This too could prove useful.

"I have a proposition for you. I want some information from you. You want to go back to Irvine. Depending on what you tell me, I may allow it. This is my Garden and my word is law. If I order you destroyed, it will happen. If I order you returned to Irvine; that too will happen. Do you understand?"

I stared at the slender man before me and thought that Shinra would have loved to have him in their army. He would have made a fine general just from his presence alone. Men would follow him on nothing more than his force of will. Hojo would have given his left arm to have him as a test subject. There was something about him that was different from the common man. I had to grudgingly admit that Malice had it too. My Beautiful One was right. These two were highly dangerous. Cunning was going to be the name of the game to play with them if I wanted a prayer of getting out of this prison. I slowly nodded my head and waited.

I felt the draw of a Junction and it startled me. I had expected a conversation with me trapped in my cell. This was unexpected but much better. I allowed the pull and found myself in the Lion's head. Before I had a chance to wander and pick up anything useful, I felt the demand of a summon placed on me. I ignored it and looked around. The demand became stronger. I continued to ignore it and moved around.

I stretched my enhanced senses to find out all I could from what I assumed was going to be a brief visit inside the Lion's head. His strength of will was astounding. It was like some vast, deep, cold ocean. I may have dangerously underestimated him. I was stunned by the feelings of love he had for Malice. He would give his life without a second thought for him. It was a love returned in full measure. I almost felt guilty at seeing their depth of feeling for each other. I was also a little jealous.

My senses brushed upon something different and unique hidden away. Something that I never would have expected to find and something not even the Lion or Malice knew he possessed. This information would definitely prove useful to me and it changed the way I had to deal with the Lion. My options had just been severely limited.

This Junction was just as wrong feeling as the other one but there was incredible strength in the Lion. I felt a not so subtle shove between my shoulder blades and was startled to find Malice standing behind me. Behind him were GF's. A woman of incredible beauty watched me from eyes colder than the northern winds. Shiva. A fierce lion-like creature watched me with barely concealed hostility. Griever. They did not want me in their Lion's head.

**Squall wants you to come out and play. I'd suggest you do it before we have to kick your ass. ** Malice said with a nasty smirk.

**You hurt my Beautiful One. You will pay for that. He called you a friend so I won't kill you, but I can make you wish you were dead, ** I said as I finally answered the summons.

"You twitch funny and I'll gut you," hissed Malice as he stood with his weapon drawn.

"What is it you wish to know," I said, ignoring Malice and watching the Lion. He was the one who held the power to decide my fate. I didn't deal with underlings. I resisted the urge to smirk at the hostility I felt coming from Malice at my ignoring him.

"Why is it so important to you for Irvine to remain unharmed?"

"Do not waste my limited time in this form with questions you already know the answer to."

The barest of smiles twitched at the corner of the Lion's mouth. Malice scowled first at me then at his lover. A silent conversation took place with Malice not getting the answer he wanted. I waited patiently. He scowled once again at me.

"Do you understand why we drew you from Irvine?" the lion asked.

"I do now. The little stop-over in your head was...enlightening. As long as I am with my Beautiful One, I will not allow the madness to consume me. To do that would also pull him down with me. That will not be tolerated. He helps me hold it at bay. I don't know why. He completes me. You understand about that feeling," I said as I nodded my head towards Malice.

The Lion raised a brow at that comment and a considering look passed over his face. "Why did your appearance change? You had white wings before and now they are black. I've never known a GF to change the way they look."

"I am not a regular GF. I was, and still am, very angry that you took me from him. That was wrong and unnecessary. In doing that, a touch of the madness that plagues me has shown itself by tainting me in a physical way. When I am reunited with my Beautiful One, I will return to my previous appearance."

"It seems to me that you're controlling him. Are you? He's almost frantic to get you back. We had to sedate and restrain him."

"He knows that should you decide to try and seal me or destroy me, he cannot stop you. He knows that you fear him being taken over by me as your Malice was by the Sorceress. He knows you wouldn't want to kill him but would if it was required."

"You didn't answer me. Are you controlling him?" the Lion persisted.

"You don't control one such as him. It is like trying to capture sunshine in a jar. You can try but you'll never accomplish it. To answer you, no, I am not controlling him. We simply have found something in each other that we want."

"And that would be..."

"Something between us that is not up for discussion. You also want to know if I still desire the world. Do I still want to be a god? The short answer to that is no, I don't need the world as long as I have my Beautiful One. As for godhood, who's to say I haven't attained it. I have more power now than I ever did when I tried for godhood and I had more than my fair share then."

"But you're a GF. You have to do what your master says," Malice said.

"I am a GF and not a GF. I am different from all the ones you have ever encountered. You may confirm that fact with these people who have been very excited over what they've found out about my abilities. Who's to say that I'm not a fallen god? I will not harm my Beautiful One. Ever. Others, I cannot promise. I will defend myself and my Beautiful One against any who attack us."

"Squall, he's completely bullshitting us. He'll say anything to go back to Kinneas so he can control him," Malice scoffed.

"While it is true that I would do and say most anything to go back to my Beautiful One, lying, in this instance would accomplish nothing and perhaps seal me away from him forever. The Lion is honourable and appreciates honesty. I have no wish to try and control my Beautiful One. I want him as my partner not my puppet."

I watched as an obviously silent conversation was waged between the two men. It seemed that the Lion had decided to return me to my Beautiful One. I had thought that I would have to work much harder to convince the Lion to let me return to where I belonged. It would seem that Malice had more objections to me going back than the Lion. I was developing a strong dislike for Malice.

"You will not have to worry that my Beautiful One will try seducing your Lion. I can see the appeal, truly I can, but he has me now."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I thought you said you weren't controllin' him," Malice said with a sneer. The Lion rolled his eyes at Malice.

"It means that I see to his needs and he doesn't have the energy for any others. I am not pleased that he still finds excitement in remembering that little encounter with the two of you. That it was your idea Malice, I have no doubt. He is mine now and gods do not share."

I had the supreme pleasure of watching Malice's jaw drop open as he stared stupidly at me. There was the faintest twinkle of mirth in the Lion's eyes and I got the feeling that rendering Malice speechless was a rare treat.

"Kinneas is fuckin' his GF? That perverted fuckin' bastard. I knew he had done most of Garden, but I hadn't thought he'd get that desperate," Malice said.

I moved faster than either man had thought I could. I had Malice by the shirt front before he realized what I was doing. I let some of my anger and frustration at being apart from my Beautiful One leak out into Malice and was surprised to feel his own reach out to smash against mine. Where the Lion was cold calm, Malice was chaotic fire. They were indeed well matched. I stared into his eyes and pushed some of my energy into his body, needing to show him who held the power. I rode the feel of the hot anger that flowed between us.

I abruptly let go of him and backed away. I stared between the two men and was unsure what to do. Things had been done to them without their knowledge. Malice wouldn't believe anything I said. The Lion would want proof. I had nothing I could offer him as proof. Only time would tell or a medical exam. My Beautiful One would want me to tell them. He claimed them both as friends. I sighed. I would tell the Lion and let him deal with Malice.

"Do not speak of my Beautiful One like that. I cannot harm either one of you at this point. I believe I've answered your questions and I cannot remain much longer in this form without the steadying touch of my Beautiful One," I said as I stepped directly in front of the Lion. He tensed and Malice growled a warning as he brought up his weapon to press against the bare skin of my back. I ignored the prick of the sharp point and the feel of blood trickling from the minor wound. I leaned down to whisper into the Lion's ear as I brushed a hand gently over his abdomen, sending small gentle wave of energy into him, "Seek out your doctor. You and Malice are with child."

I stepped back and gave the stunned Lion the barest of smiles before exploding into the stars. I waited for him to place me back into the cell that was my prison and was surprised when he didn't. Instead, his voice followed me through his brain demanding an explanation for what I had just said. I tried to ignore him but he was more persistent than I had thought and there was an edge of stunned panic in his voice. I finally relented and answered him.

**I can only tell that you are carrying a child and that it is not long since it was planted in your body. Less than two months past I would guess. Since you are a man and had no idea that it was there, I assumed that it was done without your knowledge or consent. It is Malice's babe you carry just as he carries yours. I will let you deal with telling him that he carries your child. I wish you luck. **

With that, I refused to say anything more and waited for the Lion to place me back into the cell. I was done talking to the Lion. I could feel the hostility of the GF's in the Lion as they too waited for me to be returned to my prison. I was surprised once again when he abruptly left the room trailed by an obviously worried Malice. He refused to answer the questions of the increasingly angry Malice and instead hurried straight to the infirmary.

I knew my Beautiful One was in there somewhere and I had to restrain myself from trying to take over the Lion to seek him out. The Lion was a careful planner. He wouldn't have kept me in his head if he didn't have something he wanted to do. He approached an older woman and demanded her attention. Malice was an angry hum in the Lion's head but he was being kept from that little bomb shell I had dropped. I couldn't resist the dark snicker at Malice's frustration with his lover. Once in the doctors' office, he demanded that the doctor confirm or deny what I had told him. The effect on Malice was well worth the wait to be reunited with my Beautiful One.

Malice turned chalky white and abruptly sat in the chair behind him. A quick test was run on both of them and confirmed what I had told the Lion. They looked at each other in stunned shock before colour flooded Malice's face and he hissed out a man's name. The rage coming from him was breath taking. I watched, fascinated, as blue-green flames flared to life over his hands and began crawling up his arms. The amount of energy he was putting out was incredible. I had a better understanding of what my Beautiful One had been talking about when he had warned me that these two men were dangerous and powerful.

The Lion rose from the chair he had been seated in and thanked the doctor. He was careful not to touch her. I realized why when he passed a mirror. His skin was coated with frost and the air fogged when he breathed. I hadn't realized how angry he was as well. I stretched my senses and was stunned with the power that had woken with his anger. I felt the opposite nature of the two men clash then meld together into one purpose and was very glad that I wasn't the focus of that ire. I may have been a near god, but they had more power than I did. Much more power. It was a heady mix of fire and ice and I wasn't the only one enjoying the rush of power. The Lion's GF's were humming pleasantly as well.

I had my attention snapped from the hot/cold buzz of power by the feel of my Beautiful One near by. The Lion stood over the bed that held him. He was asleep under the influence of drugs. His wrists had been bandaged under the leather cuffs that restrained him. The Lion wasted no time in pushing me from his head and into my Beautiful One with ridiculous ease. I sank into his drug hazed mind and sighed in relief. I was back where I belonged. I cleared his body of the drug and prodded him awake.


I came awake to the feel of a seductive voice in my head. Sephiroth! I had to be having some kind of hallucination from the drugs they had given me.

**The Lion has brought me back to you my Beautiful One. **

**This is real? **

**We talked. He is willing to allow me to remain with you. **

"You have your GF back Irvine. If there is even the barest hint that he is starting to control you or loosing his grip on sanity, I will take him from you and either seal him or destroy him. Consider both of you on probation until I tell you otherwise. Don't fuck it up," Squall said coldly as he stood next to the bed.

I started to nod in agreement when I noticed his appearance. I had seen Squall like this once before and I wondered what had happened to piss him off. I could see Seifer standing a little behind him and the flames licking over him were making me very nervous. I was strapped down to the bed and I wasn't sure that I'd even be able to try and get away regardless of the extra strength and speed junctioning Sephiroth gave me. I wondered what Sephiroth had said or done to push them to this point and why Squall had given him back to me if he had pissed them both off so much.

**I am not the cause of their anger. Glorious though isn't it? They have more power between them than I do and I have more than any GF anyone has ever seen. They could be gods with that much power at their disposal, ** Sephiroth sighed wistfully.

**Then what made them this mad? The last time I saw them both this angry was when a cadet tried to kill Seifer because he was sleeping with Squall. **

**I would be furious if someone tried to kill you. They would not still be walking this world. I simply told the Lion that he was carrying Malice's child and that Malice was carrying his. I think once the anger at it being done to them without their knowledge wears off, they will be pleased. **

"What?!" I gaped as I darted my gaze between Squall and Seifer. "You knocked each other up? How is that even possible? I would never have guessed that Seifer would let someone top him," I said without thinking.

Seifer growled at me and made to grab at the front of the hospital gown I was wearing. Squall stopped him with a hand on his arm. He looked at me and I shivered at the ice in his eyes. Somebody was going to be hurting in a short while and I was thankful it wasn't me.

"You will not mention this to anyone," Squall warned with an icy threat of violence in his voice. "The only ones who know are Kadowaki, you and Sephiroth. If word leaks out, I'll know who to blame and not even that godlike GF of yours will be able to protect you from the hell that I'll rain down on you. Is that clear Kinneas?"

"Crystal clear Commander Leonhart," Squall only used my name like that when he was giving me a direct order and it was in my best interests to follow that order.

"Good. Seifer and I have some business to take care of. I'll clear your release with the doc. You're to report to Quistis for training on handling higher level GF's starting tomorrow."

I watched Squall spin on his heel and march out of the room followed by Seifer. I didn't want to be the person they were going after. I had the nasty thought that death would be a welcome thing compared to what I was sure they were going to do. I waited for the doctor to come and release me from the restraints.

**What did you say to Squall to get him to bring you back to me? **

**The truth. He is a man who appreciates honesty. We belong together. I am no danger to this world as long as I have what I want and I want you. I believe I have come as close to godhood as I'm going to get and it is enough. You keep the madness in me at bay. In truth, Malice was the one who wanted me to be sealed away. I think my influence on you reminds him too much of his time under the Sorceress. I would guess they are not pleasant memories. Your Lion is a thinker. I believe he has plans on how he may use us in the future. He would have made an outstanding general in the Shinra army. **

**I don't care what Squall plans as long as I have you back. That should worry me, you know. This desperate need to have you with me. It's completely out of character for me. I play the field, never staying with one person for long. **

**You were searching for that one person who would complete you. Everybody does it; you were just more aggressive in your search. You have no need to look further. You have found the one you were looking for. **

Kadowaki came into the room and released the restraints on me. She checked me over with a critical eye and harrumphed when I seemed fine. She started to stop me when I began unpeeling the bandages around my wrists. A surprised expression was on her face when she saw that the wounds I had made trying to get loose were healed.

"I was going to tell you to take it easy and let the drugs work their way out of your system and your wounds heal but I guess that's pointless. Care to tell me how you healed so fast?"

"Sephiroth, my GF. He can heal me and clear any status effects. I'm good to go."

Kadowaki pulled a chart from its holder and signed her name to the bottom. She pointed to the closet and told me my clothes were in there and left me to dress. I changed from the hospital gown into my own clothes. I left the infirmary and headed for my room. I managed to make it there without meeting anyone and sighed in relief when my door closed behind me. I only got half way through the summoning gesture when Sephiroth appeared before me without the fanfare of his typical entrance.

"You can appear without my summoning you?" I asked in surprise.

"I suppose so. There are many things that are different about me and the other GF's. We'll have to learn as we go," Sephiroth said as he pulled me into his arms and kissed me softly on the lips.

His fingers were busy undoing my clothes just as mine were tugging open the straps and buckles of his bondage gear. He broke the kiss as he undid my jeans and started to push them down my thighs. He knelt before me and removed them, remaining kneeling to press little nipping kisses across the tops of my thighs and hips. When he took the head of my cock into his mouth, I had to grip his shoulders for balance.

I knew I was a fantastic cock sucker, but he could almost give me a run for my money. He used just the right amount of pressure to have me rocking my hips into his mouth and moaning in pleasure. His hot, wet mouth slid down my length until he had taken me whole. I was nicely equipped and it was rare the times that I had a lover, male or female, deep throat me. Not many seemed to want to acquire that skill.

I let him set the pace. He liked the slow, deep strokes that were going to drive me insane with desire. He seemed to know that it would prolong my arousal. A strong finger began teasing against my hole and I closed my eyes as bliss rolled up my spine. He pushed the tip of his finger inside to the second knuckle and began shallow thrusts that made me squirm for more.

"Sephiroth," I panted as I tried to push more of him into me.

He let my cock slip from his mouth and placed teasing nips up my chest as he worked his way back up my body. He stopped to play and lave attention to first one then the other nipple. I ground my hips against his and let out a pleased murmur when I felt his erection rub against mine. He guided me back to my bed, turned me around and gently pushed me to my hands and knees. He had me turn until I was facing the mirrored doors of my closet. I could see where this was going and excitement burst through me.

"Don't move," Sephiroth ordered as he moved to the side of the bed to get the lube on the night stand.

I watched in the mirror as Sephiroth knelt behind me. He ran his hands over my back and sides placing kisses as he went. He pressed a hand between my shoulder blades and gently pushed my shoulders down so that my ass was in the air. He parted my cheeks and licked a line from the base of my balls to my hole that made me moan. He repeated the ticklish and arousing tongue bath until I found myself subtly pushing back; wordlessly asking for more.

I felt the cool slickness of the lube rubbed around my ring of muscles and anticipation made my stomach muscles flutter. He wasted no time and slid two fingers into me. I was caught by surprise and clenched down on the invading digits. His low groan told me that was his intention. He reached between my legs and started to stroke me in time with the fingers in my ass. In record time, he had me panting and moaning his name.

"You want something from me my Beautiful One?" he murmured as he continued his stroking both inside and outside my body.

"Yes," I hissed as the delicious feelings he was producing in me climbed higher.

"You have only to ask. I will do anything for you; to you; that you desire," he said as he kissed my hips and lower back.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Make me scream when I come," I groaned as I pushed back onto his hand, starting to become desperate for more of him.

"As you wish my Beautiful One," Sephiroth said as he removed his fingers and slicked himself. "Look in the mirror. I want to see the pleasure on your face as I enter you."

I raised myself up on all fours and locked my gaze with Sephiroth's in the mirror. I felt him nudge my ass with his cock and whined as he teased me with slipping just the head in and out. Just when I was ready to plead with him to stop teasing, he thrust into me, burying himself completely. I gave a little shriek of surprise that turned into a groan as he gripped my hips and ground himself against my ass.

I watched us in the mirror and felt the desire overtake me. I rocked myself back and forth on his cock as he held himself still and let me take what pleasure I would. I was almost at the point of release when Sephiroth's grip on my hips tightened and he refused to allow me to move. I whined and wriggled my hips against him. He leaned over me and pulled me up onto my knees. The change in position made his cock press against my sweet spot in new and wonderful ways. He gripped my chin and turned me for a hard kiss before sitting back and starting to lift me in a strong, smooth rhythm.

"Pleasure yourself," Sephiroth demanded in a husky voice in my ear. "I want to see you touch yourself while I delight in your tight heat."

Lust flooded through me at his words. I brought my hand to my cock and started stroking myself. I watched us in the mirror and felt the breath catch in my throat. We looked magnificent together. I met his eyes again in the mirror and bit my lip at the want I saw there. His growled low in his throat and picked up the speed and strength of his thrusts. I let his actions guide mine and quickened my strokes on my weeping cock. In a matter of moments I was back again on the edge of release. Sephiroth seemed to sense it and pressed his cheek against mine.

"Come for me my Beautiful One. I want to see your bliss and feel you squeezing me before I find my own release."

I uttered a low moan at the words and jerked hard on my cock as heat pooled in my groin and my balls drew up tight. Sephiroth continued his deep strokes in my ass and slid one hand up to tease at my nipple. I jerked when he rolled the tight bud between his fingers. He started to slam his hips against my ass in a brutal rhythm. Heat exploded through my body as I arched against him and screamed with my climax.

Sephiroth muttered encouragement to me as he continued to drive into me for long moments after my orgasm. He thrust one last time into me, stiffening as he shouted. His cock spurted in my ass, pulling more moans from me. We stayed as we were, breathing hard and covered in a light film of sweat. I was disappointed when I felt his softening cock slip from my body. I started to get up from his lap and was surprised when he held me close to his chest.

"I am yours my Beautiful One; just as you are mine," Sephiroth said softly as he kissed my temple.

It was a new feeling to belong. I had always felt a little on the outside looking in even when with the orphanage gang. Now I had found what I had been searching for. It wasn't going to be easy and I was sure that there was going to be some difficulties ahead. But he was right when he spoke of completion. If there were deeper feelings like love involved, only time would tell. Just the thought that there could be, both excited me and made me nervous.

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