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** indicates internal/mental conversation

Idol Worship Arc

Part 2 - Split Infinity

By Iron Dog

All of my life Iíve been in hiding.
Wishing there was someone just like you.
Now that youíre here, now that Iíve found you,
I know that youíre the one to pull me through.

"Deliver Me"- Sarah Brightman

I walked out into the desert away from the oasis, unarmed. It wasn't my idea. I thought it was damn near suicide. Sephiroth wanted to show me what he could do. I said it could wait until we got back to Garden and use the monsters in the training center, but he was nothing if not persistent. Damn arrogant and annoying when it came right down to it. But it was either give in to him or listen to him sulk in my head.

**I do not sulk, ** Sephiroth said in a haughty tone.

I felt a smile spread across my face. His presence warmed me in ways I hadn't expected. He was an arrogant bastard and unbelievable conceited. Even more than Seifer, if that was possible. He often refered to himself as a god, or near god, when reminding me of his power. But he was rock steady in my head, taking to being a GF much better than I would have thought after hearing his story.

I would still tell Squall about Sephiroth's story of almost becoming a god and ruling the planet and suggest somebody research it. I believed Sephiroth, but there were always two sides to any story. I could feel a tinge of madness from him every now and again, but he seemed to have found a way to control it. I was just hoping that he had figured out how to use the GF powers he now had. He said he was familiar with magic and that strange energy I felt in him. He called it mako energy and it sounded dangerous. But I did want to see what he could do. That was half the fun of getting a new GF. Checking out their groovy summoning and attack.

I didn't have long to wait before a monster charged over the sands at me. I cursed fluently and threw myself to the side as the behemoth crashed past me. I hadn't expected something so large and felt a moments nervousness. I gestured to summon Sephiroth expecting a wait before he appeared as it was the first time I had summoned him. I should have known better. I felt myself sucked into the safety of the pocket in space the GF's created when summoned and watched Sephiroth's entrance.

The tip of a sword pierced the air in front of me and ripped a hole through space. A background of stars swirled chaotically behind Sephiroth as he stepped through. He stretched his wings out and stars dripped from the feathers to fall like miniature burning suns into the sand. His eyes glowed green and his muscles rippled in the dark light from the hole he had opened with his sword. He planted his sword in the sand before him and clapped his hands together in front of him. He rotated them and drew his hands apart. A ball of glowing green energy formed and pulsed for the barest of seconds before Sephiroth hurled it at the behemoth.

An explosion of sound and light enveloped the monster. It screamed in tortured pain as its flesh bubbled, melted and sloughed off. The skeleton remained standing for several seconds before exploding into sparkling black dust. Sephiroth picked up his sword, raised the blade to his forehead in a strange salute and sheathed it.

"This meets your expectations, my Beautiful One?" Sephiroth asked as he turned to face me.

"Fuck no! It blows them away. What was that?"

"Mako Meltdown. It is my most powerful attack. It affects all monsters engaged in battle with you."

"Your most powerful? How many attacks do you have? GF's typically only have one attack; not that I'm complaining," I hastened to add.

"The others were not gods before becoming GF's. I can attack with my sword, the Masamune, which does less damage but cannot be blocked. I can also heal you of status effects and wounds."

"Sweet Hyne above! You've got power out the wazoo!"

"I deserve a reward for defeating that monster. A kiss will do for now," Sephiroth said as he reached for me and pulled me into his arms.

"As long as you realize that we can't do this kind of victory celebration when there are others around."

"You aren't the shy type, so why shouldn't I take what is mine; what you offer me with every breath and look you give me?"

Okay, so he had me there. Seeing him in battle had spiked my libido. Hell, having him in my head aroused me. I still hadn't figured out why he pushed my desire buttons so hard. As his lips glided over mine, it became unimportant. His hands slipped to my hips and drew them into contact with his. I felt him smile against my mouth when he felt the erection now pressing into his own groin.

"You haven't answered me Beautiful One. Why can I not kiss and caress you in front of others once the danger is past?"

"Because..." I trailed off.

"You don't want others knowing you fuck men? You think what we did is wrong? When I led armies, it was accepted that the men would find pleasure where they could. Have things changed that much?" Sephiroth asked with a hint of irritation creeping into his voice.

"No. My friends know I swing both ways; some better than others if you know what I mean. Nothing that felt that good could be wrong. But you're a GF and I'm a man and I don't think I've ever heard of somebody doing what we did," I tried to explain.

"But nobody has ever said it was wrong, have they? It is not considered taboo is it?" he persisted.

He had me there. It felt good to have his arms around me and his lips brushing against mine. I felt like I had found that missing piece of myself that I had been searching for all my life. I knew that as long as I had Sephiroth, I wouldn't hop from bed to bed; searching for that sense of belonging that I seemed to have found with him. Hyne, a statement like that would give the head doctors a field day. But it was true. It should have scared me; this feeling of coming home with someone I had met less than a day ago. Someone who wasn't even human.

I sighed and let myself relax against him. Screw it. Squall could say what he wanted when he found out. It wouldn't change anything. I wasn't ashamed of wanting Sephiroth and Squall wasn't really in any position to be throwing stones my way. He had committed himself to Seifer, his rival of Hyne knows how many years. They were Knights to each other now. Their type of relationship had never been heard of happening before either. After that little lust induced incident in Squall's office with him, me and Seifer, I figured he owed me a little slack. Besides, it's not like anybody was getting hurt or protesting.

"I need to head back to Garden. I've found out what the problem was and taken care of it. I'm also starting to run low on supplies as I didn't expect to be gone more than five days. I wasted three days just criss-crossing this stupid desert before I found you and could complete my mission."

"What if I don't want to share you with others yet?"

"You're in my head at all times and Junctioned with me. There'll be time when I'm off-duty or not on missions."

"I suppose. I would like to feel you around me one more time before we leave this oasis," Sephiroth whispered into my ear as his hands snuck under my vest to brush against the bare skin of my back.

"If we do that, we won't leave today and travelling the desert at night isn't the smartest thing to do. There is also the small matter of food. You may not need to eat now, but I do and even though the rations taste like shit, they're almost gone."

Sephiroth sighed and kissed me once again. "Call for me when you reach your rooms at this Garden of yours. I'll know when you get there. Do not keep me waiting," he warned.

"Or what? You'll punish me? Do I get to pick my pleasurable pain?" I asked with a sensual smile I knew would fan the flames of desire already licking at him.

Sephiroth threw back his head and laughed in delight. He kissed me roughly one final time and pinched my ass hard enough to sting. He stepped back from me and exploded into a shower of iridescent stars. A few stray white feathers swirled down and I felt him get comfortable in my head again. He sure knew how to make an exit.

**Show off, ** I muttered as I broke into a jog back towards the oasis.

**You liked it, ** came his smug reply.

I cleaned up the campsite I had made, gathered all my things, saddled up the chocobo and pointed it towards the edge of the desert. It was a straight run back to civilization. Only the fact that I hadn't known which oasis had been the cause of the strange reports had kept me in the desert for three days. Now that I was heading home, it shouldn't take me much longer than half a day to reach the nearest town. I'd ditch the stupid chocobo and hitch a ride back to the Garden with whoever was heading that way.

I made good time on the chocobo and even had the luck to find someone in the little town who was leaving within the hour for the general direction of Garden. I managed to walk through the gates just after dusk and made a beeline for Squall's office. He would, more than likely, be still hunched over his desk working. His secretary had long since left so I rapped sharply on the door and waited for him to answer. I took the snarly "What?" as permission and walked into his office.

I felt a lecherous grin start when I took in the sight in front of me. Seifer was sitting in Squall's chair and he had the Commander of Balamb half undressed and straddling his lap. Squall's hair was mussed and there were fresh love bites to his neck. I had obviously just interrupted an intimate moment. My mind flashed back to that day almost a year ago when Squall and Seifer had used their mental connection to project an almost uncontrollable lust onto me.

It had, of course, been Seifer's idea. He wanted to see if they could use their mental link to project emotions and feelings onto others they way they could onto each other. Once Squall had realized what was happening, he had tried to stop it but it was too late. It had been too much sexual pressure for me and I had jumped Squall. It had ended with a group wank that had been one of the top five sexual experiences of my life. I felt Sephiroth stir in my head at the memories and his annoyance that I still enjoyed re-playing that memory in my head.

**Well, look at them. Tell me you wouldn't want to fuck both of them senseless, ** I demanded.

Sephiroth considered the two men from my memories and what he could see through my eyes. He finally conceded that it would be more than interesting to bed either or both of them.

**But I prefer you my Beautiful One. Give your superior your report and go to your room. I want to touch you, feel you, taste you. Don't deny a god what he wants. **

"Are you just gonna stand there and stare or have you got somethin' to say," demanded Seifer as he continued to stroke Squall's sides and back. "I was a little busy with the Commander."

Squall scowled and wriggled out of Seifer's lap. He moved to the front of his desk and leaned against it. He waited for me to speak with barely held patience. My eyes drifted over Squall's naked chest and down to his unbuttoned leather pants. He looked good enough to eat and the undercurrent of desire I was getting from Sephiroth wasn't helping any. I inhaled to start my report and was immediately assaulted by the strong smell of arousal in the room. I felt my eyes widen and I gasped, drawing in more of the heady smell until I could almost taste it on my tongue. I managed to bite back a groan.

"Irvine?" Squall asked with a frown as he watched me walk a little unsteadily to a chair and drop heavily into it.

"Can't you smell that?" I asked as I tried not to breathe too deeply. I wasn't going to embarrass myself with a repeat of jumping Squall again.

"Smell what? You been drinkin' Kinneas?" Seifer asked suspiciously.

**They can't smell it. Only you; and me if I was physically in the room. It is a side effect of the mako treatments I was given to create a super soldier. I have...I had heightened senses of smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch. I moved faster and was stronger than a normal soldier. I also had greater than normal healing abilities and higher than normal aptitude for handling magic, ** Sephiroth said in a conversational tone. **I would assume that since you have Junctioned me and the abilities I have as a GF, you've probably gotten some of these side effects as well.**

**And you didn't think to mention this to me? **

**Live with it for most of your life and it becomes a normal part of who you are. To be honest, it never occurred to me that you would enjoy these enhancements. **

I was dumbfounded. I had Junctioned the abilities that Sephiroth had available but it never occurred to me that there would be other things I could get from my Junctioning him. Why would it? No other GF's I knew about had the strange parameters that Sephiroth did when I had scanned him. It had to have something to do with the person he was before he died and was pulled forward by Time Compression to become a GF. I was going to have to find out more about Sephiroth before he became a GF trapped in a desert oasis.

"Irvine, you okay? You look a little flushed," Squall said.

"I'm okay. I got a new GF in my head and we're finding out about a few interesting side effects."

"A new GF in your head? Side effects? Do you want me to draw it out?" Squall asked with a mix of excitement, concern and curiosity.

"No! I...he...we're fine. We hit it off right away. I'm keeping him. He's mine," I said with firmness in my voice that surprised both Seifer and Squall.

**As you are mine, Beautiful One, ** Sephiroth answered with a husky purr that made my groin tighten further with desire.

"Where'd you find it Kinneas? I thought you were on some rinky-dink mission in the Estharian desert chasing shadows or somethin'," said Seifer as he came to stand beside Squall.

"He was the reason those people had their memories wiped. It wasn't intentional. He didn't know he was a GF. Look, the story is long and I'm tired and really need to have a shower. Can I give you a full report tomorrow morning Squall? I just wanted to let you know I was back and that the problem had been taken care of."

"First thing. I want to know more about what happened. You can give me an oral report then hand in the paperwork later. I'll also want to see this new GF."

I nodded at Squall and rose from the chair. The smell of desire was still floating around the room, but not as heavily as when I first noticed it. I was sure that it would spike back up once I left and they got back to their interrupted love play. I tossed the recorder to Squall, who caught it by reflex, before I left his office and hurried to my room. I wasn't the only one who had been affected by the scent of desire. Sephiroth was moving restlessly in my head, demanding I call him.

I keyed in the code for my room and barely let the door close before summoning Sephiroth. Even though I had already seen his big entrance, I was still impressed with it. He didn't waste anytime examining my room beyond a cursory look to make sure we were alone. He pulled me into his arms and crushed his lips to mine. The energy I felt in him started to seep out to me and groaned at the heightened sensations.

"I am sorry my Beautiful One but I don't think I have the patience for the long, slow loving you deserve," Sephiroth said against my skin as he kissed his way down my neck.

"Fine by me," I groaned as he nibbled on my collarbone and unbuttoned my vest.

I felt him smile against my skin before he stripped me quicker than I would have thought possible. His outfit of leather straps, buckles and rings was gone just as quickly. He pushed me back towards the bed and I sat when I felt the backs of my knees touch the mattress. This put me at the perfect level for a little sampling of the hard flesh that jutted at me.

I gripped his hips and opened my mouth around him. He hissed with excitement and his hands tangled in my hair, holding my head to him. I moved as far down his cock as I could before starting the slow slide back up. I repeated this motion several times before I felt ready to take his entire length down my throat. His reaction was electric. He growled low in his throat and held my head still, my nose pressed into the silvery white curls at the base of his cock. His hips twitched every so slightly and his grip on my hair tightened before he drew back and began a steady rhythm of powerful thrusts.

" good...fuck yes..." he muttered in a desire heavy voice as he watched his cock slide in and out of my mouth.

When he suddenly pulled out of mouth, I was surprised and disappointed. I had been enjoying the feel of his velvety hard dick in my mouth and the salty taste of his pre-come on my tongue. He leaned down, wrapped an arm around me and lifted me to his chest. He kissed me hard before following me down to the bed.


I reached under my pillow, pulled out a fat tube and handed it to him. He opened it, slicked his fingers, lifted my leg, and pressed insistently against my hole. I relaxed into his touch and moaned softly when I felt the first finger slip easily in. He barely gave me time to get use to the feel before he pushed the second one in. He curled them inside me and made me arch into him when he pressed hard against my sweet spot. He stroked it a few more times, making me moan, before withdrawing his fingers and nudging my ass with his cock.

The strong grip he had on my thighs was the only warning I got before he sank his entire length into me in one smooth thrust. My breath hissed out of me as I was caught between the painful shock of so much at once and the pleasure of feeling him fill me. He held himself still and waited for me to adjust. When I twitched my hips, he kissed me softly and started a steady rhythm that fired the passion running through my blood.

I pulled him down to me and wound my hands around his back. I hooked my hands around the place where his wings sprouted and planted my feet on the bed. I tilted my hips and whined when his cock began stabbing my prostate with every thrust. The feathers under my hands were softer than anything I had felt before; adding another layer of sensation to those that I was already experiencing. I made a random mental note to examine his wings later as I felt them flex under my hands as he pistoned his hips into mine. I gave a sharp guttural cry when I felt his hand grip my own erection and begin stroking it. I wasn't going to be able to last long if he kept doing that. The bliss that he was stirring in my body was approaching critical levels.

"Submit to the pleasure I'm giving you my Beautiful One. I want to drink your cries of delight," Sephiroth demanded as he continued to thrust into my body and jerk my cock pushing my arousal higher.

"Faster, harder," I pleaded, loosing all thought as the need to reach my peak over-rode everything else in my brain.

Sephiroth gave me a satisfied smile and did what I asked. I gripped his wings and panted as my orgasm started rushing at me. I arched up into his body as I felt the first pulse of my climax whip through me. My scream was swallowed by Sephiroth's lips on mine. I felt him thrust roughly twice more before his hot seed filled me. I moaned into his mouth, revelling in the throbbing of his cock in my sensitized ass. He pulled his lips from mine and stared down at me with satisfaction glowing in his green eyes.

"You are truly worthy of sharing the bed of a god my Beautiful One."

"I am a god in the bedroom," I replied in a sated voice as I felt my body begin to relax.

Sephiroth laughed as he gently slid from me. He brought his hand covered in my seed up to his mouth and curled his tongue around a finger, licking it clean. He gave a pleased hum, whether from knowing he had been the one responsible for my orgasm or from the taste of me, I didn't know. In a move that plainly surprised him, I grabbed his hand and brought it to my mouth to help clean his fingers off.

"Why should you be the only one who gets to enjoy the taste of release?" I asked as I watched his reaction from under my eyelashes.

I was startled to find desire flare back to life in his eyes. I had rarely found a partner of either sex who enjoyed the act as much as I did. I was often ready to go again well before my partner. I suppose if I was fucking an almost god, I could expect a little endurance from him. I felt a sensual smile stretch across my face. This was turning out to be an even better compatibility match between human and GF than I had thought possible.

The first thing I noticed upon waking was the warmth of a body curled around mine. The second thing I noticed was the erection pressed snugly between the cheeks of my ass. I smiled lazily and wiggled my hips to see what would happen. I was rewarded with a gentle thrust of hips against my ass and a hand closing around my own erection and stroking me languidly.

"You are exceptionally pleasant to wake up to my Beautiful One. As much as I'd love to sink into your heat again, I don't think your superior will appreciate your excuse for being late."

"Late?" I repeated hazily as my own hips picked up the rhythm Sephiroth was setting.

"If that clock is right, you have about five minutes to be in his office. Five minutes is not long enough for what I want to do to you."

"Fuck!" I yelled as I started to scramble from the bed, now wide awake. I knew better than to keep Squall waiting. Since he had hooked up with Seifer, he had become almost scary on thinking up punishments for those who deserved it. Somehow, I didn't think Squall would believe that some morning nookie was a valid reason for being late. Especially as an excuse from me.

I was stopped from my mad scramble from the bed by a sharp tug on my hair. I turned to find Sephiroth watching me in amusement and holding a long length of my hair wrapped around his wrist. He used it to reel me in to him.

"Before I go to await your call," he said as he sealed his mouth to mine and breathed some of that mako energy into me. My moan was muffled by him and I placed my hands on his shoulders to steady myself. When he broke the kiss, both of us were breathing hard. He gave me a little push and released my hair. I had a few eye blinks to appreciate the glory of him lying nude in my bed. Hair tousled from passion and sleep; rock hard erection beaded with pre-come and a flush on his cheeks from arousal before he vanished in the explosion of miniature suns and stray feathers.

I sighed, checked the clock, swore and rushed to get dressed. I left my room at a dead run for Squall's office. I skidded into the waiting room only a few minutes late. I grinned cheekily at the secretary as I hurried to knock at the door. Squall shouted for me to enter. I walked in to find Squall by himself staring out the window. He turned when he heard me enter.

"I listened to your report of what you found at the oasis. I have some questions for you."

I nodded, expecting that. Squall was still an uncommunicative man but he was damn good at his job. I got comfortable and proceeded to answer every question he threw at me to the best of my knowledge. I told Squall about Sephiroth's story of almost becoming a god and being killed. I told him about Sephiroth's theory of how he came to be a GF due to Time Compression and his unique physiology. Squall wrote down all that I told him. When he was done with his questions, he stared at me in silence for a long moment. When he finally spoke, his question surprised me.

"You don't like having GF's in your head Irvine. Everybody knows this. As soon as you can, you have someone draw the GF off you. Why did you refuse my offer to draw this GF from you yesterday?"

"We fit. I don't know how better to put it. I guess it would be the way you and Shiva interact. Like Zell and Quenzacotl or Seifer and Ifrit. You wouldn't dream of asking somebody to draw Shiva from you would you? The fit is just...right."

"You always had reservations about drawing a GF into your head. What made this one different?" Squall asked, curious.

I resisted the urge to squirm in my chair. I had sort of fucked up by telling Sephiroth about GF's when he had no idea what they were or that he was one. Once he knew, I couldn't have left him there just waiting to pounce on the next unsuspecting person to wander into that oasis.

"I...he...we. Fuck Squall, I don't know. There was just something about him that attracted me," I hedged.

**And I was attracted to you too my Beautiful One. One of my best decisions ever to allow you to Junction with me. **

I ignored the sexual undertones of that comment and the following laughter in my head. He was enjoying himself far too much; watching me try and avoid Squall's questions yet still answer honestly without telling him that I was sleeping with my new GF.

"Alright," Squall said giving me a strange look and letting the matter drop. "Let's head to the Training Center to see what this new GF can do."

I followed Squall to the Training Center and was surprised to find everybody standing there waiting for us. I turned a surprised look on Squall to find a blush on his cheeks. He mumbled something about Zell finding out about me keeping the GF I had found. That explained everything. Zell was lousy at keeping secrets and something like me breaking with tradition and actually wanting to keep a GF in my head was shout-it-from-the-roof-tops worthy.

Squall cleared the training center of the few students using it and motioned me forward. I didn't bother with the low level monsters. Sephiroth needed something big and difficult to kill for his little show to be appreciated. I jogged along the path to the hidden area where the T-rexasaurus liked to stake its territory. Everybody hung back, waiting to see what this new GF looked like. Typically, the wait wasn't long for a monster to appear. The only difference this time was that I got a two for one deal.

I didn't even bother sighting up Exeter. I barely finished the gesture for the summon when Sephiroth made his splashy entrance. Selphie and Quistis ooohed at the sight of my fallen pleasure angel. Zell actually stopped bouncing for a moment while Seifer and Squall both raised brows at the sight. I felt a little burst of pride. Sephiroth was an impressive sight.

Sephiroth drew the sword that was as tall as he was and ran at one of the T-rex's with blinding speed. I watched in surprise. I hadn't seen this attack of his yet. The blade made a high singing noise as it sliced through the air creating deadly music in harmony with the wounds he inflicted. He was back in front of me before I had even realized he had finished his attack.

The monster wavered on its feet but didn't go down. It was mortally wounded but its walnut sized brain hadn't registered that yet. Sephiroth drove his sword into the ground and produced the green, glowing ball of energy in his hands. It was larger than the one he had used to decimate the behemoth in the desert and I remembered that this attack would hit all of the enemies facing me. The ball was released on the monsters and I heard someone mutter 'holy fuck' as the flesh was eaten away by the energy and the bones exploded shortly after into glittering black dust.

"Anything else my Beautiful One?" Sephiroth asked as he cleaned his sword before sheathing it and walking towards me.

"No, that's it. We just needed to show them what you could do."

"Call and I will answer," Sephiroth said softly as he touched my cheek before stepping back and exploding into a shower of stars with a few pure white feathers swirling around.

"That was so freaking cool! And he's hot! I never thought I'd say that about a GF, but damn," Selphie gushed.

Squall and Seifer were both quiet as they looked at me with a considering gaze. I figured they were talking in their heads to each other. They did that more often than not. I forced myself to relax and started to walk back to the entrance. The rest of the group trailed after me. Selphie and Zell were discussing the speed of the first attack. Seifer and Squall were still in mental conversation with each other. Quistis caught up with me and began to ask me about Sephiroth and the abilities that I could Junction with him. Squall dismissed the gang at the entrance of the Training Center and motioned for me to continue on to his office.

We were back in Squall's office shortly. Squall took his seat and Seifer leaned against the wall near the window. I dropped down into a chair and waited. Squall had reached some kind of decision and I was starting to feel a little nervous.

"You've made quite the find. This GF...Sephiroth is very powerful. I would say an even match with Eden, maybe even stronger. We'll need to categorize his strengths and abilities. There's also the fact of the story you told me about him almost ruling the planet. Frankly, that makes me nervous as all hell. He sounds like a crazed Sorceress," Squall said as he fiddled with a pen.

"Squall is afraid you'll go nutso under the influence of this GF. You don't have that much experience with GF's in general and to start off with one as powerful as this..." Seifer trailed off.

I was getting a really bad feeling about the direction of this conversation. Sephiroth picked up on my unease and moved restlessly in my head. It was sounding like Squall and Seifer wanted to draw Sephiroth from me.

**NO! You are mine. I will not answer another's call, ** Sephiroth growled as I felt a spike in the strange energy that was part of who he was.

**I'm probably jumping to conclusions. Relax. **

"I'm going to draw him from you. You can fast track the course Quistis teaches on handling higher level GF's. Complete it and we'll talk about you using Sephiroth for missions," Squall said as he stood and began walking around his desk towards me.

I scrambled out of the chair and backed away from Squall. Sephiroth was fast becoming a dark, malevolent presence in my head. He was not a happy camper. I couldn't say I was pleased with this turn of events myself. I didn't feel so alone with him in my head. It felt like he was a part of me. I had thought that Squall realized how well I had connected with Sephiroth when I compared our connection to his and Shiva's.

Apparently, I was wrong.

"Don't make this harder than it has to be Kinneas. Squall is only doing what's best for you and Garden by drawing the GF from you."

**This will NOT happen. I am a god and they are trying my patience. I will not be drawn from you, my Beautiful One, to be passed around like some lowly slave between masters. Call for me and I'll show them what happens when you annoy a god. **

This wasn't happening. I could feel Sephiroth working up to a world class anger. There was also a hint of the madness I glimpsed every now and again. This could go so badly wrong in so little time. I had to calm Sephiroth down and convince Squall that there was no danger to me or anyone else if Sephiroth stayed in my head.

"Squall, please, leave him alone. He won't Junction with anybody else. He's fine with me. We fit together."

"Of course he'll Junction with somebody else," scoffed Seifer. "GF's do what they're told. Sure they may take their sweet ass time coming when summoned, but they do come."

"He won't. He's different from the GF's we've dealt with before. If he says he won't answer a summon, he won't answer a summon. For Hyne's sake, he was almost a god! He doesn't take kindly to demands."

"Yes, he did try for godhood. I had someone check the historical records after listening to what you recorded for me. If he is the Sephiroth the records indicate, and I think he is from the information you gave me, he damn near destroyed the planet in his quest to become a god," Squall said firmly as he continued to advance on me.

**Did you? **

**I wasn't myself then. I was...dealing with some painful family issues. I went a little mad for a brief time. My time in the void after my death and before being pulled forward by Time Compression allowed me to think on what had happened. I made a mistake in how I choose to pursue godhood; the pursuit of the godhood itself wasn't wrong. **

**This isn't helping you know. Squall is serious about drawing you from me. He never pisses around about things like this. **

**Can he draw me from you if you call for me? ** Sephiroth asked in a considering voice.

**No. He'd have to wait until you returned to me. You can't draw an actively summoned GF. **

**Call me, ** he ordered.

**Don't fight them. What Squall is doing is shitty, but he is my friend. Seifer and Squall are also dangerous to piss off. They're Knights to each other. You have no idea the power they have together. **

**Call me. I won't fight them if they don't try and fight me or you. I will not be drawn from you. You are mine. **

Wondering if Sephiroth's madness was contagious, I gestured. Sephiroth appeared before I lowered my hand. I idly wondered if he could simply appear without my performing the summon magic, he was that fast. Squall swore and jumped back as Lionheart appeared in his hands. Seifer moved to stand shoulder to shoulder with Squall, Hyperion gripped in hand. I felt powerful magic flow through the room and prayed that I hadn't just monumentally fucked up.

I also got a good look at Sephiroth. The silvery white wings were bleeding out into a blackness deeper than I had ever seen. A faint corona of green mako magic surrounded his body. Masamune was unsheathed and held ready to take on both Squall and Seifer. He looked pissed. He looked like he was ready to rain down some unholy wrath on Squall and Seifer for trying to separate us.

"You will not draw me from my Beautiful One. He is mine. I will answer no one else's call. I am a god and you are trying my patience."

I knew the second that Seifer and Squall made the decision to follow through with drawing Sephiroth from me. Magic hit Sephiroth and he hissed. A frown marred his face before a slow grin formed and he charged at them. My warning cry was too late as Seifer deeked around Sephiroth and slammed into me, pinning me to the ground. He smirked at me and tangled his hand in my hair. I had no time to wriggle free before he bounced my head off the hardwood floor. I saw stars and had a moment of sharp clarity to realize he was trying to knock me out so Sephiroth would be forced back into my head. The stray thought that I wished that he had at least tried to cast sleep on me zipped through my brain. Then again, Seifer was still a little touchy about that whole wanking incident with him and Squall and he seemed to be getting a whole lot of enjoyment out of bouncing my head off the floor.

I heard an enraged bellow past the ringing in my ears. Good move guys. Piss off my near godlike lover by bashing my head into the floor. The urge to giggle passed with another crack of my skull against the floor. Seifer was going to kill me if he kept doing that. I pushed my hands against Seifer and was surprised when I managed to shove him from me. The minor pain of hair being yanked out was ignored in favour of the greater pain at the back of my skull. I pushed to my feet and tried casting a cure to get rid of the pain and slowly blurring vision. Nothing happened. Fuck. I now knew what they had cast earlier. Silence. Double fuck.

I shook my head, trying to clear my vision and only made it worse. I saw Seifer lunge at me out of the corner of my eye and moved faster than I ever had before. Seifer swore and crashed into a chair. I staggered towards Sephiroth, intent on getting him to stop fencing with Squall. I felt Seifer's arms close around my waist as he tackled me to the floor. I gave a startled cry before the sound was choked off when the air left my lungs in a rush. Sephiroth let his attention stray for an instant to me and Squall hit him square in the chest with a perfectly timed slash of the gunblade and a shot of pulse ammo.

Stunned surprise flashed over his face and he grimaced in pain as he dropped to one knee. Blood dripped from the wound to his chest. I saw Squall's eyes widen as the wound began to slowly close. Sephiroth bared his teeth in a smile and stood again. Masamune snapping up to block the next attack from Squall was the last thing I saw before coloured lights exploded in my head and I was sucked down into the blackness of unconsciousness.

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