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Chapter 9

By LaughingWolfGirl

"What do you mean I'm being sent on a mission to Trabia? What the hell is going on in Trabia? Why can't Selphie go…she loves it there, come on Squall, I'll freeze my ass off there." Irvine said, while lifting his hat and running his fingers through his hair.

"Selphie is busy working with the cadets at the moment, and I can't pull her off to send her somewhere, she's getting the best results with our younger cadets, better than any other instructor, and I need someone I can trust to make sure that my orders are followed" Squall told Irvine in his patented monotone voice.

"What do you mean, what the hell is going on in Trabia…I thought the reconstruction on the Garden there was done?"

"It is, but we've had problems with who to take in as Commander and Headmaster…there are six candidates for the jobs, but I need someone who I can trust to see what their really like and who would be the best for the positions. I need you to check them out. You're the best for the job; you can instinctively see who is sincere and who is not."

It was hard for Irvine to not feel completely flattered by this praise coming from Squall, though he couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to this than met the eye.

"How long will I have to be gone?" Irvine asked, resignation coloring his voice.

Squall knew he had won, but none of that showed on his face, he quickly gave Irvine the details, giving him a folder on each of the candidates for the positions. He then told Irvine that he would have to leave the next day at 0800 hours. He would be gone for at least three weeks. It would give him a chance to observe the candidates and report back to him.

Irvine took the information and asked to be excused, wanting to get back to his room and then get over to Seifer's work and let him know what was going on.

As soon as Irvine left, Squall sat back in his chair, waiting for his blonde ball of energy to come out and tell him what he thought of all of this. He didn't wait long, soon the door on the left that lead to the bathroom opened and out Zell came, sitting on the edge of Squall's desk, facing him.

"Do you think he believed all that, about he was the best for the job?" Zell asked worriedly. "I don't like this Squall, he's our friend, and maybe we should leave the whole thing alone."

"Zell, it's because he's our friend that we're doing this, do you want Seifer to hurt him? And besides, Irvine is the best for the job, better than even Xu at spotting phonies. He'll have those candidates sorted out in no time." Squall sat up and placed his hands on Zell's hips and pulled him close, his lips a breath away from Zell's. "Now do you want to talk about Irvine and Seifer the whole time, or would you like to do something else." He then took Zell in a deep kiss, keeping the blonde from answering.

The last coherent thought Zell had was…/we really need to tell Rinoa it's over with her and Squall. /

Irvine grumbled the whole way to his room, ignoring all those around him, his mood very foul. He quickly punched in his code, having to redo it several times, in his frustration. When it finally came open he stalked inside, throwing the files onto the bed haphazardly, not really caring where or how they landed at the moment. He quickly changed out of his Seed uniform and into a black pair of jeans and an emerald t-shirt that clung to his chest. He put on his trench coat, grabbed Exeter and headed out; wanting to get out of Garden fast, to see Seifer.

He wondered how Seifer was going to take the news. Irvine couldn't shake the feeling that he was being set up somehow, but without proof, he was stuck, couldn't do a damn thing. He thought back to the night before, being with Seifer. The experience had been incredible, mind blowing. He had known it would be spectacular with Seifer and he had been right. He found himself thinking of Seifer constantly. They had woken up, chilled, lying there on the beach in each others arms, the sky becoming pink with the dawn and hurriedly got dressed. The had stopped several times, just to smile and touch each other, as if making sure it was not a dream.

Irvine knew that Seifer would smell a plot, and he couldn't blame him, he just hoped Seifer didn't do anything rash.

Seifer was busily cleaning tables, happiness radiating off of him in waves. He neither smiled nor laughed, but the happiness pored out of his pores none the less. Even the waitress Roxanne couldn't get him to loose his temper.

Manny came over and put his hand on his shoulder, "Boy I don't know what you're on, but if you bottle it and market it…it could make millions! Take a break; you've been working non-stop since you came in."

Seifer shook his head, "Not on anything Manny, just glad to be alive." He said with a small smile.

"Boy if I didn't know better, I would say you got laid, but I don't know you that well yet, so I can't say that." He laughed when Seifer's face took on a reddish hue.

He walked away laughing deep in his belly. Seifer turned back to finish the table and then was going to take a brake…feeling his face still slightly red from Manny's perceptiveness.

Just as he was getting ready to go out back, Chico came over and told him that he had a visitor out front, smiling cheekily at him. Seifer looked down at Chico, with his brow raised, in his old arrogance, and that set Chico off laughing even more. Seifer walked up front grumbling about no one respecting arrogance anymore.

When Seifer saw Irvine…he couldn't help but smile at him, walking to him quickly.

"Hey babe, I didn't think I would see you this soon, figured you would come by later, though I'm not complaining, I was about to take a break, want to join me?" He noticed Irvine looked unusually serious and he felt trepidation begin to knot his stomach.

Irvine looked at Seifer and asked…"Can we go somewhere private, I need to talk to you," when he saw Seifer's walls come up, he quickly added, "It's not what your thinkin' darlin'."

Seifer quickly led the way out back and up some stairs, unlocking the door to his room, all in silence. He figured that Irvine would follow him, and didn't bother to look back, hearing the door close behind them. He was preparing himself for Irvine to tell him it had been a fling, just something to pass the time. He would survive this, no problem, though some voice inside him disagreed.

Irvine sighed, knowing that this was going to be hard, seeing the closed look on Seifer's face.

"So spit it out…come on what are you waiting for huh?" Seifer said with a sneer.

Irvine wasn't sure how to say it, so decided to just spit it out. "Look Seifer, I'm bein' sent on a mission to Trabia and I might be gone for about three weeks, I wanted to give you my cell phone number so that you could call me when ever you wanted. I'm not sure what you thought I was gonna say, but last night was amazin' and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a greedy bastard, I want more with you." He said with a sexy grin, hoping that that would do the trick.

Seifer felt the vice around his heart lessen. "Three weeks huh, did you know about this or was this a surprise and when do you leave?"

"I'm leavin' tomorrow mornin' at 0800 hours and I just got the news today."

"I'm not gonna ask about the mission, but is it that important that you gotta leave that quick?"

"I wasn't told if it was classified and I'm just doin' some kind of reconnaissance for Garden, to tell ya the truth I'd rather stay here with you." Irvine said smiling at Seifer.

"Well I'm not happy with you leavin' either, and damn I gotta get back to work, what are you doing for the rest of the day?"

"I was gonna get my stuff together and then come back here and make mad love with you." He said saucily.

Seifer smiled very predatorily at Irvine and pushed him back against the door, both arms on either side of his head.

"Mad love huh, I think I could work that into my schedule," and then swooped in to devour Irvine's lips in a passionate kiss.

As Irvine walked back to Garden, he was thankful that Seifer hadn't jumped to the same conclusions that he was. Squall was up to something and he had to have had a short blonde accomplice helping him as well. If Irvine found out that this separation from Seifer was deliberate there was going to be hell to pay.

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