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Chapter 10

By LaughingWolfGirl

Irvine settled into his room, lying on the bed, sighing deeply, the thought of having to deal with those six sycophants for any length of time was nauseating.

They had descended upon him like a pack of hyenas, the moment he stepped foot into Trabia Garden's front door.

Each bowing and scraping to him as if he was some kind of royalty; normally, he would have gotten a big kick out of the whole thing, but not now, nor as long as he was away from Seifer.

He smiled at the thought of the gorgeous arrogant blonde; he couldn't seem to help himself. He felt himself get a bit uncomfortable in his uniform and began to get undressed, thinking that maybe he would get comfortable and call Seifer, the time difference notwithstanding.

Once he had showered and put on a pair of his most comfortable grey sweat pants that were old, he put on one of his favorite CD's that he had made, listening to the soothing music of a few of his favorite Delirium songs.

He had just made himself comfortable and was getting ready to call Seifer, when there was a knock at his door, he at first was going to ignore it, but the knock was very persistent. So he got up, walked over and opened it, mentally groaning at the person who was there.

"Hello Irvine, just thought I would come by and make sure everything was ok with your room and such" Melphina, one of the candidates for Headmistress/master said, while marching right in. She turned her body slightly sideways, looking up and down at his body…smiling coyly. "I see you've just showered," and sniffed the air dramatically. "Oh and you wear such a wonderful cologne, may I ask what kind it is?"

Irvine lifted his brow; he could see what her game was…she was going to try to influence his report by seducing him. Then he smirked and answered her question "it's Dolce & Gabbana, with a bit of baby powder mixed in, like it…my boyfriend gave it to me, on our anniversary.." he said sweetly.

He saw her start at his announcement of a boyfriend and then the disgust that she couldn't quite hide and laughed internally. That would teach her.

"Well, um…how nice…of um...him.." she said slightly faltering over the *him* part, she quickly made for the door, and some imp in him couldn't resist saying "oh are you leaving so soon, but you just got here, and I was going to show you pictures of my beloved boyfriend" though how he kept a straight face only Hyne knew the answer.

As soon as she was gone, he bent over with laughter, not believing how naive she must have thought him to be, and so willing to fall for her wiles.

He walked back to the bed and got comfortable once more, so wanting to share that with Seifer, who he was sure, would get the biggest kick out of it. Hell Seifer would probably take credit for it, saying he was rubbing off on the cowboy and Irvine could probably agree.

Irvine picked up the phone on the nightstand and then looked at his clock…it read 6:15, so that would make it about 4 hours ahead in Balamb. He figured it was safe to call Seifer; it was only 10:15 in the evening. He dialed the number and felt the little butterflies in his stomach take flight, all going in circles, hell they were crashing into each other as well.

He listened to the rings, one, two, three, then a sleepy husky endearing voice answered..."What the hell" that had Irvine laughing while trying to say hello..

The voice on the phone was still husky but more alert suddenly..."Irvine? That you?"

"Yeah darlin' it's me, who else would be callin' you this time of night huh, you got my replacement all lined up already?"

"Hell ya never know… I might. I'm a wanted man don't you know."

"Yeah darlin' your definitely wanted by me!" He went on to tell him about his day. About what had happened with Melphina, causing Seifer to laugh and take credit just like Irvine thought he would.

"Man Seif, I'm missin' ya bad, I wish I was there with you right now, being with you these last couple of nights was mind blowin', Hyne I need ya darlin', your like a drug that has gotten into my system and I can't get ya out, nor do I want ya outta my system."

Seifer let his hand run down his chest towards his nipple, "yeah baby, I know what you mean…I'm so hurting for you right now…"

"Seifer, you ever have phone sex, "Irvine asked a bit hesitantly, his own hand had slide down his abdomen, towards his erection.

The quiet on the other side of the phone was making Irvine a bit nervous till Seifer spoke a bit hoarsely.." um… can't say that I have, is that what we're goin' to do now?" the grin in his tone evident along with the desire.

Irvine nearly moaned , his hand sliding against the base of his cock, his fingers spread out, the base between his index finger and his middle finger, and simply rubbed his hand slowly on the skin around but not touching the cock it self.. "Yeah darlin' I believe we are, so tell me what are you wearing…or are ya naked?"

Seifer looked down at his body, liking to sleep in the nude, though part of it was necessity, since his last pair of pajama bottoms were so old and torn he couldn't wear them anymore. "Well babe, I'm laying here with nothin' but my smile."

Irvine did moan at that...while Seifer's hand pulled on his nipple, his eyes closed, imagining that it was Irvine's hand doing the pulling, and the touching. "What are you wearing babe?"

It took Irvine a moment to be coherent the image of a naked Seifer taking over his whole mind. "Um…I was wearing grey sweats but I've got them down around my ankles now…where's your free hand darlin' what's it doin'" he asked, his voice getting deeper with his desire growing and his hand climbing up the base of his cock…though it was still in between his index finger and middle finger.

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