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Chapter 8

By LaughingWolfGirl

Irvine stood there on the dock feeling the wind blow through his hair, enjoying the feel, imagining it was a certain tall blonde running his fingers through it, when he sensed another presence near him, he slowly looked over and found said blonde just standing there looking at him as if he was mesmerized. The feelings that came over him were humbling, that Seifer would look at him like that was incredible, and all he could do was smile, he couldn't form a coherent thought to speak to Seifer. He was afraid that if he opened his mouth he would somehow say something stupid.

Seifer walked up slowly and when Irvine turned to him, the sight of the cowboy's natural handsomeness took his breath away and he found himself just standing there, but quickly shook himself. This would not do…he had to pull himself together instead of acting like some lovesick fool, with that in mind he walked up to Irvine, wanting to tell him about his new job and rescheduling of the date, but found himself saying instead, " You look so peaceful standing here in the moonlight." He mentally slapped himself, /great job moron, just make yourself look desperate here! /

"Thank you," Irvine replied softly and almost shyly, "So are you ready to go, I thought we could maybe have a picnic on the beach with a bonfire or something?"

"Well see, there's a problem-"

"Wait, your cancelin' on me aren't ya?"

"No Irvine it isn't like that, I got a job and I have to work till ten, I was just wondering if maybe you would be willing to wait till then for me?"

"Oh um…ya sure no problem, so where are you working?"

"Would you believe that coffee shop we met this morning?" Seifer answered sheepishly.

"No way, that's great man, so you think you'll like it there?"

"Ya I think I'll like it a lot, the manager Manny is unbelievable," Seifer looked down at his watch and noticed he only had a few minutes left for his break, "Listen I gotta get back, but where would you like to meet?"

"Well how about I just come to the coffee shop around closing time and wait for ya there; will that work out for ya?"

"Ya that'll work." Seifer replied and quickly took the startled cowboy in his arms and gave him a quick, deep kiss and took off running, back to his work. Irvine touched his lips and smiled and started to walk down to town whistling softly to himself.

Seifer ran back to the shop and walked in from the rear entrance trying to catch his breath, when he looked up Chico was standing nearby with Manny and they both just smirked at him, then Chico went back to work while Manny continued to smirk at Seifer.

"What? Why are you looking at me that way?" Seifer asked thinking maybe he had something on his face.

"Your lips are slightly swollen there boy…got some good kissing done on your break did ya? And ya did good, ya got back here right on time, I think there is potential in ya Seifer, I sure do?" With that said he turned and went into his office, leaving a slightly bemused Seifer standing there with his fingers touching lips that were sensitive.

Seifer found himself constantly looking at the clock, trying to will the time to move faster, as he worked clearing tables and washing dishes, he found himself once again daydreaming of the auburn-haired cowboy, and then he would chastise himself for being such a sap, since when did he get all lovey-dovey over some guy, granted said guy was extremely hot, and could kiss and had a body to die for, but still, just the same, he had a reputation to keep up, he needed to quit being so ga-ga for the guy, have a little dignity around the cowboy for Hyne's sake. Ya sure that was easier said then done though, and so it went for the rest of his shift; Seifer constantly fighting an inner battle over his burgeoning feelings for the cowboy.

Irvine found himself outside of the coffee shop at closing time, not really knowing what he had done with his time, he had wandered around town and he knew he had walked into a few stores but if someone had asked him what he had done for the last couple of hours he would not have been able to answer. His head had been in the clouds, it was a good thing he hadn't wandered out of town in his condition, and he might have been attacked by a T-Rexaur or something. He stood waiting while the other employees came out, but noticed that the waitress from this morning was still there and stopped when she saw him. She started to walk towards him with a flirty smile till she saw Seifer walk out and walk straight for him, and then she lost her smile and grimaced instead. Irvine mentally laughed at her reaction, and then promptly forgot her as he watched Seifer walk up to him.

"So we still gonna go to the beach?"

"Ya I would like that, I got some food and stuff in my backpack, lets go."

Seifer had been so absorbed with the cowboy, that he had never noticed the black leather back pack the cowboy was carrying, nor the sniper rifle. They both walked in silence to the beach, each wrapped in their own thoughts, but it wasn't an uncomfortable silence. Simply peaceful.

Once they got there, Irvine pulled out an emerald green nylon blanket from the back pack and started to open it and spread it on the ground, Seifer grabbed the other side of it and quickly helped. The moonlight was casting enough light that they could see what they were doing, just not necessarily each others' expressions, at least until Irvine lit an oil lantern and set it at the edge of the blanket. They both took off their shoes, not wanting sand on the blanket and sat down. Irvine pulled out some packets of finger foods and a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses that had been wrapped in cotton. Seifer's eyebrows rose as Irvine poured the wine.

"You think of everything don't you?"

"Well I like to be prepared, and I have an appreciation for the finer things in life."

"Yeah I can see that, what is that you got next to you? Breaded shrimp?"

"I wasn't sure what you liked so I got several things, here wanna taste the shrimp?" Irvine held out the shrimp to Seifer, but moved it out of range when Seifer started to reach for it; instead he held it to Seifer's lips, smiling at him.

Seifer smiled, not with his lips, but with his eyes and slowly opened his mouth and took the shrimp in, making sure that his tongue underneath the shrimp, touched Irvine's fingertips, causing the other to gasp slightly. Irvine's eyes had deepened to a dark violet, almost black. Seifer knew two could play at this game and picked up a bowl that had cut and sliced peaches, he opened it and took a small piece out and slowly smiled his predators smile, snagging Irvine's gaze and mesmerizing him with it. He held the peach to the cowboy's lips, and watched as the other slowly bit into it, causing some of the juice to dribble down his chin. Irvine started to grab a white linen napkin, when Seifer stopped him with his hand and said, "Here let me get that for you."

Seifer deliberately moved slowly but closely to Irvine and used his tongue to lick up the peach juice that had moved down Irvine's neck, moving slowly up and over his Adam's apple, under his chin, towards his lips and lightly ran the tip of his tongue back and forth on the lips causing the other to shudder in pleasure, eyes fluttering closed, baring his neck for more. Seifer looked at Irvine and felt a deep hunger to taste more of him, to breathe the same breath. Food forgotten, Seifer once again ran his tongue along the seem of Irvine's lips and slowly pushed his tongue in, just the tip, all the while his free hand began to move up Irvine's arm, towards his neck, and even farther up to cradle the back of Irvine's head. His other hand gave him balance, as he sat with one leg bent and the other laid straight.

When Seifer felt Irvine's body shudder slightly again, he nipped at the cowboy's lower lip causing Irvine to open his mouth even more, which Seifer took advantage of by pulling Irvine in close and deepening the kiss; he ran his tongue all along Irvine's hearing himself moan from the impact of what he was feeling.

Irvine could not believe how much he was feeling from just one kiss, the tightness in his pants was starting to get a bit uncomfortable, but he would not stop this kiss for the world, Ultimecia could come back and threaten the world around him and he would not care, this kiss was everything, he could feel the world shifting beneath him, and nothing would ever be the same; which was fine with him, his world had needed to be shook up. He slowly, so as not to disrupt the kiss, loosened his legs which had been in an Indian style position, and ended up laying on his side, on one arm, the other around Seifer, his fingers running through the blonde's hair, feeling the softness. His body was thanking him for all the wonderful sensations it was going through, which was very much his pleasure, his thoughts, what little he had, caused him to moan and lightly laugh at the same time, which caused Seifer to pull back from the kiss slightly and look at him with an arched eyebrow and a bit of a smile, while attempting to breath normally.

"My kiss amuses you?"

"No not at all, I was listening to my body which was thankin' me very much!" Irvine said with a lazy grin.

"Your body was thanking you? Did my kiss addle your wits or something?"

"Not at all darlin', ok well it did addle some of them, but I think you need to continue cause their coming back and I wouldn't want ta see all your hard work there go to waste!"

"No that wouldn't be good; not good at all," And with that said he voraciously went back to kissing Irvine, who ended up falling underneath Seifer and decided to judiciously use this opportunity to wrap both of his arms around his blonde god; one hand running through Seifer's hair the other running up and down Seifer's back, raking his blunt nails back and forth. This soon wasn't enough for the tall lanky cowboy, he wanted to feel skin, and so he pulled up Seifer's black t-shirt and ran his hand underneath, feeling warm silky skin beneath his fingers. He again raked his blunt nails across the skin of Seifer's back, causing Seifer to arch his back inward, moaning from the pleasurable sensation.

Seifer felt his whole body heating up from all the pleasurable stimuli flooding his nervous system. Every nerve ending in his body was clamoring for attention, wanting to be touched, scratched, petted, anything that would send them into overdrive. He felt his cock growing in leaps and bounds and was making him very uncomfortable in his pants, it also wanted attention, but he tried to ignore it, not ready to take it to that level, at least not yet.

He wanted this to happen, but not so fast that he couldn't savor it deeply.

Irvine had opened his legs a bit, giving Seifer the perfect opening to lay himself further on the cowboy's body, while rubbing his tumescence against the other's, causing them both to moan. He pulled back slightly and watched as Irvine opened his eyes slowly, seeing the desire floating like waves in the ocean in his eyes. Irvine slowly smiled and continued to run his fingers through Seifer's hair making a mess of it. "Why did you stop Seifer, I was enjoyin' what we were doin'."

"I stopped because I need to know that this is what you want, I'm not looking for a one-night stand here, if we're gonna do this than I wanna know that this isn't a fluke, something that just happened, and I wanna make sure that we aren't doing things too fast."

Irvine stared up at him, for what seemed like to Seifer a lifetime before he answered. "I want this, not just for tonight, or for the next few days or weeks, I want this to be it, to be permanent, I want this for me, and for you, we both deserve this, so no, this ain't no one night stand, this is the real deal for me, I can't see what's gonna happen tomorrow, or the next day…all I know is that I'm willin' to work at this, as long as you are, I've never felt anything like this, and I'm bettin' you haven't either. No I don't think we're goin' to fast, if it were anyone else, hell yeah it would be fast, but it's you, and seein' how we respond just by touching, this couldn't go any slower, so you gonna kiss me some more, or do I gotta beg for it!"

Seifer smiled sexily at the man in his arms and proceeded to do just that.

Meanwhile on a balcony above the kissing couple a man stood out looking down at them with a frown on his scared visage. He stood there in just black leather pants, no shirt, no shoes or socks, his hair in disarray, and continued to watch the two kiss, feeling a fear take hold. He wanted the cowboy to be happy, but was afraid the blonde with him, would only hurt him, and he didn't know how to stop it.

"Squall man, whatcha' doin' out here?" A short blonde with bangs hanging in his face and a big rumpled t-shirt walked up behind Squall and put his arms around him, laying his chin on the other's back, since he really couldn't reach Squall's shoulder with it. Squall held the arms that were around his waist and turned his head and placed a small kiss on the others nose.

"Just looking at the view!"

"Oh yeah, anything good to see out here…hey…whoo hoo, there's a couple making out on the beach…to bad it's so dark…wait….uumm...Squall…ain't that….?"

"Yes Zell, its who you think it is, when they get close enough to the lantern you can tell for sure."

"Oh man, that's gettin' serious isn't it, what are we gonna do about it?"

"I don't know Zell, I don't have any answers, but I think we should keep an eye out and at the least sign of Seifer hurting Irvine, we'll act, till then maybe I could find an assignment to send Irvine on…maybe if he is gone, he'll lose interest in Seifer. If we are really lucky, maybe it's just a passing fancy."

"I don't think we're gonna be that lucky Squall, Irvine looked real serious today when he was talking to me about it, but maybe sending him on an assignment would be a good thing."

Squall turned around to face the smaller blonde and took his face into his hands and kissed him deeply.

"What was that for, not that I'm complaining or anything." Zell grinned impishly up at his lover.

"Just because, and because you look good in just that t-shirt, which I think should come off very quickly!" And with those words he proceeded to walk Zell backwards into the room and show the martial artists how much he appreciated him without the shirt on.

The two on the beach continued to kiss, oblivious to all but each other, the sound of the waves coming up on the sand, the wind blowing gently around them, the moon shining down on them. For them, there was nothing else but the other. Seifer had gotten Irvine's shirt off and was starting to work his way down the delicious body beneath him, running his tongue across Irvine's chest towards a copper colored nipple that had tightened into a small nub.

Seifer nipped at it slightly with his teeth and then soothed it while running his tongue over it causing Irvine's body to shudder in response. He used his other hand to play with the other nipple not wanting it to feel left out. Irvine laid there with his head thrown to the side and became a quivering mass of feeling, loving every minute of it. Seifer looked over and saw his glass that held his red wine and decided to play, so without letting his lover realize what he was up to, he grabbed the glass while running his tongue to Irvine's belly button. Seifer then took the glass and slowly poured some of the wine into Irvine's belly button, causing the other to gasp from the coldness.

"Hey warn a guy about the cold next time," Irvine said while smiling.

"Shush you, I'm busy." Seifer began to lap up the wine and then used his free hand to open Irvine's black slacks and dribbled the wine, while teasing, by using the tip of his tongue to lightly lap it up. Once he got it down to where crisp curly auburn curls started he inhaled deeply, smelling Irvine's cologne and his musky scent. He had to stop and take another deep breath wanting to just go on and devour the guy. He wanted this to be special though so he would practice patience if it killed him, though as slow as he was moving it probably would kill him.

Seifer grabbed Irvine's hips and indicated to the cowboy he should lift them so that he could get the slacks down, which Irvine did more than eagerly. Seifer then dipped his fingers into the wine and placed droplets all along Irvine's thighs and along the hardness that had stood up when freed. He then bent down and licked up the drops on Irvine's thighs knowing that he was teasing the other man in the worst way.

"Who knew you would be such a tease Seifer; I would have pegged you as the kind of guy that would just get down to business." Irvine said a bit breathlessly.

"Well that's what you get for thinking at a time like this," And once he finished his sentence he blew softly on the tip of Irvine's cock where the most wine had been cooling the skin and then wrapped his lips around it, causing Irvine to nearly buck himself off the blanket. Seifer then began to run his tongue on the velvety smoothness, feeling the little ridges caused by the veins under the skin, feeling Irvine's heartbeat in his mouth on his tongue. He was so very turned on by what he was doing that he didn't really feel Irvine's hands in his hair, but he did hold the cowboy's hips down, so that he could control how much he took in and how fast or slow he wanted to go, making the cowboy growl and moan at the same moment, in frustration and pleasure.

He continued this for a bit, before he wanted more, so he pushed Irvine's thighs open a bit more and began to tongue the heavy sacks underneath, pulling one then the other into his mouth. He attempted to take them both in, but they were too big. Seifer suddenly stopped and grabbed Irvine's hips and turned him over; Irvine was lost in the haze of sensations that Seifer had thrown him in, it took him a bit to realize he was on his stomach and Seifer was running his tongue down his spine, getting lower and lower till he was at the tip of his ass.

Seifer ran his hands up and down Irvine's buttocks, thinking to himself that cheeks this fine should be illegal. They were perfect in his opinion, and he couldn't get enough of them, he grabbed, petted, spanked, kissed, licked, and bit them to his hearts content. But that wasn't enough either, so he then spread them a bit and ran his tongue along the crack of Irvine's ass, down towards the entrance to paradise.

Irvine realized what Seifer was doing and nearly went mad from the pleasure, no one had ever done this for him, and he had always wondered what it would be like, well now was his chance and he felt himself go breathless with anticipation, knowing that because it was Seifer, it would be good no matter what. Seifer began to run his tongue over the pink puckered entrance and moaned from the desire running through his veins, he laid his hot face on one cheek for just a second, feeling the warm, silky skin beneath him. Seifer found himself hungry for the auburn haired sniper and nearly attacked Irvine's anus with a frenzied tongue, but got control of himself at the last second and started to slowly insert his tongue, just a little, driving his lover mad with the pleasure.

Irvine came unglued and was nearly screaming out loud to everyone within shouting distance, of how good this was feeling, he knew that he wouldn't be able to take much more of this stimulation, so he attempted to pull away slightly, trying to let Seifer know by his actions that he wanted more, something deeper.

Seifer understood what Irvine wanted and he was past the point of no return himself, so he quickly turned the cowboy over and began to kiss him once again, while trying to take his jeans down. Irvine wasn't so lost to the kiss that he couldn't feel Seifer struggling with his jeans and knew if he wanted to get more from the scared blonde he would have to help out.

Once Seifer was able to get his jeans away he again began to kiss any patch of skin that his lips could find, driving Irvine crazy with his desires. Irvine grabbed Seifer and pulled him up so as to look into the other's eyes. "Fuck me now, no more teasing, now!!!" He literally growled causing Seifer to smile in anticipation.

"Bossy aren't we…it just so happens that I want to make love to you, not fuck you now!" With that said he opened Irvine's legs and seated himself with in the cradle, and stopped.

"Why are you stopping now," Irvine groaned.

"Because I don't want to hurt you and I don't see anything that we can use as lube."

"Oh…well is that all, look in the basket there, can you reach it? Are you forgetting, I did say I'm always prepared." He grinned impishly.

Seifer reached over with out a minimal of fuss, not even dislodging himself from his position and pulled out a white plastic tube. He started to open the tube, but was stopped by Irvine's hand taking it from him. "Allow me." Irvine then poured some into his hands, which he rubbed together to warm and began to rub it on Seifer's cock, making the taller man groan loudly. Irvine couldn't resist getting a little of his own back and continued to rub the lube all over the cock, then the curly blonde hair at the base and the warm sacks below.

"I thought you were in a hurry?" Seifer asked huskily, enjoying the feelings Irvine's knowing hands were invoking.

"Ya but I couldn't resist this darlin'"

Seifer grabbed the lube from Irvine's hands and poured some out onto his hands, and worked said hand down between Irvine's legs, to the entrance below; he covered the entrance thoroughly and then worked a finger in, feeling Irvine's body shudder. He moved the finger in and out mimicking what his body wanted to do. He then inserted another finger, pushing in, and feeling a certain spongy spot, which caused the Galbadian to jerk his body upwards and to groan from the feelings. When he felt that Irvine was well stretched he then pulled out his fingers and positioned the head of his penis there at the entrance, watching Irvine's face making sure he wasn't hurting him; he slowly pushed in, reveling in the tightness that surrounded him, the lubed-wetness, the burning heat; it all combined to nearly drive him insane.

Irvine could not believe how good it felt, he felt greedy and wanted more, pushing his hips upward, causing Seifer to be buried to the hilt, quicker then the blonde expected. "Damn you are impatient aren't you," Seifer chuckled gravely.

"Only when it's something really good," The sniper replied gruffly.

Seifer began to thrust slowly until he was sure there was no discomfort to his lover and then picked up his pace, feeling as if time stopped around them, wanting this to last forever, he started to pull back and made sure Irvine sat up with him, wanting to see Irvine's face in the moonlight. It took a moment for Irvine to figure out what Seifer wanted but then he realized Seifer wanted him to sit in his lap, so they could stare into each other's eyes, seeing all the emotions that the other was feeling. The thrusts got faster and faster, Seifer knew that he was getting closer and reached between their bodies to Irvine's cock to squeeze and rub it in time with his thrusts. He didn't want to come before Irvine, he would rather they come together or at least to have Irvine come first.

Irvine could feel the pulsations accumulating in his lower back, sliding up his spine and going straight to his groin, and found himself reaching for the stars…kissing Seifer deeply trying to convey where his passions where taking him, and wanting Seifer to go with him. He suddenly felt free, felt the world explode around him, the stars floating by, and he knew at last he was home, where he belonged.

Seifer felt the tightness as Irvine came, causing him to come as well and felt his world shatter in a million tiny pieces and rebuild itself into a whole new universe and he was happy with it. This was what he had been missing all along.

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