Chapter 18

By Purple Penguin

Seifer ran back to the car. Where the hell was that cowboy? He got back in the car.

“Okay I’ll take you and we’ll call him from the hospital.”

“But you have to get married.”

“Don’t you think it’s more important to get you to the hospital first?”

She folded her arms. “Well okay maybe it is.”

“Laguna.” The brunette jumped, he stood in the garden behind the hall with his back to a large green leafy plant.

“Who said that?” He glanced round, trying to see who was playing with him.

Irvine leaned out of the leafy plant, causing the older man to shriek in a very girly way.

“Calm down it’s just me.”

“W-What were you doing in there?”

“Looking for Seifer.”

“In that bush?”

“Well that’s just it, I’ve looked everywhere else and I don’t think he’s in the building.”

“Gone? Where would he have gone?”

“I don’t know but the car’s gone.”

The brunette gave the younger man a look. “You don’t think- you know- do you?”

“No, Seifer’s no coward and he wouldn’t do that to Squall, that’s just- no.”

“Okay I think we should get everyone together, they may have seen him and they need to know.”

“Okay- oh but do we tell Squall?”

“Yes, that’s probably a reasonable explanation.”

Laguna, Raine, Squall, Irvine, Zell, Talan and Blank stood around in a circle at the back of the hall.

“O-Okay here’s the thing.” Laguna started to say, glancing at Irvine before continuing. “We’re lost Seifer... and Ellone.”

“Lost?” Squall echoed.

“The car’s gone.”

“Where could they have gone?”

“Maybe they ran away together.” Zell said. Everyone gave him a look. “What? They did used to date.”

Blank perked up at this. “Seifer’s gone missing? With a girl? His ex?” He grinned. “I’m sorry but I’m just so happy.”

Squall glared at him. “It isn’t like that. She’s my sister.”

“My wife.” Irvine put in. “My heavily pregnant wife, what if something happened to Ellone?”

“Maybe he just likes playing musical siblings.” Zell said.

Squall looked at him. “What?”

“Well you know first he was with her and now he’s with you and-” Squall’s glared hardened. “I’ll be quiet now.” The blonde whispered.

Irvine shook his head. “No Ellone never was very fond of Seifer.”

“Irvine!” Squall yelled. “She wasn’t?”

“I don’t think so.”

“What do we do then? We can’t just wait for them to turn up.”

“Well maybe Seifer will call, something probably happened.”

“Or maybe he chickened out.” Blank said.

“No he didn’t.”

“How do you know? He might have done.”

“Well what about Ellone? Why would she be missing too then?”

“Maybe she tried to stop him and he killed her.” Zell suggested.

Squall shook his head. “Zell unless you have something realistic to say please be quiet.”

Seifer ducked out of the room that Ellone had been moved into and stuck coins into the nearest payphone while glaring at the ‘no mobiles’ sign on the wall. He watched the people walk past as he waited for Squall to pick up.


“Squall it’s me. Listen I-”

“Seifer!” He heard the brunette whisper. “It’s Seifer.” to someone else.

“Where are you? Are you okay? Is Ellone with you? What happened?”

“Whoa. Slow down, I’m at the hospital Ellone went into labour and as Irvine did the disappearing act I took her to the hospital.”

“She’s going to have the baby? Now?”

“Now-ish, yeah. Tell Irvine to get his ass down here now.”


“Listen I’m sorry about the wedding, we will still go on our honeymoon though right?”

“You think I’d miss a holiday?”

Seifer chuckled. “I’ll see you soon.”

“Yeah just hold on we’ll all come down there. Bye.”

A female doctor hurried back to him. “Excuse me Sir but your wife is calling for you.”

He nodded. “Okay but she’s not my wife.”

“Oh sorry, she just your girlfriend then?”

“No she’s my.... partner’s sister.”

She smiled. “Oh, I just thought, because you were the only one to come in with her that you were the father.”

“I was the only one around at the time but I rang my lover and her husband is on the way.”

She smiled and pushed open the door to Ellone’s room. “He better hurry, baby’s not very patient I’m afraid.”

“Seifer! Where’s Irvine?” Ellone reached out for him.

“He’ll be here soon I promise.”

“Well soon is not good enough!”

“I know.” He sighed. “So glad I’m gay.”

Everyone piled into the car. Squall was driving because they don’t want Irvine crashing in a panic to get there. There wasn’t enough room for everyone so just family and Kiros headed for the hospital.

“Why’d you stop Squall?”

“Red light.”

“Who cares? My wife’s about to give birth and you’re stopping for red lights!”

“Irvine if we get arresting that is not going to help Ellone.”

“And since when did you get so-”

“Oh shut up!”

A few minutes in the shortest drive to the hospital ever. Squall and Co arrived. Irvine ran into the room and Seifer came out to wait with the others outside the room.

Squall hugged his lover. “How’s she doing?”

“Okay I think other than the cursing and swearing.”

Hours later.

Seifer sat by the window watching his lover fawn over his new nephew. “Just think if he’s gay we can give him advice.”

The blonde shook his head, never in a million years did he think that Squall would like babies but there he was cooing over the ugly little thing.

Irvine frowned. “He better not be gay.”

Everyone else frowned at him.

“Not in that way but I want to do daddy things like approving of girlfriends.” He looked at Squall. “Can I hold my own son now please?”

The brunette had hogged the baby since he came in. Ellone smiled slightly, her eyes closed dozing slightly, too tired to move.

“When are we going to get married then?”

“I could marry you now.” Kiros suggested.

Squall nodded and grinned, handing the baby over to Irvine and moved to stand with Seifer. His mother watched from the corner and Laguna managed to stop cooing over the baby for a few minutes.

As soon as it was done and the couple kissed Squall went straight back to the bed, holding his arms out to take the baby. Seifer shook his head, knowing that thing would get way more attention than he did.

“What are you going to call him?”

“Laguna’s a lovely name for a-”


“Why not?” He pouted.

“Because they would be too confusing.”

“What about Walter?” Raine suggested.

“No he’ll be gay for sure with a name like that.”

Kiros frowned. “How does that work then?”

“I don’t know, but he has to have a nice macho name.”

“What? Like Hercules?” Seifer asked with a smirk.

“No a nice normal name.”

Squall looked up at Seifer. “Besides I swear Hercules is gay.”

“No way!”

“Yes way, there’s no way a guy with long brown hair like that could be straight.” Then he took a look at Irvine and they both started laughing.

“Funny.” The cowboy said.

Raine was the one to silence them. “How about we leave the new mum to get some sleep, yes?”

They all nodded and placed the baby back in the hospital crib and snuck out quietly.

Seifer and Squall walking side-by-side. “You’ve been watching too much of that adventures of Hercules haven’t you?”

“He is gay, it’s like Xena, she’s supposed to be gay, too.”

Seifer just shook his head. “What about superman?”

The brunette gave him a look. “Oh come on have you seen that outfit?”

“Good point.”


the end

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