Chapter 17

By Purple Penguin

“Don’t give me that look, you’re the one that wouldn’t go try on your tux, you and Seifer.”

Squall was at Ellone’s house, Irvine was with Seifer. The brunette had bitched about Seifer being with all the guys and him having the girls.

“I thought we agreed, no white tux.”

“But look how nice you look.”

He frowned, brushing invisible lint off his snowy jacket. His sister put her head on one of his shoulders, looking in the mirror. “You should thank me for remembering to pick it up for you.” She paused. “Nervous?”

“A little.” Walked around to stand between him and the mirror. “You look nice.” She smiled.

He looked down at her large red frumpy dress that she wore to try and hide the bump. “Thanks and you look.... Big.”

She gave him a playful slap.

Raine looked in the door. “Are you ready to go yet?” They had to get there early than the guys because Raine wanted to check the guests and everything and Squall wanted to mingle and meet Zell’s new boyfriend before Seifer got there.

“Yeah let’s go. I’ll drive.” Squall said.

“Y-You can’t you’re the- groom-I think, you’re one of the grooms.” She shook her head. “Anyway whatever you are, I’ll drive.”

“Ellone you’re 8 and a half months pregnant.”

“So what?

“He’s right.” Raine agreed.


Squall looked smug. “Sit in the back Ellone, Squall can drive.” She handed him the keys.

“And it is my car after all.”

“Only because Irvine stole mine.”

“Now, now kids behave.” She got into the passenger seat beside Squall. “Have you learnt your lines?”

“I have them on cards.”

“But you can’t read it off your cards when you say it for real.”

“Why not?”

“Does Seifer have cards?”

“Well.... n-no I don’t think so.”

“There you go then.” They pulled up in the car park outside and Squall got out, brushing nothing off his jacket again.

Ellone pushed his hands away. “Stop that! That’s nothing there.”

The brunette walked off ahead knowing she would follow him.

“Zell.” Squall approached the little blonde.

“Squall!” He run up and hugged him. “You look great man, and white, which is great.”

“I wasn’t too keen on the white thing.”

“Really? Why not? I love white, which reminds me.” He pulled Squall over by the hand towards the back row of seats. A young man sat there slumped wearing a grey suit and looking nervous. Squall raised an eyebrow he was really pale with white hair and worried pink eyes. He looked like he was only 12.

“Squall this is Talan.” Zell grinned.

The boy looked up quickly then back down at the floor. “N-Nice to meet you.” He whispered.

“How did you two meet?”

“I used to give these talks at his school.”

School? Oh my god he is 12. Squall thought.

Zell must have seen the look. “He’s 17 in the final year, it’s only a little 5 year gap.”

Maybe but 5 years is more when you’re just 17. How was he going to explain that one to his mother? Squall smiled though. “That’s great.” He glanced around. “Seifer should be here soon I’ll go so you can talk to him.” He turned around. Where was Ellone?

Irvine walked up. “Hey wife-to-be.”

Squall glared at him. “You’re here so Seifer here right?”

“Yeah we swapped Ellone with him and I have you.” He put an arm around Squall’s shoulders.

“Lucky me then.”

The cowboy just chuckled.

“Who’s that?”

“My brother.”

“Well aren’t you going to go say hi?”

“I don’t know.”

Ellone sighed and gave him a gentle shove in the right direction. The long haired man had his arm wrapped around another girl. “Hi, what happened to Rinoa?”

Blank shrugged. “Swapped her for a better model.”

Seifer frowned.

“I’m kidding, don’t be so uptight about everything.”

“So what was wrong with Rinoa? Other than everything.”

His brother laughed. “Exactly. This is Xu.”

The red head smiled, so that’s already better than last time and her dress almost reached her knees.

Blank leaned in and whispered. “She better in bed.”

Seifer nodded and a sort of half smile. “Okay I’ll see you later, okay?”

She gestured to Ellone. “Let’s go.” He pausing watching her. “Are you okay?”

She smiled. “Yes fine.”

“You looked pained.”

She waved a hand. “Oh it’s done that before don’t worry.”

Seifer checked his pockets. “Shit Irvine has my cards.”

“You have cards too?”

“Just for learning, it’s not like I’m going to read it off them or anything.”

Ellone smirked, knowing that Squall was going to do that. “I’ll go wait in the back room for you, go find Irvine.”


15 minutes later.

Seifer ran back to the room. “Sorry, that husband of yours is the hardest person to find.” He turned to look at Ellone. “You don’t look so fine now.”

“My waters broke.”

“Oh shit!” He helped her to stand. “Come on.”

“What are you doing? You have to find Irvine again so he can take me to the hospital.”

“After how long it took me last time?”

“Well you can’t take me, you have a wedding to do.”

Seifer led her down the stairs outside slowly an towards his car. “Right sit here and hold the keys, I’ll be 5 minutes tops. If I can’t find him I’ll be back okay?”

“Okay.” She watched him hurry back inside the building, crossing her fingers that he would find Irvine she didn’t want to ruin Squall’s wedding by stealing his groom.

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