Chapter 16

By Purple Penguin

After much bickering about the bachelor party, well mostly Irvine and Ellone teasing me about having a bachelorette party with all my girl mates and Seifer going out with Irvine probably to strip club. But we decided since we both would have preferred a male club anyway that we would go out together. And we were going to.... Balamb, Seifer wanted to track down Zell. He was the only gay friend we had other than Kiros and Ward but they didn’t really count they were my dad’s mates.

The honeymoon was decided and booked two weeks in FH then two more weeks in Trabia, best of both worlds sun and snow.

Selphie had had been bugging me to come with us on our bachelor but I wasn’t babysitting her and she would only drool on everyone’s shoes. She didn’t speak to me after that except for muttering something about another reason why she wanted to be a man.

I stared out as the trees whizzed past the window. We stopped at the last station before the train went under the sea for Balamb, so a female attendant come around with a key to a tiny cabin with a bed in it as this journey was over night.

Seifer gave me a nudge as a gesture for me to get up and follow him.

“What were you thinking about?”

“Just stuff, like I wonder what he’s doing now?”



Seifer opened the door to the cabin and lay on the far side of the bed, I slipped on beside him and lay in his arms. I felt his cold fingers disappear under my tee but I ignored him.

“Do you think he and Kurt are still together?”

“No that’s not very likely is it?”

“Why not? They were together before us.”

“Maybe but they were just kids then.”

“So were we.”

“But we’re meant to be.” He chuckled.

I rested my head in the hollow of his throat.

“Plus Zell lives in Balamb and that’s a whole sea away from where Kurt lives so they would be apart a lot..... Whereas I can’t seem to get rid of you.”

I give him a playful slap and he chuckled.



His fingers trailed higher under my tee and I felt him grin.


“But Squall, this is my lifetime dream.”

“What a sad life you lead then.”

He sighed and nuzzled me. “69?”


“Hand job?” He gave me a pleading look.

I sighed. “Alright then.”

He grinned.

Several hours later we arrived in Balamb. Seifer dug out the old address that Zell had given him in high school all those years ago.

“You ever been here?”

“No he had that rented hovel in Winhill. Remember when you went there for the first time and we found that rat?”

“Oh year.”

“That was funny but at least it gave him an excuse to stay with Kurt for a few days.” He paused. “Do you think he’ll remember us?”

I rolled my eyes. “Seifer it’s only been 5 years.”

We walked for a while.

“Are we going round in circles?” I asked. “I remember this street.”

“No we aren’t, I know exactly where I’m going.”

I gave him a look before stopping a woman. “Excuse me do you know where Grey Street is?”

She pointed back the way we had come. “Look out for the Church on the corner.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and she blushed. Wow I’ve never made a girl blush before.

Seifer frowned. “Were you flirting with her?”

“I smiled.”

“Yeah a flirty smile.”

“A friendly smile.”

We walked in the direction that she had said. “That’s the look you give me when you want something.”

“Exactly a friendly smile because you’re soft.”

“I am not soft.”

I held up a hand to shush him, pointing to one of the houses. Green door number 248. I pushed open the gate and we both walked up to the door. I waited for him to knock.

After a few moments I looked at him. “Aren’t you going to knock?”

He fidgeted. “Can you do it?”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh for god’s sake.” I knocked on the door and waited.

“Coming.” Someone female called and we heard footsteps.

Zell’s mother answered the door; she was short with long brown hair.

Seifer smiled. “We’re old friends of Zell’s from school.”

She smiled. “Well come in then.” She stepped back to let us both in and then moved to the foot of steps. “Zell! ZELL!”

She sighed at the sound of music that floated down the stairs. “Go on up.”

We smiled. “Thanks.”

“But knock first he’s got his girlfriend up there.”

We both shared a look. “Girlfriend?” I whispered to Seifer. “I didn’t know he was bi.”

“He isn’t.”

Together we climbed the stairs felling puzzled. Only one door was closed and that was when the music was coming from. I knocked on it. A girl with long black hair answered quickly. “Who are you?”

“We’re friends, who are you?” Seifer countered.

“Since when I don’t know you and I know all Zell’s mates.”

“It’s been a while.” I added.

She shrugged and let us in. “Zell these guys say they know you.”

The petite blonde lay on the bed, his eyes widening when he saw us. “Squall?” He lunged off the bed at my lover. “SEIFER!” He attached himself like a limpet to him.

Seifer looked down in horror and tried to pry him off, suddenly he let go and threw himself at me so hard we both fell to the ground.

“I guess you do know them then.” The girl shook hands with Seifer. “I’m Teri I live down the road.”

Zell got off me and offered me a hand up. “What’s going on? Your mum told us that you two are together.”

The girl looked at Zell. “Do they know?”

“Yeah and so are they.”

Seifer frowned.

“Gay I mean.”

The tall blonde nodded. “Sort of.”

“My mum she-err- doesn’t know I’m gay.”

“How can she not know?”

“Hey! It’s not like I go around in a dress or something.” He frowned. “Anyway not that I’m not glad that’s you’re here but why are you here?”

“To give you this.” Seifer handed him the invitation.

“That’s an invite to our wedding.” I explained.

“Wedding?” He looked at us like he was about to get teary eyed. “You two? Wedding? Married? You?”

Seifer just nodded.

Zell went back in limpet mode, hugging Seifer. “Now look what you did.” He gave me a look.

“Even though I don’t know you. Congratulations.” Teri said and then she hugged me.


Than Zell hugged me and Teri hugged Seifer. It was a whole hugging thing. Zell admitted to having a sort of boyfriend that his mum didn’t know about and wasn’t really his boyfriend by sort of was. Anyway he was bringing him to the wedding so I could hardly wait.

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