Chapter 15

By Purple Penguin

I stared at the blank piece of paper holding my pen poised.

“That list won’t write itself you know.” Ellone said as she looked over my shoulder. She, my mum, Seifer and me sat round a table in the corner of the bar. We had closed it for the day to discuss wedding plans. Seifer and I were forced to write the list of people we wanted to invite. This was going to be a short list I don’t think I have many friends other than relatives now that Irvine’s my brother-in-law. I sneaked a peek at Seifer’s list. “How many you got?”

I saw the three names on his list. His brother, that shrew woman and- I raised an eyebrow. “Zell? You haven’t seen him since we left school.”

“I know but.... I think he’d like to come besides I don’t have anyone else to invite.”

“You don’t think he’s still living in the dank hovel do you?”

“No but I know he’s mother’s address that’s his real home I bet when school ended he just moved back into there.”

“With his mother?”

“Yeah he’s only.... How old are you?”


“Right he’s the same as you then, he probably lives with his mum and if not she’ll know where he lives.”

I added Zell to my list too and just to fill space added my parents and Ellone. I added Kiros and Ward too even though Kiros was the one marrying us. I jotted down my co-workers; Selphie would kill me if she didn’t get an invite. Ellone handed me the list that my mum had made of all the aunts and cousins that I have never seen to make invites up for them too.

“Here start writing the invitations and then put them in these pretty little envelopes.”

I gave my sister a look. If I had to put up with pretty little envelopes all day I may die of embarrassment, but I started to write them anyway.

“That’s not very many people.” Ellone tsked Seifer.

“I don’t have family remember?”

“What about friends?”

“I have you guys. you, Irvine and Squall.”

“Squall doesn’t count.”

“Why not? He’s my very good friend that I live with and have sex with every night.”

I felt the heat rise to my cheeks as Ellone smirked. “Every night? No wonder you always look so tired.”

Seifer laughed and even my own mother looked amused. “Okay is it tease Squall season? I guess I missed the announcement huh?”

“Sorry sweetie.” Seifer kissed me in the forehead.

Yeah, yeah he thinks he can get away with anything that all he has to do is kiss me and flash those puppy dog eyes and everything great again. And you know what the annoying thing was? He was right.

My mum and Ellone had set a date for the wedding. June 21st not too hot, not too cold at least that was the theory. We both got the little lecture on the right time of year, right venue etc, etc. We had booked the grand hall in our town for the wedding. Seifer had bitched about getting married in a place where they held scout meetings but it was fine really.

“Ellone.” Seifer said with a frown.

“What is it?”

“The date of the wedding-”

“No don’t start that again. It can’t be changed; it’ll be perfect.”

“I-I wasn’t thinking about it being bad I meant what about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“The wedding is in 4 months and you’re 4 and a half months pregnant are you sure you want to risk it?”

She sunk into one of the chairs. “I didn’t think of that and we can’t change it.”

“It’ll be fine how about we all take turns looking after you in case something happens.”

“I don’t need a babysitter! This is so not fair my little brother’s getting married and I can’t be there without a minder.”

Seifer smirked. “At least you’ll be able to see more, be involved more. You can come to the place with Squall then you can help me rehearse my lines.”


“Anyway on a lighter note.” My mum got out a list of honeymoon places. “I’ll read out these places and you can tell me yes or no or maybe.”

“Okay shoot.”


“Nooooooo.” I said in a continuous shake of the head.”

“Why not?”

“That.... woman lives there and I might catch something.”

Seifer shook his head.


“Oooohh.” Ellone cooed. “Big city think of all the shopping you could do.” She stared dreamily out into space.

We both gave her funny looks.

My mum shook her head. “Ellone they’re men they don’t like shopping they don’t even buy their own underwear they get their mother/wives to buy it for them and then they expect you to know the exact pairs they wanted and when you get it wrong they bitch at you because they didn’t want to check ones they wanted the plain white ones that.....” She trailed off looking around as we all starred at her.

“I’m done now.”


“Shumi village?”

“No!” We said in unison.

“Why not?”

“It’s full of Shumi.” She huffed. “Well I went there on my honeymoon; oh they have this lovely little hotel....”

“The sights don’t matter we’re not getting out of bed.” Seifer said.

I blushed and was about to retort but my mum got there first.

“Neither did we.” She added.

“Mum!” Ellone and I said in unison. That wasn’t the sort of thing you want a parent to say.



“Cold, too cold.”

Seifer nudged me. “Yeah but I’ll be there to keep you warm.”

I thought about it. “Put that down as a maybe.”

“Okay oooh what about Centra?”

“Hot, too hot.”

Ellone gave me a look. “There’s not pleasing some people.”

“I heard they just opened a new theme park there.”

“Really?” Seifer asked. “Oh put that done as a maybe too, you know I’ve always had this thing about Ferris wheels.” He gave a saucy look.

Ellone held up her hands. “Okay please never tell me.”

“Put FH down as a maybe too.”

“Why?” Seifer asked me.

“ g-great sea view a-and......”

He smirked. “And a nudist beach I like the way you think.”

Ellone rolled her eyes. “Is that it then Centra or Trabia or F.H?”

“Yep.” Seifer got up. “And we’ve off to think about it. We’ll let you know.”

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