Chapter 14

By Purple Penguin

“I can’t believe her!” Squall paced up and down in the bar, ranting on to his mum who half listened, she was slumped on the bar listening to the story that she had heard five times already.

“Yes, dear.” She added at the right times.

“That’s my home, my kitchen and my fiancee. What would she know what was best for Seifer? Who would want to be with a silly bint like her anyway?” He paused. “What’s the time now?”

“Ten minutes since you last asked me, 10:25.”

Squall sighed. “Dammit they’re probably still there!”

It had been over half an hour since his brother and Rinoa had left and still Squall had not got back. He glanced at the clock yet again, he was getting worried it was late, where was Squall? He guessed his lover was either at his parent’s house or his sister’s house so he picked up the phone trying Ellone first.

Irvine answered the phone quickly. “Hello?”

“Irvine it’s Seifer have you guys seen Squall?”

“Squall? No he hasn’t come round here, why?” There was a voice in the background. “What’s he done this time?”

“And tell your wife she should have more faith in me, I did nothing I just wondered if you’d seen him that’s all.”

“Okay well if he comes here I’ll call, oh and Ellone says get Squall to ring her later.”

“Yeah, yeah so they can bitch about me.”

The cowboy chuckled. “See you.”

“Yeah bye.”

Seifer dialled another number. “Hello?”

“Hey Mrs L is Squall there?”

There was a rustling noise then Squall took the phone. “Hello?”

“There you are I’ve been looking for you, are you coming home?”

“Have they gone?”

“Yeah, been gone for a while now. I rang Ellone so now you have to ring her to clear my name.”

“Clear your name?”

“Yeah you know what she’s like, as soon as I asked if they’d seen you she started accusing me of things.”

He chuckled slightly. “Yeah okay I’ll rang. I’ll be home in a few minutes. Bye.”

“Yeah I’ll see you.”

Squall hung up and smiled at his mother who was heading for the stairs. “Going home?”

“Yeah thanks for listening.”

She nodded. “No problem now go home to your boyfriend.”

Seifer was sitting up in bed by the time Squall got home; he pulled his shirt over his head.

“Hey, baby.”

He smiled at his blonde who watched him get undressed and slipped under the covers as soon as he was undressed.

Seifer instantly shuffled up to him causing Squall to raise an eyebrow when he felt that his lover wasn’t wearing underwear. The blonde frowned, tugging at Squall’s boxers. “What are you wearing these for?”

“Bit keen aren’t we?”

Seifer hooked his fingers in the waistband of Squall’s boxers, tugging teasingly. “Off.” He started trying to tug the materials from he brunette’s hips. His lover rose up off the bed to help assist Seifer. The blonde threw the offensive materials across the room, before snuggling up to Squall kissing the shorter man’s collarbone and shoulders.

“Are you okay now?”

“Yeah, when wasn’t I okay?”

“What did she say to you? Was it bad?”

“Oh that don’t worry about it.”

“But I want to know.”

“Just some stuff about you being Bi and being able to have a girlfriend etc, etc.”

The blonde kissed him on the forehead. “I love you okay, she doesn’t know anything.”

“I know I’m over it.”

His lover gave him a hard look.

“Really I’m fine.”

“I wouldn’t want anyone one else when I have you, girl or otherwise.” He grinned moving on top of his lover. “Besides think of all the practice I’ve had with guys, think of all the things that would go to waste.” He kissed his lover’s grinning lips then slowly headed south while smirking at the brunette.

Seifer breathed over the head of his cock teasingly causing the brunette to squirm. He dipped his head trailing kisses up the insides of his lover’s thigh, always avoiding his groin.

“Tease.” Squall hissed.

The blonde smirked and swallowed his lover’s erection in one movement. Squall’s fingers found his hair, which he gripped hard and he gasped partly from shock. He tried to thrust upwards into liquid heat but Seifer held him down firmly. He fell into a rhythm as he reached round a hand to slide one finger into his lover’s entrance. The brunette’s head fell back and he opened his mouth in a silent cry.

Seifer pulled his finger out only to add another, pushing both in all the way to the knuckle. His hand finding the same rhythm as his mouth. It didn’t take long until he felt his lover’s cock twitch and his brunette released into his mouth. He swallowed everything before slithering up to Squall.

“See? I couldn’t do that with a girl. It would be a waste as I’m soooo good at it.”

The brunette grinned breathlessly. “Cocky bastard.”

Seifer just laughed.

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