Chapter 13

By Purple Penguin

I knew Squall wasn’t happy about my brother and his girlfriend coming for dinner but he was the one doing the cooking. I guess he thought that this way he had done his bit so he could leave after, also I burn most things. As I moved to stand in the archway he looked up to see what I was wearing.

“Making an effort huh?”

“Yeah I want to get along with the only family I have even though I’ve adopted yours.”

“What if she’s a shrew? You can’t say anything to him. Maybe that’s the point.”

“What’s the point?”

“To find someone he knows you won’t approve of to get back at you.”

I rolled my eyes. “Squall he’s my brother not a criminal genius.”

The doorbell rang and I answered it, smiling for my brother’s sake. He stood there with a girl who was much shorter than both me and Blank and even Squall. She had long black hair with blonde highlights in the fringe. Her skirt was so short I could almost see her ass.

“Seifer this is Rinoa.”

The girl smiled and shook my hand. “So you’re the one that gave up on women.”

My smile grew tight. Oh good she was tactful.

She walked past me looking around. “Nice place.”

I spotted Squall peering into the room from the kitchen and in an instant she saw him too.

“My, you’re nearly as pretty as I am.”

My lover glared at her. Not a good start. Squall ran his eyes over the girl from head to toe.

“Like what you see?” She asked. “I guess not huh?”

Squall glared harder.

“What’s the matter?” Her hands moved to her breasts. “Is it these?”

My brother smirked and walked up behind her pulling her to the sofa. “Come on Rinoa lets go sit down yeah?”

Squall stormed off into the kitchen.

“D-Do you want a drink?” I asked as I backed towards the kitchen, smiling tightly when we heard the sound of glass breaking. I dived into the kitchen to find Squall clutching his hand and bleeding all over the floor.

“What did you do?”


I raised an eyebrow at the smashed glass on the floor. “I swear one day we’ll run out of glasses because you keep smashing them all when you’re mad.”

He frowned, holding his cut hand under the tap. I sighed and grabbed his waist, gently drying his hand and wiping away the blood. I grabbed down the green first aid box and he let me tend to his injury.

“I think you should make the effort to be nice to me.”

“Me? But-”

“They’ll only be here for a couple of days and then they’re gone.”

He remained silent.

“Just until dinner I’ll tell them now that you have to leave.”

He nodded. “Right, be nice I’ll work on that.”

I finished his hand and wet my fingers under the tap, stopping him as he went to walk past me. “Wait, you have blood on your face.”

I wiped the dried blood off his cheek with my finger. He didn’t even look up so I dipped my head and licked up the drips that ran down his face. He jumped and managed a small smile. I placed little kisses all over his skin heading towards his mouth. Squall rose to his tiptoes to reach up enough to meet my lips in a kiss. He wrapped his arms around my neck and I buried a hand into his hair.

Someone cleared their throat and he broke the kiss, standing flat on his feet again.

Rinoa stood in the archway a smirk on her lips. “Am I interrupting something?”

I looked at Squall before answering. “It’s okay.”

“I just came into get some water. Why don’t you go check on your brother? You’re haven’t spoken to him yet.”

I nodded, knowing she wanted to be alone with Squall. I glanced back at my lover, giving him a smile before I went to see my brother.

Squall feel more on edge as Seifer left him alone with shrew woman. Be nice, remember.

She sniffed the air. “Smell good, you cook?”

He nodded.

“Well aren’t you the perfect little housewife, you need help?”

“No thanks.”

“Oh come on I think this kitchen needs a woman’s touch.”

He scoffed. “No thanks, I’ll fine.”

She pushed herself up onto the counter, causing her skirt to raise up more. “Look I see the little act you’ve got going here and it’s really very good.”


“Yeah but you know you can’t go though with this..... wedding.”

“He glared. “Why not?”

“You’re gay I know and that is fine but you see Seifer, he isn’t gay and you don’t know how much Blank wants his little brother to meet a nice girl, be normal and get married properly.”

“Well you tell him to keep dreaming because that is never going to happen.”

“Why do this? There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

“We’ve been together for four years! I love Seifer!”

“Hmmm.” She remained silent; watching him set the table. “You need one more.”

“I’m not staying for dinner.”

She grinned. “And you trust your fiancee with little me?”

“Yes I do.”

Okay.” She ran a finger over the top of her cleavage. “Well I’ll be sure to keep them both company then.” She turned and left the kitchen.

Seifer leaned on the back of the sofa, she ran up to him, lying the flirting on thick knowing that Squall was watching from the kitchen. The blonde gently pushed her off and into his brother who welcomed the flirting and touching.

She pouted at Seifer.”

“Sorry you’re not my type.”

“Why? Because I haven’t got a dick between my legs?”

“Rinoa.” Blank warned with a grin.

“Excuse me.” Seifer disappeared into the kitchen again.

“Can I kill her? Please?”


“If it came to a fight I’d win!”


The brunette gestured to the food. “It’s all right there you just here to dish it up.”

“What? You’re not leaving all ready are you?”

“Aww not sticking around, I enjoyed our little chat.” She cooed.

“Chat?” Seifer looked at Squall questioningly.

“I’m going, see you later.”

“But Squall-”

“Unless I can kill her.”

The woman barked a laugh. “I’d like to see you try.”

Squall grinned and made the move to start a fight with the shrew woman. Seifer grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him to the front door.

“Squall was just leaving.” He shoved his lover out of the door and quickly gave him a goodbye kiss. “See you later.”

“Yeah later.”

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